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Berserker Submersible Pumps

Date post: 28-Feb-2022
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Berserker Submersible Pumps Designed for reliable underground dewatering
Berserker Submersible Pumps Designed for reliable underground dewatering
Pump ends bolt directly onto legacy submersibles, making upgrading simple. Flygt BIBO BS series pumps are a brilliant Swedish ‘contracting services’ design, dating back 60 years. Designed for the building industry, they became the mainstay for underground dewatering.
So well adopted, replacing fleets is challenging. Direct ‘modern’ copies as Raptor resulted, however these new replicas rely on Flygt 1960’s thinking.
Listening to underground miners, the Bartail was born in 2020, enabling BIBO fleets (and copies) to be upgraded, not scrapped.
There are two distinct parts in a submersible pump: the pump end and the motor end.
The pump end bolts to the motor end. The Berserker pump end is a dramatic modern improvement on the BIBO pump end. It is designed to bolt directly onto old BIBO and BIBO copy motor ends.
Accordingly existing fleets can be upgraded, rather than replaced, including outdated direct copies as the Raptor.
Berserker Submersible Dewatering Pumps
oils or solvents like Natural Rubber and
Due to either stainless steel, or duplex white
iron (impellers) wetted metal parts.
Easy to service Three bolt external
BS series BIBOs and replicas.
Metal pump end kit upgrades existing BIBO fleets
Motor End Pump End
2nd stage high mechanical seal load =
Early motor failure
Designed by Hydraulic Specialists
Pump replicators seldom have mechanical engineers that are hydraulic design specialists, in contrast, it is the core business for 7D. We design mining pumps.
To increase the head during rebuilds, some replicators as PumpEng with their Raptor unwittingly block the impeller balance holes. This results in high pressure at the mechanical seal, seal failure, motor failure: the reason Raptor don’t warrant 8kW HT pumps using 2” Bullhose.
Locations for puller holes in brittle materials should also be slots either side, not easy to cast rings per the below photo which become a weak point. We understand, so ours last.
Adjustable Wear Plates
The adjustable wear plates are a specialist corrosion resistant duplex white iron, requiring infrequent replacement.
Wear plate change outs can be done within 15 minutes. Impossible with the BIBO’s and replicas.
Berserker Pump Ends Designed to last in highly corrosive and erosive conditions.
Externally Adjustable
The BIBO pumps most frequently used underground require internal shimming to set the pump clearances. Difficult and needs specialists. The BIBO design results in sparkies having to strip and rebuild pumps several times to attain the maximum head. It is time consuming and hard.
All Berserker pump ends are externally adjustable. Specialists are not needed. It takes minutes to reset without having to take the pump to the surface, strip, and rebuild. Larger solids can be expelled via loosening wear plates, again saving time and money. Easy.
Long Lasting Diffusers
Instead of wearing out the entire diffuser, as occurs in the expensive urethane lined aluminium BIBO, the Berserker uses low cost site replaceable wear plates. The Berserker Duplex Stainless Steel diffusers should last years in dewatering services, even when the mine water is highly corrosive.
Interchangeable Impellers
To ensure identical hydraulic performance to the original Flygt BIBO, the Berserker Impellers are 100% dimensionally interchangeable. For extended wear life in corrosive services, the standard Berserker impellers are Duplex White Iron.
7D’s engineers have carefully designed the Berserker pump ends so the hydraulic performance is identical to the BIBO performance.
Instead of being polymer lined aluminium our standard build is Duplex Stainless Steel casings, with Duplex White Iron impellers and wear plates.
In all test work with solids and corrosives, the Berserker pump ends outlasted lined aluminium.
For severe erosives a full Duplex white iron build is available.
For severe corrosives a full Duplex Stainless Steel build is available.
8kW HT Berserker Kit 20kW HT Berserker Kit
In lighter duty non-corrosive underground sumps, the lower cost aluminium motor may suffice.
In heavy duty services, especially corrosive, hot, or high solids content the heavy duty more expensive full stainless steel Berserker HD series is recommended. CAPEX is higher, but OPEX dramatically lower.
The modern thick section full stainless steel Berserker motor is by far the heaviest duty dewatering pump globally. It is more expensive than the aluminium Flygt motor (and the common copies of Flygt) but value when needed.
Light Duty (LD) Motor
Although the LD series motor windings and performance is like Flygt, 7D engineers have still improved it for underground dewatering.
All units have a heavier duty handle than Flygt, and it is stainless steel.
Side entry cable is supplied for safety on all units, so it isn’t damaged when lifted.
The cable gland is thick section stainless steel, which is less prone to failure, as the Aluminium clamps crack causing safety concerns.
Your Berserker needn’t be ‘semi-submersible’ in underground dewatering…submerged without fear!
HD Berserker
LD Berserker
Submersible Motor Ends Heavy Duty (HD) Motor
Raw Stainless Steel is about 5x the price of Aluminium, but we charge only a modest premium.
In highly corrosive services, as often found in old volcanic ores where copper, gold, nickel and lead often resides, stainless steel is the cheapest cost benefit option. If the pH is <5 forget aluminium. It is not fit for purpose.
Cheap low quality stainless steel pumps, using thin pressed sheet (0.3mm) may sound promising, but their coffee tin thickness is not suitable for underground dewatering.
The Berserker uses >3mm thick pressed SS plate!.
The cable entry is far heavier duty, ensuring leak free operation at greater submergence depths.
Berserker HD motors have larger bearings, for higher service life, than the Flygt.
Smart monitoring devices are possible via a separate entry.
The motor terminal box complies with the most stringent mine specification needs, with plenty of room.
For stock rationalisation, the motor rotor stacks and stator have the same performance characteristics as the BIBO.
How to Upgrade The Berserker pump ends will enhance all BIBO style fleets. Just bolt on the upgrade kits.
If your mine has highly corrosive water, or is chasing improved reliability, in arduous duties the Berserker HD will have the lowest $/tonne pumped.
If your mine has neutral water, the Berserker LD has a lower capital cost.
All units can be hired. Although the HD Berserker has a far higher CAPEX, the extra hire charge over the LD is modest, with free overhaul (even with shotcrete) as we are confident it is fit for purpose in all underground dewatering applications, whilst the LD, like the BIBO and its copies are not.
Trade-in Program Not rapt with your Raptor? Does your Flygt need more fight?
Trade in your 8kW Raptor or Flygt pump to our factory and we will replace it with a Berserker Pump for $4950 AUD.
Learn more at bartail.com.au Email [email protected] Call us on +61 (08) 9480 0473
Part of the 7D Team Group