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Beyond Mobile Trends: A Disruption for the Modern Juan

Date post:27-Jun-2015
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Presentation for NCI TechTalk “ICT4ALL:Technology, Education, Business and Governance held in National Computer Center, Diliman, Quezon City June 4, 2013
  • 1. BEYOND MOBILE TRENDS: A Disruption for the Modern Juan by Richard S. Grimaldo, Intelstar Technologies NCI TechTalk ICT4ALL:Technology, Education, Business and Governance June 4, 2013 NCC, C.P Garcia Avenue, UP Diliman, Quezon City

2. OUR MOBILE FINGERPRINT (A QUICK OVERVIEW) PDA (1984) SMARTPHONES (2007) TABLET PC (2010) 3. Who are the MOBILE JUAN? 4. mobile becomes part of your lifestyle you are up-to-date with social media trends you use newsfeeds, email and cloud back-up for your files you are an app-enabled social animal, frequent gamer, use online tools for your productivity, education, finance, commerce, etc to sum it all, you are connected 24hrs/day You are the modern JUAN if... 5. TRENDS DISRUPT JUAN 6. WORLD smartphone report 7. PHILIPPINE mobile news update 29.4 % GROWTH 70.6 % MARKET 8. OUR MOBILE LIFESTYLE REPORT INTERNET SOCIAL MEDIA MUSIC GAMES PHONE CALLS EMAILS TEXTING TV/FILM BOOKS 3 minCAMERA 9. JUAN GOES MOBILE... Long ago YOU dance during concert... today YOU record, click, share and tweets :) 10. Before, YOU pray before and after meals. today, YOU click, share and tweets..again! :) JUAN GOES MOBILE... 11. They were FRIENDS and became LOVERS :) MOBILE CONNECTS US TO THE WORLD JUAN GOES MOBILE... 12. UNDERSTANDING THE DISRUPTIONS & LEARN TO USE IT! 13. ...THE CHANGING MOBILE LANDSCAPE businesses uses social media to reach a wider audience. government starts to adapt cloud computing to take advantage of online collaboration, productivity and mobility. tablets and smartphone becomes the most desired technology upgrade for private and government organization. 14. news organizations are apps enable to engage to their consumers BYOD model is emerging in education, business, health, and govt institutions and will soon be the norm MDM will become the next in-demand solutions for organizations in terms of security PUSHED BY THE CHANGING MOBILE ECONOMY 15. APPS RULE THE WORLD 16. FACTS OF MOBILE DISRUPTION mobile apps radically changed the way we communicate and get connected mobile apps enhanced productivity and accessibility to information mobile re-imagine and accelerated our lifestyle mobile opens us to the economy of sharing and curation 17. MOBILE + APPS = CONNECTED WORLD 18. Worlds Digital Info Created & Shared 19. THE EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES AND ITS FUTURE 20. SURFACE COLLABORATIVE GAMING 21. SURFACE TO GLASS COMPUTING 22. SILICON FASHION (Wearable computing) Augmented Reality Cloud-driven iWatch Google Glass 23. Voice command and multi-touch 24. FLEXIBLE MOBILE (SUPER AMOLED DISPLAY) Introduced in 2011 and presented in 2013 25. FUTURE MOBILE CONCEPT 26. SIX SENSE, SPARSE & TELETOUCH TECHNOLOGY PRANAV MISTRY http://www.pranavmistry.com/ 27. ALL MOBILE DISRUPTIONS WILL CONVERGE ... AND ITS UP FOR MODERN JUAN TO REDEFINE ITS FUTURE 28. THANK U :) see u all in Linkedin #digitalawakening [email protected]

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