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Binding Index This index should be used as a guide only. Some information derives from old records and has not been confirmed. Not all significant bindings are included. Please note that some books are resticted, notably shelf marks with the prefix ‘Davis’ or ’Collins’. Last updated June 2013 by Philippa Marks. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z A Name Owner or Binder Shelfmark A., A. G18877 A., A. C64dd14, C46a12, C69dd12 A., E. Davis615 (item 317, c.1762, probably made in Liege, monogram 'EA' on a mantle under a prince's crown) A., H. B. Egerton MS1554 (initials tooled on German binding dated 1592, Hieremias Buroner of Augsburg) A., I. S. Egerton MS1178 (initials of Johannes Spon of Augsburg and date 1554 on 16th century German binding) A., K. see Katherine Adams A., M. L. Owner or Binder? C188a212 A., P. R. G. 11715ee23 (initials ?silver tooled on upper cover, crest on lower cover)) A., W. S. C33c2 (W S A gold tooled on ?English/Scottish 16th century binding) Abbot, Kathy Binder Taylor 22. Abbot of Ettal Monastery see Placidus Seitz (arms on lower cover), Davis643 (emblem of Monastery of Ettal on upper cover) Abbot of Lambach see Amandus Schickmayer Abergavenny, Earl of, Nevill Owner C67e19
Page 1: Binding Index

Binding Index

This index should be used as a guide only. Some information derives from

old records and has not been confirmed. Not all significant bindings are


Please note that some books are resticted, notably shelf marks with the

prefix ‘Davis’ or ’Collins’.

Last updated June 2013 by Philippa Marks.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y

| Z


Name Owner or



A., A. G18877

A., A. C64dd14, C46a12, C69dd12

A., E. Davis615 (item 317, c.1762, probably

made in Liege, monogram 'EA' on a

mantle under a prince's crown)

A., H. B. Egerton MS1554 (initials tooled on

German binding dated 1592,

Hieremias Buroner of Augsburg)

A., I. S. Egerton MS1178 (initials of Johannes

Spon of Augsburg and date 1554 on

16th century German binding)

A., K. see Katherine Adams

A., M. L. Owner or

Binder? C188a212

A., P. R. G. 11715ee23 (initials ?silver tooled on

upper cover, crest on lower cover))

A., W. S. C33c2 (W S A gold tooled on

?English/Scottish 16th century


Abbot, Kathy


Taylor 22.

Abbot of Ettal


see Placidus Seitz (arms on lower

cover), Davis643 (emblem of

Monastery of Ettal on upper cover)

Abbot of Lambach see Amandus Schickmayer

Abergavenny, Earl of,


Owner C67e19

Page 2: Binding Index

Aberystwyth County


Binder Collins 858

Abich, of Besancon Binder C152g1 (signed), C152g2 (signed)

A Bon Droit G16111 (motto on bookplate with

arms a chevron below, three leopards

?heads couped)

Page 3: Binding Index

Abraham C36d7, C24d7 (engraved on brass),

C27d1, G7838

Abraham credidit Deo C68b7

Abrassart, Jules Owner C188a16 (contemporary Belgian gold

tooled red morocco presentation

binding for Jules Abrassart, dated


Abrot Owner C57e10 (by Charles Lewis)

Abry of Colmar Binder C155g3 (signed)

Accolti, Cardinal


Owner Davis763, C47i14

Account book binding Add MS37268 (with Tudor roll and

stamps), Add MS32103 (with Tudor

roll and stamps)

Acke, Richard, of


12581t14 (Acke designed binding,


Acquarius Binder Cup403n29

Acqui, see of? Add MS22,275 (arms of Acqui)

Ad Altiora G15787

Adam Binder C152g4 (signed)

Adam, Robert 687i17 (binding designed for George

III with his arms), 45a7, 137h10

Adami Binder C68h18, C108f4m, C128e12/1-6,

Davis240, Davis293-4, Add

MS43694, Add MS71213-71217

Adami, Andre Owner Add MS34,055 (arms and initials,

Adami was Master of Pontifical

Chapel, 18th century)

Adams Binder C188a157 (C19th brown calf, prize

binding: Strat-U[pon]-A[von] Free

Grammar School) C188a157

Adams, Franke C124b28, C152g4?

Adams, James (fl 1738-





C188b78 pasteboard folder

Page 4: Binding Index

Adams, Katharine Binder C68h18 (signed in blind), C108f4,

C128e12, Davis239 (item 234, c.1907,

for Ann Thompson, 'A. T. from K. A.'

lettered on spine, paste-down on lower

cover signed K. A.), Davis240 (item

235, c.1912, signed K. A.), Davis293-

294 (item 236, dated 1947, signed K.

A., said to be Katherine Adams's last

completed work), the BL bindery hold

Katherine Adams's tools, Department

of Manuscripts hold Cockerell

Page 5: Binding Index

Archive which has correspondence

between Adams and Cockerell (Add

MS71213-71217), Add MS43694,

Add MS71213?, Add MS71216


Adams, W. J., 59 Fleet

Street, London Passport


Binder Add MS44,913BC (pocket book to

hold passport stamped with the above

name and address)

Adelaide, Madame de

France, d. of Louis XV

C47b4, C47f6

Adlard, J. Binder C150a1 (signed)

Adler, Rose Binder C129m13, C108eee16, Davis557

Adolphus Frederick,

Duke of Cambridge

Owner C29k5, C29k4

Ad usum Reginae

(Charlotte, Queen of

George III)


Age quod Agis 459g10 (with squirrel crest of Henry


Aggredior fortis

discrimia? grandia



Agnesseau, Henri

Francois d' (1668-1751)

Owner ?C46a33, ?G14033, 673a20, 679b1,

G17532, Egerton MS2211

Agnew, W & G.,

Arthur Square, Belfast

Binder Collins 272

Agostino, Ca[??]oni of


Binder C52f2

Agut, J. B. Owner C68d12

Aichpichl, Johann Carl


Owner C129m2 (presentation binding

blocked morocco, dated 1648)

Aiguillon, Duchesse, L.

F. de Brehan de Plelo

Owner C69dd8

Aiken, Sydney, 22

Dunmore Spa, County


Binder 1570/6328

Ainsi que tous meurent

par Adam etc.


Aitken, C. J. Owner G11436

Aitken, J. F. Binder G11436

Aitken, T. Binder C25a9, C25c27, C37d26, C53a12,

C55k5, C123a8, 4103aaa42 (name

stamped on endpaper)

Alba, Duke of Owner C65g13

Al-Bajasi, The Amir Owner Davis701

Page 6: Binding Index


Albermarle, Duke of Owner C67f5, C67f9

Albert, Archduke of


Owner C68c14, C68a3

Albert III, Duke of


Owner C47k12

Albert, Prince Owner C42g4 (monograms of Albert and


Albert de Luynes, J. B.


Owner 245d37-39, 245e18, 245e19, 271c16

Albrizzi, Alessandro Owner C183b13 (arms on paste paper covers,

initial W on lower cover)

Alegria Binder C150f1 (signed), C152g5 (signed)

Alexander I, Emperor

of Russia

Owner C72a15 (binding stamped with his

name, commemorative of his visit to

England in 1814)

Alexander III, Abbas


Owner C69e13

Alexander VII, Pope Owner C108ppp1, C47k17, 12305f25

Alexaner VIII, Pope Owner see Ottoboni, Cardinal

Alexandra, Queen Owner C109q8 (presentation binding to

Queen Alexandra)

Alexandre, Clement printer, stationer of the University of

Angers and ?binder, Davis365

Alhaye, Aine Binder C155f1 (signed)

Allegria 8155c19

Allen of Chichester Binder C188a195

Allen, B. W., of


Binder Collins 1

Allen, William,


Owner 3901g27 (arms of William Allen)

Allo C44g11 (signed on inside front board)

Allport, Margaret, now

married and

called Allport Costa

C108y2 painted fore edge (under gilt)

by Allport

Almeida, Don Joao de Owner C68d18

Alsopp, F. F. & Co Binder Cup407c22

Altieri, Cardinal Owner see Clement X, Pope

Alves, Jaime, M.,

Misericordia 114,


Binder Collins 943

Alyn, William Owner C108aaa3 (by Jean de Planche?)

A Ma Vie G4400 (motto with arms of Brittany)

Amer, Stephen, of


Binder C188a64

Page 7: Binding Index

American Bindings,

Wooden Boards

Ch770/56 (quarter sheep over wood

with remains of grey paper),

Page 8: Binding Index

C131ff15, C104cc31

Amsterdam 199g6,7 (arms of Amsterdam on

Dutch school prize, 1720), 57l20

(arms of Amsterdam on Dutch school

prize, c.1669), Maps98d5, G8964

(arms), G8044 (arms), G8529 (arms),

88b3, 165l18, 165n3, 165n5, 53c5,

197a7, 199f8, C188a11 (arms of

Amsterdam and other Dutch towns

and provinces), Egerton Ms 983

(arms) Amsterdam Double

Drawer Handle Bindery

Binder 65a10

Amsterdam Elite


Binder C143a6

Amsterdam Pentateuch


Binder C127g7

Ancient House bindery,


Binder Collins 2

Anderson & Co


Binder C188b56

Anderson & Ferrier Binder Collins 754

Andersson, N. Bernh.,

of Stockholm

Binder C129mm6, KTC26b

Andrews, of Durham Binder C110d9, G3506

Andrews, Frank F., of


Binder Collins 308

Andrus, S. & Son,

Hartford, USA


(and binder?)

Collins 958

Angel with scroll

stamp, gold tooled on


C38a61, C37e57, C108bb12, C65g17

(1622), ?C20f27 (Sir Julius Caesar's

travelling library)

Angell, F. W., of

Cursitor Street,

Chancery Lane

Binder Collins 309 (three vols – so far only

one has been unpacked - Oeuvres de

Moliere vol 2 -and binding for this

one is by Angell)

D'Anglois, of Chartres Binder C150i1 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

L'Anglois Binder C153h8 (signed), C153h7 (signed

'L'Anglois of Chartres')

Angouleme, Duke of Louis-Antoine d'Artois, Duke of

Angouleme, see Louis-Antoine


Directeur de

l'Imprimerie Royale

Owner G9065 (arms)

Page 9: Binding Index

Annunciation panel C106e12 (16th century, German,

upper cvoer), 3433de21 (16th century,

German, lower cover), ?57b6 (16th

century German), see also rubbings


Annaly, Lilah,


Owner Tauch682-83, Tauch3269-70,

Tauch3472-3, Tauch3632,

Tauch3692-3, Tauch3338?,

Tauch3551?, Tauch1263-4,

Tauch2181?, Tauch4132, Tauch4183-

4, Tauch4262, Tauch4408 (all bound

by Birdsall & Son)

Page 10: Binding Index

Anne, Queen (reign


Owner C46e28, C65e15, C68b6, C108a8,

66h2?, C69d4?, C37l13 (?Mearne's

successor), 223i4, 217e1, 225a14

(cypher), 59f2, 687l14, 522k21, 16a1

(Queen Anne's cypher), 43f27 (Queen

Anne's cypher), 136g6-9 (cypher),

217e1-4, 59f2 (?Spaniel Binder),

687l14 (cypher, same decoration as

136g6-9), 223i4 (cypher), C188b6

(arms and decorated endpapers), 75i4

(arms and Anne's motto 'Semper

eadem'), Davis151 (c.1707, London,

arms of Queen Anne in the centre),

Davis138 (c.1709, London, arms of

Queen Anne in the centre)

Anne Autriche, wife of

Louis xiii

Owner C68k1, G4254 (arms of Louis XIII

and Anne of Austria), G6685 (initials

of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria),

G7075 (initials of Louis XIII and

Anne of Austria). Harley Ms 4405.

Anne Boleyn, Queen,

2nd wife of Henry VIII

Owner C23a8* (contains facsimile of first

titlepage (missing from C23a8) and all

preliminary matter; according to a

catalogue note, this copy formerly

belonged to Anne Boleyn), C40e2

Anne of Denmark, wife

of James I (b. 1574, d.


Owner C66d5, C69d4, C77f15, C46e5,

532k21, C76h3, C128e10 (gold tooled

arms on vellum), C128e11 (gold

tooled arms on vellum), Davis692 (by

Thomas Kniper), C77c10

Anne, wife of Protector


Owner C46a7 (with crowned rose and A. S.,

white deerskin)

Anthony, William Binder Davis304 (item 249, 1963)

Antonelli, Leonard,


Owner C46e11

Anzeray Owner C67i6 (arms on covers), ?C68a23

Apollo & Pegasus see Grimaldi, G. B.

Appleby, W., 3 Stall

Street, Bath

Binder Collins 3

Appleyard, A., printer

and bookbinder in

Cook Lane, Keighley?

Binder YA1987a4654







gold tooled on upper cover of C66e3;

gold tooling on lower cover reads:



Page 11: Binding Index

Archange, of


Binder C152g6 (signed)

Archbishop of Armagh see Usher, James

Archer & Sons, of


Binder C154i1 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Archers Royal Library,

19th c.

Binder C188b38 (signed)





C33m1 (text and arms of Catherine de


Arias, Hijas C96e4-6, C96e8

Arias, V. Binder C63g42, C96e4-6

Arles, city of, arms 707b16, C65gg17

Arlington, Bennet, Earl


Owner C108bbb16




C47c2?, C65c10, C64c6




Armstrong, Margaret Designer Collins 970

Armstrong, T. C25b12, C156h10 (signed)

Armytage, Sir George Owner Tauch3766-67 (bound by Birdsall)

Arnaude Binder C152g7 (signed), C150f2 (attributed

to Arnaude)

Arnold, A., of Lille Binder C155f2 (signed)

Artaud, of Lyons Binder C152g8 (signed)

d'Artois, Louis-Antoine see Louis-Antoine

Arhorton, Jn., of


Binder C129d9

Arundel, Earl of Owner C27f5 (badge), ?C54k1 (arms),

C128f12 (CH ARVNDEL gold tooled

on lower cover), C65f9 (signature),

C23a12 (facsimile signature)

Ashe, Catherine Owner C108bb5

Ashendene Press see Florence Paget

Asklund, Carl, C.,

Of Stockholm

Binder Collins 893

Asper, Freres Binder C51a4

Asses skin ?C40a44, ?C20a30 (book printed on

asses skin)

Aston, J. Binder C60l5

Astrakhan arms C64i1

Page 12: Binding Index

Atelier Bindery Binder C34l23

Atkinson, I., of York Binder Music E864

Atkinson, J., of York Binder C154i2 (signed)

Atkinson, Jeremiah,

Old Nags Head,

Leadenhall St, Nr.


Binder Collins 334

Atkinson, Thomas, of


Binder Collins 5

Aubrey, of Salisbury Binder Tauch2742 (for Helen Matilda,

Countess of Radnor, with binder's

label), Tauch2126, Tauch2756a-57,

Tauch2819-20, Tauch2971,

Tauch2983, Tauch2991, Tauch2999,

Tauch3003, Tauch3040, Tauch3065,

Tauch3073, Tauch3074-75,

Tauch3089-90, Tauch3165,

Tauch3202, Tauch3283, Tauch3294-5,

Tauch3309, Tauch3321, Tauch3322-

23, Tauch3343, Tauch3348,

Tauch3361, Tauch3368, Tauch3373-


Auctorre, Pierre Binder Davis2 (item 2, c.1510)

Audenet, Alphonse Owner C36e49, C39b14 (monogram),

C40c49 (Koehler), C33e23, C46a12,


Augsburg, arms of Davis689 (c.1505)

Augsburg, woodcut


IB6739 (dated 1494)

Augouleme, Charles

D'Orleans-Valais, Duc


Owner C47i2, C47l10 (or C47e10), C68d10,


Augustins, College des,


Owner 1509/3195 (coat of arms gold tooled

and legend S.P.Q.A. GYMNASY


Augustus III, King of

Poland (reign 1734-


Owner ?84d7-10 (?monogram)

Augustus I, Elector of


Owner C46c19, C47k6 (Krause), C67c9,

C68b12, G17245

Aulne, A. R. J. Turgot,

Baron d'

Owner C48c18

Aumont, Louis Maris,

Duc d'

Owner G16104 (arms)

Aurifex, E. S. Binder C68i13, C69e21, Davis234, Davis269,


Austin, F. C. Binder C108e9, C108g14

Austin, F., of


Binder Collins 8 (?)

Page 13: Binding Index

Austin, Steven, of


Binder C188a73, Collins 6 (?), Collins 7

Austria, House of Or70a18 (arms of a prince of the

Page 14: Binding Index

House of Austria), 591k7-8, C7a19,


Austria-Hungary C47f1 (painted arms)

Austria-Lothringen C48a13 (arms), C7a19

Austrian imperial arms C154f14 (arms stamped on covers,

Ramsden Collection of signed


Avaux, Jean Antoine de

Mesmes, Count d'




C19f13, C51b6



C65d8 (with panel stamp of Virgin

and Child)

Avi, J. F. de Madrage,

Comte d'

Owner C46a33

Avintes, Counts of


Owner G14033



Stuart de Rothesay

Avonde Binder C152g9 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Aylesford, Earl of

Aylmer, Henry, Baron Owner 673i11

Azzolini, Cardinal Owner C47d3


Name Owner or



B (indicates ‘Burn’) Binder Collins 397

B., A. Owner C65g15

B., A. Owner Davis73 (item 129, Oxford c.1679, fore-

edge painting with 'AB' and 'IF', binding

by Roger Bartlett)

B., A. Owner Davis105 (item 101, c.1660-1670,

initials 'AB' in centre), see Roger


B., v. A. see for Ann Carrier

B., B. Owner C51aa11 (tooled on 1577 New

Testament), 473e13 (Bibliotheque

Page 15: Binding Index


B., C. Owner 11388aa12 (16th century stamped calf),

1607/5997 (initials and IHS shield gold

tooled on vellum wrapper, Antwerp,


B., E. Owner C67g2, C66b20

B., E. Owner 1485m23

B., E. Owner Davis621

B., G. Owner Add MS17973 (initials and date 1561

on German panel binding)

B., G. Binder see George Bermutz

B., H. Binder Davis621 (item 330, dated 1540,

Breslau, for Johann Hess, initials 'HB',

Breslau watermark on endleaves, arms

of Johann Hess and a smaller armorial


B., H. C. Owner Egerton MS1210 (initials and date 1590

on 16th-century German binding)

B., H. C. Add MS28688

B., I. Add MS18115

B., J. (John


Binder 30b17, 1071b4

B., L. C. M. see Edwards (Davis211)

B., L. 1071b4

B., L. P. Owner C129mm3 (date 1532 on covers)

B., N. C128a19 (initials 'NB' gold tooled on

vellum, 17th century English)

B., S. Davis65 (item 79, initials 'SB' on gold

tooled centrepieces, English, c. 1630)

B., S. Davis105

B., S. S. Barnard, a binder, worked in

collaboration with L. Hay-Cooper who

executed the design and tooling, no

example in BL but illustrated in The

Studio 1914, special number, The art of

the book

B., E. P. V. Binder Cup504e32 (binder's stamp 'E.P.V.B.-1-


Baboulat, of Lyons Binder C152g10 (signed)

Bacharach (for

Henri Comte de



Page 16: Binding Index

Backere, Willem de,

Antwerp, 16th


C183c9 (heads-in-medallion panel

signed with initials 'WB')

Backless binding C24c20 (for Edward VI), C108d35

(Richard Balley?), C52cc8 (for Francis

Russell, Second Earl of Bedford)

Backwell, [Matthew

Price], 18 East Cliff

and 25 Little Castle

Sq., Brigthon

Binder Collins 9

Bacon, Nathaniall C128a19

Baden, James von,


IB37138 (arms quartered with diocese

of Trier)

Badoero family Add MS23,769 (arms on Italian 17th-

century binding)

Bagguley, G. T., of



Binder C69h9, C53a7, C108b4

Bagnols Owner C67k11 (arms), C68d7

Bagot, Anthony and

daughter Mary

see Edwards (Davis211)

Bagot, Sir Charles 807e5, Tab614a

Bagster, London Binder Collins 335, Collins 336, Collins 337,

Collins 338, Collins 339, Collins 340,

Collins 341, Collins 342, Collins 343,

Collins 344, Collins 345, Collins 346

Baily, E., of Calne C151a5 (signed)

Baily, E., of


Binder Collins 10 (?)

Bailey & Co., R., of


Binder Collins 11, Collins 12, C151a2 (signed),


Bain, A. W., & Co.,

Ltd., London

Binder Collins 347, Collins 348a, Collins 349,


Bakala, Ferd., of


C108h6, C119h2

Baker & Son, [J.],


Binder Collins 13, Collins 14, Collins 15,

Collins 16

Balaz, Jozef C127g4 (designed by Jozef Balaz)

Baldershain, Adolar Binder Davis620 (item 328, c.1535, Leipzig)

Bale, John, Bishop

of ?Ossary

Owner C53gg3

Balfour & Smellie Binder worked for Edinburgh publishers

Balfour & Smellie, Davis290 (item 284)

Page 17: Binding Index

Balley, Richard Binder C108d35, ?C65k13, 17h9, ?C65g19,

Davis131 (item 141, c.1690, London,

probably a pupil of Samuel Mearne,

specialised in so-called backless

bindings), Davis127-128 (item 134,

1680s, London, one small floral tool

which seems indentical with a tool used

by R. Balley)

Banbury Charity

School Binder

Binder C188a207(1-2)

Banks, Alexander,

Jr., of


Binder C97g3, Collins 765, Collins 766, Collins


Banquemare, N. de Owner G18121? (arms)

Baptism of Christ


C106e12 (16th century, German, lower


Barba, Henri Binder C155f3 (Ramsden Collection of signed

Page 18: Binding Index


Barbara, Saint,

panel stamp


Barberini, Antonio,


Owner C46d23, C47c10, Add MS25310 (arms

with cardinal's hat on 16th-century

Italian MS)



Owner C48f2

Barclay Binder C108cc7

Bardet & Boylan Binder C128e22, 11403a23

Barker, Charles F., 4

Selwyn Parade, Kew

Rd., Richmond

Binder Collins 19

Barker, J., & Co.,


Binder Collins 353, Collins 354

Barlow's Aesop


Binder C132i63, 671l6, 1Tab5, ?Davis123

(item 131, c.1680, London, possibly

bound by Barlow's Aesop Binder)

Harley Ms 1890 ? Harley Ms 6562 ? Barnes Binder C154i3 (signed)

Barnes, W. A. Binder Collins 990

Barns, Roger, of


Binder C188b33

Barnikel, J. L., of


Binder C151a4 (signed)

Barrington Owner C68a25 (incorporates royal coat of

arms, family married into Duke of

Clarence's (1449-1478) line)

Barratt, T[homas],

of Oxford

Binder Collins 18, C109a10, C154i5 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings), C151a7

(Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C151a5 (Ramsden Collection

of signed bindings), C151a6 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Barratt, W. Binder C154i4 (signed, same as Barrat of


Barritt, of London Binder C109aaa11, Collins 350, C188a163(1-3)

Barrow, Sir John Owner C60i16

Barry, Madame du Owner G15332 (arms)


Magdeleine, wife of

governor of


Owner C129m21 (1661)

Bartlett, C.A. of


Binder C188b32 (with label)

Page 19: Binding Index

Barlett, Roger Binder C69ff9, C65f1, Davis73 (item 129,

c.1679, Oxford, wreath containing

initials 'IF' and 'AB' onf ore-edge),

Roger Bartlett settled in Oxford after

the Great Fire of London in 1666

Page 20: Binding Index

Barnikel, [John

Lewis], Pembroke

Binder Collins 864

Bartley, Glenn Binder 20th century, Iceman Cometh, 1982.

Carole Holden purchased in 2004/05,

not yet catalogued (May 2005)

Barton, Henry,

70 Market Street


Binder Collins 17

Basilio, Perez

Gallardo, of Mexico

Binder C38c54

Baskerville, John C188b17 (English 18th century, with

Baskerville type on lettering piece)

Baskerville Binder Collins 20

Barrit(z?) & Co. Binder C188a163

Barritt & Co.,


Binder Collins 350, ?Collins 351, ?Collins 352

Bateman, John Binder successor of MacDurnan Gospels

Binder, see MacDurnan Gospels Binder

Bateman, Visct. Owner G244

Bath and Wells,

Bishop of

see James Montague

Batten, London


Binder Collins 356, Collins 357

Baulart, of Paris,

19th century

1701b1 (p. 40 has samples of printed

decorated paper with ink MS notes on

back 'Baulart, aine, Paris', paper


Bauzonnet Binder C20d22, C29k24, C37e44, C38e15,

C39e34, C41c8, C47d23, C47h10,

C51e1, C57b22, C97a3, C97h9,

C152g12 (signed), C150f3 (signed),

1477cc26 (plain but signed), C194a161

doublure tooled in gold. Bauzonnet-Purgold Binder C108aa25

Bauzonnet, Trautz Binder IA27873, IB41522, C20a16,

C20a17,18, C39e20, C57e38, C62a5,

11408aaa38, C20b15,IA27924, C20e1,

C39d64, C39e8, C22a53, C40b24,

C44a6, c47d23, C47h10, C29k24,

C34g25, C48d1, C31h32, C47f5,

C53d10, C107g6, C57a2, C57aa7,

C57b1, C57c38, C57g35, C62a3,

C62a5, C62b1, C62b3-5, C62b28,

C63e2, C63f2, C66d8, C70a6

Bath, Order of 202d10 (arms of the Order of Bath,


Bathelier Binder C152g11 (signed)

Battei Binder C154g10 (signed)

Page 21: Binding Index

Batten Binder C151a8 (signed)

Baucheron Owner ?C67b10

Baumgarten Binder C151a9 (signed, see also Baumgarten,

John Ernst)

Baumgarten, John


Binder 30b17, Davis171 (item 184, c.1775,

London, rococo, several tools in

common with Baumgarten and also a

considerable number of tools closely

Page 22: Binding Index

similar to but not identical with those

used on bindings attributed to him)



Owner IA.7545 arms and letters of his name on

upper cover of Ger pigskin binding.

Baxter, [Hector], 49

Bartholomew Close,


Binder Collins 358

Baxter, J., of Lewes Binder C150a2 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Baxter, Priest C70a1

Bayley, R. J., Old

Town St., Plymouth

Binder Collins 22

Baynton Binder 506d7

Bayntun of Bath Binder C66f19, C186aa1, ?C97a14 (3 vols),

C115m15 (4 vols), 685g5, C66f19,

506d7, 1481a7, 7907g19, Davis275

(item 239, c.1939-40, a Cosway binding

(speciality of Sotheran's the bookseller),

upper cover signed 'bound by Bayntun

(Riviere), Bath, England'), Collins 21

(only one of the three volumes held

together as Collins 21 bound by

Bayntun, see also Sumfield & Day)

Beard, Frederick,


Binder (?) Collins 359

Beardsall, E., of


Binder C151a10 (signed)

Beardsley, Aubrey (publisher's binding designed by


Beare & Son of


Binder Collins 23

Beaumont, Achille

de Harlay, Comte de

see Harlay


Christophe de,

Archbishop of Paris


Owner C186b15

Beaumont, Francois,

Vicomte de

see Villelume, Francois de

Bearn, Comte de

Brassac de G. A. de


Owner C67c8

Beaton, Archbishop

of Glasgow

Owner C46d9, C68e15

Beaufort Owner C130c7


Eugene de, Viceroy

of Italy

Owner C129mm5 (Italy, 19th century,

presentation binding embroidered with

blue silk)

Page 23: Binding Index

Beauvillers, Paul de,

Duke of Saitn


Owner C68a22, C47h7

Bechatz, Marie Owner C48f4

Beck, F., of


Owner RM21e34 (19th century, velvet, signed


Beckford 458b23

Page 24: Binding Index

Bedford 11405aaa11, 11405aaa15, 11623bb2,

11623bb14, 11630bbb6, 012314ee8,

12301e31, Huth107 (signed), C17a18,

3936aa37, 3936bb12, 8022bb35,

8022bb44, 8022bb45, 8022bb53,

8022bb59, 8175aa54, 8175aa55,

8175aa73, 8175aa79, 8175aaa23,

8175aaa25, 8410b2, 9771bb10,

9771f14, IA52341, IB39618, IB41509,

C17a17, C18c3, 672c4, C127a14,


Bedford, F Binder C20e5, C25a12, C25a14, C25a16,

C25a33, C25d11, C25d25, C25e22,

C25f10, C25f13, C25e31, C27d10,

C28h5, C28m13, C29c7, C32a13,

C32c4, C32c7 ([1869], for H. Stevens),

C21a1, C18d6, C21d4, C25f26?,

Cup400h1, C32d42, C32h7, C32i1-12,

C32i14-25, C33a40, C33b39, C33i3,

C34a44, C34e36, C34f45, C34i19,

C34k7, C34k40, C34k62, C34l2,

C34l10, C35g17, C36c5, C36e14,

C37c49, C37e14, C38b39, C38e22,

C38e28, C38e36, C39a1, C39a2,

C39a7, C39a61, C39a68, C39b37,

C39b51, C39c26, C39c42, C39d18,

C39d33, C39d43, C39d50, C39d56,

C39d62, C39e3, C39e6, C39e9,

C39e10, C39e35, C39e48, C40b10,

C40c26, C40c33, C40c35, C40c57,

C40d35, C40d48, C40e59-61, C42b11,

C42b12, C43a27, C44b1, C48b1,

C51a2 (FRS. Bedford), C52aa14,

C52aa18, C52b13, C53bb18, C53c22,

C53c25, C53gg27, C54a3, C54a4,

C54b1, C54bb1, C54e14, C55a17,

C55a18, C55b2, C55d9-10, C55k6,

C56a4, C56b12, C56c6, C56d17,

C56d26, C56d28, C56d30, C57a5,

C57aa24, C57b9, C57b33, C57b44,

C57b58, C57c2, C57c3, C57c30,

C57e14, C58aa13, C58b35, C59b28,

C59b29, C60o4, C62a22, C62aa18,

?C62b15, C62b18, C62b20, C65hh14,

C69g8, C71a24, C71b32, C71bb3,

C71c19, C72c4, C102b2, C107bb6,

C108aa16, C110a1 (1859), C110a2

(1859), C110a31, C110d4, C111aa33,

C111c10, C114a11, C117b29,

Page 25: Binding Index

C117b70, ?C118a13, C122a28,

C122e14 (1850), C130a3, C132i5,

C132i33, 8630f5, C154k10

(ornamented by Bedford), Add

MS33,383 (signed), Add Ms

73541 (plain, but signed) Bedford, Francis,


Binder Collins 360

Bedford, Francis

Russell, 2nd Earl of

Owner C52cc8 (backless binding), C67e6

(Duke of Bedford), C67e10 (Duke of


Bedford, Frs Binder C62a2, C62b15

Bedford and Clarke see Clarke and Bedford

Behrends Binder C135c8

Bell, J., of


Binder C151a11 (signed)

Bell, Matthew,

Colley & Co,

Cursitor Street,


Binder Collins 361

Bell, Robert



Binder (?) Collins 362 (Bell did the decorations

and designed the binding)


Micheline de

Binder C183a33

Bellendger, J., 8

Lower Lyon St.,


Binder Collins 24

Bellew, G. of


Binder C151a12 (signed), Collins 273 (?)

Belz-Niedree Binder C20e4 (tooled by Belz-Niedree),

C20d26 (tooled by Beltz-Niedree),

C20e10, C20e29 (for Baron de

Seilliere), C20e31 (for Baron de

Seilliere), C40g3 (for Biblio. de Mello),

C47c1, C34b59 (for Biblio. de Mello),

C52aa2 (for Biblio. de Mello), C20e31,

C20d29, C57c10 (for Biblio. de Mello),

C57c11 (for Biblio. de Mello), C37c54,

C59d15, C108d12, C38d23, C42b15-

22, C57c44, C59d15, C62a24, C63d28,


Bemrose of Derby Binder Collins 25, C188a139

Benavides Owner Add MS36,541 (Benavides arms appear

on first and fourth quarterings of coat of

arms on binding, second and third

quarterings may be Castile)

Benedict Binder G11530 (binder's label), G2755

(binder's label), G11592 (binder's label),

C151a14 (signed), C151a13 (signed)

Benedict, Pope XIII Owner C26m8

Page 26: Binding Index

Benedict, Henry,

Cardinal of York

Owner C46b16, C65gg2

Benet, Paul Binder C109c18

Bennet, Earl of


Owner C67b23, C67e5, C68a2, 504g6

Benoit Le Court Owner Davis368, Davis332

Page 27: Binding Index

Benz, Richard Owner C190b21 (Germany, 20th century)

Beraudaine, of


Binder C152h1 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C152g14 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Berbis, Claude Owner Davis359

Bercheve, Le Goux

de la, Archbishop

Owner C133a2

Berkley Owner C69bb14, C67g5

Be mind full IB55062

Bernard de Rieny,


Owner G8181 (arms)

Bernasconi Binder IA39679 (signed)

Bernis, Cardinal Owner C47f22

Bernutz, George Binder Davis628 (item 340, c.1570,

Wittenberg, signed G.B.)

Berresford Binder C156h11 (signed)



Binder KTC20b13 (signed)

Berry, Duchesse de,

Caroline de


Owner C47e1, C156k14 (arms)

Berthelet, Roger Binder C65f1

Berthelet, Thomas NOT a Binder C18b10 (for Henry VIII), ?C20e15 (for

Pickering), C27f14, C65g10 (for

Edward VI), C66g2 (for Edward VI),

?8408ee4, ?C64a5, ?G7851, ?C18b10,

?G7851, ?1413e14, G7851 (for Edward


Berthold III, Abbott

of Kremsmunster

Owner C129c26 (arms on upper cover, gold


Berthune, Philippe


Owner C47f24, ?C69d9 (or de la Vieuville)

Bertie Owner C150e16 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Bertrand, A. Binder C42f2

Bertrand, Press of



Bessel, Gottfried

(also called Johann

Franz) Abbot of

Gottweig, Austria

Owner C188a208

Best, Richard 348b2

Bethencourt, Galien


Owner C108e3

Bethune des

Plancques, Jean-

Owner C64cc6

Page 28: Binding Index

Philippe de (dit


Bethune, Hippolyte

de, Bishop of


Owner G8865 (arms)

Beton, James,

Archbishop of


Owner C46d9, C68e15

Bewick engraving 11645bb14

Beyaert-Defoort, of


Binder C156h7 (signed)

Bibliotheca Academ





Owner 296l13 (heraldic stamp and 'ex

Bibliotheca Bunaviana')

Biblioteca De Salva C31g15, C32e26, C54c6, C56d4,

C57c37, C57h15, C62aa7, C62aa16,

C62d3, C62f14, C62h5, C62i15,

C63a2-8, C63a13, C63a14-17, C63a19-

31, C63a34, C63a1, C63a33, C63b1-2,

C63b4-19, C63b21-26, C63b28-37,

C63b41-43, C63b45-46, C63c21,

C63c4, C63d5-7, C63d9-10, C63d11,

C63d13-22, C63d1, C63f1, C63f4-9,

C63f11-16, C63f24, C63f2, C63g1-2,

C63g46, C63g9, C63g11-14, C63g17-

23, C63g25-26, C63g6, C63h1, C63h8,

C63h19, C63l1-5, C63l7, C63l9, C96a7,




Owner 48a19 (arms and cypher)




Bibliotheque de


Owner C38f36 (by Thibaron), C30h18, C40g3

(by Belz-Niedree), C31f4 (by

Chambolle-Duru), C34b59 (by Belz-

Niedree), C53aa2 (by Belz-Niedree),

C57aa4 (by Duru), C57c11 (by Belz-

Niedree), C62aa23 (by Thibaron)

Bicknell, Jim Binder Cup408rrr10

Bickers & Son,

Leicester Sq.,


Binder Collins 363 (?), Collins 364 (?), Collins

365, Collins 366 (?), Collins 367 (?),

Collins 368, Collins 1033

Bignon, Jerome Binder C68b1

Bigot Binder C152h2 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Bigot, Louis Owner C19a30

Bill, William (W. Owner see King Edward and Queen Mary

Page 29: Binding Index

B.) Binders

Billion, A. L.,

Marquis de


Owner C69a16, C69d2

Binda, of Milan Binder C36c7, C41e28, C111c28

Bird, Jo Binder C188b49.

Bird, John (of

Covent Garden - the

same as below?)

Binder RB23a12873 (ink stamp), Collins 371

(?), Collins 375, Collins 377, Collins


Bird, J., 52 Hatton

Garden, London

Binder Collins 369, Collins 370 (?), Collins

372, Collins 373 (?), Collins 374,

Collins 376, Collins 378, Collins 380,

Collins 381, Collins 382, Collins 383,

Collins 384

Birdsall & Son, of


Binder C38e29, C40g22, C53c5, C57e12,

C111c18, C111e11, C132i52,

1570/1353, 11646b21, 11643bb42,


Birdsall of


Binder C188a104 (20th c., vellum), Collins 26,

Collins 32, Collins 33, Collins 35,

Collins 36, Collins 37, Collins 1038 (?)

Birdsall of

Northampton &


Binder C72b7, C100e12, C102a12, C132i49,

C132i56, 11642cc30 (W. Birdsall),

RB23a543 (W. Birdsall)

Birdsall see Edward Sullivan, Davis270

(Birdsall forwarded this, Sullivan

finished it)

‘Stronghold split case’ with

padlock device used in Collins 31

– Collins notes this as “a Birdsall

patent, licensed quite widely”

also Collins 30 Birdsall & Son of


Binder Collins 27, Collins 34

Birdsall of Northans Binder Collins 28, Collins 29

Birkett, Hugh Binder C188b26

Biron, Duc de Owner Davis477

Bisiaux Binder C37e41, C38b33, G2814, C30a26,

C30e41, C152h3 (signed), C155f4

(signed), Davis570 (for Renouard)

Bizeau, Louis Owner C68d12

Bjorkman, Sven

Erland, of Stockholm

Binder Collins 894

Black, J., of Covent


Binder C56d5, G6213

Black, James Binder C56d5, G6213 (signed)

Page 30: Binding Index

Blackhall, Alexr. Binder? Collins 972

Blackie & Son Binder Collins 768, Collins 769, Collins 770,

Collins 771

Blacklaws, William,

of Glasgow

Binder C150a3 (signed)

J. Blackman,

24 Weston Road,


Binder Collins 38

Blaise C152h6 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C155f5 (signed), C152h5

(signed), C152h4 (signed)

Bland (Isaac),

32 Cannon Street,


Binder Collins 40

Bland, 27 Fishergate,


Binder Collins 39

Blavwert, I. C. Owner C64b16 (I. C. Blavwert and date 1673

gold tooled on lower cover. N. P. D.

gold tooled on lower cover and ANNO)

Blight W.S. of




Blundell, Henry Owner 459a18, 459g10

Bocquet, P. F. Jean Owner C104d37 (arms gold tooled on white


Bodoni, Officina



Boersch Binder C150f6 (signed), C152h7 (signed)

Page 31: Binding Index

Bogetti Binder C152h8 (signed)

Bogle, Angela Binder C188b10 (winner of National Student

Bookbinding Competition 1989)

Bohn, G. J. Binder C156h12 (attributed to Bohn)

Bohn, J., of 31 Frith

St, Soho, London

Binder G3000, G2925, G1325, LR301e3

Boilet, of Bar-sur-


Binder C152h9 (signed)

Bois, Louis du,

Marquis de Givry

Owner C68d8, C30b2,3, C30g5, C30g1,

C30g6, C30l12

Boldof, Lajos Binder C47l4 (1861), C128c2

Boleyn, Anne see Anne

Boll Binder C41a29

Boll, Emil,


Binder Collins 827

Bologna Shop,


Binder Davis843

Bon, L. G., Marquis

de Sainte Hilaire

Owner 179a3 (arms, c.1700)

Bon Marche,


Binder Collins 41

Bona, Joseph, of


Binder C46l5 (1731)

Bonaparte, Joseph Owner Davis705 (by Wilson | Nicols, see W.


Bonaparte, Louis


Owner 3022h4, 3022e9, 3022h3, 3022k3,

3022k4, 3022g3, 3022e13, 3022b12,

3022b13, 3022b35, 3022b38, 3022b30,

3022b31, 3022b40, 3022a12, 3022b46,

3022a22 (these are stamps on BM

bindings), 12954a17

Bone & Son,


Binder C30b39, C109b1, C109c1, C128f5,

C129c3, C129c7, C134b18, C43g4,

C59g1, 11899bb37, 7820f12,

RB23a15512 (binder's ticket),

RB23a12934 (binder's ticket),

RB23a13796 (binder's ticket),

3455c41 (binder’s ticket) Bone

[William] &

Son., Fleet



Binder Collins 385, Collins 386, Collins

387, Collins 388

Bonelli, Cardinal Owner C47k8, C47k19

Bonellus, Michael,


Owner C66i13

Bonet, Paul (1889-


Binder C109c18, C129e10, C129e12, Davis415

Page 32: Binding Index

Bonhomme of La


Binder C152h10 (signed)

Bonnaud Binder C152h11 (signed)

Bonnelles, Marquis


see Bullion, A. L.

Page 33: Binding Index

Bon Temps Viendra C67i12

Boom, I


Binder C188a202



Society, London

Binder 1578/8053, Collins 389

Book Case with



Booklovers Bindery

of New York

Binder C131f11

Booth Binder C151a15 (signed)

Booth, J. Binder C150a4 (signed)

Boothby, W., Sir Owner C67e12, C67h5

Bopp (family of

Nuremberg binders

sometimes called


Binder C60n6

Borghese Bindery Binder C67k1, C47k17, MusicK9c10, Davis?

Borghese, Scipio,


Owner C46e14, Davis822

Boscauven Owner C66f22

Bosquet, of


Binder ?142c13

Bossuet Owner G1934 (arms)

Boston Bookbinding


Binder Collins 973, 1509/4723

Boteller Owner G646 (arms?)

Bottier fils Binder C155f6 (signed)

Bottier, Nestor Binder C155h16 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C155h17 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Boucard Binder C155f7 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Boucherat, L. Owner C48b10

Boucher-Moreau Binder C152h13 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C152h12 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Boulleau Owner C108f7

Boullenger, of


Binder C40a55, C152h15 (signed), C152h14


Bourbon Owner C71h4

Bourbon, Louis de

Bourbon Conde

see Comte de Clemant?

Page 34: Binding Index

Bourbon, Marie

Louise de, Queen of

Charles IV of Spain

Owner C48c6

Bourchier, Rachel,

Countess of Bath


Bouret, A., of


Binder C54f20

Bouillon, Duc de,

Henri de la Tour

Owner C47c17

Page 35: Binding Index

Boule, Andre, of


panel stamps signed by Boule on:

C67a1, ?C69c14, Davis319, L23f5

Boutigny Binder C155f8 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), ?Add MS38,858 (MS note

says 'Reliure de Boutigny', but check)

Bowdery & Kerby Binder C150a5 (signed)

Boyer Binder C46b33

Boyer de Cremilles,

L. H.

Owner G15234 (arms)

Boyenval Binder C152h16

Boyet Binder C7b4, C46b33, G4719, G6274

Boyle, Richard,

Viscount Dungarvan

G4771 (name)

Boyse, Daniel, of


Binder Maps C3e8 (formerly C18e15),

Davis180 (item 73, c.1620, Cambridge),

Davis38 (item 74, c.1624, Cambridge),

Davis181 (item 75, c.1629, Cambridge),

Add MS42130 (Luttrell Psalter)

Bozerian le Jeune Binder C39g4, C29k2, C34a21, C65bb7

(signed), C20d6 (signed), G2159,

G8148-9 (signed), G8388 (signed),

G8394 (signed), G8516 (signed),

G8736-7 (signed), G9530 (signed),

G9684 (signed), G9688 (signed), G9696

(signed), G9747 (signed), G10121

(signed), G10204 (signed), G10762

(signed), G11950 (signed), G12795-8 ,

IB47033 (signed on spine)

Collins 909 (signed on spine)

Bozerian Binder 8309aa18, G2392, C29k2, C34a21,

C39g10, C26g9, C26g10, C156k2

(Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C156k1 (signed), C156k3

(signed), C152i1 (signed), C152i2

(signed), G15229, G17324, IB41526

IC24946 Bozerian Trautz Binder IB41943 (signed)

Bradac, L., Czech Binder C188b1

Bradel Binder G9831 (binder's ticket), G10022

(binder's ticket), C152i3 (signed)

Bradford, Earl of,


Owner C68d1

Bradley, Bejamin, of


Binder C183aa11, Collins 974

Bradstreet Binder C32g27

Brahe, Tycho Owner C61c6

Braithwaite, T. P., of


Binder Collins 42

Brancas, Duc de, L. Owner C6b4, G7828 (arms)

Page 36: Binding Index

L. Felicite

Brancas, Duchesse

de, Louise Diane

Francoise de



Owner C67a23

Brands, Mexican on


Owners IA.52821, IA.53542 and IB.52514 "marcas de fuego" on the fore-edges

Brand, L. Binder C107b36

Brand, W., of


Binder C154h24 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Branden, Churfurst Owner C68f10

Brass, C. J., of


Binder C151a16 (signed)

Brassac, Comte de,

J. A. de Garlard

Owner C68a11

Bray, Stanley Binder C188c27 (Omar III, jewelled binding,

documentation and finishing tools)

Breaute Binder C152i4 (signed)

Brechin, J.B.,

7 Castle Streeet,


Binder Collins 772

Breslau Owner C66c19, Davis648 (item 365, 1775-76,

probably made in Breslau)

Bremer Binderei Binder C98e20 (F. Th. = Frieda Thiersch),

C102g1, C102h2-5, C106k5

Bretault & Maillard Binder C142a16

Bretherton, [George] Binder Collins 43

Brewers, Leighton Binder C53bb12

Bridgman Owner C68d1

Bridgwater, Earl of 1196c32, see also Egerton

Brienne, Lomenie


Owner C108d25, C25d1-6, C46d6, 91b27

Brienne, Samfin ...


see Samfin of...

Brigandat Binder C34g26, 8562bbb13 (signed), C152i5

(Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings, author's presentation copy),

C152i6 (signed), C150f4 (signed)


27 Piccadilly



Collins 44

Brillac Owner ?C52b14

Page 37: Binding Index

Brindley, John Binder ?C108m7, C108t1, C130e5-7, C46g7,

C12e13, C150a6 (Ramsden Collection

of signed bindings), Davis144-146,

?2d9-10, ?2a14,15, 13b6, 19g1-6, 42i3,

47i12, 64i4,5, 139i8-10, ?172h1,


Collins 390

Brinon, Jean Owner Davis350 (by Claude de Picques),

G17242 (arms of J. Brinon de Villaines)

Brissart Binder C155f9 (signed)

Page 38: Binding Index

Brissart-Carolet Binder C150f5 (signed)

British Leather

Federation, London

Binder? Collins 1004

British Museum


Binder C72a18 (1934), 177h1-6 and more


Pembroke Sq.,



Binder Collins 45, Collins 49, Collins 50

Broadbere, 11

Hanover Buildings,


Binder awaiting pressmark

Collins 46, Collins 47, Collins 48,

Collins 51

Broca & Kaufmann Binder C115m29 (4 vols)



Binder Collins 762

Brockman, James Binder C188c13 (signed)

Brockman, Stuart Binder C188a20

Brodersson, P., of


Binder Collins 895

Brod, of Strasbourg Binder C156k4 (signed)

Broda, L. Binder C40b63, C58d28

Brooks, I. Binder C150a7 (signed)

Broster, of Chester Binder C108c26

Brotherhood of the

Holy Trinity at

Viho, Lithuania

Owner G19998 (emblem)

Brotherton, John Binder C108d30 (binder's label)

Brou, Denis

Feydeau de

Owner C66h4, G9429 (arms)

Brown, Cecil Binder RB23b4498

Brown, Hannah Binder C188a156 (C21st English, onlaid

yellow, prize winner DB 2008)

Brown, J., of


Binder C154i6 (signed) C188b77

Brown, J. G. Jun., of


Binder C36c4

Browne, A. Binder? Collins 1003

Browne, William, of


Binder C130a5

Broxton, J E Binder C188a204 (board with onlaid picture of


Bruant des

Carrieres, Louis


Owner 30c6 (arms, he worked for Fouquet)

Brudenell Owner C65c2 (crest)

Page 39: Binding Index

Brugalla, Emilio,


Binder Collins 945

Brunck Binder C154f2 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Brupalle, E. Binder Davis662

Bruyere Binder C31h16, C58a17, C97a17

Buchelet, Charles

Savalette, Seigneur


see Savalette

Buck, Thomas, of


(? with care these

are old attributions)

Binder C108a24, C46i17, C108bb15, 675d10,

234a51 (white vellum), ?C64a20,

?C64a15 (once attributed to), ?C24b1,

?C18e15, ?C64a14 (white kid),

?C66d16 (white kid),

Page 40: Binding Index

C66c14, 234a51, ?C18e15

Buckingham House


Binder ?C9a6, ?C9a9-11, ?C9a7, C9b12, C9d4,

C10b2, C10c8, C10d13, C10d1, C10d6-

8, C11a7, C11a11, C11a14, C11a17,

C11d5, C11e3, C13b4, C13d1, C10d10,

C14c4, C14d1, C14e2, C14e3, C15b6,

C15b12, C15c9, C14e12, C14d12

Budden, of


Binder C128d3, Add MS34,210 (signed)

Buffery, RS,

22 Mortimer

St., W.

Binder Collins 391

Bull & Son of


Binder Collins 52

Bumpus Binder Collins 392, ?Collins 393

Bunau, Henri,

Comte de

Owner 1088c14, 90g2 (c.1730)

Bunetier Binder C152i7 (signed)

Burgaud des Marets,

J. Henri

Owner books from his 'Bibliotheque patoise'

purchased in 1873 and 1874, bound by

Cape and Trautz-Bauzonn etc.

Burgess & Hunt, of


Binder C150a8 (signed)

Burges, W. Owner Add MS31,833 (W. Burges and

MDCCCLXX on clasps of 19th-century

English binding)

Burgundy, Philip,

Duke of

Owner C64d10

Burkett, Hugh Binder C188b29

Burleigh, Lord Cecil Owner C31b28, C66b16, 155a4, C67d1,

Or72b1. Harley Ms 6660 (arms

gold tooled on white vellum). Burn Binder C109d3, C116b9, C116bb10,

?C116bb12, C116bb13-14, ?C116bb15-

19, C117aa4, C129b21, C129d3,

C131b8, C131b9-10, C131b12,

C109bb7, ?12806bb13, ?Cup400a33,

RB23a16780, 12805h25

Burn & Co (also see


Binder C28f18, C58e29, C108a35, C109aa1,

C109aa9, C116b7, C117bb31,

C188a85, Cup401d28, 12640o4,

LR277a, 109aa1 (ticket), C109d3,

?7854r8, 12641h4, Collins 401, Collins

403, Collins 404, Collins 405

Burn, Thomas &

Sons, 37 Kirby

Street, London

Binder Collins 394, Collins 395, Collins

396, Collins 397 (?), Collins 398,

Collins 399, Collins 400, Collins

402, Collins 406

Burnier Binder C35c27

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Burns, 17 Portman

Street, Portman


Binder RB 23a1594 (label)

Burns Binder C154i7 (signed)

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Burns and Oates Binder C188a170

Buroner, Hieremias see A H B

Burrell, Sir Binder 191d9, G8279

Burrell, Sir W. Owner 51i7 (arms), 52n10, G8279 (arms)

Bunan, Count Owner 1088c14 (coat of arms gold tooled on

upper cover, 'ex bibliotheca Bunaviana'

gold tooled on lower cover)

Bushell Owner C66f24

Bush & Son, S., of

Bromley [Kent]

Binder Collins 53

Buss, George, 2

Dorrington St., Cold

Bath Square

Binder Collins 407

Butcher, M., of


Binder Collins 54

Bute, Earl of Owner C130c5

Butler Owner Add MS11,933 (gold tooled badge of

Bibliotheca Butleriana added to 15th-

century Italian binding)

Butler, G.,

Colonnade, Ryde

Binder Collins 56 a and b (2 vols)

Butler & Hollington


Binder Collins 55

Buxheim IA12984 (bound by Jagd am Zaun,

Kyriss 81), C188a106 (roll inscribed


Byde, Edward Owner C64e11

Byng Owner C21a40 (1577), C39c39

Bysshe, Sir Edward Owner C68a24, C108c27, C108h11


Name Owner or



C. B. C. G6328

C., C. Binder Cup580b44 (signed), RB23a32145.

C., D. 51e4 (P W D C d c gold tooled on

both covers, English 18th century.

It stands for Prince William, Duke of C., E. See MacDurnan Gospels Binder

C., G. F. 183d5 (G F C gold tooled on English

16th-century binding)

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C., G. Owner Egerton MS1044 (G. C. (Grace

Carey?) on English 17th-century


C., H. C135d8 (Fortuna panel signed H C,

German 16th century)

C., H. Owner C82a5 H C tooled on covers.

C., I. C48a18 (initials gold tooled, English


IC in roll RB23a72. C., L. H. L. Hay-Cooper who worked with the

binder S. Barnard. L H C executed

the design and tooling. No examples

in BL but illustrated in The Studio

Page 44: Binding Index

1914, special number the art of the


C., M. See McColl, Elizabeth Mathieson

C., M. C. See also Clayton Mordaunt

Cracherode), 685a22

C., R. RB23a17197 (may be B G, French

16th century, with blind panels, one

with shield signed with initials)

C., R. RB23a11680 (gold tooled initials on

17th-century Scottish binding)

Caesar, Sir Julius C20f15-58 (Sir Julius Caesar's

Travelling Library, restricted in 1991,

joint on box lid weak)

Cains, Anthony Binder C108eee4

Calcagnini, B., Bishop

of ?

Owner C68b13

Calder, [F. W.], 199

Oxford St., London

Binder Collins 409 (?)

Calder, R. (Falkirk) Binder 1568/8119

Calder, Scott Binder (?) Collins 408

Caldwell, [Matthew], of


Binder Collins 274

Calenberg, Henri Count Owner C69aa4

Calico RB23a13008 (English type printed


Callouet Binder C152i8 (signed)

Calmette of Villeneuve-


Binder C152i9

Calonne, C. A. de Owner C44c9, 145c13



L'ARchichancelier de


See Cellier fils

Cambaceres Owner C155i5 (dedication copy to

Cambaceres with his arms, signed by


Cambridge Bindings Binder C66d11, C66c10 (S. Nicholas and

Annunciation), ?C66d20, ?C64d13

(S. Roche), C67d8, C65c17, C66f7,

C66d12, C66c20, IA19046, see also

names of individual binders, e.g.

Lattice Binder

Camp Binder Collins 410

Camp, A. & T. RB23a15843 (binder's ink stamp)

Campbell, Carolee Binder C188b18 (signed brass and steel

binding, US 20th century)

Page 45: Binding Index

Campbell, 36, Low

Terrace, Leith Street,


Binder Collins 753, Collins 773

Campbell, D.,

17 Leith Street,


Binder Collins 774

Campbell, Fiona Binder C108k1 (1959)

Campling, C. A., Great


Binder Collins 57

Canillac Owner C30f13

Canivari Binder C41e29

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Canvas Bindings Ch780/123 (1782), RB23a26 (1794),

Ch800/287 (1769), C108n22 (1771),

C107bb81 (1809), C108n23 (18th

century), C127a28 (1793), C135t18

(1791, stabbed), C142d28 (1788),

C790/162 (1790), C107bb80 (1808),

Cup408tt12, RB23a3001 (1778),

RB23a3003 (1790), 1568/6841

(1779?), 1578/41 (18th century,

stabbed), 1578/39 (1775, stabbed),

1578/3621 (1783), 1578/3737 (1775),

1578/3767 (1786), 1578/3963 (18th

century), 1578/6559 (1791),

Ch790/235 (J. Ash, Grammatical

institutes, 1792), 1568/4048,

1568/3348, 1212e6, RB23a10114

(18th century English grammar),

RB23a3001, RB23a6424,


Cape Binder C19a5, C20c12, C20e22, C35d11,

C38h11 (for Simon Vostre?),

C39a43, C40a48 (for Gomez de la

Cortina), C48b17, C48c17 (for

Gomez de la Cortina), C30d38,

C31b27, C34a54, C34a37, C34i8,

C57c33, C57d15, C62a8, C62b6,

C71a25, C57c33, C62a8, C62b6,

C125b27, C128e17, C38b17, C38i2,

C39a27, C39b8, C39b64, C39b66,

C39d7, C40b27, C40d56, C40e37,

C41c20, C18a8, C29h10, C30c19

(Cape. Masson. De Bonnelle SRS),

C31c42, C34a25, C34a37, C34a54,

C34e43, C34a35, C34i3-6, C34i8-16,

C37b31, C37l6, C38b6, C152i10

(Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C152i11 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C38b6 (plain, gold tooled dentelle),

IB1503, 1316d30, 11403a10,

11737b22, K8b5 (music)

Capon, Lester Binder C188c28 (signed 2005)

Caraccioli Owner C64c2, C65e18

Caracena, Marquis Owner C69ff7, C46i18, C57g20, C130c28

Carafa, Cardinal Owner C66c16, Davis721, C64cc13

Carbentus, W., of The


Binder 1578/8446 (7 vols for 1828, paper

binder's label)

Page 47: Binding Index

Cardoza-James, bindery

of San Francisco

Binder HS74/26 (relief sculpture on the

upper cover by Ron Dillow, The

temple of Flora, 1984)

Carew, Le Maire Owner C66h2, C68c5, C68c9

Carfrae, J., of


Binder C151b1 (signed)

Carlos III de Bourbon,

King of Spain

Owner C129h1

Carlos IV, King of


Owner C128e24

Carnan, London Binder Collins 411 (publishers’ binding)

Carnarvon, Earl of,

Robert Dormer

Owner C66e17 (1621, impaling arms of

Herbert), 3405c8 (1621)

Carnarvon, Countess


Owner C67h12

Caroline of Ansbach,

wife of George II

Owner 238g15 (rebound in 1925), 287a13

(St Prot of Ireland), 269h32?, 95l6,

225c1, 76e15, 269h32, 238g41, 80f1-

7 (cypher), 13b6 (by J. Brindley, with

Caroline's arms painted on fore-

edge), 47i12 (by J. Brindley, with

Caroline's arms painted on fore-

edge), 31e12 (by J. Brindley, with

Caroline's arms painted on fore-

edge), 74k8 (with arms of George II

as Prince of Wales), 76e15 (with

arms of George II as Prince of

Wales), 95l6,7 (with arms of George

II as Prince of Wales), 238g35 (with

arms of George II as Prince of

Wales), 238g40 (with arms of George

II as Prince of Wales), 238g42 (with

arms of George II as Prince of

Wales), 238g43 (with arms of George

II as Prince of Wales), 238g44 (with

arms of George II as Prince of

Wales), 287a13 (with arms of George

II as Prince of Wales), 43f16 (by J.

Brindley, with Caroline's arms

painted on fore-edge, cypher), 43i8,

Cerv29 (Caroline Reine painted on

fore-edge), 227d21 (cypher), 269i10

(cypher), 112e66 (with arms of

George II as Prince of Wales) Caroline, Queen, wife

of George IV

C129m9 (gift of William Austin)

Caron, Pierre, of Ghent Binder Davis609 (item 301, 16th century, a

panel signed 'pe x c' (Pierre Caron or

Pieter de Keysere) occurs with the St

Page 48: Binding Index

Margaret panel)

Carov, Marie Guilforde



Carpe Diem Add MS19,900 (motto surrounds

arms, gold tooled English? 19th


Carpenter Owner C68k7, C151b2 (signed W.


Carpenter & Co Binder C150a9 (signed)

Carr, Lady Ann Owner 87h6

Carre Binder C150f7 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Carrier, Ann Owner Davis137 (item 156, 1704, engraved

silver centrepieces with 'Ann Carrier'

and engraved silver clasps with

initials AVB)

Carroll Binder Cc150f8 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings, author's MS

dedication to the Duc de Crassot on

flyleaf), C152i13 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C152i12 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Carroll & Scott Binder C150f9 (signed)

Carru, Joseph, of Turin Binder C183d8 (gold tooled with arms of

Charles Albert King of Sardinia,

House of Savoy)

Carsi y Vidal See Vidal

Carss of Glasgow Binder C156 h13 (signed), C151 b4 (signed),

Collins 775

Carss & Co, of


Binder 11595a19, RB23 a1056, C151b5

(signed), 3015f12 (binder's label on

flyleaf, but rebacked by BM in

1932), Collins 776

Cartault Binder C150f10 (signed)

Carter Bros. of Brigthon Binder Collins 58, Collins 59, Collins 61

Carteret Owner C67f20, C67i7, ?C67f21, 56e4

Cartwright, Miss Owner C141cc16 (name tooled on upper


Cary, of Wakefield Binder Collins 60

Cary Owner ?C67b18 (Edwards of Halifax)

Casanbon, Isaac 1068c8

Casimir, Sigmund, Graf

zu Lynar

Owner C109 bb19 (Casimir's arms on white


Page 49: Binding Index

Cassassus Binder C152k1 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C150f11 (signed),

C152k2 (signed, Cassassus of Rouen)

Page 50: Binding Index

Cassier Binder C152k3 (signed)

Castellan, Charles de Owner Davis524

Castro Add MS28,503 (arms of Castro,

Colonna and toledo with ducal

coronet, ?17th century)

Cathedral Binding Binder Davis255 (item 285, c. 1835,

Edinburgh or Glasgow, sold by James

Brush at 10.50 ron[gate], Glasgow

(ticket)), C155e4 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings, tooled

in gold to a 'cathedral' pattern), Add

MS28,786 (embossed), see also

rubbings boxes

Catherall & Nixon,


Binder Collins 865

Catherall, T., of Chester Binder C151b6 (signed)

Catherine of Aragon Owner C69e1, C35f8, C38f20 (arms), C40e1

(arms of Henry VIII and Catherine of


Catherine of Braganza,

wife of Charles II

Owner C108s4

Catherine Leczczinski,

wife of Louis XV

Owner C67c16

Catherine de Medici Owner C33m1 (presentation copy with

painted arms on vellum), C24e6-8

(illus. Fletcher XXXII)

Catherine Parr (sixth

wife of Henry VIII)

Owner C27e19 (embroidered, velvet with

coat of arms)

Caulet Owner C68e11

Caumartin, Le Fevre de

Caumartin, Marquis de

St Ange (1653-1720)

Owner C46h9, C59fff2, C97aa8, C35h20,

G7900 (arms)

Caumont, Comte de,

Soho, 39 Gerard Street

Binder 279e27 (binder's ticket), C151b7

(signed), C151b8 (binder's ticket),

C154i8 (signed), G17631

Cavenagh, Dublin Binder YA1996a21855 (binder's ticket)

Cavenagh (Francis) of

Wicklow Street, Dublin

Binder Collins 276, Collins 277

Cawder, Baron Owner IB55062

Cawte, C., of


Binder Collins 62

Cawthorn, G. Binder C150a10 (signed)

Caxton Bindings IB55119, ?IA55122, IA55221,

IB55146 (Liber Festivalis, 1483,

calf), ?C35f19, IA55067, C23b,

IB55142, IB37262, IA3941,

IB55143, IB55146

Page 51: Binding Index

Caxton Binder Binder IB55142 (c.1490), IB 3941,

IB37262A, Davis84 (item 8, c.1507),

see also Wynkyn de Worde. Ms Add

Ms 10106 probably Caxton Binder.

Page 52: Binding Index

Cecil See Burghley

Cellier fils Binder C155f10 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings, inscribed to

'Monseigneur l'Archichancelier de

l'Empire, Cambaceres')

Cemardelev Binder C40c61

Central School of Arts

and Crafts

Binder C188b27

Centre Rectangle


Binder C108 c22, C72e8 ('sombre'), C69h8,

Davis122 (item 130, c.1679,

London), C188a65, 79h1

Chadwick, Charles Owner See Edwards, Davis211

Chadwick, Lewis, of

Mavesyn Ridware

See Edwards, Davis211

Chain Mark IB40267 (hole on titlepage, repaired,

which indicates part of chained

library, ink MS note refers to

monastic library in Germany)

Chained Add MS30,057 (holes on lower cover

traces of chained library?), 4605h4,


Challeston Owner C67d6

Chalut Binder C152K4 (signed)

Chambers, Sir Robert


Owner C130b17

Page 53: Binding Index

Chambolle - Duru Binder C20b12, C31b33 (1868), C31e32,

C31e40, C31f4, C32a26, C32c14

(1863), C32m19 (1862), C20d20

(1865), C20e11, C20e14, C20e20,

C20e27, C20e34, C20e6, C33a36,

C33a41, C33h10 (1863), C34e41

(1863), C38b3, C38b15 (1863),

C38c9 (1863), C39a17, C38b23,

C39a19, C39a25, C39a47 (1863),

C39a48 (1868), C39a62 (1862),

C39c55, C39e47 (1874), C40b60

(1862), C42e19-20 (1869), C53aa5

(1868), C53aa23 (1862), C53c32,

C55a1 (1869), C55c28, C57c12,

C57c11 (1869), C57e11 (Marius

Michel Doreur), C57g2 (Marius

Michel Doreur), C57g3, C57g4,

C58cc11 (1865), C59a38, C62b7,

C62c31, C62i14, C71b10 (1863),

C97a29, C97aa7, C97bb30, C107aa3,

IB40165 (signed), IB41196 (signed),


Chamillart Owner C130c1

Page 54: Binding Index

Chamois Leather C58d17

Champagny, Jean de Owner ?C130c1

Chanaleilles, Marquos

de, Charles Francois

Owner C48d9

Chandler, Margaret Binder C188b45

Chanvallon, Francois

Harley, Archbishop of


Owner C47l2, C69d11

Chapel Royal 3433d7, C68b6 (Chapel Royal St

James), C109f18 (bound for one of

the Royal Chapes with arms of

George IV), 3091aa4 (with cypher of

George II, gold tooled), C183d19

(with cypher of George II and

chapel), Davis147 (item 167,

London, cypher of George II and

'Chapel Royal St James's')

Chapman, Christopher Binder C110k4, IB20870, C2b5, C3a2,

C14c13, C52g2, C6c6&7, C3c9,

60i2,3, 125d8, 61c14, 61c12, 138b1?,


Chapman, P. G., of


Binder Cup403p16 (text says 'Bound in full

morocco leather by P. G. Chapman of


Chapman & Wilson, 36

Coney St., York

Binder Collins 63

Chapple, C. Binder G17721-3

Chapron Binder C152k5 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Chapuis Binder C155f11 (signed)

Chapuseau Owner C27e12

Charitas RB23a10513 (crowned emblem gold

tooled on French ?17th-century

binding, convent des Minimes Paris?)

Charity School Binder See also Banbury Charity

Binder 291a28 (1670) , c67b26, c183a34

Charles III, Cardinal de


Owner C68b17, G6326 (arms and device)

Charles I, Duke of


Owner C47d5

Charles Prince of

Wales, later Charles I

Owner C46f1, C46i11, C27e11, C28a3,

C83e1, C65l1, C82f8, C183a18,

C19g20, C47i12, C48g7, C64f8,

C66h7, C66g5, C83c10, 444i4,

C21b8, C65l1, G7983

Charles I (reign 1625-


C17a21, C17a25, C17b27, C18b15,

C19g18, C19g19, C21d8, C21e11,

Page 55: Binding Index

C21e14, C22l32, ?C23e1, C24c4,

C24d6, C24d11, C25i2, C28a3,

C36l1, C37l9, C46a12, C46a34,

C46b26, C46i1, C46k2, C47e3,

C47k4, C47k11, C48a6, C48b7,

C48l1, C61k5, C66f14, C67d3,

C68c17, C77h11, C77i4, C78i3,

C83d2, C108c31, 478i5, 486k9,

489i6, 490i6, 495k14, 520i22,

524l16, 527n5, 536l23, 570k9,

582k14, 582l14, 589i2, 589k14,

592i3, 592i16, 603k3, 605h9,

610e14, 3052cc9, G11415, G20090,

Davis179 (Lord Herbert of

Cherbury's binder for Charles I),

Davis183 (item 86, c.1635, London,

arms of Charles I in centre, dedicated

to Charles I), for trade bindings on

Eikon Basilike see Trade Bindings,

Charles II (reign 1649-


C13a17, C14e13 (Mearne), C19g16,

C19g17, C20e21, C21d5 (Mearne),

C22f16 (Mearne), C22f17 (Mearne),

C22f18-19, C23e6-7 (Mearne),

C24e13 (Mearne), C25i2, C32m5

(Mearne), C34g19 (Mearne), C35m5,

C36l1, C39k4, C43i19, C46b7,

C48c7 (Mearne), ?C64cc4, C64f2

(Mearne), C64f9, C65l14 (?Mearne),

C66g1, C66i12, C67e9 (Queen's

Binder D), C67e11, C67g8, C77d20,

C79f15 (Mearne), C82a7 (Mearne),

C83d2 (Mearne), C83e6 (Mearne),

C83e18 (Mearne), C112a20,

C109p22 (Mearne), C109f21

(Mearne), C109p22, C109q1

(Mearne), C120h6, C170c28

(Mearne), 1a4, 1b4, 6d19, 7f13

(Mearne), 7h3 (Mearne) 8b14, 8f14,

20e3, 58f22, 60h6, 62b14, 73l8,

74k11, 75h6, 77h10, 79h3, 79h22-23,

80h9, 80l3, 81a27, 81a36, 83l4,

90d18, 118b24, 128h10 (Queen's

Binder A), 129a7, 192f1, 193e10,

193e11, 195f4, 195p4, 206f13,

208h4, 210d2, 215f1-5, 223a35,

288a5, 294k25 (Mearne), 444f2,

444i3, 467i67, 589c22, 610l14,

975c16, 1009h7, 1009h8, 1014d16,

1912b10 (Mearne), G4133, G17717,

Page 56: Binding Index

1Tab16 (Queen's Binder A), Add

MS6291, Egerton MS3375, 62b14,

?73l6 (Mearne), 73l7, 75h6, 87l3

(cypher), 88k2 (arms), 90d18

(cypher), 129a7 (arms), 192f1

(cypher), 200h10 (arms), 210d2

(cypher), 223a35 (cypher), 240a33

(cypher), 284a21, 288a5 (arms),

Davis108 (item 105, c.1666, London,

arms of King Charles II in centre),

see also Samuel Mearne I, II, III and

IV, G4133 (arms)

Charles III of Spain

(reign 1759-1788)

Owner 144b4 (arms), G4286 (arms), G6574


Charles V, Emperor Owner C46a11, c46b21, C64aa3 (and John

Frederic Duke of Saxony), Davis631

(panel of Charles V, lower cover

panel of Johann Friedrich I, Elector

of Saxony), Davis693 (item 347,

painted portrait of Charles V)

Charles VI, Emperor of



Charles IX Owner C66b7 (bound by Claude de Picques),

Music K1a4 (dedicated to Charles


Charles X, King of


Owner C154c17 (arms)

Charles III, King of


Owner C67h11

Charles Albert, King of

Sardinia (Savoy


Owner C183d8

Charles D'Orleans C99k16 (arms on vellum but Dutch

20th-century binding)

Charles de Valois Owner See Duc d'Angouleme

Charles Emmanuel III,

Duc de Savoie and King

of Sardinia

Owner C46b14?, 26e14,15

Charleston, Joan Binder


Cup510dga16 (batik cloth covers,

bound by Hunter & Foulis)

Charlotte of

Mecklenburgh, wife of

George III

Owner 61g2 (also the King's arms), C46i1?

(initials of Queen Charlotte?, may be

cypher of Charles I), C45c16

('Present of Princess Charlotte ... to

Miss Jones', gold tooled calf),

?269h32 (arms), ?2a17 (by Edwards

Page 57: Binding Index

of Halifax, cypher), RB23a8077

(crowned C on cover, may represent


Charon Binder C152k7 (signed), C152k6 (signed)

Charpentier, H. Binder C155f14 (signed)

Charron, Jean Jacques,

Marquis of Menars

Owner C67c5, C69ee8, C130b16, G4323


Charterhouse Library,

St Alban Trier

IB2137 (15th century, brown goat,

blind tooled, with clasp)

Chaklin Binder C65k14

Champley, George,

New York

Binder Collins 975 (?)

Chandler, Margaret Binder C188b45 (signed)

Chatelin, A., Soho


Binder PC31f7 (signed)

Chaulin Binder C150f12 (signed)

Chaumonnot, of Gray

(Franche Comte)

Binder Collins 910

Chaumont Binder C152k8 (signed)

Chaumont, A. Binder G17212 (binder's ticket)

Chauncey, Charles Owner C12e17

Chauvet, of Jozon


Binder C155f13

Chemise Binder Cup407a89 (chemise binding on

17th-century binding, boards inserted

into pockets), RB23a2930 (chemise

binding on English late 18th-century

binding, also with pockets, William


Cherbury, Lord Herbert


See Herbert

Cherry, of Wellington Binder 1568/1082

Chesterfield, Fifth Earl


See Philip Stanhope

Chesworth, Frank Binder Collins 412

Chetwynd Owner 9150gg7, C67f11, C67i10

Chevalier, Nicolas Owner C30m6

Chezaud & Brauliet Binder C152k9 (signed)

Chilliat Binder C150f13 (signed), C152k10 (signed),

C150f14 (signed)

Chinese Binding Binder G12186 (silk Chinese binding with

ivory fastenings)

Chintz C109aaa17 (covered in William

Morris Chinz design, Honeysuckle

large scale), Ashley3691 (same

material and book)

Page 58: Binding Index

Chivers, Cedric, of Bath Binder C108bbb3, ?Cup500b44 (signed at

Page 59: Binding Index

foot on upper cover, but Chivers

doesn't usually sign like this),

Collins 64, Collins 65, Collins

66 Choiseul-Beaupre, C. L. Owner G2427 (arms)

Choiseul - Stainville Owner C46c26

Cholmondeley, Charles,


Owner C67f21, C112c9

Chriatian V, King Owner C69f2 (Munich, 1795)

Christian VI Owner 144g9 (which cyphers of Christian VI

and Sophia Magdalena)

Christian VII Owner 85h13

Christina, Queen of


Owner C60e1, C66d10, ?C183c13, ?G6328,

?G6329, Harley Ms 3073 (features

wheat sheaf motif not compete coat of Christie & Coy, Caxton

House, Newcastle on


Binder Collins 67

Chrystynen, Paul van Owner C67b5

Churfurst, Carl

Theodor, Pfalz-Baiern

Owner C69f2

Churton, E. Binder (?) Collins 413

Cicyll, William


C65e19 (gold tooled on upper cover,

English 16th century)

Claessens, L. Binder C32h6, C33d21, C36a31, C36bb2

(identical with C36a31), C38c35,

C53a32, C53b2, C53h3

Clancarty, Earl of See: T. Hookham (C151e1)

Clarendon, Second

Duke of

See: Queen's Binder A IV

Clarenden Press of


Binder C116h9

Clark and Westley's Binder C30a4, C30k2

Clark, W. Binder C21e15

Clarke of Preston Binder C188a228 (ticket)

Clarke, C. Binder C39d10, C39g8, C57l20 (signed)

Clarke, E. Binder C39g8

Clarke, I., of Ruthin Binder Collins 866

Clarke, J. Binder C17g6, C70aa3, C132h7, C132h13,

C132h40, G3992, C25e4, C37a33,

C110b24, C132h8, C132h21, G5787

(1704), 1068b30, Huth124, G12107

(signed), G11930, C154i9 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

G5787 (signed), G7948 (signed),

IB47060 (signed) retrospective blind


Page 60: Binding Index

Clarke, W. Binder C21e15

Clarke & Bedford Binder C45i6, C30a10, C62b16, C108c2,

C108c1, C132h18, C132h28,

C132h30, C132h46-48, G472,

G1170, G1193, G1506, G2005,

Page 61: Binding Index

G2044, G2045, G2374, G2482,

G3185, G3574, G3888, G3908,

G3937, G4251, G4308, G4322,

G4414, G4691, G5146, G5155,

C21d15, C37c50, C40d11, C58f23,

C62f15, C62h9, C65g5, C132h9,

C132h17, C132h22, C132h27,

C132h37, G6544, G953, G1063,

G1197, G1248, G5810, G6000,

G6001, G6002, G6544, G6559-6560,

G6564-6565, G6567, G11527,

C126a2, C126a3, 1375a2, 1361c2,

G10225, G10958, G11272-11274,

G11368, G11928

Clasps or traces of

clasps on English


15th century: Davis81, Davis82,

IB55125, IB55143, IA55598,

IA55221, IB3615, 16th century:

?C53i14 (clasps intact), C36f15,

IA47755, IB7480A, C65e2, C64cc5,

C66d11, C64c6, C40e2, C186f9,

C128f8, C108aa1, C69g1, C107e45,

Davis11, C65b11 (clasps intact),

Davis10, Davis1, 17th century:

C40a44, C109r5, C108c31, C128b20,

C142a5, C188c2, C58cc28 (clasps

intact), C65a9 (clasps intact), C38b40

(clasps intact), C51aa11 (clasps

intact), C27a24 (clasps intact),

C48a18 (clasps intact), C65e11

(clasps intact), C65i10 (clasps intact),

RB23a111 (clasps intact), C109r4

(clasps intact), C46c20 (clasps

intact), C118bb10 (clasps intact),

16th century: Davis9, Davis6,

Davis55, Davis56, Davis183 (clasps

intact), Davis70 (clasps intact),

Davis83, Davis84, Davis85 (clasps

intact), Davis17 (clasps intact),

168i30 (clasps intact), C18b11

(clasps intact), 17th century: C65d5

(clasps intact), C108d14 (clasps

intact), C128f7 (clasps intact),

Davis115 (clasps intact), Davis105

(clasps intact), Davis98 (clasps

intact), C108n7 (clasps intact),

C69ee11 (silver clasps intact), 18th

century: C128c8 (silver clasps),

RB8a3 (?Irish, silver clasps)

Clasps on German 15th-16th centuries: C64c13, C52g9,

Page 62: Binding Index

Bindings C52h6, C130bb2, C64e7, C64h3,

C64d5, C54f1, C52h11, C54c4,

C129k2, C54c14, C54c15, C65g18,

C102k25, C52h3, C36c13, C17b9,

C53h2, C31f6, C36c13, C52d13,

C106e14 (traces), C52d3, C183cc2,

C66k7, C29h6, C130bb1, C68b7,

C65gg4, C65bb14, C52cc14, C64a9,

C127bb12, C130b19, C135d8,

C36c13 (traces), C65c19, 1509/2041,

C46d18, C65c5, see separate sheet

for incunabula

Clasps on Italian Books 15th-17th centuries: IB21254a,

IB22637, IB22639, IB 37287

(traces), Harl2912, Burn245, 15th

and 16th centuries: Davis769 (traces),

Davis773, Davis726, Davis728,

Davis789 (traces), Davis746,

Davis755 (traces), Davis866, 16th

century: ?C52g4, C108a11, C53d19,

C108g15, C28c3, C65bb5 (plaited),

?C47g18, ?C36b13, C52g4,

C183a40, Davis855 (17th century),

Davis834 (19th century, traces),

Davis790, 16th century: C108a11

(shell shaped), C29h7, C53d19,

C108g15, C27g6 (traces?), C48b23

Clasps on Netherlandish


15th and 16th centuries: C129k14,

C64e5, C42a12, C64g5, C69ff17,

C66g12, C51aa10

Clasps on Netherlandish

Bindings - Flemish 17th

and 19th centuries,

Dutch 17th and 18th


Flemish 17th century: C67b5,

C112aa21, 1570/745, Flemish 19th

century: C108cc12, Dutch 17th

century: C64b16, C66c6 (silver

clasps), C65a23, C106e13, C127g25,

Dutch 18th century: C46c27,

C64d14, C66i4 (Missal, Antwerp


Claudin (A)

Bookseller refers to:

David, Bauzonnet,

Lortic, Cuzin,




See Collins 911 (Collins notes in

Particular Bindings)

Letter of 12 lines from Claudin to

Asbee on bookbinding and other

matters. Claudin may have been

arranging the binding of Ashbee’s

famous collection?

Clay Ltd., Richard Binder Collins 68

Clay, Richard & Co.

Ltd, of Suffolk

Binder C103b28

Page 63: Binding Index

Cleeve, Alexander Binder Davis78 (P1533, item 142, c.1690,

London, signed on a leather strip

above the turn-in of the lower cover

'CLEEVE FECIT', probably

apprenticed to John Harding in 1678),


Cleveland, Catherine

Lucy Wilhemina,

Owner Tauch3173-74x (bound by Birdsall)

Page 64: Binding Index

Dutchess of

Clement X (Altieri)


Owner C68c8, C68c13, C68d11 (as Cardinal

Altieri), C109c16 (as Cardinal


Clement XI (Albani)


Owner C47b7, C47b11, C47c5, C47c12 (as

Cardinal Albani), C47c19, ?C47e8,

C47e9, C47e14, C47f4, C47f11,

C47g16, C52c6, C54f3, C68a8,

C68a8, C68a16 (as Cardinal Albani),

C68d2, C69dd2, C128d6, C104d20

Clement XII Pope Owner C68d5

Clement XIII

(Rezzoicico) Pope

Owner C47g3, C27e18, C69h4

Clement XIV

(Ganganelli) Pope

Owner C69aa13

Clements, Jeff Binder C183aa16, C129i2, Davis302 (item

245, c.1957-58), C188c11 (signed),

C188c16, Taylor 8., Collins 947

Clements Collection MicA19956 (microfilm of Clements


Clements, Newling &

Co. Ltd., 96 Wood St.,

Cheapside, London

Binder Collins 414

Cleret Binder C152k11 (signed)

Clinton See Duke of Newcastle

Closs Binder C152l1 (signed)

Cloth, Early English RBa21060 (Loggon, Colloquia,

1768), not like 19th-century

publishers' cloth

Cloutt, W[illiam] F., 30

Duke St., Bloomsbury,


Binder Collins 415

Clemont, Comte de,

Louis de Bourbon-


Owner C108s12

Clermont, Marie-Anne Owner C69b6

Club Bindery of New


Ashley1086 (frontispiece to vol. 8 of

Abbey Catalogue)

Clyde Binder C40d29, C150b8 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings, crest

of Charles Stanhope, Earl of

Harrington, on covers) IA 24555

signed Clyde 9 Newman St.

Clyde, (James) 9

Newman St

Binder G6567 (signed), Collins 416

Coats & Son, J., Leeds Binder Collins 69

Cobb, J. Binder C150a11 (signed)

Page 65: Binding Index

Cobden-Sanderson, T J,

established Doves

Bindery in 1893

Binder C68h17, C68i1, C68i2 (RCS), C68i9,

C68i10 (RCS), C68i11 (RCS),

?C68i12, C42l12 (Kelmscott

Chaucer, signed, c.1899), C72a13

(Charles McLeish, designed by

Page 66: Binding Index

Cobden-Sanderson), C66g2 (C-S

1909, Doves), C68g8, C68i3, C68i4,

C68i5, C68i6, C68i7, C68i8 (plus

Doves), C99e12 (plus Doves),

Ashley5170 (plus Doves), Davis271

(item 224, dated 1890, for Sir

Frederick Leighton, signed and dated

'18.C.S.90.'), Davis272 (item 225,

designed by Cobden-Sanderson,

dated 1896, made at the Doves

Bindery, signed and dated '18 C-S

96')), Davis273 (item 226, designed

by Cobden-Sanderson, dated 1899,

made at the Doves Bindery, signed

and dated 'The Doves Bindery 18 C-S

99')), Davis236 (item 227, designed

by Cobden-Sanderson, dated 1901,

made at the Doves Bindery, signed

and dated 'The Doves Bindery 19 C-S



pupil of

Binder C188a116 (signed)

Cobenzl, Count of Owner 158b1-18 (arms)

Cobo, Tomas, Madrid

19th century

Binder 1396h8, Davis661 (binder's label)

Cochen, of Tours Binder Cb5c3

Cockam Lunikaa Binder Taylor 21.

Cockerell Binder C188a133.

Cockerell Archive complete bookbinding archive of

Douglas and Sydney Cockerell,

acquired by Department of

Manuscripts in 1994, contact

Michelle Brown

Cockerell, Douglas

C56k?, C56f5, C42a14, C58f13,

C56i1?, C56f4, C69c6, C72c3 (and

Son), C98gg22 (and Son), C108d7

(and Son), C130a19, C55c17,

C68h14 (and Son), Voyn11, Voyn68,

Voyn104, 010470e47, AddMs38,819

(signed, 1903), C59fff6 (1906,


4705h22 typed paper relating that Cockerell, Patience

Binder C183a22, C188a146,

C188a165,C188a167, Album of her

patterns C188c44 is restricted. 2013

received donation of her early

bindings and also correspondence.

Cockerell, Sandy

Binder C108y5, C183b7, C188a112 (signed)

Cockram, Mark Binder C188c22, Taylor 16, Taylor 17.

Cockram, Midori


Binder C188b21, Taylor21

Page 67: Binding Index

Cockshaw, J. C. (?),


Binder (?) Collins 70, C188a233(ticket)

Codrington, Edward Owner C45f17

Coene, J. Binder C110b22 (signed)

Coesfeld, Augustinian

convent 15c Germany,


IB2176, IB2177, IB3006, IB4030

Coghill, Marmaduke Owner C108c24

Cohen, Claudia, of

Easthampton, Mass.

Binder Cup512 b150 (grey decorated paper


Coislin, Marquis de, P.

A. du Cambout, b.


Owner C48f16

Coislin de Cambout, P

de, Bishop of Orleans

Owner C46e19

Coke Owner C67g6, 3902aa39, C94a2, C94aa2,

C132h36, C132h41, C132h45,

?C27, Add Ms 59369 (crest of Colbert, J. B., Marquis

de Seignelay

Owner C22c13, C46b31, C48g4, C27m1,

C62i18-19, C64i8, C65aa14, C67b8,

C67f22, C68b10, C68f1, C68f4,

C108k6, C129k8, 534k2 (Bibliotheca

Colbertiana), C128f11, C67b8, 11e6,

48f5, 75a1, 2h3-10, 47g8, 230k10,

3h1-6, 199e2, G4218 (arms), G4615

(arms and initials), G5691 (arms and

initials), G7697 (arms)

Cole, William,

[Allhalland St.],

Bideford, [Devon]

Binder Collins 71

Cole Binder C188a258 (may have tooled this book

with Hackman, Day Technical


Coleman, Thomas, of


Binder Collins 417

Colet, Mary Binder C27d15

Colhoun, James,


Binder Collins 278

Collard of le Havre Binder C152l2 (signed)

College Binder =

Joseph Leathley

Binder C108dd7, Davis310 (item 257,

c.1750, Dublin)

College Royal de Henri


Owner C150k7 (stamp)

Collier, G., 19th century Binder 10210a13 (binder's ticket), C151b9

(signed), C150a12 (signed),


Collier, G[eorge] &

Son, 72 Hatton Garden,

London (maybe same as


Binder Collins 418, Collins 420, 3022bb10

Page 68: Binding Index

[Joseph] Collier [snr] Binder Collins 419, Collins 421

Collin, W., of Berlin Binder C58c16, C58c18 (C58c15, C58c19,

C58c20 are similar), C59 h5

Collings. E., age 13 yrs.

Margaret Sewell School

Binder Collins 74

Collinson Binder C108aa23

R. Collison, Mansfield Binder Collins 72 a and b

Colonna Owner AddMS 28,503 (arms of Castro,

Colonna and Toledo with ducal

coronet, ?17th century)

Colonna, Lorenzo Owner C47d20, C67c28

Coloured Paper, Books

printed on

C29c3, C29c10, C29d9, C29c4,

G11094-11102, C29d10, C30c7,

7097c10, G10474, G11103, 28m16,

C51a20, C67d14, G17923

Page 69: Binding Index

Coltempo, Italy, 16th


Davis758 (legend and astrolabe

tooled in gold)

Colton & Jenkins Binder 1431f2

Colwell, S. Binder Collins 73

Combe Binder C129c14

C. Combe M. O. C23a1 ('C. Combe M. O.' stamped in

blind on cover)

Combe, C. Owner C25d7, C110d2-3

Comeleran Binder C152l3 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Commins of Weymouth Binder RB23a17104 (binder's ticket on

Salomon Gessner, The death of Abel,



(Cromwell's England)

Owner G5194 (arms)

Company of Stationers Owner C72a3

Comte D'Artois,

afterwards Charles X

Owner C155g11 (arms)

Comte de Chambord

Henri (by Bacharach)

Owner Davis553

Conde, Prince de Owner C48c11, C48g3 (Louis de Bourbon),

G11013 (arms)

Condie, David, of


Binder Collins 75, C151b10 (signed),


Condie, James,


Binder Collins 777, Collins 778

Confreres de la Morte,

Penitant order founded

by Henri III

Owner C129mm4

Constable Owner C39d27, ?G3630 (1633), ?C25c3,

G3630 (arms), G5262 (arms)

Contarini, Tomaso Owner AddMS25035 (16th century, Italian,

on dogal commission)

Conradus de Argentina IC19526 (German, 15th century)

Consilio et animus C67a14, C67b16

Conway, Stephen Binder C188c18 (bound in 1998, English),

Taylor 13, Taylor 15, Taylor 19

Cony, Henry Binder Davis82 (c.1493, London)

Cook, L. Binder C150a13 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Cook and Somerville,

of New York

Binder C183aa2

Cooke, G. Binder C151b12 (signed)

Cooke, H. T., of


Binder C151b11 (signed)

Page 70: Binding Index

Cooke, Oliver D., of


C109 ff2

Cooper, Charles, 8 & 9

Coach Yard, Bull St.,


Binder Collins 76

Cooper's, of Croydon,

19th century

Binder RB31c24 (binder's ticket, gold and

blind tooled sheep)

Coote Charles, Earl of

Bellamont, 18th


Owner C46g7

Coppinger, J. IB41370

Corberan, Simon Binder Davis519 (for Peiresc?)

Cordaval, L., 17

Chandos Street, Covent


Binder 2b2,3 (Oxford University arms),

C150a14 (signed)

Cordelle, lehanne Owner C129i4 (name stamped on upper


Corden, W., of

Brentwood, 19th


Binder awaiting pressmark (binder's ticket)

Cordray, Rouille du Owner C69dd9, C188b46.

Cordue, W., 18th

century, ?English

Binder C188b46 (singed)

Corfmat Binder C97b17, C152l5 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C152l4 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C150f17 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C150f18 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C155f12 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C150f16 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C150f15 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Cork, books bound in C190d9 (also printed on cork), c96e7

(also printed on cork, Spanish)

Cork & Orrery, Earl of Owner C107bb68

Cornish brothers,


Binder C115m17, C115s9, C115tt5,

C115tt23, Collins 77 (?)

Cortes, Jesus Binder C180k10 (Madrid 1977, cloth and

marbled endleaves)

Cortezo, Daniel,

publisher, Barcelona

19th century

YA1992b511 (10 red cloth

publisher's bindings, covers, no texts)

Cortina, J. Gomez de la Owner C20b13, C38h8, C40a48 (Cape),

C40b31 (Hardy), C44a12, C48c17,

C48d15 (Duru), C48f6, C31h10,

C57c34, C62f10, C62f20, C62f3,

C62g6, C62h6, C63b38, C63g30,

Page 71: Binding Index

C63g36, C63i3, C63m2, C63m19,

C111aa6, C128e17, C130a27 (Duru),

Cup402 k11

Cor vnv via vna motto, see Lord Burleigh

Coscia, Niccolo,

Archbishop of Naples

Owner 7g9-11

Cosmo III de Medici,

Duke of Tuscany

Owner C47c2

Coster, Germaine de &

Helene Dumas

Binder C108eee15

Costey Binder C150g1

Cosway Binding Davis275 (signed Bayntun (Riviere)

Bath), C108e17

Cotton, Sir Robert


Owner 1079l11, Cotton Ms Vespasian C XV


Cottonian Library see Southey, Robert

Cotty, Demoiselles Binder C152l6 (signed), C152l7(1) (signed)

Caubert, Bernard Owner C67h16

Couchman, Edward Binder C151b12 (signed)

Courart, Valentin Owner C68e3

Courmont, H. de Binder C59d14

Courteval Binder G9758, C15218 (Ramsden Collection

of signed bindings), C152i9

(Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C150g2 (attributed to


Courtenvaux, Marquis

de le Fellier

Owner C67a6

Courtier Binder Collins 867

Courtier, [Charles],


Binder Collins 422, Collins 423, Collins 424,

Collins 425, Collins 426, Collins 427

Coventry, Thomas, Earl


Owner C66f18 (Settle 1712)

Coventry (the family) Owner C154b2 (arms)

Coverly, Roger de Binder C38c52, C51aa6, C51b9, C52a10,

C58g15, C108d11, C108gg15,

C111aa25, C118b20, C132i25,

C134d7, C38b30, C38c27, C38c37,

C40c39, C41e23, C44c7, C51a7,

C51g4, C53a42, C53h12, C54a11,

C54a12, C57b52, C58bb11, C69dd6,

C71a7, C116a56, C54e1, C59i12,

C71e23, 816g36 (plain, fillet, signed,

Ashbee note of binding 1897),

C108gg15 (bound for Ashbee, vellum

tooled and onlaid and doublures,

price in Ashbee's hand on lower

Page 72: Binding Index

flyleaf £2.17.7, binding 1882),

11899.cc.24 part of Ashbee bequest.

See also contents of bindings

cupboard in BEPC office. Cerv 112,

115, 316 all examples of marbled

leather and signed.

Covert, Sir Walter Owner 137f16 (arms)

Cowards Trustees Owner 1568/4507 (gift of Cowards Trustees

blind tooled on upper cover of

Yourth's Monitor by John Guyse,

London, 1747)

Cowper, Earl Owner C64h7

Cox & Co., Sydney Binder Collins 1000

Cox of Chicago Binder C188a160 (C19th US gold tooled red

goatskin) C188a160

Cox, William Binder C109r2 ('Wm Cox fecit' on fore-edge,

rather faded, English 17th century)

Cracherode, Clayton

Mordaunt (1730-1799)

Owner C19c33, C19c31 (also de Thou),

C19d4 (H. Walther), C19d5 (R.

Payne), C19e3 (R. Payne), C19f2

(?R. Payne), C48l2 (R. Payne),

IB27657a, C19f26, ?C17c6,

?C21a18, ?687h6, ?685a22 (C.M.C.),

?681a20 (monogram and arms),

C19f22, C20d9, C21a18, C21b4,

C39a3, C29h9, C23a8, C29i1,


Cracorius, Georgius Owner C52k2

Craftsmen Bookbinders

of Portland, Maine

Binder Cup407ff18

Craig, Edward Gordon 10827de7 (publisher's binding of

Ellen Terry's biography designed by

her son, Edward Gordon Craig, late

19th century England)

Craissati freres, Cairo Binder Collins 953

Cramoisy, Sebastian Owner G7840 (arms)

Crane, W. J. Eden Binder? Collins 1005

Crassol, Duc de see Carroll

Craven, E.,

of Keighley

Binder Collins 79

Craven Herald Works,

The, Skipton

Binder Collins 78

Crawford, W. Binder C151b13 (signed)

Crawford, of Edinburgh Binder C154i10 (signed)

Cray, John Binder Collins 1037

Cremeaux, L. C. de,

Marquis d'Entragues

Owner G4488 (arms)

Page 73: Binding Index

Cremer, Henry Binder C9d4

Creswick. W Binder Collins 428, Collins 430

Creswick & Co., 12 Gt.

Portland St., London

Binder Collins 429

Crocodile (skin



Crombrugghe, Victor


Binder Davis598 (item 289, c.1506, Ghent)

Page 74: Binding Index

Cromwell, Oliver

("reigned" 1653-8)

Owner 75h13

Crosilhes, of


Binder C152l10 (signed)

Cross, C., binder to the


Binder Collins 434

Cross, Thomas, 4

Bartlett’s Buildings,

Holborn, London

Binder Collins 431, Collins 432, Collins 433

Crossley & Clarke, of


Binder Collins 80 (?)

Crowther & Goodman,

124 Fenchurch Street

and Fen Court, London

Binder ?Collins 435

Crozak, L. A., Baron de


Owner G14972-3 (arms)

Crucifer Binder Binder Davis83 (early 16th century, Crucifer

Binder may have been, or been

employed by, Richard Pynson),

AddMS22573 (same tools)

Cruickshank, C., of


Binder C108d24

Cruickshank, G. of


Binder C151b14 (signed)

Culemberg 166n7 (arms of Culemberg on Dutch

school prize, c.1745)

Cumberland, John? Binder? Collins 436 (probably a remainder


Cunningham & Son,

T[homas], Ashton-


Binder Collins 81

Cupid's Bow Binder Binder C132i61 (for J. Grolier), Davis360,

Davis402, Davis497-499 (for Marc


Currie, Miss C B Fore Edge


C55c37 (fore edge with number 64),

C108c17 (miniature on Cosway


Curtis, S. Binder RB23a9980 (binder's label, 19th

century, English, cloth), RB23a17868

(ticket)., Collins 437, Collins 438 (?),

Collins 1035

Curtis, [William], [West

St.], Alresford, [Hants]

Binder Collins 83

Curson, W. Binder Collins 82

Curzon Owner IB10904 (arms)

Cussons, David, Market

Sq., Horncastle, Lincs

Binder Collins 84

Page 75: Binding Index

Cut Leather and Vellum

used on bindings

MSSYT29, Davis808, C46f5, C24e7,

C19c14, C19c13, C48a3, Music

Hirsch I.256, also some incunables.

Cut Leather, Oriental

Influenced Filigree

Davis808 (doublure), MSYates

Thompson29 (Bologna, c.1500, The

Ghislieri Hours, doublures, this may

be tooling rather than cut leather, see

Hobson, Humanists, p. 105)

Cuyls Binder C155f15 (signed)

Cuzin C57a13, C59d13, C59d16, Davis554

Czech bindings RB31c477, YF2004a9280 (20th c.

textile binding), YF2004a9050 (20th

c.), RB23c499, RF2004a35 (20th c.)

Czeczot HS74/1048 (20th century, Polish,

blocked in black with designs by


Page 76: Binding Index


Name Owner or



D., E. See Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

D., F. C48f17 (initials gold tooled on English


D., H. C104d11 (panel of Fortuna signed H D,

Germany, 16th century)

D., H. F. C106e12 (initials blind tooled on

Annunciation panel, ?Germany, 16th


D., I. See L. D.

D., K. See Kenelm Digby

D., L. Davis100 (item 96, c.1647, embroidered

with heart containing initials L D and I D)

D., M. C65bb10 (on panel with arms of Henry

VIII), see for Dature, Martin

D., N. C39a52

D., P. Davis645 (item 362, dated 1736, upper

cover has initials P D and date 1736)

D., N. P. C64b16 (N P D gold tooled on upper cover

and ANNO . I.C. BLAVWERT & 1673

gold tooled on lower cover, Dutch)

D., R. C109d1

D., S. Cup410f667 (19th century, with signature

D. S.)

D., S. C108bb39 (initials gold tooled on English

1600-1650 binding)

D., W. C72b1 (initials tooled on English 1600-

1650 binding, Bible, London 1648)

D., Wm. Binder Collins 976

Daele, Van den Owner C69b7

Daguesseau Owner L35/53

Dallas, Mrs Owner RB23a16806 (presentation copy bound by

Gutch & Co., Southampton)

Dandolo Owner Add MS16,996 (arms on 16th-century

Italian binding)

Dannebrog, Order

of, Denmark

202g13 (c.1731)

Dantec, A. Le, of


Binder C155h4 (signed)

Page 77: Binding Index

Darcy, J., of


Binder C127dd1,1568/1042

Dare Quam


C48h12 (motto, ?with arms of Swinborne,

Porta, Natural Magick, 1658)

Darley, Lionel Binder C108 x11

Dassel, Anna van ?Owner C106e12 (name blind tooled on upper

cover, 1567 blind tooled on lower cover)

Dated Bindings 1509/2041 (1582 tooled on pigskin,

German), C183aa10 ([15]90 tooled on calf,

German), C131ff9 (1587 tooled on pigskin,

German), C104d8(1-2) (1562 tooled on

calf, German), C104d11 (1606 incorporated

in coat of arms, German), C109bb19 (1676

incorporated in coat of arms of Sigmund

Casimir, Count of Lynar), C129m2 (1648

presentation binding to Johann von

Aichpichl), C129c26 (1759 incorporated in

coat of arms of Berthold

III, Abbot of Kremsmuenster, 1744

incorporated in coat of arms of

Ritterakademie Kremsmuenster), C129f10

(1798 gold tooled on upper cover),

C129i20 (1911 blind tooled on lower

cover, 20th century, German), C106e12

(1567 blind tooled on Annunciation panel),

C104f18 (1841 gold tooled on green onlay,

Dutch), C65gg1 ANNO gold tooled on

upper cover, 1663 on lower cover, Dutch),

C64b16 (ANNO gold tooled on upper

cover, 1673 on lower cover, Dutch), C48i8

(1605 gold tooled on lower cover), C35c19

(1559 gold tooled on ?upper cover),

C24c20 (MDLII gold tooled on King

Edward and Queen Mary Binder for

Edward VI), C41b24 (1885 gold tooled on

upper cover, 18th century, English),

C143c2 (1791 gold tooled on lower cover

of English prize binding), C128? (1604

stamped on English binding), C110e6

(Germany 1584), C188a35 (Germany

1572), C23a1 (1548, Daniel 1545), C23e10

(1568, Bible, Lyons, 1566), C24e25 (1552,

Justinian, 1550), C68e15, C66b18 (1779,

Common Prayer, Dublin, 1765), C67e1

(1603, Sa. Scholia, Lugd. 1603, Townley),

G12228 (1591, Holy Bible, London 1588,

arms of Sir C. Hatton), RB23a13884 (dated

binder's ink stamp July 1835, Smith & Son,

Page 78: Binding Index


Dature, Martin (M


Binder ?C40e36 (monogram), C67b19, ?C69a20

(bound by Dature), ?C69c15, C69d15,

Davis18 (item 31, c.1540, London, both

panels signed), Davis19 (item 32, c. 1547,

London, both panels signed)

Dauphin Binder C152i12 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C152l11 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C150g4 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings), C152l13

(Ramsden Collection of signed bindings)

David C39c16, C48a8, C53aa6, C57b20, C63a32

David, A., of


Binder C129a24, C142a18

David, S. Binder Davis585

Davies, D.,

Carne (Carnau)

Binder Collins 869

Davies, D., of

Cowbridge (more

likely to be

identified with D.

Davies of Treboeth,

then Clydach; also


Binder Collins 868

Davies, Nesta Binder C188b22

Davies, R.,


stationer and


opposite Dee's

Royal Hotel,

Temple Row,


Binder C150a15 (signed), LR300bbb11 (ticket)

Davies, H.,

of ? Kendal

Binder Collins 85

Davis, D., of


Binder RB23a18356 (binder's ticket), C109aaa16

Davis, D[avid], of


Binder Collins 86

Davison, [John],

Jewin Crescent,


Binder Collins 439

Davison, [Mrs.

Mary], Jewin

Crescent, London

Binder Collins 440

Dawson, Thomas Binder C65gg5, Davis75 (item 136, 1680s,

Cambridge), Davis76 (item 137, c.1692,


Page 79: Binding Index

Dawson & Lewis,

5 Richmond

Buildings, Soho

Binder C59d26, Davis195 (item 212, c.1822,

London, sold by Rodwell and Martin, 46

New Bond St (ticket)), C154i11 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings, arms of Hon.

William Ponsonby, afterwards Lord de

Manley, on covers), C154i12 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings), C151b17

(signed), C151b15 (signed), C151b16

(signed), C154i13 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Day, Charles,

Mount St., London

Binder Collins 441

Day, John Binder ?C18b11, ?675f16, 3908b?

Day & Son Binder C43g5




Binder C188a258 (Hackman and Cole)


W., of


Binder Collins 87



Binder C57c29

Debourdeaux, of


Binder C153a1 (signed)

Page 80: Binding Index

De Courmont, H. Binder C59d14

De Coverley,


Binder Collins 442

Deflinne, of


Binder C154g20 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Deforge, Isidore Binder C155g1 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C153a3 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C153a2 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Delagoutt of Dijon Binder C150g5 (signed)

Delamere, Lady Owner C183a34

Delanoe, Pere Binder C34h17, C39e15, C63b40, C107bb1,

IB.26045 Delarue, G. Binder C151b18 (signed)

De la Rue & Co.,


Binder C65bb9, C108b20, C150a16, RM18a23

(Music MS, signed embossed plate),

Collins 443

Delaunay, of Paris Binder C37h10, C155g2 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C150g6 (signed)

Delive Paul Binder Taylor 10

Delhalle Binder C153a4 (signed)

Delmas-Bilmar Binder C155g3 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Delrieu, of Pav Binder C153a6 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings, author's presentation copy to the

Duc de Nemours), C153a5 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings, author's

presentation copy to the Duc de Nemours)

Delsol Binder C155g4 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Demon Binder Binder IB3600, IB22910

Denaix Binder C153a8 (signed)

Denk See Huebel & Denk

Denmark arms Davis692

Denner, G., of


advert in Penn's Pharmacology, 1822, in

Edinburgh University Library, see 'Henry

Davis and other institions' file

Denner, T & G of


Binder C188a197

Dennis &

Holloway, 82

Newborough St.,


Binder Collins 88

Dent, London Binder Collins 89 (?), C188a244

Depont Binder C153a7 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Page 81: Binding Index

De Rheims,


Binder C188b81

Dering, Sir Ed.


Owner C143c3, C46d24, G1572 (arms), G4633

(arms), T800

Derome L'Aine,

Jacques Antoine

Binder 77b12,13 (French royal arms), 156a23

(French royal arms and ticket), 78b8,

Davis487, G9204 ('dentelle a l'oiseau')

Derome le Jeune,

Nicolas Denis

Binder C22f3 (ticket), C26m13, C42c9-12, C42d4,

C56b1, C128e2, C19c24, C30c9, ?C6a2,

Page 82: Binding Index

C11d6, IB19552, IB28021, 4016b34

(ticket), G8156 (ticket), G9448 (ticket),

G9469-71 (ticket), G9829-30 (ticket),

G11327 (ticket), G17680-87 (ticket),

Davis546, Davis545, Davis563, Davis487-

490, ?Davis 541, ?Davis540, Davis486,

Collins 912 (?)

Deschlein, F.,

Dukes Court, St

Martins Lane

Binder G4379

Descoubleau Owner C64f9

Desloge Binder C153a9 (signed)

Desmaisons Binder C150g8 (signed), C150g7 (signed),

C153a10 (signed)

Desrez, A. Binder C153a11 (signed A. Desrez Editeur,

Ramsden Collection of signed bindings)

Despierres Binder 1412b24 (brown calf, diced sides, gilt back

and sides, signed)

Desrvisseaux of


Binder C153a13 (signed), C153a12 (signed),

C153a14 (signed)

DEVS ALIT ME motto of Williams, Theodre

Deus det nobis

suam pacem, et

post mortem vitam

eternam amen

motto, C65c1, C65aa13 (with arms and

badges of Henry VIII)




motto, Liverpool

Devers, of Lyons Binder C153b2 (signed), C153b1 (attributed to

Devers), Davis569, C153b3 (signed),

C150g9 (signed)

Devillers Binder C153b4 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Devonshire, Duke

of Cavendish

Owner C132i10, C132i4, C132i4, C132i6-7,

C132i11, C132i36, C132i38-48

(Roxburgh), C132i54, C132i59, C1b4,


Devotional Binder Binder C108d32, C69dd4, Davis71 (item 124,

c.1675, London), Davis119 (item 125,

c.1676, London), ?Davis121 (item 128,

c.1678, possibly made in London by an

imitator of the Devotional Binder)

Dewar, James, of


Binder C150a17 (signed), C188a229 (ticket)

Dewatines, of Lille Binder C155g5 (signed)

Page 83: Binding Index

Diane de Poitiers Owner Davis502

Diboll & Son,

Howard St.,


Binder Collins 90

Dickenson, of


Binder C151c1 (signed)


Dickinson's Binder

Binder Davis74 (item 135, 1680s)

Diderot, D. &

d’Alembert, J.

Collins 1006

Didier Binder C153b5



motto, Spencer-Churchill



motto, Earl of Sunderland

Digby, Sir Kenelm Owner C66a5 (French, cypher and arms), C67e9

(cypher and arms), C67e17, C67i1 (cypher

and arms), C46a30 (cypher and arms),

C37b48 (cypher and arms), C65c22, G8331

(arms), G8329, Harley Ms 2312 (arms)

Dillan Binder ?C67c1, ?Add MS12,062

Dillon Binder C151c2 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Dillon, of Chelsea Binder C154i15 (signed)

Dillow, Ron Binder HS74/26 (relief sculpture on upper cover)

Dilworth, R., of


Binder C154i16 (signed)

Disney, John Owner G506 (crest), G16100 (crest, initials,

bookplate, gift of Thomas Hollis)

Dobson, London Binder Collins 444, Collins 445, Collins 446

Dodd, George Binder? Collins 1007

Dode Binder C114a16

Dodge, I. & S., of


Binder C151c3 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Dodge, Samuel, of


Binder C154i17 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Does, Ysbrant van


Owner C46i8 (name gold tooled on upper cover,

1605 gold tooled on lower cover, Dutch)

Doll Binder C41a29, C155g6 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C153b7 (signed), C153b6


Doll, F., Paris Binder Collins 913

Dollard of Dublin Binder Collins 279

Page 84: Binding Index




current motto of Oxford University, C7d12

Donatus, P. B. R. Binder Davis654

Dondey-Dupre Binder C153b9 (signed)

Dorfner, Otto, of


Binder C97e5

Dori, Alfonso, Binder Tauch2544 (ticket), Tauch 515-6,

Page 85: Binding Index


Borgoss. Apostoli,

14, Florence

Tauch3951, Tauch 3951a, Collins 936

Dormael of Lille Binder Collins 914

Dormer, R. See Carnarvon, Earl of, C66e17

Dorset, Earl of


Owner C48d18

Dory Binder C153b8 (signed)

Dos-a-dos C65b8, C69bb19, C17b10, C144a1,

?C23e10 (for Queen Elizabeth I), C46a29,

C65a22, C65i1, C65i2, C65i3, C65i7,

G11669, C69bb19, C17b10

Douceur, Louis Binder C14b7, Davis543-544

Douglas, Duke of


See Queensberry

Douglas, James of


Owner 1488e7 (arms and motto may belong to


Douglas, Kenth, of


Binder RB23a16948 (pink ticket: Bound + sold by

Kenth Douglas Inverness)

Douglas & Foulis,

of Edinburgh

Binder C29f23

Douglas, William,

Duke of


Owner G5313 (arms)

Doves Bindery Binder C42l12 (1899), C66g2, C68g8, C68i3

(Cobden-Sanderson, 1913), C68i4

(Cobden-Sanderson, 1919), C68i5

(Cobden-Sanderson, 1915), C68i6

(Cobden-Sanderson, 1916), C68i7

(Cobden-Sanderson, 1921), C68i8

(Cobden-Sanderson, 1921), C68i15-17,

C98a5, C99a3, C99g8, C99g24, C108d6

(Cobden-Sanderson, 1913), C108n5, see

also Cobden- Sanderson: Davis271,

Davis272, Davis236, some books bound in

plain vellum and printed by the Doves

Press are in B2 Strongroom and are not


Dow (James) of


Binder Collins 91

Dow & Lester Binder C99d37, Collins 447

Dowdeswell Owner C67f15

Downing, Wm M.,

of Belfast

Binder YA1989a10464

Doyle, P. J., of


Binder C151c4 (signed), ?Collins 280

Page 86: Binding Index

Dragon Binder Binder C48i5

Page 87: Binding Index

Drake, Driver &

Leaver, Rosebery

Av. & Warner St.,


Binder Collins 448

Drake, R. Ingalton

[of Eton]

Binder Collins 92, Collins 93

Drechsler, Joseph,

of Vienna

Binder C156h4 (signed)

Dreyfous, of


Binder C151c5 (folder in gold tooled red morocco,

signed by Dreyfous of London, c.1840)

D'Rozario, M., of


Binder C183d13

Druot Owner C46b11

Dryerre, D., of


Binder Collins 94

Dublin Davis316 (item 259, c.1765, Dublin),

Davis298 (item 260, c.1782, Dublin), same

binder but unknown, check also boxes of


Dublin Castle

Chapel 1770

Owner C66k4


fils, rue de l’ecole

34, Boulogne-sur-


Binder Collins 915

Duquesne of Ghent Binder C150m14 (signed)

Dubuisson, P. P. Binder Davis560, c130c1 (1761)

Ducastin Binder C71b4, C131b21, Davis576

Ducay Binder C153b10 (signed)

Ducrocq Binder C155g8 (signed)

Dudley, Robert,

Earl of Leicester

Owner C18d5 (repaired by Tuckett), C19c23,

C20a2, C46d14, C64b2, C64i6, C64b2,

Add MS15091, Add MS611780, C183a25,

Davis23 (item 41, c.1560, London, initials

in centre), Davis89 (item 42, c.1577,

London, by E. D. signed, also centre

cartouche containing sunk medallion with

badge of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

'secret signature'), Davis24 (item 43,

c.1580, London, dedication to R. D.,

initials R. D.)

Dudley Binder Binder C108i11, C20a24, C19c23, C108cc26


Dufey of Nancy Binder C150g10 (signed), C150g11 (signed)

Duisberg, F. Binder Davis666 (item 314, c.1740, Amsterdam,

underneath each centre piece is a scroll

with Duisberg F)

Page 88: Binding Index

Dumas, Helene and

Germaine de


Binder C108eee15

Dumergue Binder C153b11 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Dumond, Aine Binder C153b12 (signed)

Dumont, of


Binder C68k3, C150g12 (signed)

Page 89: Binding Index

Dun & Bradstreet Binder Cup408l13 (on the occasion of its 100th

anniversay 1841-1941, publisher's binding,

name on spine)

Duncombe, Sir


See Elkanah Settle's binder

Duncote Binder C39b25

Dundonald, Earl of


Owner C66f16 (1720)

Dunford, G.,

Newport (IoW)

Binder Collins 95



Owner G4771

Dunn Binder C108pp4

Duodo, Pietro Owner C19a10 (arms and device), Davis450,

C19a15, C19a19,C69bb18

Dupin, fils of


Binder C153b13 (signed)

Duplanil Binder C153b15 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C153b14 (signed), C150g13

(signed), C150g14 (signed), C153b16


Du Quesne Binder 12316a34

Durand Binder C160g15 (signed)

Durvand (Paris) Binder C194c67

Duras, Duc de,


Owner C30a3, C27e16 (wife of Durfort)

Durci, Bois Binder C30b2-3, C30g5, C30g1, C30l12

Durnford, G.,

Newport, IoW

Binder Collins 95

Durollet, of


Binder C153b17 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Page 90: Binding Index

Duru, ?H. Binder C25l13, C27h9, C27m6 (1853), C29e8

(1850), C30c14 (1849), C30d40, C30e15,

C30m9 (1845), C31a8 (1850), C31b34,

C31b35 (1953), C31b36 (1859), C31f14

(1851), C32c13 (1850), C33a37, C33b42

(1861), C34m2 (1845), C36b33, C37b19,

C38a34 (1855), C38b23 (1847), C39a64,

C39a67 (1851), C39b61 (1853), C39b62

(1848), C39c47-54 (1852), C39d11 (1845),

C39d15 (1845), C39d16 (1845), C39e23

(1845), C39i7 (1845), C34a24 (1851),

C34a26 (1851), C34a30 (1850), C34a31

(1853), C34a33 (1850), C34a34 (1850),

C34a36 (1853), C34a38 (1853), C34a40

(1853), C34a41 (1850), C34a42 (1850),

C34a49 (1861), C34g29 (1845), C34i7

(1851), C34l19 (1848), C34l20 (1845),

C34l21 (1845), C40b22 (1856), C40b43

(1858), C40b44 (1847), C40b45 (1854),

Page 91: Binding Index

C40c41, C40c58 (1851), C40c62 (1859),

C41a26 (1850), C41k1 (1853), C46a20

(1849), C47b15 (1851), C47d1 (1844),

C47h12 (1851), C48a16, C48d15 (1851),

C57aa4 (1857), C57a4 (1847), C57a8

(1860), C62a17 (1849), C97aa12 (1848),

C97g4 (1851), C107a13, C107c9 (1845),

C37a34, C38a37, C57c17 (1852), C62a12

(1861), C96a8 (1852), C97a5 (1860),

C97aa1, C108a10 (1850), C110g13,

C112aa12 (1845), C130a27, IB42003

(signature and date).

Durvand Binder C30b25, C130i6, 7808a100

Durville of


Binder C155g7 (signed), C150g16 (signed)

Duseuil (?) Binder Davis532, Davis474

Dutch towns and

provinces (arms on


C188a11, C108bb7, Davis666

Dutch papers A collection of colour-printed and marbled

papers used as covers for pamphlets in the

17th and 18th centuries, C133h7

Dutta, C. Binder RB23a12643 (MS. note: rebound by C.

Dutta, Aug. 1985

Duval, Jean Binder C161d3

Dymoke C37b42

Dymott, Mary Binder C151c6 (attributed to Mary Dymott;

Ramsden Collection of signed bindings)

Dymott, Richard Binder ?IB20487a (note inside says presented by

Wheatley bound by D), Davis70


Name Owner or



E., M. Binder Davis15 (item 24, c.1530, signed: ME)

V.D.M.I.AE. See: Wolf Conrad Schwickart

Eastwood, Hy., 40

St. James’ St.


Binder Collins 96 (?)

Ebeleben, Nikolaus


Owner Davis839, Davis796, see: Thomas

Stelbogen (Davis691)

Ecce Ancilla

Domini / Iat Midi

Secundum Verbum


C66c10, C64d11, C66d11, with panel

stamps of the Annunciation and St


Page 92: Binding Index

Eccles, S., 5

Diamond, Coleraine

Binder Collins 281

Echenbauer, Anton,

of Vienna

Binder C156h5 (signed)

Echter, Julius,

Bishop of Wurz

Owner C68a17, C69a14, C68e13

Eddowes, W. & J.,

of Shrewsbury

Binder C154i18 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C188c15 (signed: J E)

Edges, painted,


C23e11 (Bible 1543, Henry VIII), 7f13

(Common Prayer 1669, Charles II), 7h1

(Bible 1685, James II), 11g5 (Common

Prayer 1681), C14e13 (Common Prayer

1662, Mearne), C108tt6 (Bible 1659,

Mearne), C108tt7, 201h6,7 (Fox,

Martyrs, 1641, Fletcher), C7d15-18,

C65e9 (Bible 1669, Queen's Binder A),

C65f1 (F. la Mothe le Vayer, Notina

1678, R. Bartlett), C108d35 (Common

Prayer 1668, Balley), C108i14 (Charles

I, Works 1662, J. Houlden), C109m45,

C109r2 (flowers and inscription 'Wm

Cox fecit', faded), C170c26, C170c28

(for Charles II), C183c14 (on English

17th-century binding), Davis70, Davis73

(Roger Bartlett), Davis77, Davis115,

Davis136, Davis152, Davis185,

Davis196, Davis210, Davis690 (item

332, fore-edge painted by Vecellio,

South German, c.1547-50), C65e8 (view

of Eton College, perhaps later), C65e7,

13b6 (Wollaston 1726), 31e12

(Pemberton 1728, for Brindley), 43f16

(R. Holland, for Brindley), 64i6

(Cavendish, for Brindley), 47i12

(Cheselden 1733, for Brindley),

C108e15 (for Brindley), C108t1, 2a17

(Prayer Book 1760, Edwards of Halifax

for Queen Charlotte), C151c9 (Edwards,

edge added later), Davis210 (edge

probably later), C150b15, C170g1,

C188a38, C193a254, C65e7, C108d24

(double fore-edge painted c.1955),

C129f12 (by M. Frost), C7d15 (Bible

1674, Queen's Binder A), C48g1 (Book

of Common Prayer, 1670, Crucifixion),

C108e15 (Actieri for Brindley), C108n7

(Bible 1657, Evans), C108y2 (fore-edge

by Margaret Allport), C151c9 (Edwards

with later edge), 13b6 (for Brindley),

2a17 (Edwards of Halifax), 64i6,

?210h5,7, Add MS15542 f136 (fore-

Page 93: Binding Index

edge painting of Hampstead and

Highgate by Samuel Hieronymous

Grim, 1793), C55c37 (by Mrs Currie),

C65k13, Cerv29, IB10519 (on German

incunable, not checked whether it's

contemporary), C27e18 (Italian 18th-

century binding for Pope Clement XIII),

C66a26 (German 17th century),

C64cc13 (title on gilt fore-edge written

in red), C193a254 (fore-edge painted

under gilt, 19th century, ?Scotland),

C66h11 (cross 'branded' into fore-edge

of German 16th-century blind tooled

pigskin binding)

Edinburgh, coat of

arms of the city of


C65hh5 (motto: Nisi Dominus Frvstra),

Davis244-245 (item 271, early 18th

century), Davis246 (item 272, c.1715),

Davis247 (item 273, c.1720), Davis248

(item 274, c.1720), Davis285-286 (item

275, c.1730), Davis287 (item 276,

c.1734), Davis249 (item 277, c.1744),

Davis288 (item 278, c.1760), Davis295-

297 (item 279, c.1764), Davis289 (item

280, c.1772), Davis253-254 (item 283,

c.1791), Davis290 (item 284, c.1792),

this binder seems to have specialised in

thesis bindings and worked for Balfour

and Smellie; see also: boxes of rubbings


University of

8365g10 (arms of the University of

Edinburgh blocked in silver)

Collins 763 (gilt stamp on spine)

Edmond, J. & J. P.,

& Spark, 54 Queen

St., Aberdeen

Binder Collins 779

Edmonds, 6

Commerical Place,


Binder Collins 455

Edmonds &

Remnants, London

Binder Collins 449, Collins 450, Collins 453,

Collins 454

Edmonds v


Binder See: Remnant v Edmonds

Edoardus Dering

Miles et Baronettus


Education Society's

Press Bycullah

Binder Cup408a50 (printed label on lower

cover pastedown: Bound at Education

Society's Press Bycullah.), Collins

992, Collins 993

Page 94: Binding Index

Edward VI King of


Owner C17a19, C24c20 (backless binding),

G7851, C17a31, C65g10, ?C37e23,

C66b14, C46c28, C66g2, C45a13,

C66g6, C46e7, C66h1, C46e13, C83i8,

C48f3, Royal MS7DXX, Davis86 (item

35, c.1550, London, byt the Medallion

Binder for Edward VI), G7851 (arms)

Edwards of Halifax Binder C67b18, C48b22, C66c15, C151c9,

C65e8 (fore-edge), 2a17, C154i20

(attributed to Edwards), C188a172 (with

contemp Yorkshire ms note), 217i20,

Page 95: Binding Index

C108e2, G18023, C108e1, C154i19,

Davis210, Davis211, G18022-23,

?C69d1, ?C151c8, ?C29k5 (cloth),

C151c8 (signed), C151c9 (attributed to

Edwards), C170g1 (huge Bible with

signed fore-edge lent by W. O. Farrer

1998, painted vellum), C170h1 (Book of

Common Prayer lent by W. O. Farrer,

painted vellum), C188a53, C188a172

with ink ms note from Halifax resident. Edwards, Miss,

Guild of Women


Binder C108b17

Edwards of Truro Binder C188a266

Eedy Binder C38c39

Egerton Owner crest only, Earl of Bridgewater,

8415a11, 1196c32, C65l10, C65a12,

C108gg14, C57b36, see also: Maurice

Egerton in Henry Davis Gift

Egmont, Frederick C188a15 (signed panel on lower cover,

no book, just lower cover), ?C65aa12

(rose panel, ?Egmont)

Eisele, Adolf,


Binder Collins 828

Eleanor, wife of

Leopold I Emperor

of Germany

Owner ?165m10 (Guigard I, p. 122), G17023



translation of

Catherine Parr's

Prayers ... To Henry

VIII, 1545

Royal MS7DX (embroidered binding)

Elizabeth I, Queen

of England

Owner C18b11, C18c8, C20a21, C21e9

(embroidered, dedication copy), C23a9,

C23e10, C24a22, C27g7, C30e1, C24b8

(embroidered), C39d44, C46c1, C47f15,

C47i4, C64cc2, C64e3, C67f7, C78i4,

C82a6, C82f11, C122f2, C132i59,

675f16, C18b7, C65aa15 (vellum),

C65aa19 (vellum), C76a21 (vellum),

C108c11 (vellum), C17a14

(embroidered, arms), C24e15-18

(embroidered, arms), 168i30, 675f16,

Davis64 (item 77, c.1625, London),

publisher's binding, centre block

depicting Queen Elizabeth I), Davis 30

(item 58, c.1596, London, arms of

Elizabeth I in centre of panel design),

Davis397 (?for Queen Elizabeth I), see

John de Planche

Elizabeth I of Owner C133h4

Page 96: Binding Index


Elizabeth, wife of

Frederick, Elector

Palatine, Daughter

of James I?

Owner C67k18


Dickinson's Binder

Binder C130a28

Elkins, V. Binder C150a18 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Ellis, George Agar Owner C108d20

Ellison, [Thomas


Binder Collins 457, C188a206 (fragile)

Elliott, Thomas Binder Harl MS2788, IB26132, C2a6, ?C35f9

(for Harley), ?C3c13 (for Harley),

?C3c16 (for Harley), ?C3c9 (for

Harley), ?C14c13, 2e5, 36h19, 57d15,

IB25996, IB28387, C37e6, Harl

MS3976 (signed on spine), Harl

MS2768, Harl MS2788

Eliot & Chapman Binder ?C11b13, ?226a1, ?C19g1, ?C43e14,

?C7c10, ?C61f13, ?570h19, ?674k2,

?682a3, ?C12h2, ?C14e1, ?C15d15,

?C21b4, ?G3591, ?61f13 (1744),

?682a3, ?C19g3, ?C7e13, ?Tab10vf?,

?C9a1, ?C11b9, ?C11b7, 43e14, 570l19,

?226a1, ?G5932

Emblematic Binder Binder C47k5

Emmett, J. T. Binder C109m25, C109m32

Embossed Bindings

(of 19th century


C1a27, C2a2, C5a2, C5a3, C5a4, C5a5,

C5a6, C5a10, C2a22, C5a11, C5a13,

C5a14, C5a22, C5a23, C5a34, C9a8,

C9a13, C9a25, C9a30, C10c9, C10d6,7,

C11a14, C11a15, C11a16, C11a17,

?C12b16, C13b4, C15e9, C14e12,

C16d7, C16h12



See separate lists

Enamelled Binding C183c19 (Almanach 1793, Birmingham

or Bilston work)

Enders IA39673 (orange morocco, plain, gilt


Engel Binder c108i3, C109f6 (for Napolean I, Marie

house), C155g9 (signed)

Engel, [Jean], Paris Binder Collins 916, Collins 917

English, J., of


Binder Collins 97

Engraving C67b25 (?print from copper plate on


Page 97: Binding Index

Entoir Binder C153c1 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Page 98: Binding Index

Entwisle, J[ohn] Binder Collins 458

Eriber Binder IB5532

Erotic Bindings PC16l2 (gold tooled orange morocco),

PC16m12 (gold tooled white cloth),

PC15d14 (?plastic & paper), PC13ee16

(paper, decorated), PC31e38 (paper),

PC31f25 (gold blocked white vellum),

PC26b35, PC30l2 (gold tooled silk),

PC29a72 (silk and paper, picture),

PC16l7 (gold tooled cloth), PC16l6

(gold tooled cloth)

ESA London Binder Collins 456 (?)

Esnaut Binder C153c2 (signed)

Esselte, of Sweden Binder C128g5

Essex, Earl of


Owner C67i4 (imprint 1708)

Essnau, papetier Music K10d8 (label on leather binding)

Este Owner 142d10 (c.1661)

Este, Ludorico,


Owner C47i9, C68c18

Este, Mary d', 2nd

gd of James II

Owner C28e7 (Waller, Poems 1668, bound by

Queen's Binder A)

Estrees, Duc Victor

Marie Marchal of


Owner C68c6

Etherington, Don Owner C108ee1

Eton College C152c1 (arms, Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Ettal Monastery See Placidus Seitz

Ettles & Young of


Binder C150a19 (signed)

Evans, of Croydon Binder C103g(1-5), C103g7, C103g8, C103g9

Evans, Henry Binder C108n7, C130bb17, C72c2

Evans, Herbert


Owner C69d12, 11626b29

Evans, J [oseph].


Binder C108pp3 (for Roche), C151c10 (signed),


Evans Binder,


Binder C199b24

Evans &


Binder Collins 870

Eve Bindery Binder Davis446 (by binder of Henri III)

Eve, Clovis Binder C19b8, ?C19b9, Davis510, c41c13?

Page 99: Binding Index

Evelyn, John Owner C67g2, C69a10, C143f14, ?C129 d15

(with J. E.'s bookplate, but probably

bound earlier), Evec15, ?Evea131 (no

coat of arms, but probably bound for J.

Evershed, Mrs.

59 South Molton

Street, London

(Church and Secular


Binder Collins 461

Everybody’s Books,

4 Denmark Street,

Charing Cross

Road, W.C.2

Binder Collins 459, Collins 460

Ex Libris Binder Collins 463

Page 100: Binding Index

E.), Eveb7 (Settle). 236c25

Ewing Binder C151c11 (signed), 3185b3 (binder's

ticket - M Ewing, Cumming J.

Apocalyptic … 1849, London),

Collins 462 (?)

Eyre &


C61h8, Collins 464, Collins 465, Collins



Name Owner or



Fedorovna, Maris see M. F.

F., B. C118bb8 (gold tooled on English ?16th-

century binding)

F., G. Binder Royal Ms 12 A XL VI (initials on roll.

Maybe that of the binder.)

F., I. Davis73 (item 129, initials I F + A B on

painted fore-edge of Bartlett binding)

F., I. C36f14 (on English 16th-century

binding, with a rowned Tudor rose)

I O A F Egerton MS 1228 (initials and date 1602

on German binding), see Johann

Orschinovsky a Furstenfeld

F., M., Empress

Maria Fedorovna

Owner C156k18 (initials)

Fairbairn &


Binder C33a51, G10018-20

Fakes C184b8 (fake Mudejar binding signed by

Josefina Is. Diez Lassaletta on vellum

paste-down), C184b9 (fake Mudejar

binding), C109k19 (fake Grolier

binding), C108x8 (fake Apollo &

Pegasus Grimaldi binding), C109e53

(fake Italian 16th-century morocco

binding with visconti arms gold tooled),

C109k18 (Joni fake), X981/10985

(imitation, not fake 'Magnus' binding

1910), C66b2, C109eee9 ('Italian')

Falconer, J., of


Binder Collins 282

Falconer, J., Sackville

St., Dublin

Binder Collins 283, Collins 284

False Headbands 885d13 (Germany, 17th century)

Page 101: Binding Index

Fargher and Lindner Binder 236k24 (ticket), G10482 (binder's label),

C151c13 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings, with arms of Willam Wyndham

Grenville, Baron Grenville, on both

Page 102: Binding Index

covers), C151c12 (signed, early 19th


Farnese, Pierluigi Owner G4762 (Pegasus medallion in centre)

Farnese, Ranuccis Owner Davis798

Farmer, J. Binder C68h10

Farndell, T. Haydh & Mozart Symphonies,

watermarks, 1809,10,11; 1/4 calf,

marbled boards, red label on upper cover,

white ticket. Bound by T. Farndell,

bookbinder to her R H Princess Charlotte

of Wales

Farrant & Frost,

Merthyr & Aberdare

Binder Collins 871

Fauconnier Binder C150g17 (signed)

Faulkner, H., d. 1812 Binder C39d45, C34i17 (for Utterson), C57e7,

C186bb15, C37f15, C53b33, G15225

(signed), G16507, G17786 (ticket: Bound

by H. Faulkner, George Court, Adelphi)

Faulkner, J. Binder C111aa18, C128a13, 1568/3269 (ticket,

Little Tower Hill) Fawn, J., & Son,


Binder Collins 98, Collins 99

Fazackerley, of


Binder C68g9, C68i18, C108bbb17, C151d1


Fazakerley, of


Binder Collins 100

Felbrigge Psalter Sloane 2400 (Department of

Manuscripts, embroidered binding)

Felix Binder C153c3 (signed)

Fenno, J., of


Binder Collins 101, RB23a688, C150b1(1)

Fenwick, John Owner C48k11

Ferdinand I, King of

the Two Sicilies

Owner C154g13 (arms)

Ferdinand III, Grand

Duke of Tuscany

Owner C150m12 (arms)

Ferdinand VI of


Owner C68h4

Ferdinand I, Duke of


Owner C68e6

Ferguson Owner C188a84 (arms of Ferguson added)

Ferin, A. Owner C43b1

Fermor, Henrietta

Louisa, Countess of


C47d14, C68d8, Davis144-146, see also

Shelburne, see also John Brindley


Fermor, Thomas,

Earl of Paufret


Page 103: Binding Index


Seraphim, of Lisbon

Binder Cup408u50 (printed ticket: Seraphim

Fernandes, L. de Pantodores e

Encadernadores ... Lisbon)

Page 104: Binding Index

Fersil Porto? Binder Cup408t29 (signed)

Field, John,

65 Regent Street,


Binder Collins 467, Collins 468, Collins 469

Fiennes Owner C66f23

Fikentscherdt C96b4 (brown morocco, blind tooled)

Filareto Owner Davis797, Davis766

Filleul, WF, 39

Halkett Place, Jersey

Binder Collins 900

Findelstein Press

von, Bavaria

Owner C47i11

Firmian, Leopold,

Archbishop of


Owner C67e22

First Stadholder's

Bindery (c 1722-



Fisher, George, the

Gregynog Press


Binder C69ee13, C69g9 (with Blair Hughes-

Stanton), C99g41 (with R. Ashwin

Maynard), C99h26 (with R. Ashwin

Maynard), C99h28 (with R. Ashwin

Maynard), C100a3 (with R. Ashwin

Maynard), C100b9 (with R. Ashwin

Maynard), C100e21 (with R. Ashwin

Maynard), C100k27 (with R. Ashwin

Maynard), C100c10, C100c19 (with

Blair Hughes-Stanton), C102e16 (with

Blair Hughes-Stanton), C102f11,

C102g8, C102h11 (with William

MacCance), C102l8, C102l19 (with Blair

Hughes-Stanton), C108b3, C108f,

C108g5 (with Blair Hughes-Stanton),

C188b60 photograph album of his Fisher, H. T. & Co.,

of Clapham

Binder Collins 471

Fisher, [Thomas] &

Son, 2 Ivy Lane,


Binder Collins 470

Fishtail Binder Binder IA47755, Add. MS34807, IA40179,

IA40664, IA50025, IA40182, IA39134,


Five Star Shop,

Padua, 15th century

Binder IB20321

Flack, M Hirsch Library (H. Bishop - Comedy of

Errors, 1/2 green roan, marbled paper

sides, early 19th century)

Comte de Flandre Owner C188a12 (presentation copy to the Comte

de Flandre, 1849)

Page 105: Binding Index

Fleming, Abbot of

the Abbey of St

James the Greater at


Binder C38a62

Fleming, Samuel, of



Fletcher, of


Binder RB23a3361 (ticket), C151d2 (signed)

Page 106: Binding Index

Fletcher, John Binder 201h6,7, 195g2, C132i64, 62h2, 195g2,3,

201h65-7 (signed fore-edge)

Fletcher & Tubbs, 49

Cross St., Manchester

Binder Collins 103, Collins 104

G. Fleubet de Naulac Owner 1b6


d'Armenonville, J. J.


Owner C19a32

Folder C151c5 (gold tooled red morocco folder

for documents signed by Drefous of

London, c. 1840)

Folkard, Henry Binder? Collins 1008

Folkes, Martin

(1690-1754), library

sold by auction in


Owner C44c18, C7a1 (his device on spine)

Folthorp of Brighton Binder C154k1 (signed)

Forberg, Gregorius,

of Nuremberg

Owner Egerton MS1188 (initials on 16th-

century German binding, very faded)

Forbes & Co.,

Fletcher, of


Binder Collins 102

Ford of Manchester G15038 (brown calf, blind tooled, 19th-

century binder or bookseller)

Ford, H. .J. Binder C109aaa12

Fore-edges, painted Owner See Edges, painted

Forest Binder C153c4 (signed)

Forest Owner C69bb7, C69bb9

Forey, Ch. Binder C153c5 (signed)

Foscarini, (Marco?) Owner ?C47d11, ?C47e11, C66a4, C68a4,

C47d10, G8321 (arms)

Forth, W., of


Binder C24a38, C154k3 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C154k2 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Foucault, N. T. Owner C67c7, Harley Ms 4387

Fouche Binder C153c6 (signed)

Foucon of Marseilles Binder C155g10 (signed)

Foulis Press Bindery Binder Collins 780



Binder Davis331, Davis329, Davis328

Fountains Abbey Davis80 (late 12th/early 13th century)

Fouquet, Nicholas Owner C46h7, C47a17, Davis523

Fournier Binder C150g18 (signed)

Fournier C47b16 (red morocco, gilt back, lines on

sides, arms of Madame Adelaide,

daughter of Louis XV of France)

Page 107: Binding Index

Fox, Charles, 5

George Street, W1

Binder Cup402b20 (signed, gold tooled vellum)

Collins 472, Collins 473, Collins 475

Page 108: Binding Index

Fox, Charles,

Manchester Sq.,


Binder Collins 474, Collins 476

Fox, C. of London Binder RB23b1583 (signature unclear, plain 1/2


Foyle, W. & G. Binder Collins 477

Frame Group for

Robert Dudley

Binder C183a25, C46d14, C64b2

Francis, [James], 2

Surreyfoot of

Westminster Bridge

Binder Collins 478

Francois I of France Owner Davis367, Davis388, G9052 (original

panel laid on)

Francois II of France Owner Davis423 (arms as Dauphin)

Francis II, King of


Owner C64a17

Francis, E. C., of


Binder C37b41, C37b51 (1831)

Francois Binder C150h1 (signed)

Franklin, Benjamin Owner C67f17, C186bb2

Franz (20th century,


Binder Cup406g93

Franzese, Nicol Binder Davis835 (for Eurialo Silvestri)

Fraser Binder C150b2 (signed)

Fraser of Regent St.,


Binder Collins 479

Frezier Binder C153c7 (signed)

Frederick the Great,

King of Prussia

Owner C46b37, C66b3, C192a52 (monogram of

Frederick I on upper cover, royal arms on

lower cover)

Frederick, Archduke

of Austria

Owner C65gg15

Frederick, Elector of


Owner C47k18, C64h17

Frederick Louis,

Prince of Wales (son

of George II, father

of George III)

Owner 292i20, 43i3, 48a15, 51e24, 61h1-

4, C108m7, 42i3 (Brindley), 48a15,

61h1-4 (cypher), 76a1 (arms and

monogram and the same cypher

appears on the spines of De Freeling Owner C21a41 (crest), C39e67 (crest)

Freeman, J. Binder C40c48

Freemasons 4784f21 (Anderson, New Book of

Constituions … London, 1738, gold

tooled marbled calf with red morocco

label tooled: The Constitution book

Cross-Key's Tavern Holbourn etc., 1739)

Page 109: Binding Index

French, Isabel W. de Owner C190e21 (19th-century Argentinian

binding with the initials I. W. De F.,

author's ms notes inscribing book to her)

French, J. H., of


Binder Collins 105

Frere of Rouen Binder C153c8 (signed)

Fresnoy, Heli Owner Davis462

Page 110: Binding Index

Frey, R. W. & Veitch,

F. P.

Binder? Collins 1009

Frichet Binder C153c9 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Fridrich, Freiher for

Herbestein? etc

Owner Davis636,

Friedrich Annette Binder C188c35

Fripp, Sarah Steuart Owner C55k1

Fritsch, Jacob of


Binder RB23e23914

Fritzsche, Gustav,


Binder Collins 829 (see also Graff), Collins 830,

Collins 831, Collins 832

Froissart Binder C150h2 (signed)

Frost, Martin (fore-

edge painter)


Frye, Bartholomew Binder C188a9, C151d3, C151k4 (binder's

ticket), C151k5 (binder's ticket), C154k5

(signed), C151d3 (signed), C154k4

(signed), C188c17 (3 vols, ticket and

fore-edge paintings, Somerville bequest

acquired 1999)

Fugger Owner C68b4, C68h7 (Fugger-Kierchberg),


Fullarton, A. & Co.,


Binder Collins 781

Funazaki, Eri Binder C188b39 (signed, 2003), Taylor 5,

Taylor 24.

Furness Abbey C64h13 (views of Furness Abbey,

painted pictures in centre panels of both

covers, England 19th century)


Ferdinand, Bishop of


Owner 77h12

Fugger, Marc Owner Davis379 (by Claude de Picques)

Furstenfeld, Johan

Orchinovsky a

Owner Egerton MS1228 (initials I O A F and

date 1602 on German binding)


Name Owner or



G., C. Binder C188a35 (roll with these letters)

G., E. C21a51

Page 111: Binding Index

G., E Binder? On panel stampof Luther on music ms


G., G. on panel stamps (Luther and Melanchthon,

Maggs Catalogue 1287)

G., H. Binder Davis675 (item 327, c.1530-39, Duelmen,

initials H.G.)

G., B. W. Davis81 (late 15th century, Cambridge)

Page 112: Binding Index

G., I. R. Binder? see for Joannes Reckins: Davis 631

G., M. Davis611 (item 305, late 16th century,

initials M.G. added to upper cover)

G., P. (Prince


Owner 217f24 (initials on A. Linde binding), 218d3

(initials on A. Linde binding)

G., S. Davis7 (item 15, c.1520, probably London,

signed S.G. (defaced))

G., T. Owner C23a26 (initials on embroidered velvet


G., V. C105e15 (roll with the initials V.G.)

G., W & G., I. binder C53b22 (by the WG & IG Binder see

Oldham EBSB pl x n20)



Binder Davis680 (item 345, c.1580 Augsburg,

attributed to Gaertner by Dr. I Schunke)

Gale, H. Binder C150b3 (Ramsden collection of signed


Gale & Polden,

Brompton Works,


Binder Collins 107

Galette Binder C39a63

Galignani, A. &





Collins 918

Gallois, F. Binder C153c10 (signed)

Galloway and

Porter, Sidney

Street, Cambridge

Binder Collins 106

Galwey & Co.,


Binder C151d4 (signed)

Ganard (Paris) Binder 11715a42 (signed but plain)

Ganganelli family name of Pope Clement XIV

Garda, Lorenzo,

of Ivrea

Binder Collins 937

Gardner, Anthony Binder Collins 108

Garnier Binder C153c11 (signed)

Garrett, Frank Binder C128b4 (1916)

Garrick, D. Owner rebound at BM c.1841, all with Garrick's

arms: C28g5, C34a1-10, C34b1-21,

C34b23-40, C34b42-58, C34c1-59, C34d1-

57, C34e1-33, C34f1-3, C34f5-6, C34f8-11,

C34i1, C34k2-5, C34k6, C34k11-12,

C34k14-16, C34k19, C34k21-25, C34k27-

28, C34k30-31, C34k33, C34k35-36,

C34k38-39, C34k41-42, C34k44-45,

C34k47-48, C34k51-52, C34k55-56,

C34k58-60, C34k63, C34l1, C34l3-4,

C34l6-7, C34l9, C34m1, C134b12 (no arms,

but name), C34c39, C34c41

Page 113: Binding Index

Garzoni Family Owner ?C47d7

Gaskill of


Binder C129k15

Gastiaux Binder C156k5 (signed)

Gaubal Binder C153d1 (Ramsden collection of signed


Gaudard of Dijon Binder C153d2 (signed), C153d3 (signed), C153h3

(signed), C153d4 (signed)

Page 114: Binding Index

Gaudreau Binder C153d7 (Ramsden collection of signed

bindings), C153d6 (signed), C150h5

(signed), C150h4 (signed), C153d5 (signed)

Gavere, Joris de Binder a panel signed by Joris de Gavere occurs

with the St Margaret panel on Davis609

(item 301)

Gaw, John, of


Binder Collins 286 (?)

Gaw, Thomas of


Binder Collins 285 (?)

Gay of


Binder C153d8 (signed)

Gellatly & White

of Edinburgh

Binder Collins 812

Genet Binder C153d9 (signed)




Binder Davis133 (item 146, c.1700, London),

Davis191 (item 147, c.1702, London),

possibly c183c18, c108i12 and 88g19

George I (reign


Owner C108ee3, 66b22 (now rebound),11g2

(George I's cypher, George III's arms added

?), 231i32, Stowe MS

249, 280b27 (arms as Elector of Hanover) George II (reign


C18e14 (arms of George II), C130d5, 84h9,

227b16, 228f2, 34d8, 278f31, 226a14,

238g40-45 (as Prince of Wales), ?238g15

(as Prince of Wales), 287a13 (as Prince of

Wales), 7a15, 42g8, 65i5, 95l6 (plus wife's

arms), 74k8 (plus wife's arms), 76e15 (plus

wife's arms), 95l7 (plus wife's arms),

145b22 (plus wife's arms), 238g 35, 40, 42,

43, 44 (plus wife's arms), 287a13 (plus

wife's arms), 13b6 (wife's arms painted on

fore-edge), 7a15,16 (arms), 12a19 (arms),

292k18 (as Prince of Wales), 112e66 (as

Prince of Wales)

Page 115: Binding Index

George III (reign


Owner C1a1, C1a3, C1a4, C1a14, C1a16, C1a25,

C1a26, C1a27, C1b14, C1d1 (bound by

Staggemeier and Welcher, London), C1d8,

C1d60, C2a2, C2a22, C2b2, C2b17, C2c2,

C2c8, C2d3, C2d4, C3a1, C3b14, C3e1,

C3e5, C3e6, C3e7, C3e8, C3e10, C3e11,

C4b8, C4c1-4, C5a2, C5a3, C5a4, C5a10,

C5a11, C5a14, C5a22, C5a23, C5a34,

C5d9, C5e18, C6b18, C6e5, ?C6e7, C6e8,

C7c10, C7c11, C7e11, C9a6, C9a8, C9a13,

C9a25, C9a30, C9a31, C9b2 (Buckingham

Palace Bindery), C9d4, C9d6, C10b2,

C10c8, C10c9, C10d1 (Buckingham Palace

Bindery), C10d2, C10d3, C10d6

(Buckingham Palace Bindery), C10d8,

C10d10 (Buckingham Palace Bindery),

C10d13 (Buckingham Palace Bindery),

C11a7, C11a14, C11a15, C11a16, C11a17,

C11a25, C11b6, C11d1, C11d5

Page 116: Binding Index

(Buckingham Palace Bindery), C11d7,

C11d9, C11e3 (Buckingham Palace

Bindery), C11e5, C11e9, C12b11, C12c9,

C12c13, C12d4, C12e9, C12e17, C13b4,

C13b11, C13d1, C14b14, C14c4, C14d12,

C14e2, C14e12, C15b6, C15b12, C15c9,

C16f7, C16h12, C22f6 (British Museum

binding?), C38f40, C39i20, C39k5, C46a26,

C46i1, C66k4, C121h1, C124h1 (gift of

George III), C143b3 (silk embroidered),

42f1 (Hering with George III's arms), 51e24,

51i16 (as Prince of Wales), 64i8, 65e15,

61d9 (as Prince of Wales), 67h9, 68i5,

72h11, 84h9, 95l6, 168i1, 217b8 (as Prince

of Wales?), 217f24 (as Prince of Wales),

218d3 (as Prince of Wales?), 226a14,

227b16, 228f2, 238g15 (includes the arms

of Queen Caroline), 238g42 (includes the

arms of Queen Caroline), 246k33 (as Prince

of Wales), 278f31, 287a13 (includes the

arms of Queen Caroline), 292i20 (as Prince

of Wales), 48h8 (?German velvet with

George III's arms), 57a1, 78b8, 165d7,

288d7 (arms), 292f5 (arms and monogram),

Davis212 (item 188, c.1782, engraved with

the cypher of George III), Davis299 (item

263, c.1786, Dublin, arms of George III in

the centre, profile portraits of George III),

C188b80 medallion portrait of George and George IV (reign


Owner C11d9, ?58c14 (as Prince of

Wales),C188b80 medallion as Prince of

Wales on binding.

220b10, 290b19 (as Prince of Wales),

290b20 (as Prince of Wales), C154g6

(monogram of George IV as King of George V (reign


Owner C52cc19, C64i7, C109q5 (presentation


George, Prince of


husband of

Queen Anne

Owner 50b19

Gerhold, R., of


Binder C43g2, C43h16, Collins 833 a and b (2

vols), Collins 834

Gerlach, W., of


Binder C106e3

Germain-Simier Binder C153e2 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C153e1 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Gerrard, Paul Binder C27m8, C27m10, C30l7

Page 117: Binding Index

Giampaolo, Riva LB31c3316 (Italian, cloth binding mounted

with 2 engraved plates)

Gibbons, T., of


Binder Collins 110 (?), 3405a5, C150b4

(Ramsden Collection of signed bindings)



A[inslie], of


Binder ?Collins 109

Gifford, A. C145e24, 1578/4208 (with bookplate

inside), 1578/4207 (with bookplate inside)

Gilchrist Binder C129a15

Ginain Binder C150h6 (signed), C153e5 (signed), C153e3

(signed), C153e4 (signed), C150h7 (signed),


Ginn, Flora Binder C188a32

Giolli, P. Binder C108e18

Girardet Binder C150h8

Girardot Binder C153e7 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C153e6 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings, signed Girardot of Troyes)

Giroux Binder C153e8 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Gittins, Thomas,

of Shrewsbury

Binder C129b4 (c.1700?, ind.)

Glanvill, G., 22

Frankfort Street


Binder Collins 111 (also possible repairs? By Wm

Skinner, 89 Fore Street, Saltash)

Glenday of

Montrose, 19th

c., Scottish

Binder C188a101 (signed)

Gloss (or Closs?) Binder C38c7, C97a21

Glynn, 36 Pall


Binder? G2754

Godefroy of


Binder C153e9 (signed)

Garda, Lorenzo,

of Ivrea

Binder? Collins 937

Garret, Godfrey,


stationer and


With GG and crowed rose-pomegranate,

fleur-de-lys and castle, by Garret Godfrey;

C65c17, C46d16 (c.1522), C67d8, Davis13

(item 21, c.1523), C47e2

Goepel, Erhard Binder? Collins 1010

Goldsmid, John


Owner C47f3, C57e20, G2293 (crest), G8922 (crest

and arms), G9883 (crest), G10086 (arms and


Page 118: Binding Index

Golder of


Binder Collins 112

Gomez de la

Cortina, J.

See Cortina, J. Gomez de la

Gonet, Jean de Binder C188a19 (signed)

Gonnet Binder C153e10 (signed)

Goodall &

Suddick Ltd.,

Cookridge St.,


Binder Collins 113

Goodwin of


Binder 1568/5026 (1), C151d5 (signed)



See King Edward & Queen Mary Binders II

Page 119: Binding Index

Gorinchem C107e48 (arms of Goringchem, SW

Netherlands, gold tooled on vellum, Dutch

18th century)

Gosden, T., 107

St Martin's Lane

Binder C108b6, ?C108p1, C183c11, ?G2376,

?C48g12 (impressions from silvery

buttons?), C151d7 (signed), Davis223 (item

204, c.1810, London, possibly made by

Thomas Gosden, CCIW monogram),

Davis262 (item 205, c.1823, London),

C151d6 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings, with the bookplate of T. Gosden,

impressions of silver buttons), C151d8


Gosden Binder C150b5 (attributed to Gosden, same as T.


Gosden T., 18

Bedford Square,

Covent Garden

Binder Collins 480

Gosselin Binder C153e11 (signed)

Gotelee, H[enry],



Binder Collins 114

Gouda 166n8 (arms of Gouda on Dutch school

prize binding, c.1731)

Gough (Henry) Binder Collins 481

Goux de la

Berchere, Le,

Archbishop of


Owner C133a2

Grabau Binder C100e18

Grace, De Bonne C129 mm3 (1532, DE BONNE GRACE on


Graff, W.v.C See Fritzsche Collins 829

Graffert, H., of


Binder C38c33

Graham of


Binder Collins 116

Graham, Rigby Binder Collins 1011


Duchesse de



Owner C67b11

Page 120: Binding Index



Beatrix de



Owner C30c4, C67c22

Grande Trappe,


Owner C69g7

Grant, George

& Arthur,

Upper Thames

St., London EC

Binder Collins 482 (?)

Grant, R[obert]

& Son,


Binder Collins 782 (?)

Granvelle Owner Davis801, Davis800, C48h10 (19th-century

imitation of 16th-century binding with the

arms of Cardinal Perrenot de Granvelle)


George of


Owner ?C53gg13, ?C53gg19, ?C53h27

Gras-Dorus Binder C153e12 (Ramsden Collection of signed

Page 121: Binding Index


Gray, Lord Owner ?C108bb33

Gray, Edward W. Binder C128f9

Gray, John of


Binder RB23a14796 (binder's ticket)

Gray & Son,

John P., of


Binder Collins 118, Collins 120, C100g46,

C113a15, C108x10



Binder Collins 115, Collins 117, Collins 119

Greene, James Binder Davis143 (item 154, c.1740, probably


Green, W. H. Binder C108aa29, C108aa30, C108bb31,

C108dd22, C108k11



Binder C183aa5, C109 p15, Davis303 (item 247,

c.1962, signed), Cup503m48 (signed)

Greening, W.,

183 Fleet Street

Binder 12411f1 (ticket), Collins 483, Collins 484,

Collins 1031



Binder C21b7 (for Henry VIII)

Gregory XIII,


Owner 1568/6329 (arms gold tooled on covers)

Gregory, of Bath Binder RB23a14316 (embossed stamp of Gregory,

book dealer & bookbinder, Bath)

Gregory &

Taylor, of


Binder Collins 121 (?)

Page 122: Binding Index

Gregynog Press


C69ee13 (George Fisher), C69g9 (Blair

Hughes-Hanton; George Fisher), C98e29,

C98f5, C98f14, C99d34 (George Fisher),

C99e35, c99g41 (R. Ashwin Maynard,

George Fisher), C98f8, C98h8, C99e37,

C99e38, C99h26 (R Ashwin Maynard;

George Fisher), C99h28 (R. Ashwin

Maynard; George Fisher), C99h44 (Blair

Hughes-Stanton), C100a3 (William

MacCance; George Fisher), C100b9

(George Fisher; Blair Hughes-Stanton),

C100c12 (George Fisher), C100e21 (R.

Ashwin Maynard; George Fisher), C100e23,

C100g30 (George Fisher), C100k16 (Horace

W. Bray; George Fisher), C100k24 (George

Fisher), C100k27 (George Fisher), C100l10

(George Fisher), C100l19 (Blair Hughes-

Stanton; George Fisher), C102a10 (George

Fisher), C102e13 (Blair Hughes-Stanton;

George Fisher), C102e16 (Blair Hughes-

Stanton; George Fisher), C102f11 (George

Fisher), C102g8 (George Fisher), C102h11

(William MacCance; George Fisher),

C102l4 (George Fisher), C102l8 (George

Page 123: Binding Index

Fisher), C102l19 (Blair Hughes-Stanton;

George Fisher), C103b1 (George Fisher),

C103h4, C108b3 (George Fisher), C108f1

(George Fisher), C108g5 (Blair Hughes-

Stanton; George Fisher), C108g7 (George

Fisher), C108h3 (George Fisher), C108g2,

C119a6, C126a25, C126a28, C127a16,

C127a22, C127a27



Owner C40d57, C24c4, C28e1, C33d17, C141bb25



Wyndham, Baron


Owner See Fargner and Lindner (C151c13,

Ramsden Collection of signed bindings), see

also boxes of rubbings

Gresswell, of


Binder C151d9 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Gey, Jenni Binder C188b34 (binder), Taylor 1, Taylor 20.

Grey, Thomas,

2nd Earl of


Owner Add MS38,008 (arms gold tooled)

Grierson Binder 21e1 (Irish Statutes, vols 1-8, Dublin 1765,

red Morocco, fully gilt, coloured inlay on

sides, all volumes have been rebacked, vols

were printed by Boulter Grierson)


Boulter, of


Binder Davis315 (item 261, c.1765, Dublin)

Grieve, Andrew,

of Edinburgh

Binder C39d59, C108g24, C31b22, C40e47

Grigg, W. Binder C190a6 (with binder's label and advert and

1772 inscription)

Grimaldi Binder Binder Davis847 (for Hannibale Minale), Davis846,



Giovanni Battista

Owner C69ee6, C108x8 (Apollo & Pegasus fake),

81i13, G10835, G4762

Grimaud Binder ?C63l6, C63a11

Grimani Owner 180h1, 2 (painted arms, c.1605)

Grimes, of


Binder Collins 122

Grolier, Jean Owner C19b4, C19b5, C19b6, C19b18, C19b19-26,

687c33, C19c4, ?C19c9, C24c5, C24c13

(early inscription 'Grolieri ac amicorum',

NOT in Grolier's hand), C24c18, C24f15,

C46i12, C46i14, C48b9, C27d2, C66d15,

C132i61, C183a30, ?C129m11, C19f24,

C24b23, C24c5, C24c6, C27d3, C57c25,

C66d15, IC19693, 687e35, G8488, ?G9026,

Page 124: Binding Index

G9056, G9136, G9426, G9846, G10046,

G16702, Davis374 (by Claude de Picques),

Davis722, Davis788

Grispigni, R.,

Capo Le Case,


Binder Collins 935

Grolier's Last


Binder 687e34, C46c3, ?C48e22, C19f21

Grolier de



Owner Davis432, Davis389, Davis366, Davis325

Grosclaude, of


Binder C150h9 (signed), C153e13 (signed)

Gruel, Leon but

there were a

whole family of

them so some

may relate to

another member.

Binder C32d20, C34a48, C47a9, C47a10, C47a11,

C47a20, C120c4, Davis588, IC125, Tab8b7,

Cup408w44, Eccles 28, IC.125 (signed)

Gubbins, J. E. of

Wellington St,




Guedon Binder C153e15 (signed), C153e16 (signed),

C153e14 (signed)

Gueffier Binder C153f1 (signed)

Guenegaud, H.


Owner C46f8

Guerin, F. B.,


Binder Collins 901


Prondre de

Owner C30a29, G6685 (arms superimposed over

binding with initials of Louis XIII and Anne

of Austria)

[Casa] Guidi

Arts and



Binder Collins 938, Collins 939

Guild of Women


Binder C108b17, C108bbb8, C188b81 (Edith De


Guillaume, J. J.,

of Pimlico

Binder Collins 485


Marcantonio, of


Binder G4762 (for Grimaldi), C37l4 (for Filareto)

Guillot of


Binder C153f2 (signed)

Page 125: Binding Index






Binder C112e12

Guizot Owner C152g12(1) (initials, 490)

Gulston Joseph Owner C7a12, C7a16, G3293

Gustavus III, Owner C67e20

Page 126: Binding Index

King of Sweden

Gutch, G. & Co.,

of Southampton

Binder RB23a16806 (ticket)

Guy Brothers,

Academy St.,


Binder Collins 287

Guyot Binder c153f3 (signed)

Guzman, Duke of

Medina Towes

Owner C47b14, c129f18, 659a26, C47d16,

C65d10, C66e18, C67c14, C68h4, C68h6,

C69aa12, ?C115t13, 659a26, C46b14,


GVL_DG Binder Cup410c5 (dans l'Atelier Artisanal de la

Nouvelle Libraire de France)

Gwynn, Edward Owner C65g21, C65g23, C129i24, Harley Ms 2306


Name Owner or



H., A. C64d11 (with Tudor rose and panel stamp of

Annunciation and legend Ecce Ancillal

Domini fiat michi/secundum/verbum tuum),

C65hh17 (A. H. and Tudor rose), Davis4

(item 12, c.1515)

H., F. Egerton MS1182 (initials on panel used on

1560 German binding)

H., I. Cup407m47 (initials blind tooled on upper

cover, 16th-century. Germany)

Harley Ms 3816 ( I. H. on English binding H., S. G. Egerton MS1214 (initials and date 1591 on

German binding)

H., S. C66d1 (initials gold tooled on 1600-1650

English binding with initials PM)

H., S. A. C36c15 (gold tooled on 18th-century Danish?


H Binder C109c6

h (Theodore


Binder ?Collins 490


Tours, Mame

Binder Collins 919

Haarlem 199c5 (Haarlem arms on school prize)


August, of

Vienna, 19th


Binder C43i14 (signed), C128e16

Haberly, Lloyd Binder C99c46

Page 127: Binding Index

Hacker, Walter,

Leipzig 20th


Binder Cup408ww1 (signed on lower turn-in)

Page 128: Binding Index

Hackman, A. L. Binder C188a258 (may have tooled this book)

Hagmayer, Johann

Germany 15th



Hague, Louis Binder Collins 948

Hague, The 165m11 (vellum, arms of The Hague on

school prize, c.1732.), C188a11 (lower cover

panel arms of The Hague, c.1754)

Hague, Belgium Binder C27h10, C108l2 (for Cardinal de Tournon)

Haigh Binder C150b6 (Ramsden collection of signed


Hains Binder C100a5

Hall, I. V., 83

High St.,


Binder Collins 123 (?)

Hallhead, William




Collins 288

Halle, F., of


Binder C36f5 (signed)

Haltby of Oxford Binder C107b11

Hamilton Owner C47i21 (Hamilton, Archbishop of St

Andrews, Celsus De a. med.)

Hamilton, Duke

of Douglas

Owner C151c9 (arms)

Hammond Binder C39i9, C37d54, 5423e16


century, Dutch

Binder Ch850/1 (signed at tail of spine, blocked cloth




See B. P. A. Salroldelli

Hanbury, [Henry]

& Co.

Binder Collins 487

Hanbury &

Simpson, Fleet


Binder Collins 489

Hance, P., 14

Upper Gloucester

Place, King’s

Road, Chelsea

Binder Collins 486, Collins 488 (listed as P. Hance,

55 King’s Rd., Chelsea)

Hanway, Jonas


Owner C108b15, 30f12, 188f7 (1783), 186a5

(c.1759), 288c29 (1757), 189c3 (c.1760),

186a15 (1757), 224g34 (1777), C69e2,

232b27 (c.1781), 533c13, 288c28 (1776),

11632h8, 291d50, Davis203 (item 176,

c.1765, London, by Hanway's second binder),


Page 129: Binding Index


Theodore (?)

Binder Collins 490

Harborne? "Deus

industriam Beat"

Owner C66e1 (with arms of Harborne)

Harcourt Bindery

of Boston Mass.

Binder C120g3

Harding, John See Alexander Cleeve

Hardman, F.


Binder Cup510dal4, Cup510dal5

Hardy Binder C20b11, C31e34, C39d8, C36b31, C40a50,

C38a29-31, C40b31, C38a36, C40l17,

C38g12, C48b12, C38h16, C54g6, C39a45,

C57b3, C39c65, C70a7, C97d13, C119h12,

C155g11 (signed), PC30d12 (signed,

according to Ashby this binding was done in


Hardy Binder C192a41 (with stamp of Bibliotheque de

Page 130: Binding Index


Hardy, C. Binder C48b12, C31e34, C57b3, C70a7, C97d13,

C40b31, C38a30

Hardy, G. Binder C119h12

Hardy-Mennil Binder C20d2, C31b31, C62a29, C31f9, C38h18

(Marius Michel, Doreur), C39a16, C39b60,

C48a14, C52f14, C57a17, IB39843,


Harlay, De,

Comte de

Beaumont Fr.


Owner C68d4, C67d3, 1609/1076 (coat of arms and


Harley, Robert Owner ?C3a2, C12e13, ?C1c12, C15c6 (given to

James West by Harley), ?C1c14, ?C16i13,

?C2c9, C16i14, C3c13, C22b1, C3c16,

C48d17, C3c9, ?C6c6-8, C67e8, ?C9a1,

C67e18, ?C10d4, C67f10, C67i5, 883e30,

G3694 (arms and name of)

Harmsworth of


Binder Collins 124, Collins 125

Harper & Brothers Binder C116e12



Owner C108c20

Harrer, Hans Owner Davis679 (item 344; after 1578 by Caspar

Meuser, arms of Hans Harrer, and arms of his


Harrington, Earl


See Charles Stanhope

Harris, H. Binder C109a53

Harris, R.,


Binder Collins 126

Harris, R.. T.,

53 Longbrook

Street Exeter

Binder Collins 127

Harrison, London Binder Collins 491 (?)

Harrison of


Binder C151d10 (signed)

Harrison of


Binder? Collins 492 a and b

Harrison & Sons,

St. Martin’s Lane,


Binder Collins 493

Harritt & Co. of


C64cc15 (clasp signed Harrit & Co, London

19th-century binding)

Harrods Limited Binder Collins 494

Hart, A., of


Binder Collins 128, Collins 129

Page 131: Binding Index

Hasert in the

Buchbinderei von

Heinrich Koch


Binder C129a8

Hatchards of


C127d2, C128d11 (Bound by Morrell)



Owner C67g11, C67h3, C67i3, C108b12, C108c13,

Davis101 (item 97; before 1648, arms, name

and moto of Sir Christopher Hatton), G12228


Hattu, A., of


Binder C153f4 (signed)

Hawes, J. B., of Binder C54bb7, Collins 130, Collins 132

Page 132: Binding Index


Hausen & Co., inh.

J. H. Angermeyer,


Binder Collins 835

Hawkins of Nash

Court, Co. Kent

Add MS30,983 (arms)

Hawkins, F. W. &


10 Holloway

Head, Birmingham

Binder Collins 131

Hayday, [James],

see also below

Binder Collins 495, Collins 496, Collins 498, Collins

499, Collins 500, Collins 501, Collins 502,

Collins 503

Hayday & Mansell Binder Collins 497

Hayday, of


Binder Collins 289

Hayday (from

1825- Hayday and


Binder C21a44, C21c45, C25a26, C25g12, C25a31,

C25h5, C25b5, C25l6, C25b11, C25l7,

C25b15, C25b32, C27b7, C25c10, C27m3-5,

C25c17, C28l14, C25e8, C29f12, C29f14,

C35a5, C29g1, C35b3, C30b10, C35b7,

C30b11, C35b8, C30b12, C35b24, C34f24,

C35c13, C34f31, C35c21, C34f39, C35d3,

C35d10, C37c36, C35d17, C37c51, C35f13,

C37h2, C35g13, C38b29, C35g14, C39c44,

C36a7, C39e49, C36a28, C39e66, C37c5,

C39f20, C39g31, C110f32, C40c20, C116h8,

C41b11, C122b16, C41e9, C122c2, C55i5,

C123b9, C103e22, C126b7, C108bb17,

C129d4, C109b16, ?620i41, Huth39,

G18575-9, 1019d34, 11422aaa30, 1458h1,

Davis227-232 (item 222, stamp), C154k6

(Ramsden collection of signed bindings),

C154k7 (Ramsden collection of signed

bindings), 11631e10 (signed, ink),

3225df3 (signed) Haye, Gerard de



Hayes, W. of

Oxford, 19th


3936aa39 (signed)


[Henry], of


Binder Collins 290

Hayward, C. I. Binder C118d34

Hayward, [Charles

Thomas], 6

Burgate Lane,


Binder Collins 133

Page 133: Binding Index

Hayward, W. D.

of Croydon, 19th



Hearne Binder C154k8 (Ramsden collection of signed


Hedberg, Gustaf

of Stockholm

Binder Cup408l20, C108l1, C188b2, C108ee7,


Hegan &


Fountain St.,




Collins 291





Collins 896

Heim, Koch,


Binder Collins 836

Heldt, relieur Binder C183a20

Helen, Matilda,

Countess of


Owner Tauch2742 (see binder Aubrey)

Hely’s Limited,


Binder Collins 292

Helly & Sons Binder C72e4

Heming of



Binder Collins 134

Henderson &


Binder CUP408zz35, Collins 783

Henington Binder C151d11 (signed)

Henley, W of


Binder C188a201 (signed)

Henri II, King of

France (1547-

Owner C46h11 (illus. in Fletcher), C29e3,

Davis502?, Davis378 (by Claude de Picques),

Page 134: Binding Index

1559) G6032 (arms, with badges and initials,

Fletcher, pl. xxiii), C29k8 (?Fletcher, pl.


Henri III Owner C36g4 (arms), C46l2, C47a19, C29k3

(Louise de Lorraine (Henri II?), illus. in

Fletcher), C66k2, G6455 (illus. in Fletcher)

Henri IV, King of


Owner C20f11 (arms and cypher), Davis448

(cypher?), C46i1

Henri of Anjou Owner ?C46e23

Henriette Anne of

England (daughter

of Charles I,

married Philippe,

Duke of Orleans)

Owner C46e23 (monogram), G12048 (monogram),

C129m15 (1659, arms on binding)

Henrison Owner C108dd11

Henry Davis Gift Approximately 800 bindings in B2. Not yet

completely catalogued and must be seen by

appointment with bindings curator. North

European bindings discussed and allocated

Davis pressmarks in M M Foot's The Henry

Davis Gift vols.2&3 on binding curator's

shelves and in open access copy in RBRR.

Henry VIII (reign

1509-1547; not

including panel

stamps featuring

Henry's arms - see

green box)

Owner C18b10, C18c9 (initials of Henry VIII and

Anne Boleyn), C19e17, C21b7, C21f14,

C23c3, C24a25, ?C46e25, C188c8 (Henry

VIII's Library, Oldham roll), Royal MS 7DX

(embroidered for Henry VIII and Katherine

Parr), ?Harley 303, ?C65e1, C23e11

Henry, Prince of


C20d3, C21b8, C22f8, C22f12, C22f13,

C22f14, C22f15, C22f20, C24b7, C24b15,

C32f28, C46e4, C46i10, C46l3, C47i12,

C47i20, C47k3, C47l1, C48b3, C48b6,

C48h2-3, C48k1, C62g9, C64aa4, ?C64c8,

C64cc2-3, C64g6, ?C65bb9, C65c7, C65g9,

C66a8-24, C66f11, C66g7, C66h14, C68g3,

C69f4, C82a16, C97h1, C108c6, IB55315,

Davis95 (item 64, c.1610, London; arms of

Henry, Prince of Wales, in centre), 199f2,

G6750 (initials), C188c31(1-2)

Henry, William &

Parker, John of


Binder C188a231

Page 135: Binding Index

Hepworth of


Binder C122f15

Hepworth & Co.,

of Tunbridge


Binder Collins 135

Herard Binder C153f5 (signed)

Herbert G5932 (crest wyvern with wings elevated

vert, holding in the mouth a sinister hand

coupled at the wrist gn., Fairbairn p. 271


Page 136: Binding Index

Herbert, Lord, of

Cherbury 17th


Owner C46g4, C46g5, see also Squirrel Binder:

Davis178 (item 70, c.1633, London),

Davis179 (item 71, c.1635, London; for

Charles I, centre piece built up of small tools

around arms of King Charles I), Davis184

(item 72, c.1639, London)

Herbert, Lord, of

Cherbury. Lord

Herbert's Binder

Binder C46g5, ?C109q10 (for William Laud),


Herbert, William



IC4508 (bookplate and WH's autograph),

G19929 (bookplate and WH's autograph,

dated 1772), ?G11584 (bookplate and

autograph), ?G11589 (with WH's autograph)

Herbert, Matheus Owner C48b19, Davis806

Herchens, F. &

Son? of Utrecht

Binder C37l3

Heredia Binder C154h7 (Ramsden collection of signed


Hering Binder G6196 (ticket), G6479 (ticket), ?G7761

(imitation of Roger Payne), G7982 (ticket),

?G7991, G8051 (ticket), G8223 (ticket),

G8459-60 (ticket), G7986 (ticket), G8650-1

(ticket), G8761-2 (ticket), G8833-36 (tickets

in vols 1 and 3), ?G9003, G9314 (ticket),

G9510-11 (ticket), G9518 (ticket), G10355

(ticket), G12754 (ticket), C154k11 (Ramsden

collection of signed bindings), C150b11

(Ramsden collection of signed bindings),

C150b10 (Ramsden collection of signed

bindings), C151d13 (Ramsden collection of

signed bindings), C151d14 (Ramsden

collection of signed bindings), C151d12

(Ramsden collection of signed bindings),

C154k12 (Ramsden collection of signed

bindings), C150b7 (Ramsden collection of

signed bindings, crest of Charles Stanhope,

Earl of Harrington, on covers), C150b9

(Ramsden collection of signed bindings, crest

of Charles Stanhope, Earl of Harrington, on

covers), C154k11 (Ramsden collection of

signed bindings)

Hering, Charles Binder C17a11 (for Duke of Marlborough), C23a25,

C109g1, C39c15 (and Muller, Fr.), C40b54,

C45k11, C29c13, C31a42, C51a19, ?C56d9-

11, C57b27, C57d4, C63d11 (for ???),

?C65d3, C69c3, C72a16, C108f16, C109g1,

C128c15, G889, G890, G1338, G2011

Page 137: Binding Index

(ticket), G2528, G2876, G2877, G3755,

G3983-5 (3 vols), G4457, C125c15,

?C125aa16, 1578/8579 (Paris), C8e10,

C29c13, C31a38, C32c19, C39g11-17,

20b10, 42f1, 53f18, 134c12, 13 (ticket),

216e1 (ticket), 675h5, 6, IC7847, C150b10

(signed), C151d13 (signed), C151a14

(signed), C154k10 (signed), C151d12

(signed), Davis219 (item 202, c.1805,

London, ticket), Davis291-292 (item 203,

c.1840, London, ticket 'bound by Hering, 9

Newman St.'), C154k9 (Ramsden collection

of signed bindings), C150b11 (Ramsden

collection of signed bindings), C194a395

(19th century, ticket 'bound by Hering, 9

Newman St.', Savile, John Lumley, 8th Earl

of Scarborough, 1788-1856, Rufford Abbey

Library bookplate), G7156?, G7986 (ticket),

G7991?, G8479 (ticket), G10544 (ticket),

G10451 (ticket) Hering [Henry?]

9 Newman St.,

Binder Collins 504

Hering, J. Binder C153g1 (signed)

Hering & Muller Binder C153g2 (signed)

Heritier Binder C155g12 (signed)

Hermann of


Binder C154f4 (Ramsden collection of signed


Hersant Binder C153g3 (signed)

Herzog, J. R. of


Binder C129g3, Tab687a1, Collins 837 (binder

spelled Hertzog for this item), Collins 838,

Collins 839 (?)

Hess, Johann Owner See H. B. (Davis621)

Hesse Cassel,

Ernest Landgrave

Owner C68a12

Hesselin, L. T. C. Owner C68b8


Alexander von

Owner C128b10-11

Hessian Cup408i18, Cup407r3

Hetherington, [R.

W.], Uxbridge

Binder Collins 136



Owner Davis674


Jan Bertus




Collins 949

Hewson, J. of

Thetford, 19th


Binder RB23a14741 (binder's ticket)

Page 138: Binding Index

Heyes & Jones,


Binder Collins 137

Heywarde, Sir


See John de Planche, see Morocco Binder



RB23a7763 (18th-century Irish binding with

the stamp of the Hibernian Academy gold

tooled on covers), C108bbb18

Page 139: Binding Index

Hickman, Trevor Binder C188a150

Hickman Owner C188b30 (arms of Hickman on binding)

Hicks, H., &


Binder C55h5


Edmund (?),


Binder Collins 505

Hiles, H[arriet], 1

Falcon Court, Fleet

St., Swansea

Binder Collins 872

Hilliard, Nicholas ?C23e8 or C23e9 (portrait and arms of

Elizabeth I, by Hilliard?)

Hiltbrunner, 19th


Binder C188a72

Hiron, J. S.,


Binder Collins 138 a and b

Hirou Binder C154d6 (signed)

Hiscox Binder C98c14 (for Percy) C188b57

Hoare, Sir

Richard Colt

Owner Davis193 (see Roger Payne)

Hobart, Henry Owner G14454 (initials on cover, name on flyleaf)

Hobson, A. R. A. Binder? Collins 1013, Collins 1014

Hodgson of


Binder Collins 139

Mr Hodgsons

Academy, Leeds

Owner C143c2 (inscription gold tooled on upper

cover, name of recipient, Mr I R Wardale of

Whitby, tooled on lower, 1791 gold tooled on

lower cover)

Hodgsons of


Binder C111c2-4

Hogan, James,

49 Locust, corner

of Second Street,

St. Louis

Binder Collins 977

Hogg, G[eorge] of


Binder Collins 140 a and b (2 vols)

Hogg, Isabella Davis720 (see Holloway)


Franziska von

C104e25 (pastepaper, 1785, monogram on


Holborn, Ian

B. Stoughton

Designer Collins 784

Holder, C. of


Binder Collins 141

Holl of Worcester Binder C150b12(1) (signed), RM21g23 (signed, gold

tooled silk)

Hollings Binder G2372

Page 140: Binding Index

Hollis, Thomas Owner C48e6, C48e25, C66e4 (Matthewman),

C66e9, C108bb4, C186bb30, C67f18, C69e2,

C108g22, Davis163 (item 174, c.1761,

London; by Matthewman), 696m16, 138e11


(Marseille. M.,

from 1854 at 25

Bedford St)

Binder C40e70, C44d26, C56e6, C68h15, Davis720

(item 223, c.1862, London; for Dudley Coutts

Marjoribanks, First Baron Tweedmouth, arms

of Dudley C. M. impaling those of his wife

Isabella Hogg, their monogram and motto on

lower cover, signed M. M. Holloway,

London), Music K7g1 (signed) horrible

marbled leather

Holmes, Charles Binder ?C108g12 (Charles Rickets HR), ?C108g13

(Charles Rickets HR)

Holzer, U. of

Boston, Mass.

Binder TauchX1a (printed binder's label, decorated

paper over boards)

Hood Derek Binder C188a140.

Hookham, T. Binder C42e9, C151e1 (Ramsden collection of

signed bindings, with crest of Earl of

Page 141: Binding Index

Clancarty on lower cover)

Hookham &


Binder C151e2 (signed)

Hoole, John R. Binder Collins 978

Hoon, W. of


Binder C151e3 (signed)

Horn, H., of


Binder Collins 840, Collins 841

Horseshoes 44h27 (Saint Bel Lecture, on the elements of

farriery 1793 book with accompanying

plaster hoofs and brass shoes)

Horton, Francis Owner K7i2(1-104) (Music Library, Settle binding)

Houghton & Cunn Binder C108cc5

Houlden, John of

Cambridge (active

from 1631)

Binder C108i14

Houlden, T., 3

Nicolson St.,


Binder Collins 785

House of

Commons Library

RB23c34 (17th-century Dutch binding with

arms of House of Commons Library added)

Horwood, 57

Holloway Rd.,


Binder Collins 506

Henry Howard,

Earl of


Owner C33g1, C67d13

Howell, S. B.,

of Birmingham

Binder Collins 142 (?)

Hoym, Count Owner G1569 (arms), G2463 (arms), G4719 (arms),

G6274 (arms), G6465 (arms and device),

G8433 (arms), G8545 (arms), G9218 (arms)

Hoyne, Comte d' Owner C46a31, C47a14, C69aa17, C7b4, C128c11,

C34f50, C39c66, C2b3

Hoyte, F. S.,

printer, bookseller

and stationer

Binder RB23a1695 (Stationer Sidmouth, label)

Hubel & Denck Binder C186a6, C129i22 (Leipzig), Collins 842

Huches & Kemp

of Oxford

Binder C58a19

Hudson & Kearns,

Southwark St.,


Binder Collins 507

Huet, Petrus,

Bishop of


Owner C64f6

Hughes, J., of


Binder Collins 874

Page 142: Binding Index

Hughes of


Binder Collins 873, Collins 875



Binder C69g9 (and George Fisher), C100l19 (and

George Fisher), C102e16 (and George

Fisher), C102l19 (and George Fisher),

C108g5 (and George Fisher)

Hulbert, C., of


Binder Collins 143

Hulin Binder C153g4 (signed)

Human Skin


None in BL, references in C J Davenport, The

Book, 1907, p. 180, e.g. in Carnavalet

Library, Paris (18th-century French), 2271b2,

Gerald Donaldson, Books, Oxford, 1981, p.

19, e.g. in Exeter (19th-century English)



Owner C43g1, C43h1

Page 143: Binding Index

Hundert of


Binder C153g5 (signed)

Huntingdon, Earl

of Hastings

Owner C67g10, C67h8

Hungerford C108tt1 (Hungerford Library Monogram)

Hunt, Rachel

McMasters Miller

Binder C108ff1

Hunt, William,

Tavern Street,


Binder Collins 144

Hunt & Sons,

of Birmingham

Binder Collins 145

Hunter, Dard Designer Collins 979

Hunter & Foulis

of Edinburgh

Binder Cup510dga16 (batik cloth, covers designed

by Joan Charleston)

Hunter, William

& Sons


Binder Collins 786, Collins 787 (Collins

Particular Bindings notes this company’s

link with D.A.F[oulis] see above?

Huntsman Binder Binder C129mm2 (covering IB37895a)

Hunzinger, A. of


Binder C125b15

Hurault family Owner G17209 (arms and cypher of a member of the

Hurault family, possibly Henri Hurault, Cte.

de Chiverny?)

Hussey see More,



Hussey Mosaic


Binder C118d50

Hutchins (C. I.,) Binder See Collins 1015 – various documents (a-g)

relating to Hutchins

Hutchinson, Hugh

of Durham

Binder Add MS30944

Hyde & Crewe of



Binder C150b13 (signed)

Hyde, Henry Binder See Queen's Binder A IV

Hynes, R., 7

Town Wall St.,


Binder Collins 146


Name Owner or



Page 144: Binding Index

I., H. Binder Davis16 (item 26, c.1530; signed,

possibly London)

I., L. C128f4 (gold tooled on English16th-c.


I., L. R. N. G. B. RB23a11685 (gold tooled initials and

arms on vellum, imprint: London,


I. H. R. I. G. Binder C153g6 (signed)

Imperial Arms See Lucas Weischner (Davis693)

Imperiali, Cardinal,

Joseph Renatus

Owner C106f19

'Impiger et Fidus' motto of Constable, G3630?, G5262?

Page 145: Binding Index

Ingalton of Eton Binder C151e5 (signed), C151e4 (signed)

'Ingenuas Suspicit


motto of Charles Long, Baron

Farnborough (c.1760-1838), trustee of

BM, left money to augment Bridgwater

fund, arms block used by BL bindery.

Ingoldsby Owner C70d10

Ingram Binder C151e6(1) (signed)

Initial Binder Binder C20a2 (for Robert Dudley), C82f11

(for Elizabeth I)

Innocent XI, Pope


Owner C67c20, C108h5, C128d4, C47f17

Innocent XII, Pope


Owner C47b2, C47f9, C47l7

Innocent XV, Pope Owner Add MS (arms on 17th-c. Italian


Ireland, Henry, 23

Ferry-quay-st., Derry

Binder Collins 293 (?)

Irish University Press


Binder See Desmond Smith

Iulius, Christophorus


Owner Davis629 (item 341, dated 1572)


Name Owner or



J., A. See Arthur Johnson

JNA Binder? Collins 333

J., T. R. See Trevor Jones

Jackson, J. (City road) 1568/8296

Jackson, James H.,


Binder Collins 790

Jackson, William, of


Collins 788, Collins 789

Jagd am Zaun (Kyriss

shop 81)


Page 146: Binding Index

James I (reign 1603-


Owner C18b13, C18c4, C18c11, C18c14,

C18e15, C20d3, C21d9, C21d12,

C21e13, C21f13, C22f4, C22f13,

C22f14, C22f15, C23e1, C23e12,

C24a27, C24b15, C24b23, C24b27,

C24c3, C24d3, C24d10, C24d16,

C24d5, C24f5-7, C24f12, C27a24,

C29k16, C37l9, C38i1, C39d51,

C40l3, C45h11, C45h12, C46e5,

C46f6, C46g3, C46i13, C46l6, C47f2,

C47f13, C47i11, C47k11, C47k21,

C47l14, C47u1, C48e8, C48h2, C48h3,

C48k4, C51h5, C53d15, C62g9,

C64a1, C64aa1, C64cc1, C64d3,

C64d12, C64dd1, C64g2, C64i3,

Page 147: Binding Index

C64q2, C65c4, C65i13, C66c12,

C66g1, C67d4, C67e7, C73a17,

C73a18, C73a19, C73b15, C73c1,

C73c2, C73c3, C73e1, C73g5, C73e6,

C73g5, C77e2, C78a1, C78d8, C80h9

(as James VI of Scotland), C82b12,

C83k1, C183b4 (Stuart arms as for

James I), Add MS 27, Roy MS 18bxx,

341d9, 438m7, 444l6, 473f9, 475f3,

476a21, 478c8, 478d3, 478g2-6,

480b?8, 480e7, 506h10, 521k7,

591g12, 596i6, 603k3, 609k10,

675e18, 690i10, 877h14, C122i1 (19th


James II (reign 1685-

deposed 1688, died


Owner C18e11 (monogram), C66f5 (as Duke

of York), C67e7 (arms made up

Antoine Ruette?), C67i8 (as Duke of

York), C83a1 (blind tooled crown and

initials, as on PP2465), C83a8 (J. R.,

crowned cypher), PP2465 (Almanachs

1687, crowned initials, gold tooled),

7h1 (for James II's own use, different

cypher, Mearne), 11g5 (for James II's

own use, different cypher, Mearne),

C83d1 (James's cypher), Davis526,

PP2465 (1687, cypher of James II,

crowned JR enwreathed), PP2465 (1-

27 (which year?), cypher of James II),

see Samuel Mearne IV. cipher on

Harley ms 3964. James VI of Scotland Owner Davis509

James, Earl of Murray Add MS 27,472 (16th c. Scottish

binding, on upper cover: Erle James of

Murray, on lower cover: to regent our


James, Angela P. Binder C183b8, C188b12 (signed, onlaid

binding, c.1980) Taylor 9, Taylor 23.

James, Gilbert,


Binder Collins 508

Janet, L. Binder C150h10 (signed)

Janet, fils Binder C153g8 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Janet, Louis Binder C108bb8, C153g7 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Jarrolds of Norwich Binder Collins 147

Jarvis & Forster,


Binder Collins 876

Jean Theodore, Prince

of Baravia, Bishop of


Owner C66e15

Page 148: Binding Index

Jeanes, E. (blib.)

successor to Mr W.

Strong, late Mr G.

1490c72 (19th c., L.Stuckley, A

Gospel Glass)

Page 149: Binding Index

Dyer, bookseller and

bookbinder opposite

Guildhall, Exeter

Jeffersons of Carlisle Binder 1578/6063

Jeffery, William, of


Binder Collins 148

Jeffrey, [John],

[Charlotte Street]

Binder Collins 509

Jenkins & Cecil Binder C39a20, C52a18, C56b10

Jennings, R. Binder C151e7 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindigns), C151e8 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Jerningham Owner Add MS 61916 (crest, gold tooled on

English ?18th c binding)

Jerrard Binder C30l7

"Je suis loyal" EG3510 (motto around arms on

binding by Leighton 19th c. English)

Jesus Maria on blind roll Oldham EB5B In(2) 935,


Jesuits College, Paris,

Binder of the

Binder Davis243

John IV, King of


Owner C46e17

John Frederick, Duke

of Brunswick

Owner C68c7

John Frederick, Duke

of Saxony

Owner C64aa3 (Charles V)

Johnson, A. Binder RB23b2443 (MS note says "Rebound

by A. Johnson, 1986. The text is James

Hamilton, Outlines of Midwifery


Johnson, Arthur Binder C108n11(4 small signed vols),

Davis242 (item 248, dated 1962;

signed and dated A J 1962)

Johnson, Maurice Owner Davis157 (item 157, c.1751; B and by

Christopher Norris)

J. Johnson & Co., of


Binder C154k13 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)

Jones, E. of


Binder C151e9 (signed)

Jones, Herbert,


Binder Collins 879, Collins 880

Jones, John, of

Liverpool, 19th c.

Binder C154k14 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), Add MS 50000

(signed inside upper cover)

Jones, Peter, England

20th-21st c.

Binder C188a33 (articulated wood), C188b23

(in wooden box)

Page 150: Binding Index

Jones, R. E., &

Brothers, Conway

Binder Collins 877, Collins 878

Jones, Simeon Glyn Binder C188b61.

Jones, Trevor Binder Davis280 (item 240, dated 1956;

Page 151: Binding Index

signed and dated in manuscript 'T R J

56'), Davis301 (item 241, 1958; signed

'T R J'), Davis281 (item 242, dated

1958; signed and dated 'Trevor Jones


de Jonge (19th c.?


Owner Add MS25,057, Add MS25,052-3,

Add MS25,061-2, Add MS25,066-69

Joni, Icilico Federico

(19th c. Italy, made


Binder C188c11 (fake wooden covers, gilt and

painted), C188c12

Jorba, F. Binder smk? (on Spanish embossed binding,

19th c.)

Joseph I Owner Davis642 (item 355, Vienna, c.1708;

portrait of Joseph I and his arms; same

binder on Davis637 (item 354))

Joseph II. Emperor of


Owner C46h5

Joublin Binder C153g9 (signed)

Journeaux of Cork Binder Collins 294

Joyce, Carol Binder Cup410g631 (printed ticket)

Jozon-Chauvet Binder C155f13 (signed)

Judde, Nicolas Owner C46a15

Juhasz Binder ZA shelfmark (20th c. Hungarian

binder; edition of Ship of fools bound

by Juhasz; purchase by Bridget Guzner

in 1999)

Juul-Lassen of


Binder 1568/9066?, Cup410aa6


Name Owner or



K., A. (King Edward &

Queen Mary Binder)

Binder Davis21 (item 37), includes initials


K., G. of Oxford C143b4 (initials on blind roll),

C143b7 (initials on blind roll; same

as b4?), Davis20 (item 34; c.1550-

1600, Oxford, signed G K)

K., H Binder? 3455ccc3 HK on Justice and

Lucrece panels.

Page 152: Binding Index

L., K. (blind roll) C48g5, C130i14, C48k9, C35h5 (all

with panel stamp of Henry VIIIs

arms; Oldham's Sva(b))

Page 153: Binding Index

K., M. B. 1509/2041 (tooled on upper cover;

Germany, 16th c.)

K., T. See Thomas Kruger

K., T. V. Owner C188a35 (Germany, 16th c.)

Kallenbach Binder C156k6 (signed), C156k7 (signed)

Kalthoeber Binder C156h14 (attributed to Kalthoeber)

Kalthoeber, Christian


Binder C2a17, ?C7c11, C11e9, ?C17c4,

C19e13, C27b38, C39h13, C48b14,

C65g10, C66g10, ?C156h14, G688,

G15727, G2316, G2620, G2941,

G3104, G3786, G5224, C1c8,

?45a7, 56h5, 125g1 (with ticket),

144e13, ?188a14, 188b5 (with

ticket), 190b5 (with ticket, c.1796),

238h16 (with ticket, c.1800), 289i20

(signed), 292d7 (signed blue ticket),

Davis194 (item 189; c.1782,

London), 60e18 (same tools as

Davis194), C151e10 (signed),

G6695 (ticket), G7202? , IB47049

signature gold on blue, Music

Hirsch I.644 (not signed poor

condition), Collins 511, Collins 512, Kampen prize binding

(19th c., Dutch)


Kangaroo skin C47i10 (The voyage of Governor

Phillip to Botany Bay., London,


Karadasius, Matheus Owner C20a14

Karslake, Constance Binder C188a159 (C19th brown gold,

probably by Karslake),

Kasparek, Zdenek (20th c.,


Binder 2 bindings acq by D Pavlik, to be


Kasparek, Zdenek (20th c.,


Binder Cup936/2167 (design incorporates a


Kaspers, Kornelius, of


Binder Collins 843

Kaufmann Binder C33a29

Kauffmann, J. (20th c.,


Binder YA1986b964

Kaunitz-Reitberg, Prinz


Davis617 (item 319, dated 1784,

probably made in Brussels, arms of

Prince von Kaunitz-Reitberg on

upper cover), G11771 (arms)

Page 154: Binding Index

Kaye, William,

5 Blackett St.,


Binder Collins 149

Kearney, Robert Owner C69d8 (and Francisco Nugent)

Keatinge, Henry of United


Binder 4017a50 (marbled sheep with title

label, signed (stamp) beneath

Page 155: Binding Index

imprint, on: J Muir, Examination,

Baltimore 1797)

Keene, Martin of Dublin Binder C154k15 (Ramsden collection,


Kelliegram binding C108u26 signed (elaborately

decorated doublure) pictorial style

by Kelly & sons

Kelly, J., 15 Gower Place,


Binder Collins 515, Collins 516, Collins

517, Collins 518

Kelly (19th c.) Binder C151e11 (signed)

Kelly & Sons C72e4 (signed)

Kempson, W., of Chertsey Binder Collins 150

Kemsyn, J. Binder Davis50 (2) (c.1470, Canterbury,

LD 14/2/94)

Kennedy of Knockgray Owner Arms of this family on the cover.

Kent, Alfred & Son,





?Collins 323

Kent, H. W. Binder? Collins 1016

Kenyon of Bolton Binder Collins 151

Kerk & Richardson,


Binder Collins 791

Kern & Mader, 7 Hunter

St., Sydney

Binder Collins 1001

Kermaire, Christine of the


Binder RF2000b59 (artists book, signed and

dated 1994)

Kern and Mader, 7 Hunter

Street, Sydney

Binder Collins 1001

Kerr & Richardson Ltd of

Glasgow (19th c.)

Binder C131de18, 1578/6418, RB23a1023

Kersten, Georg Binder C188a92

Kersten, P. of Germany

(20th c.)

Binder C108e8, C183a4 (see also marbled

papers in Olga Hirsch collection)

Kerver, Jacques Owner C64c11

Keysere, Pieter de Binder see Jovis de Gavare, Davis609

Kher, Richard V. D. Owner Davis348 (by Wootton, present from

Theodericus Thingen)

Kieffer, Rene of Paris Binder C108gg2, C186b5, C183aa9,

C188b4, C188b3

Kile, F. Binder C154k16 (signed), C150b14

(signed), C151e13 (signed),

C151e12 (signed)

Kings Binder S. C. Binder Davis416, Davis 417

Page 156: Binding Index

King, Abraham Bradley Binder Davis317 (item 264; c.1792, Dublin,

probably from workshop of A B

King (King's stationer 1784-1801)

King, Jessie M. Designer Collins 792

King, John, of Andover Binder Collins 153 (?). C188a216

King, R., of Alton Binder Collins 152

King, Robert Binder C108i10, Davis217-218 (item 201;

c.1805, Hythe (ticket))

King Edward & Queen

Mary Binder (16th c.


Binder C104dd25?, C24c20, C65gg6,

C27e13, Davis58 (item 36; c.1550,

London, For William Bill, initials

W. B. in centre of panel), Davis21

(item 37; c.1552, London, motto in

centre 'Si ders nobiscum quis cantra

nos', monogram of Thomas

Goodrich, initials A. K. added),

Davis87 (item 38; c.1554, London,

for Queen Mary, initials in centre)

Page 157: Binding Index

King Henry's Binder Binder C18c9

Kingsnorth, J. P. Owner C107bb81 (1809), C107bb80 (1808)

Kingston, H. Binder C154k17 (signed)

Kinnear Owner C21d18 (arms)

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

(20th c., Germany)

C129i7 (Kirchner designed binding)

Kirkpatrick, Andrew J.

(19th c., England)

Owner C190aaa31 (bound by Riviere,


Kiselova, Jana C125dd24 (designed binding?)

Kisiel (19th c.) Binder C155g13

Kitcat, G. Binder C109a62

Kitcat, G & J., Ltd.,


Binder Collins 519

Klarner, Johann Owner Egerton MS1182 (initials I K N on

album owned by him, binding dated


Kleinhans Binder C153g10 (signed)

Klunder, Christian of

Berlin (20th c.)

Binder Cup409b15

Knecht, A. Binder C54c3 (signed, 19th c.)

Knecht of Strasbourg Binder C150h11 (signed, same as A.


Kniesbeck, Thomas von

(16th c., Germany)

C188a35 (TvK and MS note

identifying him b.t. bg.)

Knill? & Sons, Account

Book Manufacturers,


Binder Collins 154

Kniper, Thomas Binder Davis692 (for Anne of Denmark)

Knorr & Hirth or Nirth? of

Munchen (20th c.)

Binder Cup408rrr9

Koch, Heinrich of

Stuttgart (Buchbinderei)

Binder C129a8 (design Hasert), 11521aaa42

Collins 836

Koch, Oscar, Zwonitz Binder Collins 844

Koberger, of Nuremberg


IB7413 (bound for Koberger's shop)

Koch, Jeanette Binder Taylor 2, Taylor 7.

Koehler of Paris (19th c.) Binder C40c49 (for Alphonse Audenet),

C29d3, C30m11, C34g31, C59g2,

C22a56, C29m10, C30e17, C38a32,

C39d14, C39d17, C39e22, C39g2,

C40a49, C40b23, C40b30, C54b10,

C54bb10, C57c1, C59fff4, C97aa17

(signed), C125e11, IB39601,

C34m14, 11474b29, G6775 (all


Page 158: Binding Index

Koehler Binder C150h13 (signed), C153g11

(signed), C155g14 (signed),

C150h12 (signed), C97aa17


Page 159: Binding Index

Koeniger Binder C153g12 (signed)

Kohn, Madeline (20th c.) Binder C72c5 (signed)

Kostelezki Binder C153h1 (signed)

Koudacheff, S. V. Prince Owner C108aa13

Krause Binder C47k6 (for Augustus I, Earl of


Krauss Binder C155g15 (signed)

Krauss, G. F. of Vienna Binder C156k17 (signed), C156k16

(signed), C128h1 (ticket)



Owner C129c26 (arms gold tooled on lower


Kroese, J. G. Stenfert,


Binder Collins 950

Kronheim Binder C155a1 (signed), C155a2 (signed)

Kruger, Thomas Binder Davis692 (item 342; c.1573,

Wittenberg, signed T K, portrait

dated 1563, arms of Denmark and

Saxony painted on foreedge)

Krumin of Boston Binder C122h6

Krupka, Atelier (Czech


Binder RF2002c16, RF2002b59,

RF2002a93, RF2002b58,

RF2002a91, RF2002C15,


Kruseman, A C Binder C108u7, paper label on upper

pastedown, maybe binder.


Name Owner or



L., A. A. M. see Amandus Schickmayer

L., A. M. Owner C188a212 Initials A M L (may not be in

that order) gold tooled on lower cover of

20c art deco style book.

L., D. C66f5 and C67i8 (monogram with Royal

coronet; James, Duke of York see James


L.E.G.O. spa of


Binder Collins 940

L., H. (Hans Lietz,

late 16th, early 17th

century, Augsburg?)

L12e8 (roll with H L)

Page 160: Binding Index

L., H. see also Henry Yelverton; C25b20 (H L

gold tooled on cover), C11a27 (H L

tooled on upper cover, black calf, 16th

Page 161: Binding Index

century, English, Henry Yelverton),

61b21 (H L blind tooled on upper cover)

L., J (John Leighton)

For [Robert] Spencer

and Son

Binder Collins 664

L., K. Binder C48g5 (with panel stamp of Henry VIII's

arms), C130i14 (Oldham's Sva(6)),

C48k9 (Oldham's Sva(6)), C35h5

(Oldham's Sva(6))

L., L. (surmounted

by Earl's coronet)

Owner Music H385v, Music H385 w-aa, Music


L., L. (back to back,

English tool (see also

French version of

monogram for King


62b11, 195c15, 225e13, 288b5 (spine,

deteriorated), Davis316 (may alos be an

Irish tool), if its 18 Fr, its likely to be

Louis XV, Boulter Griesson's Binder uses

a tool similar to this

L., M. C183c8 (initials gold tooled on 17th-

century English binding)

L., M. I. W. C110e6 (initials and date 1584 silver(?)

tooled on vellum wrappers)

L., R. (roll) C64f4 (eagle and R. L. on roll)

La Bedoyere Owner G16850? (arms)

Laballe, L.,

27 Quai de l’Horloge,


Binder Collins 921

Labreveux Binder C155h1 (signed)

Labunsky, Johannis

also Lebunsky or


Owner C66f9

Lacouture Binder C155h2 (signed)

Lagny, Jeune Binder C153h2 (signed)

Lagondie, Joseph,

Comte de

Binder C189d16

Laine Binder C153h3 (signed)

Lake of Uxbridge Binder C151e14 (signed)

Laker, W., West St.,


Binder Collins 155

Lakeride press of


Binder C103k7

Lalande Binder C28l12, C150h14 (signed), C153h4


Lambert Binder C153h5 (signed)

Lambert, A. Binder C153h6 (signed)

Lambert, N. Owner 67i6 (arms)

Lamport-Smith, L. Binder? Collins 1017

Lancashire, M. of


Binder C151f1 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Page 162: Binding Index

Landy, of Kilkenny Binder Collins 295

Lanfranconi Owner C67c27

Langdale, T. of


Binder C154k18 (signed)

Langwell, W. H. Binder Collins 520, Collins 521

Lanisignon, Owner C29m9

Page 163: Binding Index

Guillaume de

Lanne Binder C153h9 (signed)

Larcher Owner C69a4

Larchier of Lyons Binder C153h10 (signed)

Larcom, Thomas A. Owner C188a1 (presentation binding to Larcom)

Lard-Esnault of

Paris, Rue Peydeau

Binder RM21e10 (embossed paper binder's


Larkins, J. Binder C40k2, C135e5, Ch790/226, Collins 522

Larner & Ackbourn,


C194a154 name on ink stamp in picket

book of 19c photos – may not be binder.

Larriviere Binder C155h3 (signed), C156k8 (signed)

Laski, J. Owner Davis651

Lasserin, Judith Binder C130bb8

Last, Arthur Binder Davis282 (item 243; dated 1957)

Lattice Binder of


Binder C129g8 (Gerson Johannis, Opera pt III,

1494), IB7480A (Homeliarius,

Doctorum, 1494)

Laud, William,

Archbishop of


Owner C67f3, C109q10 (by Lord Herbert's


Lauderdale, Viscount


Owner C67a14, C67b16

Laufberger, A., 743-

II, Prague

Binder Collins 845

Lauffert, J. Binder G10912 (signed)

Laurent, R. Binder C153h11 (signed)

Laurier Annette Joyce Binder C118a168

Laurin, Marc Owner Davis685 (item 303; c.1566), Davis497-


Lauscelin, France

19th century

513e26 (signed)

Laut Dog on "Laut"

binding ?


Lauweryn, Marc see

also Laurin, Marc

Owner Davis352 (by Claude de Picques)

Lavaux AD Binder C188b71(signed)

Law, E. Owner C45g13

Law, Vera, 20th c.,


Binder C188a94

Lawrence Asylum

Press [bindary],


Binder Collins 994, Collins 995

Page 164: Binding Index

Lawson, J., 66

Darlington St.,


Binder Collins 156

L.C.C. Central

School of Arts &

Crafts teacher P.


Binder C98h3, C99h25

Lear, P. Binder


Collins 793 (Lear probably responsible

only for the lettering on the cover)

Leathley, Joseph Binder see The College Binder, Collins 296 (?)

Lebatteux of Le


Binder C153h12 (signed)

Lebrun Binder C37c45, C37d34, C10i3 (signed & dated

Page 165: Binding Index

1839), C153i1 (signed), C150i2 (signed)

Lecler Binder C150i4 (signed)

Le Clerc de


Owner G1783 (arms), G2851 (arms), G4306

(arms), G7194 (arms)

Lecrene of Caen Binder C153i2 (signed)

Leczuiska, Marie

(Queen of Louis XV)

Owner C48c15

Ledergerber, [Johann] Binder


Collins 846

Ledoux Binder C150i7 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C150i6 (Ramsden Collection

of signed bindings), C150i5 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Lefeaux, I. of


Binder C155a3 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Lefebvre Binder C22a37, C38b24, C39b9, C42g3,

C129d16, C153i3 (signed), C150i8


Le Feuvre Binder C44e

Le Fevre de la


Owner G1175 (arms)

Le Fuel Binder C108bbb15, C153i4 (signed), C183a42

Legnier, Pierre

Philippe, Chancellor

of France

Owner C47k2, C67a21, C68a5

Lagrain, J. Antoine Binder Davis556

Legrain, Pierre Binder C108w8

Lehmann, Carl Jun.

of Berlin

Binder C130bb13

Lehrner of Vienna Binder C154f5 (signed)

Leibnitz Binder C150i9 (signed)

Leicester, Earl of see

Robert Dudley


Leighton Binder C53bb12

Leighton, John Binder Collins 526

Leighton, Son, &

Hodge, Shoe Lane,


Binder Collins 524, Collins 527, C188a261


Leighton Straker

Bookbinding Co. Ltd.,

Standard Rd., Acton

Binder Collins 523, Collins 525, Collins 528,

Collins 529

Lehrner, Jos.

compegn of Vienna

Binder C69g11 (signed)

Leiden, First

Dissertation Binder

Binder C109m48

Page 166: Binding Index

Leighton (To be


Binder C188a26

Leighton see

Leighton Son &


C34c44, C37b54, C44d12-13, C53bb12,

C53d16, C57i7, C108c34, IA8105,


Leighton, J. of

Brewer Street

Binder C141a14, 1578/4667, IB2384A (signed),

Eg3510 (signed) C188a259 (signed)

IN38461 (signed but the binding is plain) Leighton, Frederick


see T J Cobden-Sanderson cont (Davis


Page 167: Binding Index

Leighton, Son &


Binder C109c2 (binder's ticket), C109d5

(binder's ticket), C109d6 (binder's ticket),

C109d7 (binder's ticket), C109d9-10,

C129b5, C129e1, C30a12, 7954aaa29

(binder's ticket), YA1996a18205 (Ouida

Puck, 1874, binder's ticket), 12639bb8,

KTC15a11, Tab1216a, C66i?

Leighton, William


Binder C66i13

Leighton-Straker Binder C99f38, C99f40-41, C109d18,

Collins 525

Leisegang, Germany? Binder Collins 847

Leishman, T. Binder C155a4 (attributed to Leishman), C151f2


Lejard Binder C150i10 (signed)

Lemaistre of


Binder C153i5 (signed)

Leimaitre of Nogent Binder C153i6 (signed)

Lemieux, T. of


Binder C109f3

Lemol C65h11

Lenoelaine Binder C155h5 (signed)

Lenzi of Milan Binder G11376 (signed)

Lesni, P. Binder G9873 (signed)

Leo X, Medici, Pope Owner C42a3

Leo XI, Medici,


Owner C47g9

Leonard of Rugeley Binder C155a6 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Leopold I Davis637 (item 354; c.1688, Vienna,

portrait of Leopold I), Davis642 (item


Lepre of Nantes Binder C153k2

Leroux, Georges Binder C108w7

Leslie, J. Binder C35f5

Lesne Binder C155h7 (signed)

Lesne, Fils Binder C155h6 (signed, dated 1823)

Lestringant Binder C155h8 (signed)

Letellier, C. U.,

Archbishop of


Owner C47b10, C47c3-4, C47c7, C47d12

Le Tellier, J. C.,

Marquis de


Owner G1483 (arms)

Page 168: Binding Index

Letellier, Michel,

Chancelier of France

Owner C47g12, C47h1

Leteurtre of Bologne Binder C153k5 (signed), C153k4 (signed)

Levasseur & Co. Binder C97b13

Levett of Cambridge Binder C150b15 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Lefeuvre, C.,

Beresford St., Jersey

Binder Collins 902, Collins 903

Leurei, Cap. Magg Binder Collins 941

Lewer, H. of Pimlico Binder C130a26

Lewis, C. C20a22, C25c12, C25c19, C25d9,

C25g7, C27h13, C29g10, C29m2,

C30b13, C20d10, C21a20, C21c2,

C21d14, C23a17, C24c12, C21a58,

C33a13, C35b17, C35c14, C35c24,

C35i8, C35k6, C36h, C39b43, C39b65,

C39c13, C39c56, C39d2, C39g9,

C40a25, C41c7, C41c22, C45c4, C53c13,

C54b25, C57a3, C57b47, C57e10,

C57e12, C57e15, C58f13, C61b12,

C62b24, C63b47, C63h13, C65f2,

C67a24, C71a13, C71b24, C72c8 (1812),

C71b25, C108a19-20, C108aa8,

C108bbb2, C108f17, C110b11,

C116bb11, C122bb11, C122d22, C132i7,

C132i15, C132i66, C20b17, C20d12 (for

Ternay-Companis), C1b4 (for the Duke

of Devonshire), G1036, G1146, G1199,

G1453, G1942?, G2359, G2371, G2410,

G2454, G2457, G2916-7 (2 vols), G3241,

G3685, G3780, G3797, G3912, G4071-

24, G4418, G4957, G1349?, G4990,

C20a22, C25c12, C25c19, G33-5 (3

vols), G476, G8730, 269c7, Huth46

(signed), Huth62 (signed), Huth90

(signed), G519?, G963?, G966 (signed),

G746 (signed), G972 (signed), G1128

(signed), G1195 (signed), G1236,

G1349?, G6212 (signed), G6442, G6563,

G6566, G7037 (signed), G7175, G8016

(signed), G8253 (signed), G8254

(signed), G8316 (signed), G8514

(signed), G8730, G8731, G8974 (signed),

G9351 (signed), G9358 (signed), G9362

(signed), G942 (signed), G9533 (signed),

G9766 (signed), G9819 (signed), G9843

(signed), G9844 (signed), G9861

(signed), G9918 (signed), G9952

(signed), G10132 (signed), G10190

(signed), G10239 (signed), G10239

(signed), G10325 (signed), G10335

Page 169: Binding Index

(signed), G10440 (signed), G10464

(signed), G10477 (signed), G10524

(signed), G10634 (signed), G10745

(signed), G10811 (signed), G10947

(signed), G10967 (signed), G10970

(signed), G11012 (signed), G11042

(signed), G11064 (signed), G11173

(signed), G11184 (signed), G11185

(signed), G11254 (signed), G11281

(signed), G11285 (signed), G11286,

G11289 (signed), G11352 (signed),

G11358 (signed), G11360?, G11370

(signed), G11371 (signed), G11434

(signed), G11500 (signed), G11521?,

G11631 (signed), G11675 (signed),

G11690 (signed), G11708 (signed),

G11750 (signed), G11833 (signed),

G11845 (signed), G11896 (signed),

G11978 (signed), G12076 (signed),

G12143 (signed), G12169 (signed),

G12196 (signed), C155a5(1) (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings), C151f3

(signed), C151f4 (signed), G12215

(signed), G12726 (3 vols, signed),

G15864 (signed), G15865 (signed),

G17400 (signed), G17918 (signed),

G18899 (signed), G5713 (signed), G6212

(signed), G6702 (signed), G6703?,

G6971, G7025, G6988, G9153 Lewis, William, 22

Duke St., Cardiff

Binder Collins 881

Lewis & Sons Binder C111e16,

Lewis & Sons (John),

Gough Square,

Fleet Street

Binder Collins 530, Collins 532, Collins 1032

Leycester C188a113 (arms of Leycester), C188a114


Leyden 165n4 (arms of Leyden on vellum,


Libermann Binder C153k6 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C156k9 (signed)

Libreria Rosa,

Bouret Y CIA

Binder Cup407mm28

Lidstone of


Binder C150b16 (signed)

Lierres, Etienne de C143b8 (Lierres designed binding and

illustrated endleaves)

Linan Cisneros,


Archbishop of Lina

Owner C66g8

Lincolns Inn Library Owner 1606/255 1606/930 both have coat of

Page 170: Binding Index

arms on spine.

Lincolns Inn Fields Owner Cup408ss22

Page 171: Binding Index

Lindau, Hayntzell de Owner C69c10

Linde, A. (Andreas) Binder 217f24 (1751), 218d3 (1751), Davis162

(item 173; London, c.1761)

Lindenberg, A. F. Owner 1578/3938 (1777)

Lindheim, Louisa,

with pieces by Sophie


Binder Collins 847

Lindner Binder see Fargher and Lindner

Lindsay, Jen Binder C183d14, C188c23, Taylor 4, Taylor 11.

Linn, John,

bookbinder at

Locke's Head


Binder NTab2025/11(21)

Lion of St Mark on

Commissions of

Doge of Venice


Add MS31,157, Add MS26,067, Add

MS15,127, Add MS23,769, Add

MS16,996, Add MS18,066, Add


Lion of St Mark,

Ivory Carving on

early binding


Add MS23,931

Lionne Owner C68f7

Little Gidding Binder Add MSS34657/9, C23e4, C23e2, C23e3,

C27d15, C188a14 (gold-tooled green

goatskin) Positive microfilms c23e3 Mic

A 20080, mic c23e3 MicA 20081, c23e4

Mic A 20082.

Littlewood, J. of


Binder C156i1 (signed)

Livraria Bertrand

Press Bindery (Port)

Binder C109k5

Llanlillo, J., Calle

de las Delicias,

Santiago de Chile

Binder Collins 988

Lloyd, 36 Chandos

Street, Strand,


Binder 1560/4650, Davis261 (item 211; c.1821,

London, ticket)

Lloyd & Son,


Binder Collins 883

Lloyd (of Lloyd &


Binder C31g2 (signed "Lloyd"), Huth83

(signed), C62d11 (signed), C71e20

(signed "FRS Lloyd), C114b17, C116b19

Lloyd see Lloyd &


Binder C31f11, C31g2, C53gg32, C58i10,

C62d11, C71d14, C71e20 (FRS Lloyd),

C114b17, C116b19

Lloyd, E. and J.


Binder 3405bb7 (binder's ticket), Collins 882

Page 172: Binding Index

Lloyd, Edmund Binder C151f5 (signed)

Lloyd & Wallis Binder C53aa9, C53aa10, C53aa20

Lloyd, Wallis &


Binder C20c21, C53aa34, C53gg12, C54bb11,

C55b12, C57b31-32, C62b11, C96b13,

C107g7, IA40560

Page 173: Binding Index

LCC Central School

of Arts & Crafts

Binder C98h3, TC4a17 (signed), C99k25

(binder's label), C108g1

Lobstein-Lavenchet Binder C103h24

Lock, Margaret Binder Cup410bb39

Lock, W. Binder C155a7 signed

Locker, E. H. Owner C64dd8

Lockwood &

Brainard Co

Tauch328-329, Tauch381-382 b(2)

Lodron, Antonius,


Owner Davis630 (item 343; dated 1574, arms of

Count Lodron on upper cover)

Lokfali of Shiraz (?) Binder Davis653

Lombaerts Binder C45h4

Lomenie, Comte de Owner C46d6, C25d1 (L. H. Lomenie), G425,

Harley Ms 4038 (Antoine de Lomenie), London County

Council, Central

School of Arts &


see LCC Central School of Arts & Crafts

Long of Taunton Binder 1502/356, C151f6 (signed J. Long of


Longepierres, Baron


Owner C19f3, Davis471, Davis472


Viscount, Henry


Owner C11a27, C21a57, C67g12, C45b12,

502g5, 137f16, 4825c24, G2409, G3323,


Loraine of Newcastle Binder C151g1 (signed)

Lorimer, William,

Ltd., Glasgow

Binder Collins 794

Loring & Co., B., 120

& 122 State Street,


Binder Collins 980

Lorraine-Armagnac 284c32, 33 (arms of Lorraine-Armagnac)

Lorraine, Duke of,

Charles Alexander

Owner C67a4

Page 174: Binding Index

Lortic see Lortic-

freres, see Lortic-fils

Binder C25b3, C25l15, C30a20, C30a21,

C30a24, C30d37, C30i8, C31b29,

C31b37, C20d23, C36d13, C35a22,

C37b9, C37d57, C38b2, C38b11-12,

C38b14, C38b25, C38b25, C38d18,

C38f12, C38i9, C38i11, C39a65, C39a66,

C39c67, C39d69, C39d67, C39d68,

C39d71, C39f23, C39g1, C39g21,

C39g22, C40b15, C40b18, C40b19,

C40b28, C40b47, C40c42, C40d50,

C45g1, C52b1, C53aa7, C53g7, C56b2,

C57a14, C57a15, C57aa6, C57d18,

C58cc20, C62a11, C62a13, C62a15,

C62aa20, C62b19, C63h29, C71cc1,

C97g1, C107a3, C107bb16, C69d18,

C115s5, C125c2 C20d23, C40i28,

Page 175: Binding Index

C62aa20 (miortic), C62a13, IA40351,

11405aa10, 11474e38, PC27b8 (signed),

PC30f6 (signed), PC30f7 (signed),

PC30f8 (signed), PC30f10 (signed),

PC30f11 (signed), PC30f12 (signed),

PC30f13 (signed), PC30f14 (signed),

PC30f15 (signed), PC30f16 (signed),

PC30f17 (signed), PC30f18 (signed),

PC30d1 (signed), PC30d3 (signed),

Lortic Fils C40i63, C57aa6, C62aa21, IB21041

Lortic Freres Binder C53a28, C57k25, C57k26, C132i28

Loudoun, Earl of Owner C64f5

Louis XII bindery C19e17 (for Henry Viii), Davis362

Louis XIII Owner C24b11, C46e16, C46h2, C46l1, C47g15,

C56f12, C65g2, C66a7, C67b4, C67h9,

C108k8, G4254 (arms of Louis XIII and

Anne of Austria), G6685 (initials of

Louis XIII and Anne of Austria), G7075

(initials of Louis XIIII and Anne of


Louis XIV Owner C46d22, C46f2, C46h8, C47c9, C47k10,

C47h8, C48d8, C66c11, C66c8, C66c11,

C66c8, C68f6, C69a1, C69c8, C69ee3,

C69ee10, C128k4, C128k6, C128k5,

C128h2, 6d10, 53i10 (arms and cypher),

Davis411, Davis470, Davis469, G340

(arms), G1295 (arms of the Dauphin

Louis), G10858 (arms and monogram)

Louis XV Owner C38d21, C46b27, C46c11, C46d2 (Louis

the Dauphin, Louis XV's son), C46h1,

C47a23, C47b3, C47g5, C47k9,

C65bb18, C68d20, C69dd1 (Louis

XVI?), C72d4, C128k12, C128k13, Add

MS61936, 1570/5984, C47d29, C47b4,

G974 (arms)

Louis, the Dauphin,

son of Louis XV

Owner C48f5, C48b13 (also has his wife's arms),

C47h11, C69b11, C46d2

Louis XVI Owner C47a21, C47a18, C47c25, C128k14,

C47d4 (also has his wife's arms), C46g8

(also has his wife's arms), Lansdown Ms

1214 (arms) Louis XVIII (1755-


Owner C97f6-22, C108k12, C130c1, C30d36

(also has his wife's arms), C68b19 (also

has his wife's arms), C69g5 (also has his

wife's arms), C69b10 (also has his wife's

arms), C47h9 (also has his wife's arms),

C47e19 (also has his wife's arms),

Page 176: Binding Index

C47d25 (also has his wife's arms),

C154f12 (arms)

Louis of Lorraine Owner C38d21, C46b27, C46c11, C46d2,

C46h1, C47a23, C47b3, C476g5, C47k9,

C65bb18, C68d20, C69dd1 (XVI?) Louis

the Dauphin, Louis C1482V's Son),

C72d4, C128k12, C128k13, Add MS

61936, 1570/5984

Louis of Lorraine Owner C24f9-10


d'Artois (b. 1775-d

1844), eldest son of

Charles X and Duke

of Angouleme and

sometime Dauphin

Owner C188a4, C150i10 (arms) c183f7

Louis Philippe Owner C153b9 (arms), C153e5 (monogram),

C153g10 (initials)

Louis Philippe

Joseph, duc

d'Orleans (1747-


Owner PC16e1 Arms and initials

Lovejoy, John Binder Davis223 (item 207; c.1812, London),

C155a8 (attributed to Lovejoy, Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Low, J., bookseller

and bookbinder, No.

1 Gray's Inn Passage

Bedford Road

Binder 566f30 (label), C150b17 (signed)

Low, J[oseph], 43


Buildings, Chancery

Lane, London

Binder Collins 533, Collins 534, Collins 536

Low, S. Binder C151g2 (signed), Collins 535?

Lowe, J., 14 Little

Queen St., Lincoln’s

Inn Fields, London

Binder Collins 537 (?)

Lubbock of


Binder C108s3, C151g3 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C155a9 (signed)

Lubett, Denise Binder C129m12, C109q3?

Lucy of Marlborough Binder C188a39

Ludovicus a Lilius Owner Davis429

Lunier-Belier of


Binder C153k8 (signed), C153k7 (signed)


Montmorency, Duc


Owner C67a16, C68a10

Page 177: Binding Index



Duchesse de


Owner C67c12

Luynes Owner J B d'Albert de Luynes see Albert de

Page 178: Binding Index


L., L.V. Binder C81h8 Initials in roll on 16c English


Lycett, Edward Binder C108b10 (binder's ticket - Nelson Street,

City Road), C151g4 (signed)

Lyon, S. of


Binder C151g5 (signed)


Name Owner or



M., C. G8552 (cypher)

M, C 1487k3 (initials tooled on 16c roll

featuring King David, St Peter etc)

M., D. Binder C154g25 (signed)

M., E. C118d27 (initials tooled on 1600-

1650 English binding)

M., E. C118d33 (initials tooled over two

other tools on English 1600-50


M., E.V. C106e15 (initials blind tooled on

upper cover, lower cover dated 1566)

M., F. Owner Davis838

M.G. de R.R. Binder Collins 213

M., L. C119dd1 (initials gold tooled on upper

cover 17th century English binding)

M., M. Davis98 (item 93; c.1640, London,

initials M. M. in centre together with

the royal arms) see the Sombre Binder


M., M. M. C131ff9 (tooled on upper cover,

Germany 16th century)

M., P. C65bb1 (initials gold tooled on

English 1600-50 binding, initials T. V.

also on binding), C66d1 (initials gold

tooled on English 1600-50 binding,

initials S. H. also on binding)

M., R. O. Davis612 (item 308; dated 1630,

possibly made in Holland, spine

lettered 'ROM 1630')

MacCance, William Binder C102h11 (+ George Fisher)

MacCarthy Binder C13d3

Page 179: Binding Index



Owner C38b10 (by Weir), C156i7 (by Weir),

G9007 (by Weir)

MacColl Mathieson,


Binder C108d1(not signed but letter tipped

in), Davis278 (item 231; dated 1903,

for Cyrill Davenport, large cartonche

with 'CD 1902', signed and dated MC


MacDonald, Mrs Annie

(Scottish & Member

Guild Women Binders)

C188a26 (modeled leather)

MacDonald, W. of New


Binder C59g3 (signed), LR31c4 (rebacked by

British Museum)

MacDurnan Gospels

Binder, Bateman


Binder Add MS36705, C80a20, C47l3,

C132i59, C46i13, C183a18, Add

MS19889, C46i10, C78i4, C18b13,

G12228, C21b9, C46k4, C48k4,

C46l3, C22f20, C48k1, C21e13,

C78g1, C46i11, C80i5, C24c3,

C46i13, C21d9, 87h6, 1214k6 (same

centre piece as C21d9), C18b13,

C78g1, C21e13, C48k1, C46i11,

Davis26 (item 48; c.1567, London),

Davis91 (item 49; c.1570, London),

Davis27 (item 50; c.1571, London),

Davis28 (item 51; c.1575, London),

becomes John Bateman binder:

Davis92, Davis93 (for Robert Sidney,

Vicount Lisle)

Macefield, J[ohn],

26 Myrtle St.,

Hoxton, London

Binder Collins 540

Macfarlan, W. Owner C69aa15

Macnaughten Designer Collins 795

Mahomet, Janet



McKelvie of Greenoch Binder C114b38, C130c4, C188b51

McKelve & Sons of


Binder C25e2

Page 180: Binding Index

MacKenzie, J Binder C20d27, C25a11, C25b1, C25b9,

C25b21, C25c14, C25d10, C25e24,

C25e16, C27a19, C27a35, C27c4,

C28g3, C30d16, C31d1, C32f1,

C32f15, C40a26, C40d19, C51c2,

C51d6, C53b13, C55d26, C57i3,

C108gg17, C117bb23, C122bb4,

C122c1, C122e4, C123b27, C123e25,

C30h9 (+ Seton), C33e4, C32f16-18,

C33a5, C33b22, C33d17, C33g5,

C33g6, C34h9, C35h16, C37c24,

C39b28, C39c34, C39c41, C39d55,

C39e25?, C39e57, C39e61?,

C51c2(signed) G4342, G5254,

G1213, G1219, G1577, G2303,

G3629, C66b8, C108gg17,

C117bb23, C122bb4, C122c1,

Page 181: Binding Index

C122e4, C123e25, C31d1, C20e33

(signed), Huth120 (signed), C66b8

(signed), G936 (signed), G1207

(signed), G1213 (signed), G1219

(signed), G1245 (signed), G1497

(signed), G1577 (signed), G5802

(signed), G5857 (signed), G5892

(signed), G6500 (signed) G6551-8

(signed), G6561 (signed on cover),

G6568 (signed), G9912 (signed),

G12078 (signed), G12194 (signed),

692a12 (signed), 982h20 (signed),

1199b1 (signed), 12935bb14 (signed),

C150b18 (signed), C151g7 (signed),

Add MS12,024, G7634, G5505

(signed), G5492 (signed), G5584

(signed), G5592 (signed), G5710

(signed), G5781 (signed), G5965

(signed), G6723 (signed), G6871

(signed), G6812 (signed), G7165

(signed), G8032, G9965 (signed),

IB53207 (signed Mackenzie

Bookbinder to the King).

Mackenzie, J., 4 Crown

St., Westminster

Binder Collins 538, Collins 539

Mackenzie, William, of


Binder Collins 297

McKelvie, J., Greenock Binder Collins 800

McKenzie of Dublin Binder C155a10 (signed), C151g6 (signed)

MacKinlay, John Binder G8032, G11795-11811, G11958-

G11965, G11969-G11977

MacLehose of Glasgow,

19th c. Scottish

Binder C188b37 (signed), Collins 796 a and

b, Collins 797

MacLiesh, Archibald Binder C183aa12

McLeish, C&C Binder C72a5, C108k7, C125e7, Add


McLeish, Charles Binder C72a5 (signed), C72a13 (signed, +

Cobden Sanderson), C108k7,

C108pp1, IA11657

McManus, Blanche Designer Collins 982

MacMillan & Co Binder C60i5

McMasters, Rachel &

Miller Hunt (RMcMM)

Binder C108ff1 (1916)

MacNair Binder G12850-8 (signed), C155a11 (signed)

MacNiven & Wallace,

of Edinburgh

Binder Collins 798

McNamee of


Binder Tauch838-40, Tauch2818a (signed,

plain binding)

Page 182: Binding Index

McNeill of Ashby de la


Binder C59f10, C150b19(1) (signed)

McNish of Dalbeattie Binder C151g8 (signed)

MacTaggart, James Binder C129a18?

Mackey, T. B., 5

Bache’s Row, City

Binder Collins 541

Madan, William Owner C65k12

Page 183: Binding Index

Madonna, Maria &

Nachfloger, Koberger

Binder 11422k18

Madruzzo Owner C46a33 (arms)

Magdalena, Sophia Owner 144g9 (with cyphers of Christian VI

and Sophia Magdalena)

Maggs, Bryan Binder C108w5

Magnant, Isabella Cup407g52 (red morocco label on

paste down of P. Magnant, The

French Scholar's Assistant, London,

1762; bound in gold tooled marbled


Magnier, Ch. Binder C129i1

Magnus, Albert, of


Binder C65gg7, C23e13, C35l9, Davis717-

718 (item 309; c.1669, Amsterdam),

X981/10985 (20th-century imitation

of Magnus binding)

Maher, C. W. of Dublin Binder C155a13 (signed)

Mahomed, Janet Binder C188?, Collins 542

Magnus of Antwerp Binder C35l9, C65gg7?

Mahieu, Thomas Owner C132h49, C46i3, C129k17, C19d12

(Tho Maioli et Amicor), C24c19 (Tho

Maioli et Amicor), C27f9 (Tho Maioli

et Amicor), C46i3 (Tho Maioli et

Amicor), G9138 (Tho Maioli et

Amicor), Davis403, Davis406,

Davis408, Davis358, Davis504,

Davis409-410, Davis384, C132h49

(gold tooled calf), G9138 (motto)

de Mailly Owner C22d7? (arms)

Maioli see Mahieu

Mairet of Dijon Binder C153k10 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings, Mairet's printed

advertisement is inserted), C153k11

(signed), C153k12 (signed), C153k9

(signed), C154a4 (signed)

Maisli's Aesop Binder Binder Davis407, Davis408

Maitland? Owner C67a14, C67b16

Maitre Doreur Binder C14c12

Malcorps, L. Binder C98f23 (signed), C99h30 (signed),

C100c10 (signed), C183b14, C183aa1

Malik of Prague Cup410f1047 (signed)

Malinfant, Jacques Owner C66d3, Davis357, Davis356,


Page 184: Binding Index

Maltby of Oxford Binder C95i9, C100g51, C100g52, C122b23-

24, C132g38, C132g53, C132g76,

Collins 157, Collins 158, Collins 159

Maltese Cross Italian armorial bindings with a

maltese cross: C46d23, C67c20,

C68e8, C47g3, C47b8, C18c2,

C65d17, C68d2, C47f11, C47c19,

C47c10, C47a16, C47i15, C65g13,

C106f19, 80i14?

Mame & Cie, Tours Binder C129i19 (1853, paper binding)

Mame, A., of Tours Binder Davis581, Davis580, Davis579?,

Davis578?, Davis577?, Collins

922 ?, Collins 923, Collins 924,

Collins 925, Collins 926 (?),

Collins 927

Manchester, Duke of


Owner C67e4, C67h17

Mandelgreen, S. Binder Davis671 (item 315; c.1750-58,

Middelburg, probably made by S.


Mandre Owner C69a19

Mandy, Richard, of


Binder C151g9 (attributed to Richard Mandy)

Manley, Lord de see Hon. William Ponsonby

Mannock see Queens' Binder D

Mansell Binder C54aa10, C115a3 (successor to

Hayday), TC6a9 (signed by W. J.

Mansell), Collins 543

Mansell (for Golden

Cockerell Press)

Binder Cup510af31

Mansell, [William],

[Little Queen St.],


Binder Collins 544

Mansfelt, The Count


Binder Davis405

Mansfield, Edgar Binder C128f10, C130c6

Manson & Son of


Binder C155a12 (signed)

Mantua, Duke of


Owner C66h6

Manufacture Generale

des Apprentis Pauvres

et Orphelins

Binder C153k3

Marais, Godet,


Owner C69aa14

Marbled Sheep Binding 1578/7965 (1778)

Page 185: Binding Index

Marbling over Print RB23a1178, 452b17, 1578/2954,

1578/6306, 1507/1548, 956h23,


"marcas de fuego" on

the fore-edges

Owner See brands, Mexican provenance.

Marchant, C. Binder 30e8 (signed)

Page 186: Binding Index

Marchant Binder C153l1 (signed)

Marefoschi, M.,


Owner C67c21

Maria Augusta, wife of

Carl Philipp von

Sulzbach, Count


Owner Ib214 (gold tooled arms)

Maria Josepha of

Saxony, second wife of

Louis dauphin, son of

Louis XV, and mother

of Louis XVI

Owner C47d15, C48c10

Maria Therese of


Owner Davis542

Marie Adelaide,

daughter of Louis XV

Owner C47b16, C47f6

Marie Anne Christine

Victoire de Baviere,

wife of Louis, dauphin

son of Louis XV (1660-


Owner C48b13

Marie Anne Victori

(Infanta of Spain)

Owner Davis480

Marie Antoinette, wife

of Louis XVI

Owner C47d4 (includes arms of Marie

Antoinette and Louis XVI), C48g8

(includes arms of Marie Antoinette

and Louis XVI)


Duchess de Berry

Owner C152i13

Marie Add MS31,392 (gold tooled on 16th-

century English binding, along with

the name Philip)

Marie Louise de Savoie,

Comtesse de Provence

(1753-1810), wife of


Owner C30d36 (also includes arms of Louis

XVIII), C68b19 (also includes arms of

Louis XVIII), C69g5 (also includes

arms of Louis XVIII), C69b10 (also

includes arms of Louis XVIII), C47h9

(also includes arms of Louis XVIII),

C47e19 (also includes arms of Louis

XVIII), C47d25 (also includes arms of

Louis XVIII)

Dudley Coutts


Binder see B. Holloway (Davis720)

Marks, J. Binder 59d10

Marlborough, Duke of Owner C17a11 (by C. Hering), C21b41,

4499a17 (arms on cover) Marples, Elizabeth Binder C188b69 (signed and dated: Elizabeth

Marples 1986)

Page 187: Binding Index

Marshal[l], James, of


Binder Collins 161 (?)

Marshall Owner C25c3?

Marshall of Aylesbury Binder Collins 160

Page 188: Binding Index

Marrow Binder RB23a16952

Marsden, W. A. Binder? Collins 1018

Martin Binder C153l2 (signed)

Martin, C., 210

Consistollah, Calcutta

Binder Collins 996

Martin of Culcutta Binder Collins 997

Martin, Pierre Lucien Binder C108eee18 (dated 1962), Davis414

Martin, T., printer and


Binder 1578/4731, 1651/1217? (printed by T.

Martin 1787)

Martin, V. Binder C62aa9, C154e17 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings, in the

style of 'Vernis Martin', lacquered


Martin, W. M. Binder C123b13

Mary C64c1 (name gold tooled on English

or French 16th-century binding?)

Mary I (reigned 1553-


Owner C27e13 (by the King Edward &

Queen Mary Binder), C64dd11,

C66d17, C66f2, C24c15, C46c1,

690f13, C65gg6 (by the King Edward

& Queen Mary Binder) see King

Edward & Queen Mary Binders III

Mary II, wife of

William III

Binder see William & Mary

Mary, Queen, wife of

George V

Owner C109q5 (presentation binding)

Mary of Modena (wife

of James II)

C28e7 (Queen's Binder D?), C64dd11

Mary, Queen of Scots Owner C15b11

Masonic C109b32 (symbols gold tooled on

English 19th-century binding),

C45c20 (on English 19th-century

binding), C46h12 (on English 18th-

century binding), C155d5 (on English

18th-century binding), C190e12 (on

English 18th-century binding),

C190e13 (Masonic tooling added to

English 18th-century binding),

C65bb17 (Dutch 18th century),

YA2000a20076 (English 19th

century), Music Hirsch III.903 and

903a (both French 18c)

Masquillier of Mons Binder C154g21 (signed)

Masson-Debonnelle Binder C57c29 (signed), C97b8, C97d1,


Mathieu, Monique

(20th c., France)

Binder C188a93

Page 189: Binding Index

Matteosian, H.,

American Han,


Binder Collins 954

Matthaeus, Hieronymus Owner C48k12, C66e9

Page 190: Binding Index

Matthewman Binder C66e4, C66e9, C48e6?, C48e25?,

C65c22 (contains signature of Thomas

Hollis), C67f18, see also Davis

collection for Thomas Hollis

Matthews Binder C38i26 (plain binding, 'Matthews' told

tooled on turn in), C53k33 (ink stamp

on fly-leaf, W. Matthews Binder),

C68i16 (William F. Matthews, 1898-

1977), C144d8 (William F. Matthews,

1898-1977), C188a2 (William F.

Matthews, 1898-1977), C188a3

(William F. Matthews, 1898-

1977), Collins 1019

Matthews, George, King

(father) & Matthews,

George, Mabbot (son)

Possibly Paternoster

Row? Also Home

Terrace Hackney Wick,


Binders Collins 162

Mauchline Ware


Binder Collins 744, Collins 745, Collins 746,

Collins 747, Collins 748, Collins 749,

Collins 750, Collins 751, Collins 752

Maudit Binder C155h9 (signed)

Maugis, Philippus A. Owner Davis784

Maupeou Owner C69ee12

Mauri, C. of Milan Binder C39i18, C154g11(Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Maussion of Le Mans Binder C153l3 (attributed to Maussion of Le


Mawson, Swan &

Morgan, of


Binder? Collins 163

Maximilian I Owner Cup410c60(1)

Maxwell, J., & Son, of


Binder Collins 799

Maynard, A. Binder C155h10 (signed), C155h11 (signed)

Maynard, Ashwin R. Binder C99g41

Mazarin, Cardinal Owner C47e7, C68d9, C68d17, C68e3,

14k12, 74k12, G1950 (arms), G3569


Mazirot, Barbarat Owner C69a13

McMurray, William,

Lillypot Lane, London


Binder Collins 545

Mearne, Charles (son of

Samuel Mearne)

Binder Davis112 (item 111; c.1683, London)

Page 191: Binding Index

Mearne, Samuel Binder C14e13 (Charles II arms and cypher),

C22f16 (Charles II's arms and

cypher), C22f17, C20e22 (Charles II's

arms and cypher), C21d5 (Charles II's

arms and monogram), C23e6-7

(Charles II's arms and cypher),

C24e13 (Charles II's arms and

cypher), C48c7 (Charles II's arms and

cypher), C25i2 (Charles II's arms and

cypher), C83d2 (Charles I's and

Charles II's arms), C64f2 (Charles II's

cypher), C65e11, C74i5, C65e14 (for

Charles II), C82a7 (for Charles II),

C109f21 (for Charles II), C109q1 (for

Charles II), C108a3 (probably

Mearne), C34g19 (Charles II's

cypher), C32m5 (Charles II), C65l14

Page 192: Binding Index

(Charles II), C79f15 (Charles II),

C82a7 (Charles II), C83d2 (Charles

II), C83e6 (Charles II), C83e18

(Charles II), 7f13 (Charles II), 7h3

(Charles II), 294k25 (Charles II),

1912b10 (Charles II), 99l5 (Charles

II), C170c28 (for Charles II), 7h3, 1b4

(Charles II), 294k25, 7h1 (James II),

11g5 (James II), 11g5 (James II), Add

MS6294, Add MS6291, Egerton

MS3375, C109p22 (Charles II), 73l6

(Charles II), 73l7, 83l3, 192f1

(Charles II's cypher), Davis196 (item

106; c.1666, London, cypher of King

Charles II in centre), Davis185 (item

107; c.1666, London, cypher of King

Charles II in centre), Davis109 (item

108; c.1670, London, cypher of King

Charles II in centre), Davis110 (item

109; c.1670, London, cypher of

Charles II and James II as Duke of

York), Davis111 (item 110; c.1680,


Mecklenburg, Ulrich


4a11 (edges with painted arms of

Ulrich von Mecklenburg)

Medici Owner C108ff25 (early 17c arms on binding)

Medici, Carlo, Cardinal Owner C46f4, C47g13

Medallion Binder Binder Add MS35322-23 (c.1550 p.1252),

Davis86 (item 35; c.1550, London, for

Edward VI)

Medici, Catherine de C24e8 (by Claude de Piques), C33m1

Medici, Francesco

Maria di Toscana

Owner C47e6, Add MS29,476 (arms)

Medici, John Gaston de Owner C47b6

Medici, Leopoldo de Owner C47d27

Medici, Marie de (wife

of Henry IV)

Owner C22b12, C47k1, C68f8, C69dd10,


Medici, Popes Owner see under name of Pope, e.g. Leo XI

Medina Torres, Duke

de, Guzman

Owner C47d16, C66e18, C67c14, C68h4,

C68h6, C69aa12

Meink of Berlin Binder C129i21

Meiser, A. Davis686 (item 311; c.1730, Flemish,

signed 'A Meiser')

Meister, W. Binder IB1388 (German incunable)

Meliora Spero motto of A. Gifford; see Gifford

de Mello Owner C57a17 (Hardy-Mennil), C57c10

Page 193: Binding Index

(Belz-Niedree), C57c18 (Thibaron),

C57c36 (Niedree), C57e11 (by

Chambolle-Duru), C57g35 (by

Tranty-Bayonnet), C57g4 (by

Chambolle-Duru), C63f3, C20c26,

C97d13, C20b11, C38h16, C20d2,

C62aa23, C57c36, c57c11, C38f36,

C38h18, C20e34, C20e11, C57aa4,

C192a41 (signed Hardy)

Memard Binder C153l4 (signed)

Menard, A. Binder C20d24 (signed A. Menard), C38c47

(signed), C62b21 (signed), C62d17

(signed), C63g13 (signed), C63g24

(signed), C150m16 (signed)

Menars, Jean Jacques

Charron, Marquis of

Owner see Charron

Mendoza Binder Davis730, Davis745, Davis763,

Davis784 and C128b3? (imitators of

Mendoza Binder)

Mendoza Owner C28i3?

Mense, Casper Binder Davis679 (probably for Hans Harrer)

Mepham, Samuel, of


Binder Collins 164, C188a230 (ticket


Merault Owner C69ee7

Mercher Binder C183a35, Cup408u40 (wooden


Mercier, E. Binder Davis555 (for Henry Walters)

Meriat Binder C153l5 (signed)

Mertz, F. Binder C153l6 (signed)

Meslant, France, early

19th century

Binder C108c17, 958c6 (signed Rel p.

Meslant), C150i11 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C153l7 (signed), C154a2 (signed),

C150i12 (signed), C154a1 (signed),

C154a1* (signed), C153l8 (signed)

Mesmes, J. J. Owner C48e2

Mesuil Garnier, Morand


Owner C128a3

Mespelbrunn, Julius

Echter, Bishop of


Owner C69a14

Messier Binder C190e2, C154a3 (signed)

Mestagh of Ghent Binder C154g22 (signed)

Metropolitan Industrial


Binder C108bbb23

Page 194: Binding Index

Meudon C66b6 and C65d18 (gold tooled on

covers of library of Countess of

Verrue (1670-1736))

Meulenhoff & Co of


Tauch4085, Tauch4084, Tauch2492,

Tauch1039 (binders' signatures

printed on spine)

Meunier, Ch. Binder C108l4

Meuser, Caspar Binder Davis679 (probably for Hans Harrer),

see Harrer, Hans

Meyer, C. Binder G2022, 7b19, 5e5,6, 83k15, 133e1

(binders' ticket), G19894 (signed),

C155b1 (signed), C151g10 (signed),

Egton MS677 (pink binders' ticket)

Marius, Michel Doreur Binder C20e6 (also by Chambolle-Duru),

C20e11, C20e14, C20e34, C57e11

(also by Chambolle-Duru), C57g3

(also by Chambolle-Duru)

Marius, Michel Binder C59e17, Davis412, C108tt5 (signed

Marius Michel et fils).

Middelburg arms 1509/1789 (gold tooled on vellum,

1653), 1607/1569 (gold tooled on

vellum, 18th century), 165l19 (school

prize, c.1683)

Middle Temple Owner 123f17 (arms)

Middleton, Bernard Binder C128f2, C108d39, C160c17,

Davis284 (item 250; signed and dated

'BM 1975', commissioned by Henry

Davis, one copy for H. M. Nixon, one

for British Library, part of gift),

C188b43 (21st c.) C188b43, Images

of Middleton’s work reproduced in

Collins 1020

Mijjilee Press,

Lancaster, USA

Binder Cup401k14

Miller of

Golden Square

Binder C188a196

Miller, Fred Binder? ?Collins 1021

Miller, George of Bryn,


Binder Cup407e12

Miller, J. Binder C151g11 (signed)

McMasters Miller,


see Hunt, Rachel McMasters Miller

Milne, A. Binder 1560/2490

Milne, A., of Forres Binder Collins 801

Milners' Binder C151g12 (vellum imitation of

Edwards of Halifax, with binder's

label), C151g12 (signed)

Page 195: Binding Index

Minale, Hannibale Owner Davis847 (by the Grimaldi Binder),


Miniature Books C18a3 (French, 19th century),

Page 196: Binding Index

600i23(1-68) (in glass fronted box),

CO a1-g11 (in buckram box),

528m23(1-104) (in wooden box),

C17b10(1-61) (in small glass fronted

box), C121eee3 and C121e3 (in

buckram box; not to be issued

withoug special permission),

C106a24, C109a25(1-4) (with

matchbox covers), C121e7, C106a28

(London, 1601, not to be issued

without special permission), C180b12,

C19a35, C121ee3, C111a5, C180a6,

C121e6, C18a36, C18a43, C18a35,

C18a30, C18a37, C18a38, C18a41,

C111aa9 (with leather case), C121e2

(stored in glass fronted box), C121e

(stored in glass fronted box), C121e1

(stored in glass fronted box), C121e8

(stored in glass fronted box), C121e4

(stored in glass fronted box), C121ee1

(stored in glass fronted box), C121ee5

(stored in glass fronted box), C121ee6

(stored in glass fronted box), C121ee4

(stored in glass fronted box)

Minotto Family Owner Add MS15,127 (16th-century Italian


Mintorn, J[ohn], of


Binder Collins 165

Minus, Robert, Sir Owner G19631 (arms?, signature on flyleaf)

Miralles, H. Binder HS74/331 (La sagrada biblia,

Barcelona, 1888)

Miromenil, Hue de Owner C69b9

Missy, C. de


C67i12 (ownership inscription on


Mitchell Binder C151g13 (signed)

Mitchell, Robert, of


Binder Collins 298

Moiguon, Guillaume de

la (1617-1677)

Owner C48h9, 10f8, Egerton MS627

Mole, Claude Owner G6323 (arms and initials)

Mole, Mathieu (1584-


Owner C19a31, C67d18

Moncey, Therese Binder Davis413

Monnehay Binder C154a5 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C154a6 (signed)

Monnier Binder C72a9 (signed), Davis401 (attributed

to Monnier), Davis559

Monniot Binder C156k10 (Ramsden Colection of

signed bindings), C150i13 (signed)

Page 197: Binding Index

Montague, James,

Bishop of Bath and

Wells (1568-1616)

Owner Davis96 (item 66; c.1612, London,

with arms of James Montague)

Montagu, Richard Binder C108g22 (for Thomas Hollis), 77g11,


Montausier, Charles,

Duke of

Owner C47b1, C68c16

Montgommery Owner C56k?

Montmorency, C. F. C.,

Duc de Luxemboug

Owner C64aa2


Luxembourg, Mari

Sophie Colbert of

Seignelay, Duchesse de

Owner C69bb16

Moody, R. Binder C108g17

Moon, F. G. Binder 11643aa33 (binder's ticket, No. 20

Threadneedle St.)

Moore, Edwin, of


32b14, Davis159 (item 171; c.1760,

Cambridge), Davis160-161 (item 172;

c.1760, Cambridge)

Moore, R. P. Binder C151g14 (signed)

Mora Owner C68e8

More, John (d.1641) or Hussey Owner 539L3, 540e16, 540h18, 541h6,

783h7, 784d13. Moreau, J. Binder C64dd14 (signed)

Morgan & Scott,





Collins 510

Morley of Ipswich Binder C151g15

Morely of Oxford Binder C99b30 (signed), C108cc13,

Cup503cc19, C126a50 (signed),

Tab1336b1 (signed) C188a164

Morley Bros. of Oxford Binder Collins 166

Morocco Binder Binder C170d1?, C24c14, C54f5, C128d12,

C25h3, C20a24

Morrell of London Binder C20c16 (plain red morocco, signed),

C55a24 (1/2 sprinkled calf, marbled

boards, signed on flyleaf), C55c24

(signed flyleaf, plain calf), C57c51

(1/2 sprinkled calf, marbled boards,

signed flyleaf), C108d27, C115pp8

(1/2 morocco, cloth boards, signed

flyleaf), C118d113 (sprinkled calf,

signed corner tools, signed flyleaf),

C128d11, C132g35 (plain calf, signed

corner tool, gold tooled turn in, signed

flyleaf), C39d39 (signed), 1478dd16 ,

KTC40B3, Collins 546, Collins 547

Page 198: Binding Index

Morris, Willaim C109c3 (binding designed by Morris),

C42l12 (binding designed by Morris

Page 199: Binding Index

and bound at Doves Bindery,

Kelmscott Chaucer), Add MS37832

(designed by Morris?), C109aaa17

(covered in William Morris chinz

material), Ashley3691 (covered in

William Morris chinz material)

Morris, May 11622c15 (publisher's binding,

designed by Morris)

Morocco Binder Binder Davis60 (item 45; c.1565, London,

centre cartouche, rampant lion)

Morton, J., of Windsor Binder C143c6, C150c1 (signed), C151h1


Morton, W. K.,

Horncastle & Sleaford

Binder Collins 167

Moseley, Benjamin Dr Owner see Payne, Roger (Davis192)

Motet Binder C39e18, C150i14 (signed)



Add MS23,970 (17th-century Italian

binding), C65hh16

Mouillie Binder C150i15 (signed)

Moule of Oxford Binder C155b2

Moxam, E. & Co Owner C126c10

Moya, D. Fran. Cabrera

y Bovadilla, Marquis de

Owner G11309 (arms)

Mudie Binder C38e24, Collins 548, Collins 549,

Collins 550

Mullen of Dublin Binder C155b5 (signed; same as George, Geo

or T. Mullen?)

Mullen, George


G6304 (ticket), G5152 (plain binding,

1/4 leather and red paper boards, with

ticket), G5812 (signed, gold tooled),

C47e23?, C150c2 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C151h2 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C151h3 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C151h4 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C151h5 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C155b3 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C155b4 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C155b5 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C155b6 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C155b7 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C156i2 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

Davis312-313 (item 265; c.1816,

Page 200: Binding Index

Dublin, 'Bound by Geo. Mullen

Dublin' (ticket)), Davis314 (item 266;

c.1816, Dublin, 'Bound by Geo.

Mullen Dublin' (ticket)), G5812


Mullen, George, Jr. Binder Collins 299 (?) [for Trinity College

Dublin], ?Collins 300 [for Trinity

College Dublin], ?Collins 301 [also

for Trinity College, Dublin]

Mullen, T. C150c3 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C150c4 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C155b7 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings, attributed to Mullen),

C150c4 (signed), C150c3 (signed)

Muller Binder C37e47, C44a1, C155h12, C155h15

(signed), C155h13 (attributed to

Muller), C155h14 (attributed to


Muller Binder C39c15 (also Hering)

Munck, I. M. C127bb22 (signed, decorated

endpapers), C129m10 (signed,

decorated endpapers, no.23?,

signature obscured)

Murray Add MS27,472 (16th-century Scottish

binding, on upper cover Erle James of

Murray, on lower to Regent our


Murray, Frank of Derby Binder C131a4

Murray & Stewart of


Binder C151h6 (signed)

Murton, C. C24e20, C25d23, C25e15, C27b43,

C28e15, C28e17, C29c2, C30d43,

C21a59, C30m8, C32a11, C33b23,

C34k8, C36b18, C37a38, C39b3,

C39b35, C39e44, C40c60, c41e7,

C45c2, C45c3, C51a6, C60l14,

C65b15, C95a23, C17b10, C21a59,

G2914-15 (2 vols), G1493 (signed),

G11206 (signed), G11211, Huth55,

C150c5 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C151h7 (Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings),

C151h8 (signed), IB41612 (signed.

Spine gold tooled).

Music MS Book C150k3 (unused 6 stave music book

in mid 19th-century blind blocked

morocco binding, signed by Peyrol,


Musgrave Owner C40e57 (crest)

Page 201: Binding Index

Musto, Hieronymi de Owner Add MS41,153 (name gold tooled on

cover of commission from Doge

Pietro Lando, binding dated


Mylrea (Isle of Man) Binder C188a127


Name Owner or



N., C. R. EG1218 (initials and date 1592 on

German binding)

NI(2) Oldham EBSP C69ff8 (used with R05-6 panels,


N., K. I. EG1182 (initials on 16th-century German

binding, album owned by Johann Klarner

dated 1560)

N., M. C53i14 (MN tooled on 16th-century

English binding)

Naples, Archbishop


see Coscia, Niccolo

Naples, royal arms 61d18

Napoleon I C48g10, 182e5, C1807, C109f6, C42g3,



Archbishop of

Owner see Le Goux de la Berchere

Narracott of


Binder Collins 168 ( ?)

Nash, Paul C109p14



Owner C69a2

Nathan, Maude Binder Collins 169

National Library of


Binder C121c1

Natuhards Binder C117bb36

Naval Binder

(English Restoration)

Binder C183c6, Eg MS3342, C72b5 (sombre),

Eg MS862, C72e6 (sombre), Davis70

(item 122; 1675, London), Davis124

(item 123; c.1682, London, C108n6

(imitator of Naval Binder)

NE QUID NIMIS RB23b2406 (motto and arms gold-tooled,

imprint: Geneva, 1778)

Nec Prece nec Pretis Bateman, Viscount

Neil of Glasgow Binder C54e8, C150c6 (signed)

Neilson, J[ohn], 45

Candleriggs, Glasgow

Binder Collins 802, Collins 803 (listed as at 6

Candleriggs for this item)

Page 202: Binding Index

Neisser, Hugo, Rosas

941, Santiago de


Binder Collins 989

Nellis, J. H.,

Ferry Quay St, Derry

Binder Collins 302 RB23b6446 (red leather, gt,

paper laid on)

Nelson, R., 48

Buchanan St.,


Binder Collins 804, Collins 805

Nemours, Duc de see B. Delrieu (C153a6, C153a5)

Nercam of Bordeaux Binder C154a7 (Ramsden Collection of signed

Page 203: Binding Index


Nettleton, W. of


Binder C156i3 (signed)

Neufrille, Charles de Owner Davis453

Neumann Binder C120b11

Neville, H of Wells Binder C188a215

New, [Horatio] Binder Collins 551, Collins 552

Newcastle, Duke of

(Henry Fiennes

Clinton, Earl of


Owner C108i7, LR293d35

Newman & Son of


Binder 1570/6244

New South Wales

Public Library


Printing Office


Binder C130c12-13

Niccolini (Itlay 17th


Owner C129i12 (arms gold-tooled on upper and

lower covers)

Nilson/Nicols (see

also Wilson)

Binder Davis705 (for Joseph Bonaparte)

Nicholas, Elizabeth Owner C69bb15

Nichols of Farnham Binder C151h9 (signed)

Nicholson, J., of



Collins 170

Niedree, E.? (see


Binder C30a23, C30d39, C34h41, C34h41*,

C34m6, C36b23, C39g23, C40b26,

C48d3, C48f16, C53c4, C57b11, C57c36

(for De Mello), C62b25, C107c17,

C125a2, IA37863 (signed), C127a9

(signed), C62b25 (signed), 11735bbb5

(signed), 11737a19 (signed)

Nisi Dominus Frustra C65hh5 (motto of city of Edinburgh and


Nivernois, Duc de Owner C47a2

Nixon, H. M. Binder? Collins 1022


Chancelier de France

Owner C47e22

Noble of Boston Binder 8610a17 (half-calf and paper boards,

ticket), 1578/1924 (half-calf and paper

boards, ticket)

Noel Binder C150k1 (signed)

Noir, Le of Lyon Binder C153k1 (signed), C153i7 (signed)

Page 204: Binding Index

Noli Altvm Sapere bindings with trade stamp bearing this

motto; late 15th-, early 16th-century

English), C108b8, C108c21, 532g9,


Page 205: Binding Index

Nompar de Caumont,

H. J., Duke de La

Force (17th century


Owner 8050h1(1-4) (arms gold-tooled on covers)

Norley of Oxford Binder C99b30

Norman, G[eorge],

6 Kirby Street,

Hatton Garden

Binder Collins 554, Collins 555, Collins 556

Norman, W.,

bookbinder to Duke

of Ormond

Binder C142a54 (A discourse of the phrrality of

worlds. Dublin 1687, printed for William

Norman Book-binder to this Grace the

Duke of Ormond)

Norman and


Binder Collins 553

[Amelia] Norman

and Duncan,

6 Kirby Street,

Hatton Garden

Binder Collins 557, C188b94

Norreys, Henry and


Owner Davis31 (item 59; c.1598, upper cover has

arms of Henry, Lord Norreys of Rycote,

lower cover has arms of his wife

Margeret, younger daughter of John, Lord

Williams of Thame)

Norreys, Margeret see also Henry and Margeret Norreys;

and John, Lord Williams of Thame

Norris, Christopher Binder Daris157 (item 169; c.1751, London, for

Maurice Johnson)

Norsdet, P. A.

Bokbinder I


Binder Cup407c23

Norstedt, P. H. &

Soners of Stockholm

Binder C105f8

North Binder C188a88

Norton, J. of Bristol Binder C150c7 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings) Davis205 (not signed)

Norvi[n]s, Jean (16th

century, France)

Binder Davis321, Davis322, C46h10, Davis323

(name appears on panel stamps)

Norwich School C152d4 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings, arms)

Nostitz, Count of see Wenzel, Christoph

Nottingham, Howard,

Earl of

Owner C33g1, C65c16

Noyon 11312aaa10 (vellum, blind panel with


Nugent, Francisco Owner C69d8 (and Robert Kearney)

Nuret, Ad. of


Binder C155h18 (signed), C154a8 (signed)

Nutt of Cambridge Binder Collins 171, Collins 172, C69dd7 (signed)

Page 206: Binding Index

Nutt Binder Collins 559

Nutt, W. Binder C37c3, RB23a15844 (binder's ink stamp,

19th century), Collins 558

Nutzbaum Binder C154a9 (signed)

Page 207: Binding Index


Name Owner or



O, C E M C115n10 (16th century, Italian CE MO)

O, I Owner 1477cc34 the letters I O tooled in blind on

calf binding

d'Oignies, Gilbert

Bishop of Tournai

Owner C108a22

The Old City Wall


Works, Bath

Binder Collins 174 (see also W Taylor & Son)

Old Royal Library

Catalogue in


microfilm at MICa10504; another

microfilm MICc488 reported missing in

1991; original at C120h6*

Oldham, J. B. Owner C188a71 (17th-century English, calf)

Oliver & Boyd,


Binder Collins 806

Olivier Le Clerc de



Oliveres Binder C62c20

Olsen, Ole Binder C188b8

Oginski Binder C154a10 (signed)

Ogle & Butler, of


Binder Collins 173

Old City Wall

(Taylor, W. & Son)

Binder Collins 174

Omar III C170f10 (jewelled binding on indefinite

loan, see Stanley Bray)

Omnis Potestas A


C20a1 (gold tooled on both covers; E vi R


Operative Jewish


Institution, 58

Bodney Rd, London

Binder Collins 560, Collins 561 (address listed

as Palestine Place, Bethnal Green,


Orange Prince William-Frederick-George-Louis,

see William

Orger & Meryon Binder C151h10 (signed)

Oriel College Owner C155e5 (arms)

Orleans, Charles Owner C99k16

Orleans, Francoise

Marie de Baurbon

Owner C48d4

d'Orleans, Gaston

Jean brother of

Louix XIII

Owner C47i8, C66k1

d'Orleans, Louis

Adelaide, Duchesse

Owner C47f6, C47f7

Page 208: Binding Index

d'Orleans, Louis

Philippe, Duc

Owner C69e15

d'Orleans, Philippe

Egalite, Duc

Owner C65f14, C68a6, C69e14

Charles d'Orleans-


Owner see Duc d'Angouleme

Or Nue' C65h1? (technique in gold embroidery,

silks wound round gold thread)

Page 209: Binding Index

Orrock of


Binder C38c25

Orsini Owner Hirsch III.III6 crowned bear emblem on

binding of Italian book of music, 1700s.

May belong to Orsini family of Rome.

Ory Binder C154a11 (signed)

Osterlin, Anders,

(metal binding

Collins lists as

manufactured by



Binder Collins 897

Otton, John,

10 Old Market

Street, Bristol

Binder Collins 175, Collins 1036

Ottman Binder C154a12 (signed), C154a13 (signed)

Ottoboni, Cardinal,

later Pope

Alexander III, 17th

century, Italy

Owner Add MS16150-3 (arms),

Owen Binder Davis115 (item 115; c.1672, London)

Oxford Bindery

(Oxford Binding

House, London)

Binder C36b29 (signed), Collins 184



Binder Collins 176, Collins 177, Collins 178,

Collins 179, Collins 180, Collins 181,

Collins 182, Collins 183, Collins 185,

Collins 186, Collins 187, Collins 188

Oxford oval


C188a99 (late 16th c., see Pearson xxii,

57a), see also rubbings boxes

Oxford University Owner C7d12, C21e5, 2b2, 2b3 (by L Cordeval),

2b4, 2b5, 37g16, 56h5, 65e14, 87g1,

193a10, G10062 (arms)

Oxford University

Press, Bibliotheks-

und Geschenkwerke

in Leinen- und

Ledereinbanden aus

dem Oxforder


Binder Collins 1023


Name Owner or



Page 210: Binding Index

P. Davis47 (item 89; c.1639, red label with

initial P on second compartment), Davis169

(item 181; c.1780/last quarter of 18th


P with coronet

over it

Duke of Portland; IB20840 (is this 40 or

90?), C67h11 (an 18th-century Italian


P., A. see binder Alice Pattinson

P., B. Egerton MS1178 (initials on blind roll:

Justice, Prudence etc.; German binding)

P., B Owner? IB.214 Initials gold tooled on spine,

stands for Bibl. Palatina (ie Palatine


P., C. G3272 (C. Powell)

P., D. C65b13 (D gold tooled on upper cover, P

gold tooled on lower cover on binding of

The whole books of Davids Pslames,

London 1612)

P., E. V. B. Binder Cup504e32 (binder's stamp: E.P, V.B-1-


P., F. see binder Florence Paget

P., G. 222a19 (G P panel of Trinity, c.1535)

Page 211: Binding Index

P., I. C128f7 (initials gold tooled on English

1600-50 binding), Davis600 (item 295;

c.1530, Louvain initials I P connected by a

lovers knot), Davis601 (item 302; c.1550,

Louvain, four variants of spes panel, two

signed I P, one with and one without word

"charitas" and two signed I B, also one with

and one without word "charitas". (Dr S

Fogelmark of Lund University, Sweden in

preparing a monograph on this subject.)

P., I. Binder C188a78 (German pigskin binding on

Sophokles, Plays, Frankfurt, 1567; with the

coat of arms of Gorlitz signed I P on the

upper cover and Melanchthon panel on the

lower cover)

P., N. 1213g18

P., T. C27g14 (initials blind stamped on English

16th-century binding)

P., W. C67b20 (initials gold tooled on English 16th-

century binding), C66h2 (initials gold tooled

on English 16th-century binding, not the

same tools as above), 1578/3797 (W P blind

tooled on both covers and ownership

inscription inside dated 1669, 17th-century

sheep binding)

Padeloup Binder C128k12, Davis478, Davis479, Davis538,

Davis533-535?, Davis532?, Davis474?

Padeloup, A. M. Binder C48b8

Padeloup le Jeune

of Paris

Binder C128c11, C48d4


Bishop of

see Ferdinand Furstenberg

Paduan Basilisk


Binder IC29929

Page, E. T.,


Binder Collins 189

Page, Thos, 172

North St.,


Binder Collins 190 (?)

Paget Family

(18th century


Owner 1578/4421, RB23a11246 (arms)

Paget, Florence Binder Davis237 (item 232; dated 1906, 'A

Shenderic Press'on upper cover, signed and

dated F. P. 1906), Davis238 (item 233; dated

1906, 'A Shenderic Press'on upper cover,

signed and dated F. P. 1906)

Pagnant Binder C96c3, C97a10, C97bb29

Painter, J., of


Binder C151h11 (signed)

Page 212: Binding Index

Palmer, A., of


Binder Collins 191, Collins 192

Palmer & Howe,

of Manchester

Binder Collins 193

Pamfili Owner C69bb22

Pangiewicz, Piotr Binder Cup410g395



Owner C19c19 (see T. Kimball Brooker article in

Bk Coll 1997)

Papillon de la

Ferte, D. P. J.

Owner C64cc8

Paquet of Lyons Binder C150k2 (signed)

Parker, J., of


Binder Collins 194

Parker, John &

Henry, William of


Binder C188a231

Parker, Matthew,

Archbishop of


Owner C67d14, C24a27, Davis94 (item 55; 1643

London, decorated with tools from Matthew

Parker's private bindery, see Lambeth

Palace), G3423

Parker & Son,


Binder Collins 195

Parker & Son,

10 Holland St


Binder Collins 564

Parkins & Gotto,


Binder Collins 562 (?), Collins 563 (?)


Binder A

Binder Davis305 (item 252; c.1745, Dublin)

Parrot, Gray of

Easthampton, US

Binder Cup410c291 (Makomaki; semi limp vellum

with gold blocked design on upper cover,

signed colophon, catalogue says 1985)

Parmer Baily,


Owner C69dd7

Parson Binder C150c8 (signed)

Pasert Br.,


Binder Collins 848

Pastor Binder C154h8 (Signed)

Passevi, Cardinial Owner C108d37

Paskevich, Count

of Erivan

see Archduke Karl of Austria

Paterson, Wm. &

Son, 10 Cullum

St., London

Binder Collins 565

Pattinson, Alice Binder C108e16, C143d2, Davis276 (item 229;

signed and dated 'A P 1901')

Page 213: Binding Index

Paul, Edward, of


Binder Collins 196

Pawson &

Nicholson, 139

South Seventh

St., Philadelphia

Binder Collins 983

Pope Paul IV Owner C64cc13

Pope Paul V


Owner C66h3, C108k10, Davis876, K9c10 (music)

Paulin Binder C155h19 (signed)

Pawson &


139 South

Seventh Street,


Binder Collins 983

Payne, Roger Binder ?C4g5, C8e4, ?C10c14, ?C10c18, C19c17,

C19c33, C19d5, C19d16, C19e3 (with ms

note from Payne), ?C19f2, ?C19f8, C21a47,

C22a57, ?C22a51, C24b28, C47d14,C48l2,

C37e13, C65c6, C66b1 (with Payne's bill),

C69f1(with photocopy of ms note and

Payne's bill), C69e6, C19d11,

C129b14,C144k8 (with letter from Payne),

58n5, G7741, G7928/9, G8251, G8354,

G8495/6, G8629, G8755, G11073, G11110,

G11537, G1194, G17156, G10511,

Davis207-209 (item 191; probably

1790's, London), Davis206 (item 192;

probably 1790's, London), Davis192 (item

193; 1795, London, for Dr Benjamin

Moseley), Davis193 (item 194; 1796,

London, for Sir Richard Colt Hoare, crest

included), IA24382, IB17246, IC7832

(rebacked), C19d11, C25c23?, C70c3? (with

letter saying binding repaired and lettered by

Payne), 671a16, 672h7, 674b28, 674f15,

Page 214: Binding Index

678b17, 681c15, 682b15, 682b16, 683a1-10,

683c5, 683h17 (rebacked), 685a10-13,

685f1, 685f2, 685f3, 686i7, 687b2, G1457,


Peacock &


Binder C151h12 (signed), Collins 566

Pearce, W. B.

(actual binding

by C. Iceton)

Binder Collins 1024

Pearce, W., 3

Temple St.,


Binder Collins 197

Pearson John


Binder C188c34(signed)

Peart, R. of


Binder C151h13 (signed)

Peasant binding C188a111

Peck Owner C68k10

Pecking Crow


Binder Davis335, Davis334, Davis369, Davis333

Peiresc, Fabri? de Owner 199f11 (monogram of Peiresc, c.1625),

Davis519 (by Simon Corberan), G6034

(cypher, small book stamp on titlepage),

G8411 (cypher)

Pelicier Binder G467-70

Pellot, Claude Owner G1777 (arms and bookplate)


Tunbridge Wells

Binder Collins 198

Pender of Dublin Binder C121f1, Cup652a1 (9 vols, signed W.


Penha Longa,

Count of

Owner C129i9, 1478dd18

Penna, Angelo C188c9 (designed box for Italian textured

paper binding designed by Raymundo


Penny, Henry,

(Henry Penny's




Add MS38,534 -38,535

Pepy's Binder Binder C69aa1 ('sombre' binding)

Pepys, Samuel Owner Davis69 (item 104; c.1665, London)

Pequignot of


Binder C155h20 (signed)

Percy, Earl of Owner C47f20, C33g27, C68a21, G7907, 61b21

Page 215: Binding Index


Percy, Henry,

Ninth Earl of


Owner G7907 (badge), same as above?

Perdoux, 18th c,


C188a11, RB23a28628 (paper wrapper, no



Hardouin de,

Archbishop of


Owner C23a10

Period Binders of


Binder 1570/3820 (a rebind), Cup408tt31

Perkins Owner C71d4

Perreau Binder C154a14 (signed)

Perrenot de



Archbishop of


Owner G9840 (arms)

Perruche Binder C154a15 (signed)

Perryman of


Binder C188a38 (binder's ticket, fore-edge painting)

Perspex Cup407r4

Perticaroli, A. of


Binder C188a10 (signed)

Petau, Alexandre Owner 272k30 (monogram of Alexandre Petau;

Olivier pl. 2290)

Petau, P. Owner 136c9-11 (arms)

Peterhouse Owner C155c11(arms)

Petit, Auguste Binder C60l4 (dorure de Wamflug)

Petit, R. Binder C31m8, C59aa1, C33a28, C35c1, C35i6,

C35l2, C40d58, C71cc2, C113f2

Petit, Successeur

de Simier

Binder C30e14, C31h7, C57c28, C59aa1, C115m34,

C130b1, C134b8, Davis584, 720b35,


Petre, William Owner C67b20

Peyrol C150Kk3 (an unused six-stave music ms

book in a mid-19th century blind blocked

morocco binding, signed by Peyrol, c.1840)

Pfeiffer Binder C155h21 (signed)

Pfaffstetter, G.,

Laudongasse 10,


Binder Collins 849

Pflug & Ebelen


Binder C183a37, Davis795

Page 216: Binding Index

Phe[..], T. [could

be Phelp –

certainly there is a

Phelp in the area

listed as

‘bookseller’ at the

right time]

78 Fore Street,

Dock [Plymouth]

Binder Collins 199

Phelypeaux Owner C68e9, C68e2

Philanthropic Owner C151h14 (ticket)

Page 217: Binding Index

Manufactory, St.

George's Fields

Philip Add MS31,392 (gold tooled on 16th-century

English binding, along with the name Marie)

Philip, J. of


Binder C188a69 (is this the John Philip Aberdeen,

see C151h15?), C188a34, Collins 807

Philip, John of


Binder C151h15(1) (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings, attributed to John Philip) (Is this

also J Philip, Aberdeen C188a34?), C188a69

Philip II of Spain Owner C48d6

Pickering, W. Owner C20e15, C47l17, C68f5, C108e10, Davis505

Philip IV of Spain Owner Egerton MS325 (17th-century arms on


Philip V of Spain Owner C66b5, C67c11 (Elizabeth Farnese, wife of

Philip V), C47d24, C69dd3

Philippe William,

Prince of Orange

Owner C47f8

Phillipson &

Golder of Chester

Binder YA1998a3789


Bindings with


C128k10 (has calotype Hill & Adamson,

1845, green goat, silver clasps)


Maximiillen of


Binder C109aa29

Picken, William

of Davenport

Binder C155b8

Pickering, B. M. Binder C122g3, C150c9 (signed)

Pickering, Sir


Owner Davis505

Picques, Claude


Binder Davis350, 108eee14 (attributed to Claude de

Picques), C20c15, C66d3, C132i57, C20b20,

C24e8, C46c14, C48c2, C19f20 (probably

Claude de Picques)

Pierced Vellum C46f5 (Flemish/Netherlandish, 16th century,

is it pierced?, see also English)

Pierson? ?C57e22

Pignatelli Owner G16867,8?

Pikentscher, H. of


Binder C96b4 (1922)

Pilgrim, Garrett

(G. P.)

Binder Davis10 (item 27; c.1535, Oxford, signed

G.P. stationer and bookbinder, probably

came from the Netherlands)

Page 218: Binding Index

Pillone Library Binder? Collins 1025

Pincott, W.,


Binder Collins 1002

Pindar, William Binder ?C108f10

Piper, John Designer



Collins 567

Pipping, B. Binder C130bb19

Piques, Claude Binder C20b20, C24e8 (for Catherine de Medici),

C46h11 (for Henry II), C46i12 (for Grolier),

C27e14, C66b7 (for Charles IX), C66d15

(for Grolier), C132i57, ?C130e4, ?C183b9,

C24c19, Davis385, Davis381-383,

Davis396, Davis354-355, Davis353,

Davis380, Davis394, Davis379, Davis352,

Davis378, Davis351, Davis375-377,

Davis374, Davis350, G10290

Pitfield Owner C66f21

Pitois, M. Owner 50c15 (M. Pitois gold tooled on upper and

lower covers)

Piton of Strasburg Binder C154a16 (signed)

Pius IV (Medici),


Owner C29f6

Pius V, Pope Owner C46f3, C48g6, C69aa9, C42d3

Pius VI (Braschi),


Owner C47i7, C48k2, C64d6, C66f13, C67c3,

C129i3, 753d14, G164 (arms), G3015

(arms), G8851 (arms)

Placious, Abbot Owner Davis643

Planche, Jean de Binder C108aaa3, C23e10 (for Queen Elizabeth),

C18c18 (for Queen Elizabeth), C18b11 (for

Queen Elizabeth), 675f16, C108ff19,

Davis25 (item 46; c.1567, London, centre-

crowned rampant lion, possibly arms of Sir

Rowland Heywarde), Davis90 (item 47;

c.1575, London, medallion portrait of Queen

Elizabeth and her initials on upper cover,

lower cover Tudor royal arms)


Bethune de

Owner see Bethune de Plancques

Plant, [Robert

Fisher], of


Binder Collins 200

Plantin Binder C108bb38, C46a23, C47i4, Add MS23,895

Plaster of Paris see Bois Durci

Plastic slip case Cup408e16 Art and plastics / Franco

Passoni ; [translated from the Italian by

Rodney Stringer]. [Milano] : Industria Plymouth, Earls


Owner Windsor; C67g1

Page 219: Binding Index

Pocket Book


Add MS41,952 (18th century, England), Add

MS30,214 (18th century, England), Add

MS30,219 (18th century, England), Add

MS38,534-5 (19th century, England, Henry

Penny), Add MS46,273 (18th century,

England, with brass clasp)

Poerier, A., Sieur


Owner G4260 (arms)

Page 220: Binding Index

Poitiers, Diane de Owner Davis502

Polworth, John Binder (binder to George III), IB19543c?


Madame de

Owner C48c13, C48e11, C65b5, C65e17, G17368,

674k15, C47c23, G10129

Ponge Binder C154a17 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C154a18 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings)


William Hon.

(afterwards Lord

de Mamey)

see B. Dawson & Lewes, C154i11, C154i13


Pontcarre, Camus


Owner C65d1

Poole & Boult of


Binder C151i1 (signed)

Poole and

Harding of


Binder 108ff9, C151i2 (signed)

Poole and

Harding of


Binder 012612df9 (label in vol 1), RB23a12491

Portail, Antoine

IV, Seigneur de

Vavdrevil (1674-


Owner C29k7?

Portbury, George

of Exon/Exeter

18th century

Binder C188a43 (binder's ticket)

Porter, Mr Owner C133g9

Porter, R. H.,


Binder Collins 568

Porter, W. of


Binder C183aa4

Porter, W. of


Binder C150c10 (signed)

Portugal, royal


C183a27 (Portuguese royal arms stamped on

covers), C61b1 (Portugese royal arms

stamped on covers), C108dd10, C47e24,

C67b2, C183C10, 124g9

Pot plant RB23a28330 (painting of pot plant on

vellum wrappers)

Potter, William &

Co. of Carnarvon

Binder C151i3 (signed)

Potter & Sons of


Binder Collins 201

Pouillet, L. Binder PC13ff23(half bound)

Page 221: Binding Index

Poulet(t?), John


C51f6 (gold tooled monogram on binding)

Poulton, Market

Sq., Aylesbury

Binder Collins 202



Binder C108b9

Page 222: Binding Index


Comte de,


Chancelier of


Owner C67h1

Poutrel Binder C154a19 (signed)

Powdered gold


C188a98 (?19th c. French powdered gold


Powell, C. Owner G3272 (arms and initials)

Powell, Roger Binder C108cc25, C108l5 (1952), C109k2 (1957)

Power, Annie


Binder C.143.d.2, Collins 203 (?), C188a214

Pralon of Dijon Binder C155i1 (signed)

Pratt, W. Binder C17a3, C25m11, C27a21, C30d28, C32a36

(1868), C32b26, C32b27, C32b28 (1873),

C32b35, C32b36, C32b37, C32b38, C32c10,

C32c16 (1872), C32e10, C32e22 (1872),

C2e23 (1872), C32e27 (1872), C32f29

(1883), C32g15, C32g26 (1875), C32i13

(1861), C32m16 (1861), C33e9, C34e40,

C34g4, C33e35 (1876), C34i28, C35c3,

C36bb4, C36c16 (1859), C36e16, C36f17,

C37a30, C37b33-36 (1874), C37b52,

C37c47 (1885), C37e34, C37e39 (1889),

C37e40, C37f18, C37f26 (1889), C37h4,

C37h6, C37h10 (for H. Stevens, 1886),

C38a58 (for Ellis), C38b7 (1871), C38c19

(1883), C38c20 (1883), C38c21, C38c38 (for

Ellis), C38e41, C38i14 (for H. Stevens,

1870), C38i15-17 (1870), C38l4 (1870),

C39c17, C39c21, C39c33, C40d6, C39d5,

C40d63, C41h1, C42b13, C52a16, C52aa12,

C53a11, C53a25, C53aa13, C53c16,

C53gg15, C53h14, C54b2, C54b3, C54c7,

C55a14, C55a23, C55c6 (1882/3?), C55c32

(1883?), C55d7, C55h12, C57aa14, C57b40,

C57c31, C57e5, C58a35, C59a10, C60f10,

C63e15, C69e20, C71a35 (1886), C71b41,

C71d33, C110a19 (1859), C110c2, C111aa4,

C111aa32, C111f11 (1886), C114c60,

C116a62, C117a66, C122a25 (1887),

C122d16, C122d25, C123c7-8, C123c9,

C123d3, C123d5, C124aaa14 (1886),

C133b3, C17a3, C21d16 (for H. Stevens,

1887), C21d4 (1887), IA40066 (signed),

IA42806 (signed), IA43896 (signed),

HUTH110 (signed), HUTH121 (signed),

HUTH130 (signed), K8c7 (music),

8175aa92 (for H. Stevens, 1859),

8175aa93 (for H. Stevens,

Page 223: Binding Index

1861), 8175b27 (signed), 8176bb15 (for H.

Stevens, 1884), 8405aa36 (signed),

11474e19 (signed), PC31f6 (signed)

Preservado Add MS12,024 (motto on arms on 19th-

century English binding by J. Mackenzie)

Prest, William Owner C122d22, G964 (crest), G1338 (crest)

Prevost, Nicholas Owner C69a12

Price, J. of Bath Binder C155b9 (signed), C151i4 (signed)

Price, J., 21

Chiswell St.,


Binder Collins 569

Price, J., of York Binder Collins 204

Price, W. of


Binder C151i5 (signed)





Binder C108a4, C108a5, C108a6, C108g4, C108g3,


Prince of Wales Owner C150b12(1) (device)

Pritchard, John

Bangor St.,


Binder Collins 884

Pritchard, W. of


Binder C151i6 (signed)

Prondre, Paulin

de Guermantes


Owner C30a29

Provence, Marie

Countesse de


Owner C47e19, C47h9, C30d36, C68b19



see Trade Bindings

Purdy Binder C155b10 (signed)

Purgold Binder C154b1 (Ramsden Collection of signed

bindings), C154a20 (Ramsden Collection of

signed bindings), C150k4,5 (signed),

C154b2 (Ramsden Collection of signed


Purgold Binder C40c65, C46e2 (signed), C108aa25

(Bauzonnet-Purgold), G10140 (signed),

C155i2 (signed)

Purgold, [L. G.],

Rue de Savoye,


Binder Collins 928

Page 224: Binding Index

Pye, Sybil (d. c.


Binder C108bbb6, C108h4, Davis241 (item 237;

dated 1916, dedicated to Sybil Pye, signed

and dated 'MCM.SP. XVI'), Davis279 (item

238; dated 1926, signed and dated 'MCM.SP.

XXVI'), Add MS 49598 (rebound in 1925 by

Sybil Pye)

Pye of Faringdon Owner C67b24

Pymm, G Binder C188b84

Page 225: Binding Index


Name Owner or



Quarr Abbey


Binder Collins 205

Queens' Binder A Binder Davis197-198 (item 117, 1674, London,

Cross of St George within the Garter at the

centre), Davis117 (item 118, c.1675,

London), Davis187-188 (item 119, c.1678,

London), Davis189 (item 120, c.1686,

London, crest of Henry Hyde, Second Earl

of Claredon (1639-1709)), C7d15, 128h10,

1Tab16, 1Tab17, Stowe MS 562, 195f4,


Queens' Binder B Binder C184f18, C65e9, C183a29

Queens' Binder C Binder 6e3, 67e9, 50h12, 58f22, C28e7

Queens' Binder D Binder C28e7 (for Mary d'Este, Duchess of York,

wife JZ), 67e9, 50h12, Davis113 (item

112, London, c.1670-85), Davis186 (item

113, c.1674, London arms of Mannock in


Queen Elizabeth

of England

Owner Davis397


William Douglas,

Duke of

Owner C67a19, ?G5313, G6533 (crest and


Quintanilla, Luis

of Spain

Binder C109k6

Quinton J & W of


Binder RB23a15708 (binder's ticket)

Quinton, George,

37 Pottergate

Street, Norwich

Binder Collins 206


Name Owner or



Page 226: Binding Index

R. Binder C106e12 (initials on blind roll of

foliage and heads in medallions,

Erasmus etc.)

R., C. Davis103 (item 99; c.1649 London;

crowned initials C. R. in centre), C46i1

(cypher; this may be Charles I or

Charlotte, wife of George III; pink

gold-tooled velvet)

Page 227: Binding Index

R., C.? 58d23 (on Hogrewe, Answeisung

zu…, Hanover, 1785), crowned


R., E. Davis29 (item 56; c.1580-1600,

possibly London; crowned falcon and

initials E. R. does not denote royal

ownership, several versions of this tool

exist and one, not identical with that on

Davis29, was used by Williamson of

Eton), Davis34 (item 63; c.1603,

London; embroidered with initials E R)

RFL Binder? Collins 987

R., G. 3433de21 (on top left corner of panel

of Fortuna)

R., I. Davis9 (c.1525, London; signed I. R.;

see John Reynes; see also Rychaert,

Jan, Davis684)

R., T. Owner Harley Ms 962 (Eng binding, 17c?)

Radnor, Helen Matilda,

Countess of

Owner Salisbury, binder

Ramage of London Binder C38c50, C53h13, C58c3, C71b39,

C98g6, C104i1, C108s11, C118d98,

C130b10, Huth59 (signed), Huth91

(signed), Huth101 (signed), Huth126

(signed), Huth127 (signed), Huth128

(signed), Huth131 (signed), Huth159

(signed), C150c11 (signed),

Cup503p27 (signed; location not

specified), Collins 573

[John] Ramage [& Co.,]

See Collins’ notes in

‘Particular Bindings’ on

item 570

Binder ?Collins 570, Collins 571, Collins

572, Collins 573

Ramage of Edinburgh Binder C111c5

Ramsden of Halifax arms as head of family, but without red

baronet's badge, and inscutheon (?of

pretence?) or, bend gules charged with

3 roses

Ranzovius, Henricus

(Governor of Sleswick-

Holstein,16th century)

Owner C183aa10 (1590 stamped on binding)

Raparlier, P. R. Binder C107a14

Raspani of Ravenna Owner C65d17

Ratcliffe Owner ?C38c61

Ratcliffe of Faversham Binder C151i7 (signed)

Page 228: Binding Index

Ravescot, Ludovicus of

Louvain (late 15th


Binder IA 49142, IB3480, Davis716 (item 287;


Louvain), IC21425

Rawdon, Marmaduke


Owner arms on 17c binding

Reader of Cranbrook, 577d25 (rebound, but binder's ticket

Page 229: Binding Index

probably S. Reader retained)

Rebus Add MS17451 (features binding stamp

with rebus of Abbot Richard Whiting

of Glastonbury, 16th century)

Reckius, Joannes Owner Davis631 (item 346; dated 1582,

Wittenberg; upper cover portrait of

Charles V; engraver's monogram M.

V. above panel; initials I. R. G.;

portrait of Johann Friedrich I, Elector

of Saxony, same engraver)

Redgrave, Frances Owner 1568/979

Redgrave, Gilbert Binder C183a23

Refsum, H.M., of Oslo Binder Collins 898, Collins 899

Reid, A., Sons & Co.,

Akenside Hill and 12

Collingwood St.


Binder Collins 207

Rehbein, Ernst of


Binder C98c4

Relf Brothers Binder C188a147,

Relfe Brothers, London Binder Collins 574 (?), Collins 575 (?),

Collins 576 (?), Collins 577 (?),

Collins 578 (?), Collins 579 (?)

La Reliure d'Art du

Centre de Limoges

Binder Cup410b6

Remnant, F. of London Binder C129b19 (for S.P.C.K.), C151i8

(signed), Collins 580, Collins 581

Remnant & Edmonds of


Binder C72e2, C109aa16, C109d13, C131d27,

C131d8, C109b2, C109f2, C109f4,

C134e24, C45d26, C113c8 (with

ticket), 7560e67, RB23a12931 (with

ticket), RB23a15511 (ticket says

Edmonds & Remnant, London),

C155b11 (signed), RB8a20 (stamped

in the design), C193a39 (cathedral

binding), Collins 451, Collins 452,

Collins 587, Collins 588, Collins

589, Collins 590, Collins 591,

Collins 592, Collins 593, 3051c8 Remnant, F., 9 Lovell’s


Paternoster Row,

London (the same as


Binder Collins 582, Collins 583, Collins 584,

Collins 585

Remnant & Sons (the

same as above?)

Binder Collins 586

Remploy Ltd Binder? Collins 1026

Renouard Owner Davis570 (by Bisiaux)

Renwick, Wm.,


Binder Collins 808

Page 230: Binding Index

Repos Binder C154b3 (signed)

Restell, W of London Binder C188a217

Reuter, Thomas, of


Binder ?C188b35, C188a87

Revoli Owner G4484 (arms?)

Reynard (fils) Binder C155i3 (part of Charles Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings, 1837)

Reymann of Wampflug Binder C116e15

Reynes, John Binder C65c10 (Oldham panels Rel 5,

Redemptor mundi), C107e45 (Baptism

and St George Panels BIB17 and ST9),

C69b8 (Baptism and St George Panels

BIB17 and ST9), C66d18 (Baptism

and St George Panels BIB17 and ST9),

C66d13 (Baptism and St George

Panels BIB17 and ST9), C11c17

Page 231: Binding Index

(Baptism and St George Panels BIB17

and ST9), C47g2 (Oldham panels

HE21 and Rel 5), C36b15, C64cc5,

C46c6, C64c6, C64cc5, IC7454

(Oldham plate XXVIII no 437,

pineapple tool and PL LVI FF(I)956

Adam and Eve, St. Barbara roll),

?C65c10, ?G1216, Davis8 (item 16;

c.1520, London), Davis9 (item 17;

c.1525, London, signed I. R.), Davis11

(item 18, c.1535), Davis12 (item 19;


Reynie, Nicholas de la Owner C67b3

Riach, P. Binder C37a23, (1884) C38c18 (1883)

C40b41 (1884), C55h17 (1884),

C110f2-21 (1883), C110f23-28 (1883),

C110f30-31 (1883), C110f34 (1883),

8175aaa1, 8176a51

Ribolet Binder C154b4 (signed)

Richards Binder C108ff3, C108ff4

Richards, H. Binder C151i9 (signed)

Richards, H., & Sons,


Binder Collins 208

Richardson, W., of


Binder Collins 209

Richardson and

Handford, Derby

Binder C183c1

Riche, Le Owner Davis512, c27i3 has Le Riche’s

signature on title page

Richeler C47d22

Richelieu, Duc de,

L.T.A du Plessis de


Owner C67a7, C69a9, C69e5

Richelieu, Cardinal Owner C47g17, C70bb6, C67a7, C69a9

Richenbach Binder IC37042 (dated 1475, German

pigskin), Add MS11958; Richenbach

letters his name on the bindings in

huge letters as part of the design

Richmond, [George] &

Son, 3 McLean’s

Buildings, New St. Sq.,

London EC

Binder Collins 594

Ricketts, Charles Binder C108g11, ?C108g12 (+ Charles

Holmes (HR)), ?C108g13, C109b5,

C175n10 (white pigskin), C109c6, Ridge, S. of Grantham Binder C188a268

Ridge, S. & I. of


Binder C151i10 (signed)

Rigby, London Binder Collins 595

Page 232: Binding Index

Riget Binder C154b5 (signed)

Rignac Owner C67c15

Page 233: Binding Index

Riley, B., & Co.,


Binder Collins 1027

Riley, Charles Binder C34k18, C34k37, G2362, Davis177

(item 200; c.1801, London, ticket,

bound by Riley)

Riley, Dominic Binder C188b42

Ripamont, P. Binder Davis834

Ris, Jancon de Owner C69b1

Riss & Saucet of


Binder C156h9 (signed)

Ritchie, A., & Co.,


Binder Collins 809

Rivage Binder C150k6 (part of Charles Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings), C150k7

(signed), C155i4 (signed), ?C154b6


Riverside Press Bindery Binder C108eee3

Riviere, R. Binder C18b5, C21d3, C25g14, C18c6,

C30d5, C30e21, C30e22, C30e23,

C30e25, C30e26, C30e28, C30e31,

C30e33, C30f5, C31a16, C31b12,

C31b13, C31b17, C31c48, C31f1,

C31g8, C31h43, C32d11, C32d12,

C33a47, C33b56, C33b57, C33d14,

C33d18, C34f28, C34l5, C34l22,

C35a8, C35a11 (identical with C35a8),

C35b5, C35b6 (identical binding not

signed), C35d8, C36b25, C37a55,

C38a20-23, C38a24, C38a49, C38c41,

C38c59, C39a35, C39c58, C39f27,

C39h8, C39k15, C40a18, C40l11-16,

C41f8, C44h4, C45a21, C45a23,

C45g20, C45k4, C52a23-24, C52aa13,

C52f19, C53h20, C53c39, ?C55d11,

C56b5, C56e1, C57a33, C57d10,

C57g31, C57i34, C57i36, C58bb1,

C59fff16, C59g29 (plain), C68g1,

C71a15, C71b17, C71c25, C71f2,

C71d7, C97c20, C111aa5, C111b12,

?C111c11, C111d8, C116b22,

C122a24, C122g4, C123a2, C123a3,

C123a4, C123c13, C123k2,C125a18,

C126k6, C130a4, C21d3, C21d21,

C39c58, C45c30, C31d24, C127a15,

C31f1, C51c9, C22b21, C52a23-4,

C52h13, C53aa30, ?C53aa36, C57a33,

C57aa3, C57aa36, C37aa13, C57f3,

C59b38, C60o14, C64dd15, ?C69a11,

C107d9, C107d10, C108e17, C108h2,

C108n2, C109aaa13, C111d14,

C115tt21, C125c6, C130a4,

Page 234: Binding Index

C190aaa31, IB19591, IB52515,

Huth40, Huth105, 527i35, 527i36,

595d38, 4866b43, 11375a9, Add

MS17,013, Add MS17,009, Egerton

MS2605, RB23b2409 (tree-calf, gold-

tooled spine, signed), C194a418 (gold

tooled blue goat slipcase signed

Riviere; publishers binding designed

by Rossetti), Collins 601, K8c9

(rebound by R with original boards Riviere & Son Binder C20b30, C45c30, C48f19, C51c9,

C52aa17, C52b21, C52h13, C53a22,

C53aa30, C21d21, C31d24, C31b12,

C31b17, C38c59, C40f12, C53aa36,

C53c39, C53h29, C53h33, C53h35,

C53i20, C53k23, C54a10, C54aa16,

C55a21, C55b10, C55c16, C55c37,

C55d5, C56d32, C57a33, C57aa3,

C57aa13, C57aa34, C57aa36, C57b39,

C57c9, C57e55, C57f3, C57i34,

C57i36, C57l18, C58aa10, C58b17,

C58d9, C58e26, C59b38, C59c25,

C59g29, C60i24, C60k1, C60o14,

C61b19, C62a31, C62d6, C64dd15,

C70a14, C70aa28, C71b15, C71c7,

C71d31, C71ff2, C71ff3, C71h10,

C95a1, C95a15, C95a20, C95aa2,

C95aa3, C95aa4, C95aa13, C96g2,

C97bb3, C97c20, C97g14, C97f6/33,

C97f6/34, C97f6/66, C107d10,

C108c17 ("Cosway" binding),

C108e17, C108e19, ?C108g12,

C108g13, C108h2, C108m2, C108n2,

C109aaa13, C110a33, C111d14,

C111e12, C115m5, C115m18 (4 vols),

C115pp2, C115pp9, C115s16,

Page 235: Binding Index

C115tt2, C115tt13, C115tt14,

C115tt19, C115tt21, C115tt25,

C115tt31, C117bb35, C122a32,

C122c20, C122d5, C122e7, C122e9,

C123b14, C123b31, C125c6,

C131b19, C131f1, IB52512, IA21400,

Huth54, Huth68, Huth89, Huth106,

Huth109, Huth116, Huth117, Huth119,

Huth132, 3936aaa27, Davis274 (item

228; c.1897, designed by Charles

Ricketts, made by Riviere & Son

(stamp); Ricketts designed woodcuts

and supervised printing as well as

binding design), Cup408d39,

Cup401c19, Cup403h39, Ashley85,

Collins 597, Collins 598, Collins 599 Riviere of London Binder C154b7 (signed, same as Riviere &

Sons [514]?), Collins 596, Collins

600, Collins 602

Rivingtons London Binder Collins 603, Collins 604, Collins

605, Collins 606 (?)

Roach of Plymoth Binder C151k1 (signed)

Roberts, I. of


Binder C151k2 (signed)

Collins 210, Collins 211

Roberts, R. of


Binder C151k3 (signed)

Robertson, J. of


Binder C151k4 (signed)

Robinson, Ivor of


Binder C108m6 (1960), C108w6 (1968)

Robinson, J[ohn], of


Binder Collins 212

Robinson & Ellis of

Manchester, 19th


Binder C155b12 (part of the Charles Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Robiquet of London Binder C108ppp4 (for H. Walpole)

Robyns Binder C156h8 (signed)

Roche, E., Rose

Cottage, Chillenden,

Canterbury (?)



Collins 213: unclear who the binder is

Rochechouart, L. de,

Duc de Mortemart

Owner G4315 (arms)

Rockingham, Earl of


Owner C64a6

Rockliffe & Son of


Binder C155b13 (signed)

Rodford of Hull Binder C150c12 (signed)

Rodwell, I. Binder C21a19, C25g10, G1201, G1202,

G10203 (ticket)

Page 236: Binding Index

Rodwell, J. Binder G4078, G1237(check shelf mark),

C151k5 (signed), C155b15 (signed J.

Rodwell of Oxford (969)), C155b14

(signed) Roermond, Carthusian Owner C51g6 (blind-tooled calf)

Page 237: Binding Index

Monastry at

Roffet, E. Binder C19f24, Davis367 (for Francois I),


Rofrano, Marquis de

Girolano Capece


Rogelio of Madrid Binder C119h1

Roham, J. de, Prince de


Owner G4423 (devices)

Rollin, monsieur de Owner C188a267 (name on cover0

Romanesque bindings Davis386, Add Ms 24076, 10924,

24959, Eg ms 272, Eg ms 2900, Add Rondeam Binder C155i5 (signed)

Rondini Owner G4214 (arms of Rondini?)

Ronson & Co, Hanover


Binder C194a132

Rood & Hunt Binder Binder IB55317A (Oxford 1482), IA39102

Roos, Peter Owner C46e29

Root Binder C37f34, C38a53, C40e81 (Root &

Son), C118a15 (Root & Son),

1479bb15 (Root & Son)

Roques, Alph., 64 New

Bond St., London

Binder Collins 931

Rosa 19th century


Binder C154b8 (part of Charles Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings), C154b9

(signed), C156k11, C150k8 (signed)

Rosenzweig, F., Beirut Binder Collins 955

Rosicrusii et Amicorum Binder C151f3 (on the cover of C. Lewis

binding presented to T. F. Dibdin)

Rospigliosi, Cardinal Owner C20d17, C67a20, C108h12, Davis824

Rospigliosi Bindery Binder C68d11, C67k1, C67a20, C128d4,

C47l7, Davis853, Davis853

Ross, F Binder Collins 214 (a/b/c)

Rossetti C194a418 (publishers binding

designed by Rossetti, inside gold

tooled blue goatskin slipcase signed


Rossum, A. van,

Vijzelstraat No 23, 19th


Binder C188a13 (with binder's label and coat

of arms of Prince William of Orange)

Rotherhithe Shipwrights


Owner 1560/4410 (1707)

Page 238: Binding Index

Rothesay, Lord Stuart


Owner C20c29, C46b19, C25e30, C32a15,

C59ff25, C62c12, C62g7, C63e6,

C63l12, C63l26, C33d22, C64cc1,

C64dd6, C64dd9, C64f8, C65a24,

C69a3, C69a15, C69b2-3, C69bb13,

C69e17, C69e19, C69h3, C108aa4,

C108aa22, C108ppp2, C133dd3,

10804a9; motto Avits vivet honore

1570/6197, C107bb57

Rottman, Markus,

Buchbinderei Berlin

Binder Cup410c61

Page 239: Binding Index

Rouge, Guillaume le Owner Davis318 [or by?]

Rouille Owner C69dd9

Rousselle, Emile Binder C62aa19, IB52818 (signed)

Rousset, J. of Paris Binder ?C106c6

Rowbotham, J.,

19 Newman Street,

Oxford St., London

Binder Collins 607, Collins 608, Collins 609,

Collins 610, Collins 613, Collins 614,

Collins 617, Collins 618

Rowbotham, J.,

70 Castle St. East,

Oxford St., London (the

same as above?)

Binder Collins 611, Collins 612, Collins 615,

Collins 616

Rowe Owner ?5f6 (arms), 5f7 (Rowe of Norton

Place in Sussex)

Rowledge, Tracey Binder C188b50

Roxas, Diepo de Owner C64f2

Roxburgh, Duke of Owner C1b17, C2b13, C3a19, C5b10,

C12e20, C20f7-10, C20b38, IA55267,

C39d63, C39e19, C39e62, C40c2,

C40c31, C40d38, C27c3, C30m7,

C56d23, C57b41, C57e2, C67c2,

C71ff4, C132i1-2, C132i35, C132i38-

46 (Duke of Devonshire), C30e62,

G3562 (arms), G5527 (arms), G5999

(arms), G6272 (arms), G7061 (crest)

Roy, William Z

(Lancaster, PA,


Binder RB23a328

Royal Bindery Binder C2d5, C2c2, C3e10, ?C4d1, C5e18

(George III's cypher), ?C5d9, C6e5-6,

?C6e7, C6e8, C11d6 (George III's

arms), C21f14 (for Henry VIII)

Royal Heads Binder

(English Rrestoration)

Binder Harl MS6346, C77i6

Royal Hospital of

Seamen of Greenwich

Owner C108e20

Rudolf II, Emperor of


Owner C68a3

Rubio, F. M. 20th

century Spain

Binder C109q4

Rue, de la & Co Binder C154i14 (part of Charles Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings)

Ruette, Antoine Binder C67e7 (for James II, made up arms?),

Davis458 (for Louis XIV), ?Davis463,

?Davis464, ?Davis465

Ruette, Marce (1598-


Binder C183b3, C109e41 (attributed to Marce


Rullongee of Bombay Binder Collins 998

Ruskin, John Owner ?C41d21

Page 240: Binding Index

Russell Owner 109aa27 (1827)

Russell, Alexander, of

the Barbican

Binder Collins 620, Collins 621 (?)

Russell, A., 14

Bridgewater Square

Binder Collins 619

Russell of Chard 19th


Binder 11529bb1 (binder's ticket plus 1841

catalogue for books sold by Russell of

Page 241: Binding Index

Chard, printed for Thomas Kelly)

Russell of Guilford Binder C151k6 (signed, same as


Russell & Spencer Binder Collins 622, Collins 623

Ruot & Son of London Binder C155tt8

Rutland, John Manners,

Duke of

Owner C66e7, C67d7

Ryckaert, Jan of Ghent Binder C66c9, Davis664 (item 291; c.1511,

Ghent), Davis684 (item 292, c.1546,

Ghent; initials I. R. connected by

lovers knot), Add MS17,717, Add

MS16952, C66c13

Rycote, Henry Norreys,

Lord of

Owner see Henry and Margeret Norreys

Ryman, H. J., Ltd.,


Binder Collins 624


Name Owner or



S Binder S gold tooled with crown andlaurel

leaves on an 18th-century English

almanac MS?, C47d14 (William Pettey,

Earl of Shelburne)

S., C.C.A. Binder see binder Edwards, Davis211

S., P.A. Binder see binder P.A. Salvoldem

S., H. Binder C68g4 (16th century, Germany)

S., H. Binder C25c21 (initals gold tooled on English

16th-century binding)

S., I. IB13806 (initials I.S. blind tooled on

pigskin binding)

S., J. Binder Davis672 (item 316, c.1756, probably

made in Amsterdam, monograms 'J.S.'

and 'J.A.S.' on inside of clasps)

S., J. Binder C129f16 (20th century, Czech)

S., J.A. Binder see J.S. (Davis672)

S., N. Binder C66c10 (Annunciation, panel stamp

with legend 'Ecce Ancilla Domini fiat

michi secund/um verbum tuum'

Erasmus with NS)

S., P. Binder C48i3, C47k2, C19c1(prize bindings,

initials goold tooled on bindings,

monogram of College du Plessis-

Page 242: Binding Index

Sorbonne, 17th century, France)

S., H.S. Binder 12923ee11 (pigskin, imprinted Paris

1566, signed 'SHS')

S., D.M. Binder see Dorothy M Smith

S., C.P. Binder see C Philip Smith

S., T. Binder C27f8 (initals gold tooled on English

16th-century binding)

S., W.H. Binder Add MS54236 (imitation 'gothic'

binding on 20th-century ?English

binding), Add MS54239

Sacheverell, Anne (of

New Hall and Callow)

Binder Davis211 (item 187, arms)

Saint-Aignan, Duke

of, Paul de Beau-


Owner C47h7, C68a22

St Leger, from the

Library of

Owner IB2955, IC891 (both have blind

stamped bindings)

St Victor lB21208

Sainte Hilaire,

Marquis de

Owner see Bon, L.G., Marquis de Sainte


Sainte Maure,

Charles, Duc de


Owner G2479 (arms),also C64dd7 (arms of

husband and wife)

Saint-Victor, Paris Owner IA41891, IA40669 (arms of Abbey of

St Victor, abbey suppressed in French

Revolution, these are different stamps,

17th-century ?French bindings),

IB21208 (France, 18th c., green vellum

with arms of St Victor, Paris)

Sale, Rachel Ward Binder Taylor 12

Salel Binder C154c1 (signed)

Slater, J. (Dartmouth) Binder C109aaa12

Salvatella 19th

century, Spain,


Binder HS74/340 (Dumas, La dama de las


Salvioni Binder C154g12 (attributed to Salvioni)

Salvoldelli, P.A. Binder Davis277 (item 230, Hampstead

binding, 1902, signed 'The Hamp.

Bindery'and 'PAS')

Samblanx, Ch. de, 93

Rue Ducale, Bruxelles,

20th century

Binder C184a20 (gold tooling on white

vellum), IA39383 (signed)

Samblanx Binder Hirsch I.171 (signed) fairly plain,

Page 243: Binding Index

&Weckesser Hirsch III.898 (signed)

Samfin of Brienne Binder C150k9 (Ramsden collection, signed)

Sams Binder C151k7 (signed)

Sancha, G., Madrid,

late 18th century

Binder G18295-8, C154h9 (signed 'G.

Sancha'), Davis660

Sanders of Oxford Binder C109d21

Sanderson, Cobden Binder see Cobden-Sanderson

Sandys Owner C128f6

Sangorski & Sutcliffe Binder C53k15, C53k17, C53aa12, C54f6,

C54g5, C55f4, C55e8, C57i15, C57i16,

C68i21, C68i19, C98c12 (S&S),

C98g9, C98gg4, C98gg26 (S&S),

C98gg27, C98h34?, C98i14 (S&S),

C99b38 (S&S), C99c48, C99c49

(S&S), C99d50 (S&S), C99d51 (S&S),

C99d53, C99d54, C99f39, C99g44

(S&S), C99g46 (S&S), C99g47 (S&S),

C99g48 (S&S), C99g49 (S&S), C99f51

(S&S), C99f53 (S&S), C99h32 (S&S),

C99h34 (S&S), C99h35 (S&S), C99i28

(S&S), C99i31 (S&S)R, C99k27

(S&S), C99k28 (S&S), C100a7 (S&S),

C100b6 (S&S), C100b7 (S&S),

C100c17 (S&S), C100g42 (S&S),

C100g50 (S&S), C100h26 (S&S)i,

C100l17, C102a8 (S&S), C102a9

(S&S), C102a11 (S&S), C102a15

(S&S), C102e8, C102e14 (S&S),

C102e20, C102g7 (S&S), C102h16

(S&S), C102l5 (S&S), C102l7 (S&S),

C102l18 (S&S), C103a1 (S&S),

C103b2 (S&S), C103b3 (S&S),

C103b5 (S&S), C103b7 (S&S),

C103b15 (S&S), C103c18, C103e3

(S&S), C103g11 (S&S), C103i2 (S&S),

C103i4 (S&S), C103i7 (S&S),

C103i8(S&S), C103i9 (S&S), C103i12

(S&S), C103i14 (S&S), C104c4 (S&S),

C104f7 (S&S), C106a7, C107b23,

C108i6 (S&S), C108i9 (S&S),

C109p20, C110b18, C112d8, C118d24,

C118g4 (1960), C119a7, C122b10,

C123b17, C126a38, C127a17,

C127a21, C130k4, C133g2, C183d4,

C188b13 (signed but rather plain tan

morocco), C193a148 (signed but rather

plain), LR252d3, Cup407c24,

Cup407c26, Collins 625, Collins 626,

Page 244: Binding Index

Sanudo Owner Add MS26067 (16th-century Italian

binding commission from Doge)

Sanvito Binder Binder Harley 2692, Harley 2912

Sarazin Binder C154c2 (signed)

Sauer, Lori Binder C188a188 (signed, 2001)

Sauguin, Nicolas, de

Livry, Bishop of


Owner 11d8,9 (17th century), G4216 (arms)

Saumarez Smith,


Binder C188c14 (1995)

Sauty, A. de, of


Binder C68g10, Ashley735

Savalette, Charles,

Seigneur de Buchelet

Owner C62a21? (17th or 18th century French)

Savile, John Lumley,

8th Earl of

Scarborough (1788-


Owner C194a395 (19th century, ticket 'bound

by Hering, 9 Newman St.', Savile, John

Lumley, 8th Earl of Scarborough,

1788-1856, Rufford Abbey Library


Savoie, Marie, Jos

Louis de, Comtess de


Owner C47d25, C69b10, C69g5

Savoie, Duc de Ch.

Evere III

Owner C46b14, C46h6, C68h3

Savoie, Prince Eugene

de, Francois de


Owner C47e21 (Princes of the house of

Bourton-Canti), C47i13 (Eugene Prince

of Savoy), C69c1 (Eugene Prince of

Savoy), C39i21, G8997 (arms)

Savory, Cirencester Binder Collins 215

Saxony arms Owner see binder Thomas Krueger (Davis692)

Say, William Binder C67d2

Sayer & Wilson


Binder Collins 216

Scales Binder Binder Davis51 (3, c.1475, London, LD


Schaefer 'R[elieur] de

la Reine'

Binder C155i6 (signed)

Schambach, P. Binder Collins 850

Schauenburg Binder C150k10

Schavye [of Brussells] Binder IB48911 (signed on spine)


Amandus, Abbot of


Davis646 (item 363, c.1750 Viennese,

initials 'A.A.M.L.' and arms of


Scholl Binder Cup500a19 (ink stamp)

Schoots van Capelle,

Jacob Cornelis

Binder C191a60 (18th century)

Page 245: Binding Index

Schroedel of Paris Binder C188a162 (signed)

Schulze Binder C154f6 (signed)

Schulze, Otto & Co.,


Binder Collins 810

Page 246: Binding Index

Schwickart, Wolf


Binder Davis625 (item 339, dated 1562,

Tuebingen Wuerttemberg, arms on

lower cover with initials 'V.D.M.I. AE.'

(verbum Domini manet in aeternum)

Scotland C39d44 (arms of Scotland on upper

cover, arms of Elizabeth I on lower


Scott of Carlisle Binder Collins 217, 1465c1 signed. (Plm

taken froold index), C151k9


Scott of Edinburgh Binder C151k8 (signed, same as James Scott

of Edinburgh?), Collins 811 (this

item by an imitator of Scott), 61g13

Scott of Ferguson Binder C41f16 (Manufacturing Stationers


Scott of Paris Binder C156k12 (signed), C154c3 (signed)

(19th century)

Scott, James of


Binder C7d3, C108f5, C108g21, C150c14,

Davis250 (item 281, c.1773,

Edinburgh), Davis251-252 (item 282,

c.1778, Edinburgh), C150c14

(Ramsden collection, signed)

Scripps, J. Binder C108d26

Seacome, J. Binder Collins 218, C29e17, C150c16

(Ramsden collection, signed), C155b16

(Ramsden collection, signed),

C150c17(1) (signed 'Seacome of

Chester'), C188a45

Sealskin C59fff6 (by Douglas Cockerell 1904),

C108aaa1 (blank sealskin covered with

silver pques designed by M Lilian

Simpson), C47a18

Sealskin fur Cup410bb37

Searjeant, H., 159

Ladbroke Grove,


Binder Collins 628 (?)

Searle (Printer,

Bookseller, Binder)

King St, Southmolton

Binder RB 23a1060 (19th century)

Searle, J. Binder C57e6,

Searle, John Binder C188a102 (MS note: Bound by John

Searle when apprenticed to John

Wingrave, 1779, London) C188a102.

Searle, J,

76 Lower Grosvenor

Street, London

Binder Collins 629

Sedgley, Richard, d.


Binder 48g3, 48g1, C108k9, C64h12(1-9),

Davis 199 (item 151; c.1701 Oxford)

Page 247: Binding Index

Sedgley, Thomas Binder Davis 152 (item 160; c.1760 Oxford),

C27f10 (see Nixon, Five centuriess),


Sedlacek, Jiri (Czech,

20th century)

Binder Cup936/2168 (signed)

Page 248: Binding Index

Seear (Secar), John,


Binder Collins 630 (?)

Seguier, D., Bishop of


Owner G8907 (arms)

Seguier, Pierre Owner G3320 (arms), G5173 (arms), G6405

(arms and initials)

Segur, N. A. de Owner 95l3-5

Seitz, Placidus (Abbot

of Benedictive

Monastery of Ettal)

Owner Davis643 (item 360, c.1710-30; Ettal

arms of Seitz; upper cover has emblem

of monastery of Ettal and arms of

Abbot Placidus)

Seilliere, Achille

Baron de

Owner C20d26, C20e4, C20e6, C20e11,

C20e14, C20e34, C20e29 (by Bely-

Niedree), C20e31(by Bely-Niedree)

Sellars, David G. Binder C183a32, C144k5, C188c19 (1995)

Taylor 3, Taylor 6, Taylor 14, Taylor


Semet et Plumelle Binder X525/10403

Senlis, Bishop of See N. Sauguin de Livry

Serre Binder C156k13 (signed)

Sesma, Raymundo artist responsible for paper binding

(contemporary Italian) C188c9

Setchel, H. and Sons Binder 190e1-3, C1812 (binder's label)

Seth, Bert Binder C160e4

Seton, Robert of


Binder C40e54, C60h4, 1570/5781, C151k10


Seton & Mackenzie Binder C30h9, Collins 813

Settle Binder C188b55.

Settle, Elkanah

(commissioned the

bindings to cover his

poetry books)

Owner C67f12, C67f13, Add MS5716, C66f16

(1720), C66f8 (1707), C64h7 (1706; for

Cowper), C66f18 (1712; for Coventry),

Eve 67 (c.1705; for Evelyn), C143c5,

K7i2 (1-104; music lib for Horton),


Settle's Binder, d.


Binder Davis150 (item 153; c.1703; London

for Sir Charles Duncombe; arms in


Seve, Antoine de Owner C130d7

Seymour, Michael Owner C66b18

Shalders of Holt Binder C151k11 (signed)

Shalders of Yarmouth Binder C132h39 (signed) with coat of arms

Sharpe & Kellet, 16

Old Hall St., Liverpool

Binder Collins 219

Sharpe & Kellet,

Chapel St., Liverpool

Binder Collins 220

Page 249: Binding Index

Shaw, [Charles


6 Featherstone

Buildings, London WC

Binder Collins 631, Collins 632

Shaw, Christopher Binder C188c35, C188b66, C188b72

Shaw, George, 1 Peel

St., Barnsley

Binder Collins 221

Shearer, John of


Binder C151k12 (signed), C151k13 (signed)

Sheep's fleece wool Cup410c7

Page 250: Binding Index

Shelburne, Earl of =

William Petty, Earl of

Sherburn, 1st Marquis

of Lansdown

C47d14 (cypher), C46a21 (cypher),

C68d8 (cypher), C58h1, Davis144-146,

see also Fermor

Sheldon, Ralph Owner C67f6 (signed by Sheldon), C67f19,

C67g3, C130bb10, C67e3 (bookplate),

C66g14 (bookplate), C67f6

(bookplate), G570 (bookplate), 17th

century, England

Shepperson &


Binder C108g26-27 (label dated 1789 on


Sherman of New York Binder KTC31b15 (signed)

Sherman, Stanley Binder YD2006a3998, YD2006a3998.

Shipwrights Company,


Owner 1560/4410 (1707)

Shirley, family of

Staunton, Harrold

Owner AddMS40,657 (arms), AddMS 40,661,

17th century, England

Siberch, John of


Binder C66c20, C64d13, C53e3

Sic Donec Motto of Egerton, 1756-1829, Francis

Henry 8th Earl of Bridgwater (trustee

& benefactor to BM esp. MSS; left

books and money to buy more books;

arms block used by BL bindery)

Sic itvr ad astra EG1228 (motto on religious badge,

lower cover), 17th century German?

Si Devs Nobiscum

qvis contra Nos

see King Edward and Queen Mary


Sidney, Philip, Sir Owner C100h15

Sidney, Robert, Sir Owner C64i6, Davis93 (item 53, c.1616,

London; by John Bateman, successor of

the MacDuman Gospels Binder; Order

of the Garter in the centre)

Sigismund Augustus,

King of Poland

Owner C46b35, C47e12

Silami Binder C108x9

Silas, Ellis Designer

of the


Collins 633

Silk, book printed on C29k5

Silva & Deschamps,

Rua dos Bacalhodeiros

121, Lisbon

Binder Collins 946

Silver Bindings C65a15, C108aaa1(silver plaques on


Silver painted C188a96 (17th c. gold tooled and silver

painted German calf)

Silvestri, Eurialo Owner Davis835 (by Nicol Franzese)

Page 251: Binding Index

Simier Binder C37a32, C39b16, C42e4, C55h7,

Page 252: Binding Index

C97bb2, C108aa4 (for Stuart de

Rothesay), C108aa22 (for Stuart de

Rothesay), C191a5 (signed on spine),

11375aaa14 (signed),

C150k11(signed), C150k13, C156k14

(signed), C150k12 (signed), C154c4

(signed), C155i7 (signed), Davis575

(Alphonse Simier), Davis550

(Alphonse Simier)

Simier, Relieur du Roi Binder Collins 930

Simier, Fils Binder C154c5

Simier, Petit

Successeur de

Binder C130b1

Simms & Dynham of


Binder C53a31

Simon, J. B.

(Encadernador de

Paris Porto)

Binder C38g5

Simpson, M. L., Miss Binder C108aaa1

Simpson & Bevington,

121 Paternoster Square


Binder Collins 634a and b (2 vols)

Simpson, T. & Sons of

Newcastle, 19th


Binder YA1997a7763 (binder's ticket)

Simson & Co. Ltd,


Binder Collins 222

Sissons Binder RF1999c10 (binder's ticket)

Wm Skinner, 89 Fore

Street Saltash

Binder? Collins 111 (it is possible Skinner

repaired the binding – see also Glanvill)

Slade, Felix bequest of 23 bindings, July 1868 (see

donations register 1866-71)

Slinn of Sheffield Binder C188a80, C188a88

Slipcase C142c13 (brown morocco slipcase,

Dutch 19th century), 1568/8154 (paste

paper slipcase, Dutch 19th century),

C183d17 (morocco pull-off slipcase,

Flemish, 18th century?), C66b15 (cloth

slipcase, French, 19th century),

C183a42 (cloth slipcase, French, 19th

century), C109a29 (paper? slipcase,

German almanac, 18th century),

C129a9 (morocco slipcase, English

18th century)

Small Carnation


Binder 150g16, C48h13, Davis72 (item 27,

c.1676 London; initials W. W. added to

third compartment)

Smart, H., of


Binder Collins 223

Page 253: Binding Index

Smeers (or is this


Binder C38b20-22, C30a22 (signed),

C38b21(signed), C38b22 (signed),

Hirsch I.344 (signed) plainish

Smith Binder C151i1(signed), Collins 636

Smith Bros.,

Ivy Lane

Binder Collins 637, Collins 638 (?)

Smith/Charles Smith N. B. Davis259 (item 208); it is not

clear whether Charles Smith of 13

Page 254: Binding Index

Church Street and C. Smith are the

same binder

Smith of Bedford Binder C108d21

Smith of Deptford Binder Collins 648

Smith & Son of


Binder RB23a13884 (ink stamp reads 'Smith &

Son [London], July 1835')

Smith of Long Acre Binder C150d2(1) (signed)

Smith, C. Binder C20e7-8, C25e9, C32a6, C34h19,

C35c22, C35e3 (identical with

C35c22), C35g19, C35g20 (identical

with C35g19), C35f15 (identical with

C35g9), C35h17 (identical with

C35g9), C21a23, C21a53, C39a4,

C39b33, C39b39, C35e29, C39h11,

C56b4, C57aa19 (for Ternaux), C59ff6,

C111c13, C117b5, C117b13, C128e19,

C21a23, C21a53, C32a6, C58aa9,

C128e19, G4215, G2040, G2926,

G1233 (signed), G6483 (signed),

G6534 (signed), G6778 (signed),

139a12 (ticket), 140a19, 270h30,

272h27, G6896 (signed), G6900

(signed), G7542 (signed), G7574

(signed), G9553 (signed), G11598

(signed), 11632aa3 (signed), Davis259

(item 208, c.1816 London, stamp),

C155b17 (signed), C150d1 (signed),

C151k15 (signed), C151k16 (signed),

G7219 (signed)

Smith, C. of Bath Binder C155c1(signed, 1075), same as C.


Smith, Charles Binder Davis260 (item 209, c.1817 London,

ticket, bound by C. Smith, 13 Church

St., Soho)

Smith, C. Philip Binder C108eee11(1-2) 2 vols, Odyssey),

C188c1 (Macbeth, C170c33 (loan,

Versallus 1934), Davis283 (item 246;

plus embroidered silk by Dorothy M.

Smith dated 1961; tum-ins signed and

dated DMS; CPS 1961; Book of Dead),

C108d40 (The Enneads), C108pp8

(Time), C108pp9 (The Sun)

Smith, Dorothy M. see C. Philip Smith

Smith, Desmond, of

Irish University Press


Binder X421/7030 (press bindery; label on

upper fly leaf with details)

Smith, E. Binder C109d12 (blue cloth blocked in blind

Page 255: Binding Index

and gold; binder's label 5 Ivy Lane

Paternoster Row), PP6670 (The

Keepsake, 1847; red cloth with design

signed E. Smith Binder Ivy Lane)

Smith, J[oseph] Binder Collins 635, Collins 639, Collins 642,

Collins 647 (?), Collins 649 (Binder’s

stamp date 1824)

Smith, J. Binder C109aa26 (1829)

Smith, J. Binder C151i2 (signed)

Smith, Joseph Owner C4d7, C19f11, C4g9 (bookplate British

Consul at Venice), 62e12

J[oseph] Smith & Son,

15 Albion Buildings,

Bartholomew Close

Binder Collins 640, Collins 641, Collins 643,

Collins 644, Collins 645, Collins 646,

Collins 650 (Binder’s stamp dated

March 1836), Collins 651, Collins 652

Smith, Philip see C. Philip Smith

Smith, Romilly


see Saumarez Smith, Romilly

Smith, R. W. Binder C34h44

Smith, Sally Lou Binder C109q7, C129g7

Smith, Mrs Binder Jewel St, Aldersgate St.; Cup645e1(55)

(text by William Weldon)

Smith, Thomas Binder 5405aa8-11

Smith, William, 269

High St., Edinburgh

Binder Collins 814

Smith, W. of Iron


Binder C151l3, C151i4 (signed)

Smith, W. H., of


Binder Collins 224

Smith & Son of


Binder C151k14 (signed)

Smith, W. H. & Son,


C98k18, C99l17, C102e5, C102h7,

C102l1, C102l16, C102h8, C116g9,

C116g11, C116g13? C98a6, C98h32,

C98h33, Collins 225, Collins 653,

Collins 654, Collins 655, Collins 656,

Collins 657, Collins 658, Collins 659,

Collins 660 (?)

WHS[mith], Lancaster Binder Collins 226

Smyth Owner C69ff12

Smythe, Viscount


Owner G10912 (arms)

Snape, T & Co of


Binder C188b79

Snare of Reading Binder C188a232

Sneers, L. Binder C30a22

Page 256: Binding Index

Snowden of Carlisle,

H. K.

Binder RB23b3445 (binder's ticket), 19th


Society for Promotion

of Christian


Owner C129b19 (binder F. Remnant)

Society of Writers to

the Signet

Owner C118b24 (arms gold tooled), C124b24

(arms gold tooled)

Solomon, Saul, &

Co., Cape Town

Binder Collins 956

Sombre bindings C69aa1(1695), C72e8 (1679), C69aa2

(1667), C72b5 (1685), C69aa3 (1678),

Davis116 (1673)

Sombre Binder Binder Davis116 (item 116, dated 1673

London; initials MM in centre)

Somers, Baron,


Owner C67e14, C67e16

Page 257: Binding Index

Somerset, Anne,

Duchess of

Owner C46a7

Somerset, Charles Owner C67d16 (by Williamson), C128k3

Somerville and Ross Owner C95h1 (publisher's binding), C95d7

(publisher's binding), C95i1

(publisher's binding)

Song, Haein Binder C188b70 (2008)

Sotheran, H. & Co of


Binder C55c37, C57aa17, C57b24, C58e34,

C68i21, C119d3

Souich, Mme Du

(institution of


Owner C188a161

Soul, Eli, Tabernacle

Walk, London

Binder Collins 661

Souriau Binder C155i8 (signed)

Sousmont, Marquis de Owner See Turgot, Michel-Etienne

Southeby, Wilkinson

& Hodge

Collins 1028

Southey, Robert Owner C61b20 (from Southey's 'Cottonian'

Library), C61b14

Souze, August Binder Collins 932

Sowler, T. of


Binder C155b18 (signed), C150d3 (signed)

Spada, Cardinal


Owner G748 (arms)

Spada, Cardinal


Owner C129i5 (arms gold tooled on covers),

17th century Italy

Spain Owner C154h23 (royal arms), C154h19 (royal


Spaniel Binder Binder 15a27 (William III's cypher), 5i1, 59f2

Spark of Exeter,


Binder C151i5 (signed)

Sparway of Honiton Binder C150d4 (signed)

Spem Fortuna Alit C21d18 (English 18th century,

ornamental border roll binding)

Spencer of Bradford Binder C188b83

Spencer, [Robert], 14

Bridgewater Sq.,


Binder Collins 662, Collins 665

Spencer, [Robert] &

Son, (for 664: see also

L., J. [John Leighton])

Binder Collins 663, Collins 664

Spencer, Earl Owner C48a10

Spencer Owner C65l15, C69c7

Page 258: Binding Index

Spencer, George, 2nd


Owner G406 (arms), G9277 (arms)

Spencer-Churchill Owner C25h1, C67i9

Sperling, H., Leipzig Binder Collins 851

Spicers & Detmold


Binder Cup410c7

Spiegel, L. Binder C107g5

Spierinck, Nicholas of


Binder C48g13, C66c10, C66d11, C66d12,

C66f7, IB23533, C66f6?, 874h20,

C108h8-9, Davis85 (item 29, possibly

after 1536 Cambridge, signed N. S.)

Spink & Thackray,

Boar Lane, Leeds

Binder Collins 227, Collins 228

Spon, E. & F. N. of


Binder RB23a17760 (binder's ticket on mottled

green grained cloth, spine blocked in

gilt; text dated 1775)

Page 259: Binding Index

Spon, Johannes of


Owner Egerton MS1178 (initials I. S. A. on

German binding dated 1554)

Spottiswoode & Co.

Ltd Bookbinders

Binder C188a138 (gold tooled vellum), Collins

666, Collins 667, C188a158

Spurway, [James],

of Honiton

Binder Collins 229

Squirrel Binder Binder Davis97 (c.1620 London); Squirrell

Binder was probably the shop which

workded for Lord Herbert of Cherbury;

Harl MS5087 (see HDI p. 57), C40l3

(see HDI p. 57), C24c4 (see HDI p.

57), C47f13 (see HDI p. 57), C82c5

(see HDI), C77i5 (see HDI), C47K11

(see HDI), C47l11, C24b14 (blocked

on silk), C29k16 (blocked on silk),

C73g5 (standard royal library binding

for James I), C78d8 (standard royal

library binding for James I), C79b18

(standard royal library binding for

James I)

Stabbed Vellum C109e54 (vellum MS used as cover and

stabbed through side, 1623)

Stacy, John of


Binder C155b19 (part of Charles Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings), C150d5


Staddon, [John], 12

Bute St., Luton

Binder Collins 230 (?)

Stagg, M C108v25 (signed. with elaborate


Staggemeier and

Welcher of London

Binder C1d1-2, C1d8, 2f5, 82l18, 148c1

G8047-50 (yellow binder's label),

Davis173 (item 197; probably after

1799 London), Davis 202 (item 198;

probably after 1799 London), C155c3

(signed; pink label), C156i4 (signed),

C155c2 (attributed to Staggemeier and

Welcher), C150k7 (signed), C180cc4

(signed; yellow label; presentation

binding from Thomas Hope,

Tab435a15 (with ticket)

Stained vellum RB23a28487 (German 18th c. stained

vellum, tooled in blind)

Stainville - Choiseul Owner C46c26

Stamford, Earl of Grey Owner C68e4

Stanes of Chelmsford Binder C151i6 (part of Charles Ramsden

Collection of signed bindings), C150d6


Stanhope, Charles Earl

of Harrington

See Hering (C150b7), see B. Clyde

(C150b8), see Hering (C150b9)

Stanhope, Philip 5th Owner C69c3 (by Hering), Davis201 (item

Page 260: Binding Index

Earl of Chesterfield 185; c.1776 London; arms of Stanhope)

Stagg, Richard Binder C108u25 (signed)

Starr, Ellen Binder 10826b16

Stassin et Xavier

Libraires (Paris)

Binder RB23a15661(binder's ticket)

Stratford, [Thomas]

[of Worcester]

Binder Collins 234

Stebbing, Sylvia Binder C188a66 (signed 'ss 1900')

Steedman, H., 44

George St., Edinburgh

Binder Collins 815

Steel Binder C188a129.

Steel, Mrs (Jane Steel,

daughter of Robert


Binder ?59c17, 167i15

Steel, Robert Binder apprenticed to Samuel Mearne;

C109f12, ?C108aa12?, ?59c17, ?62h9,


Steele, Robert Binder apprenticed to Samuel Mearne from

1668-1675; established by 1677 and

last heard of in 1710; Davis148 (item

148; c.1700 London)Established by

1677 and last heard of in 1710

Stefano, Giuseppe Owner C68d15

Stelbogen, Thomas Binder Davis691 (item 335; 1559 Leipzig for

Nikolans von Ebeleben)

Stephenson, 12

Parliament Street

Binder G17738

Stephenson, W. S. of


Binder C155c5 (signed)

Stetin, Dukes of Owner G8592 (arms)

Stevens, David Kevin Binder C144e1

Stevens, Graham Binder C128h3

Stevens, H. Owner C21d16 (by W. Pratt), C21d4 (by W.

Pratt), C37h10 (by W. Pratt), C37e39

(by W. Pratt), C32c7 (by F. Bedford),

C32f29 (by W. Pratt), C32e20-24 (by

W. Pratt), C32m16 (by W. Pratt),

C71a35 (by W. Pratt)

Stikeman (?) of New


Binder Tab741d1 (signed), Eccles 7

Stirling Maxwell, John


Owner C108bb22

Stirling , William Owner 1578/4667

Stoakley of Cambridge Binder C34h47, C123d18, Collins 231, Collins

232, Collins 233

Stopes, W. Binder C108b2

Storr, R. of Grantham Binder C151l7, C151l8 (signed)

Page 261: Binding Index

Stow, Elizabeth Owner G5972 (arms of London and initials of

Elizabeth Stow)

Stoy, Georg, Christoph Binder Collins 852

Stradel of Montavban Binder C154c6 (signed)

Strafford, Countess of Owner C128c9

Strain, Wm., and Sons,

of Belfast

Binder Collins 303

Straker & Son of


Binder YA1998a3428 (ticket)

Stratford Binder C129c18

Stratford, [Thomas], of


Binder Collins 234

Straten, Jan Joncheer


C106e18 (arms of van Straten painted

on endleaf)

Straw Binding C188c4 (England 19th century)

Strong, W. Binder C53k16, C151l9 (signed), C150d7


Structure C183a38 (wood boards, no covering

material, sewing visible)

Stuart, James C160ee2 (designed by James Stuart,


Stuart, John (1713-

1792), Third Earl of


Owner C69b3, 447h2

Stuart de Rothersay,

Charles, Baron (1779-


Owner C97a7, C33d22, C64dd6, C32a15,

C62c12, C57g22, C69a15, C69b2,

C133dd3, C65a24, C63e6, C63l26,

C64cc1, C69a3

Stuart de Rothesay



Stuart, William (1798-


Owner 2 mottos: Nobilis ira; Avito viret

honore; C107bb57, C25e30, C20c29,

C63l12, C69e19, C69bb13, C64dd9,

C113a18, C62g7, C53a8, C150l14

(arms), C154d5 (arms), C152l6 (arms),

C152l7 (arms), C154e7 (arms), and

many others

Stubbs, Kathleen Binder C188b26, C188a81, C188a82, C188a86

(possibly by Kathleen Stubbs, C188b26

Stumme?, A. Binder IB357 (signed)

Sturge, E. Y., of


Binder Collins 235

Sturt, J. C44c6, C65b14, C54d2 (engraved


Suarez Binder C150m18 (signed)

Sub Libertate Quietem 191d9, G8279 (motto of Burrell, Sir Bt)

Page 262: Binding Index

Sueur-Moussette of


Binder C155i9

Suffolk, Mary,

Dutchess of

Owner C46d8

Page 263: Binding Index

Sullivan Edward, see

E. S. Aurifex

Davis 235 (item 267; 1924, acc to

Thomas Lange, Huntington Library,

not c.1890; binding finished by Sir

Edward Sullivan), Davis234 (item 268;

c.1890, cover signed 'E S Aurifex',

finished by Edward Sullivan),

Davis269 (item 269; c.1890, finished

by Edward Sullivan, signed 'E S

Aurifex', Davis270 (item 270; c.1910;

info from Thomas Lange, Huntington

Library), bound by Birdsall, signed 'E S


Sultzbach, Marie

Auguste de

Owner C69d20, C67b7

Sumner, O. of York Binder C109k8, C151l10 (signed)

Sumfield & Day,

Station Street,


Binder Collins 21 (only one of the three vols

bound by this company – see also

Bayntun of Bath for one other) Sunderland, Earl of Owner C67i9

Superabo Motto of Penha Longa, Count of

Susse Binder C155i10 (attributed to Susse), C155i11

(signed), C150k14 (signed)

Sussex, Earl of


Owner C67g4

Sustine et Abstine Add MS22,275 (cardinal's arms with

motto, arms of Vander voost)

Sutherland Binding C69h9

Sutherland, J. & J.,

Brantford, Ontario

Binder Collins 984

Sutherland, Duke of


Owner C64f10

Sutton, Thomas Owner C67b22

Svoboda, Jindrich Binder Cup410c138 (signed 1995),

Cup410g583 (brown sheep with onlays,

signed 1994), Cup410f1111 (vellum,

signed 1995), Cup410f1112 (vellum

onlays, signed 1993)

Svolinsky, K. Cup410f1155 (designed binding bound

by A. Tvrdy)

Swane of Brighton Binder C109b30

Swastika RB8a136 (motif tooled in gold on

upper and lower cover; text London


Swinborne Owner ?C48h12

Sydney, Robert Owner Davis93 (annotated, partially in the

hand of Robert Sydney; compare with

his hand in Add MS58435)

Page 264: Binding Index

Syle, [William],

High Street,


Binder Collins 236

Page 265: Binding Index

Sykes, Mark

Masterman Sir

Owner C21e8, C30d26, G4918 (arms), G9153

(arms), G9547 (arms)

Symington of York Binder 1578/6305

Szirmai, J. A. Binder C183b16, C188B59, C188b64,

C188b63, C188b16, C188b65,

Binding Index

T | U


Name Owner or



T. Davis597 (item 286 c1485; initial T)

T., A. Tauch3522a(1) (half-bound brown

goatskin signed 'AT 1902'; his note

says 'bound by my wife Alfred C.


T., S. Davis677 (item 338; roll signed 'ST'

and dated 1559)

T., V. 128d15 (England 1650-1700, panel


Talbot, Ladye Gartrvd Owner C143c10 ('Lady Gartrvd Talbot' gold

tooled on upper and lower covers of

16th-century English binding)

Talius, Chr. Fab. Owner Davis629 (by a pupil of Jacob


Tankerville, Earl of


Owner C67b23, C67e5

Tapin, Claudius Owner C46c17

Tate, J. of Belfast Binder C152a1 (signed)

Tauchnitz Tauch4144d (with patterned fabric

wrappers added); Tauch4174 (in

decorated paper over boards);

Tauch4161f (with decorated floral

paper wrappers added);

Tauch3986c(2) (vellum with red

leather strips and string); Tauch3012

(fabric pink rosebuds on black)

Taverner, John Binder ?C46d8

Taylor, Simon, Sir Owner C108i15

Taylor, E.A.W. of


Binder C152a2 (signed)

Page 266: Binding Index

Taylor, Olwen Binder Collins 237

Taylor, Thomas Binder C102i1-2

Taylor. W., & Son


Binder Collins 174 (see also The Old City


Taylor & Hessey Binder C152a4, C152a3 (signed) (19th


Tchek & Roul Binder Eccles 26

Tegernsee Abbey,


Binder Davis638 (item 352 second half of

17th century; probably made at

Tegernsee), Collins 853

Le Tellier, C.M.,

Archbishop of Rheims

Owner C47d12, C47c4, C47c7, C47c3,

C47h1, C47g12, C47b10, C47h2

Tencin, Pierre Guerin Owner C68a9

Tepper, A., of


Binder C42e1, C152a5 (Ramsden

collection, signed)

Ternaux Campans,


Owner C31e17, C32a6 (B.C. Smith, B.

Valentin), C32a12, C32e25, C32f11-

13, C54bb2, C58a15, C58bb19,

C58a10, C58e11, C58e4, C58e5,

C62c18, C62d4, C63b47 (B.C.

Lewis), C63c24, C63e22, C63h29,

C63h18, C63k9, C63k17, C63l16,

C66b8 (B. MacKenzie), C20b10,

C125a1, C20b10, C20b17, C20d1,

C20d10 (B.C. Lewis), C20e19,

C57aa19 (B.C. Smith)

Terrel, Francois Owner C47d18

Terry (Garnet) of

Paternoster Row, St.

Pauls, London

?Binder Collins 668

Tersil (Porto, Portugal) Binder Cup408t29 signed. Blocked in


Terzulo, Papetier du roi Music gift binding K8i12 pub by Le

Fuel with slip case

Te Sola Ser Viro Fin

Ch'Harovi Ta

Gold tooled on upper cover of

Italian 16th-century bindings C28a4,

Davis754 (See Tamm Di Marinis

vol. 11 2161)

Tessier Binder C150k16 (signed), C150k15

(signed), C155i13 (signed)

Tevens, H.J. Owner C38l4 (by W. Pratt)

Thierry of Paris

(successor to Petit-


Binder C53b14 (signed)

Theodor, Johann, of

Bavaria, Cardinal

Archbishop of Freising

Owner C47e5

Page 267: Binding Index

Theron Binder C154c7 (signed)

Thibaron Binder C20b2, C31f15, C32a33, C38f36,

C39a57, C39c43, C39e32, C57aa27,

Page 268: Binding Index

C57c18, C20c26, C62aa23, IB41242


Thibaron-Echaubard Binder C40c55, C57a23

Thibaron-Joly Binder C38d29, C53b9, C55d4, C55h3,

C59d21, C71e1, C59b37

Thierosn, Frieda Binder C103h5 (Germany)

Thierri-Sr de Petit-


Binder C53b14

Thiersch, Frieda (see

Bremer Binderei)

Binder C98e20

Thiery Binder C150k17 (signed)

Thomas, A. see T., A.

Thomas, F[rancis], of


Binder Collins 238

Thomas, James, of


Binder C150d8 (Ramsden collection,


Thomason, George Owner C183b3?

Thompson, Ann see B. Katherine Adams, Davis239

Thompson Binder C20c28, C30e8, C31h38, C36a8,

C38c15, C39f13, C39a13, C39a46,

C39b23, C40a47, C40b16, C44c8,

C52g3, C53b4, C54d3, C58cc16,

C69dd12 (for Adolphe Audenet),

C111aa21?, C125bb4, Huth61

(signed), IA22733 (signed), G8989

(signed), IB39390 (signed), 1474a1


Thompson, J. Binder C156i5 (signed), C188a241 (ticket)

Thompson of Paris Binder C150k18 (signed)

Thompson, Fils Binder C18a15

Thornton, Ann Binder C188b44

Thorpe Binder C35f3?

De Thou, J.A. Owner C2a1, C17c7-12 (arms of J.A. de

Thou and his 2nd wife Gasparde de

la Chastre), C18b4, C19a8, C19a33,

C19b10, C19b11, C19b12-16,

C19c21, C19c25, 675f18, C19c28-

29, C19c30-31, C19d17-19, C19d21,

C19e1,2, C19e12, C19f23, C19c26,

C20b33, C20d12, C24e12, C39g20,

C46b17, C46b23, C46b24, C46c6,

C46c24, C46e21, C48c14, C48d7

(arms of J.A. de Thou and Gasparde

de la Chastre), C48d10, C64c14,

C65a 18-19, C65d15, C65f12,

C66c18, C66e12, C66h16, C67c23,

C67e25, C68a19, C68e10, C68f9,

Page 269: Binding Index
Page 270: Binding Index

(arms of J.A. de Thou), G7482 (arms

of J.A. de Thou and Marie

Barbancon), G7901 (arms of J.A. de

Thou), G7926 (arms of J.A. de Thou

and Marie Barbancon), G8144 (arms

and initials of J.A. de Thou), G8203

(arms of J.A. de Thou and Marie

Barbancon), G8250 (arms and

initials of J.A. de Thou and

Gasparde de la Chastre), G8366

(arms and initials of J.A. de Thou),

G8425 (arms of J.A. de Thou and

Gasparde de la Chastre), G8462

(arms of J.A. de Thou and Gasparde

de la Chastre), G8649 (arms of J.A.

de Thou and Gasparde de la

Chastre), G8719 (arms and initials

of J.A. de Thou), G8822 (arms and

initials of J.A. de Thou and Marie

Barbancon), G8850 (arms and

initials of J.A. de Thou), G9180

(arms of J.A. de Thou and Gasparde

de la Chastre), G10684 (arms of J.A.

de Thou, the younger, 1) de Thou, 2)

Picardet, 3) La Chastre, 4) Le


Thouvenin C25c15, C29f19, C33a33, C39a28,

C39e13, C47h3, C68i20, C108bb28,

C47e17, C18a30, C47e17, IB41106

(signed), G11303, C150l4?,

C154c10 (signed), C150k20,

C155i12, C150k19, C150k21,

C154c8, C150l1 (signed), C154c9,

Davis712-715, C150k20 (signed),

C155i12 (attributed to), C150k19

(signed), C150k21 (signed), C154c8

(signed), C154c9 (signed)

Thouvenin Jeune Binder RB23a20800 (signed foot of spine).

Thraner Binder C150l2 (signed), C154c11 (signed

Thraner of Strasbourg)

Thurnam, Charles Binder C45g17, RB23a12443, Collins 239,

3225df3 has his label as ‘binder and Thurnan?, Charles Binder Collins 240

Page 271: Binding Index

Tiepolo Owner 126l6,7

Tillet, Titus of


Binder C128d8, C132i58

The Times of India

Exchange Press


Binder Collins 999

Timm of Germany Binder C43l1-13

Tisserand, D.C. Owner 236a40 ('Ex Dono D. Claudii

Tisserand 1654' on red morocco,

French binding)

Page 272: Binding Index

Tobb, V. de Binder C115tt33

Tobias, Matthew,

Archbishop of York NT

1580, Archbishops &


Owner C64dd2

Toledo Add MS 28,503 (arms of Castro,

Colonna and Toledo with ducal

coronet 17c?)

Tomes, [Alfred] Binder Collins 669

Tomkinson, Michael Owner C188b81 (has his book plate)

Tomson, Percy C. of St


Binder C152a6 (signed)

Toorop, J. C109q6 (designed 20th-century

Dutch publisher's binding)

Tortoiseshell Bindings Davis672, C48a5 (18th-century

German), C65h9 (19th-century

French), C65h10, C65h11, C50*a10,

C049a2, C049b6, C049b2?, C72b3

(18th-century Danish), 166d14

(17th-century Dutch with silver

mounts), C109e49, C65h1?

Tory, Geofroy (Paris,

16th c)

Binder C47g20

Totham, W. of


Binder C130d8

Totnes, Earl of, George


Owner C68c5, C68c9

Toucauld, N.J. Owner C7b8, C7b11

Toulouse, Comte de Owner C38g6

Toupriant Binder C154c12 (signed)

Tourian Bros., Cairo Binder Collins 957

Tournadre Binder C155i14 (signed)

Tournon, de, Cardinal Owner C108l2 (by Hagne)

Tout, Sml Binder C58b10, C68h13, C72b6, C108n4,

C40g12, C59b21, C59f2

Touzimsky of Prague Binder Collins 854

Towneley of Lancashire Owner C67e1

Towneley, Richard Owner C67f4

Townsend, W., 12

Surrey St., Sheffield

Binder Collins 241

Townsend, [William],


Binder Collins 242 (?)

Page 273: Binding Index

Townsend & Son of


Binder Add MS 30,073, Eg MS 2582 (both

20th century, England), Collins 243


Trade Bindings

England Elizabeth I,

16th century

C186aa2 (calf with gold blocked

arms and 'E.R.'), C81b5 (calf with

gold blocked arms)

Trade Bindings

England Falon Stamps,

16th century

C27g9, C66d4, C67d16, ?G7817,


Trade Bindings C108b8, C108c21, 532g9, 294f29

Page 274: Binding Index

England, Noli Altvm

Sapere motto, 16th and

17th centuries

Trade Bindings

England, Portrait

Stamps Elizabeth I,

16th century


Trade Bindings

England, Tudor Rose,

16th century

C82a13 (Tudor rose and scroll with

Elizabeth on it), ?C24a27 (crowned

rose), C55a6 (crowned rose),

C111a27, C123a19

Trade Bindings

England, Tudor Rose,

17th century

C108f14 (crowned rose), C65hh17

(crowned rose and initials 'AH'),

C67f2 (crowned rose), C67d10

(crowned rose), C108cc1

Trade Bindings

England for Eikon

Basilike, Portrait of

Charles I, 17th century

C118d43 (portrait and 'C.R.'),

C118d86, C118d87, C118d36

Trade Bindings

England for Eikon

Basilike, CR, 17th


C118d4, C118d5, C11d18, C118d19

(late 17th, early 18th century),

C118d30, C118d35, C118d40,

C118d43, C118d44, C118d46,

C118d47, C118d48, C118d49,

C118d51, C118d52, C118d53,

C118d56, C118d59, C118d67,

C118d71, C118d83, C118d85,

C118d88, C118d89, C118d92,

C118d110, C118d119, C118d136,


Trade Bindings


885d8 (brown hide, Strada, Ianett,


Trautz-Bauzonnet Binder C20a16-17, C20b15, C20e1,

C22a53, C31b23, C31h20, C31h32,

C32a29, C33l5, C34e42, C34g24,

C34g25, C38a15, C38a26, C38b13,

C38d22, C38f1, C38f9, C39a44,

C39b30-31, C39c30, C39d64,

C39e8, C39e17, C39e20, C39h12,

C40a2, C40a3, C40b24, C44a6,

C47f5, C48d1, C53d10, C54b13,

C55a2, C56c5, C57a2, C57a10,

C57aa7, C57aa47, C57b1, C57c38,

C57g1 (signed), C57g35, C62a3,

C62a5, C62b1, C62b3, C62b4,

C62b5, C62b17, C62b28*, C63e2,

C63f3, C66d8, C70a6, C97aa2,

Page 275: Binding Index

C97aa5, C97b9, C97b21, C97bb27,

C107b29, C107c13, C107g6,

C121a10, IA27924, C47d23,

C47h10, C29k24, ?C63f2, IB 41531

(signed), IB 41542 (signed),

C127a10 (signed), 11403a19

(signed), Add MS 36,676 (signed),

886d2 (signed)

(Fratelli) Traversa, of


Binder Collins 942

Treacher, H. & C.,


Binder Collins 244, Collins 245

Treble, I., of Pembroke

and Tenby

Binder C152a7 (signed)

Tree vellum Cup402k27

Trevelyan Owner C65g4

Trickett, [George] and


Binder Collins 670

Trinckvel Binder Cup408ss11, Cup408ss12 ('1926'

tooled on spine, French)

Trinity College Dublin Owner C108bb35, 1578/4540, C152f16

(arms), C152c6 (stamp), arms

on 1509/3200 Tripier-Bradel Binder C154c13 (Ramsden collection,


Trivvltio Owner C72a11

Trotebas of Marseilles Binder C156k15 (signed)

Truber Owner Davis677

Truclaine, D.C. Owner C64b3

Truscott, James & Son

Ltd Contractors for

Bookbinding for HM

Gov. (Patent Office)


Collins 671

Tuck, S. of Frome Binder C188b68 (C19th blind and gold

tooled blue calfskin with ticket of S.

Tuck of Frome)

Tuckett, [Charles],

‘Binder to the Queen’

Binder Collins 672

Tuckett, Charles, sr.

(the same as below?)

Binder Collins 673

Tuckett the Elder Binder C18e7, ?C22c16, C19e14, ?C20b19,


Page 276: Binding Index

Tuckett Binder C17d1-11, C25g3, C27b44, C32d26,

C33d25, C33e10, C34k29 (British

Museum), C36a12, C36a13, C17e1-

12, C21c42, C21e3, C24a14,

C34c39, C34c41, C34k2, C34k4,

C34k11, C34k12, C37a35, C37b32,

C39a29, C39a38, C39a53, C39b18?,

C39b19, C39b24, C39b36, C39c28,

C39c29, C39c40, C39d31, C40a3,

C40a6, C40a8, C40a10, C40a11,

C40a13, C40a14, C40a15, C40a19,

C40a22, C40a41, C40a43, C40c27,

C40d4, C40d8, C40d24, C40d26,

C40d33, C40d39, C40l5-6, C45d28,

Page 277: Binding Index

C51a3, C51b4, C117bb18, C17c14,

C17d1-11, C17e1-12, C18b8, C18c7

(the tooling has been added to by

Tuckett, badly repaired by Tuckett),

C18d5, ?C20b28, C20d3 (for Henry

Prince of Wales), C21b13, C27b44,

?C27i8, C34c39 (for Garrick),

C34c41 (for Garrick), C21b22-30,

C21b32-35, C21c42, C21e3,

?C21e16, C23e1 (renovated by

Tuckett), C24e21-4 (destroyed),

C37a35, C39a29, C39a38, ?C39b18,

C39b19, C39c28-29, C39c40,

C39d31, C40a3, C40a6, C40a8

Tuckett Jun., C. Binder C132i4

Tuckett IB10904 (signed), Huth31 (signed),

Huth146 (signed)

Tvrdy, A. Binder C410c300 (Bible. Bohemian

translation, vol. 1 brown blind-

tooled pigskin, signed)

Turgot, Michel-Etienne

Marquis de Sousmont

Owner C48c18

Turinetti, H.J.L. Owner C67b1

Turner, R. Binder C108h13, C108h14

Tvrdy, A. Binder Cup410f1155 (20th c. Czech, bound

by A. Tvrdy after the design of K.


Tweedmouth, First


see under B. Holloway, Davis720

Tys, Jan Binder Davis607 (item 294, c.1530,

possibly Malines, panel on this item

occurs in combination with a tool

that belonged to Tys, who worked in

Malines c.1508-1537)


Name Owner or



Ulloa Binder C155i15 (signed; 18th century, Spain)

Unicorn Binder


Binder Add Ms28783

Unrash, F. A.,

Johannesstr. 7,


Binder Collins 855

Upham & Beet Binder C150d9(1) (attributed to Upham & Beet)

Page 278: Binding Index

Upham's Library,


Owner C155c4 (ticket)

Urwick, Alison C188c14 (Urwick is a calligrapher)

Page 279: Binding Index

Usher, James,

Archbishop of


Owner C46d20, Davis67 (item 91, c.1639

possibly Dublin, arms of James Usher,

Archbishop of Armagh in the centre)

Utrecht Binder 166h3 (arms of Utrecht on Dutch school

prize, c. 1673), C188b5 (18th-century

prize binding), Davis683 (item 288,

c.1500, possibly made at Utrecht)

Utrecht Broedelet


Binder C129m10, C188b5 (18th century)

Utrecht Dissertation


Binder C43d5 (18th century)

Utterson, E.V. Owner C39c32, C39d65, C42b2, C34i17 (by H.

Falkner), C57b26, C57c16, C69a17,

C97g2 (by J. Wright)


Name Owner or



V., M. engraver; see for Joannes Reckins,


V., T. Binder C65bb1 (initials gold tooled on

English 1600-50 binding; initials

'PM' also tooled on binding)

Valencay, Estampes,

Archbishop of Rheims

Owner C63i6, C66f11, C67a17, C67e12 (as

Bishop of Chartres), C67h2,

C67h15, C69a18

Valentin, Epinal Binder C154c15 (Ramsden collection,


Valentin, F. Binder C58e5 (for Ternaux), C58e6

Valliere, La Owner 240a16 (La Valliere arms, 18th


Valois, Marguerite de Owner C47k15



Binder C160e3 (Brugge)

Vanette Binder C154c16 (Ramsden collection,

signed), C150l3 (Ramsden

collection, signed)

van der Does, Ysbrant Owner see Does, Ysbrant van der

Valentin, F. Binder C154h1 (signed, 19th century)

Valentin Binder C154c14 (signed), C155i16 (signed)

Page 280: Binding Index

van der Voost Owner Add MS 22,275 (arms on 16th-

century binding)

Vard Binder C150l4 (Ramsden collection,


Vaudreuil, Seigneur de Owner see Portail, Antoine IV

Vastre, Simon Owner C38h11 (by Cape)

Vaughan Owner C65k10 (crest of Vaughan on

embroidered binding)

Vecellio, Cesare Davis690 item 332, c. 1547-50,

South German; fore-edge painted by


van de Velde, Henry C183b10 (designed and gold

blocked by Henry van de Velde)

Vellucent Binder C108bbb3 (signed by Cedric

Chivers of Bath, England, 20th


Vellum wrappers RB23a28330 (painting of pot plant

on vellum wrappers)

Venables, Margaret,


Binder Collins 246

Venetian Apple Binder C66e13, C64b7, C69a7, C65f3,

C66h9, C46b13, C47g18, 72k4,

Davis764, 794, 799, 801, 800, 754,

C20a14, C52f15)

Venice - Emblem Lion

of St Mark

see Lion of St Mark

Ventadour, Levis de,

Archbishop of Bourges

Owner C67a11-12

Vente Binder 84i7 and 84i8 (binder's ticket in vol.

1), 84i6?, 18th century, France)

Vere, Charles de, 11th

Duke of St Albans

Owner Tauch4355/4359x (bound by


Vergennes, Comte de Owner C67c6 (Charles Gravier)

Verney Owner C130bb20

Vernier-Reitz of Nancy Binder C156h2 (signed)

Veron, Rene Owner C69d23

Vernhes, P., l’aine, 1

Rue du Vallat,


Binder Collins 933

Vernis Martin C154e17 (Vernis Martin style)

Vernunft en Vlyt C104f18 (gold tooled on onlay on

upper cover Dutch 19th-century

marbled calf binding; on lower

cover onlay 9.M, 18-41, 15-D)

Verqua Owner G955 (arms?)

Page 281: Binding Index

Verrue, Countess de Owner C65d18, C66a3, C66b6, C67a3,

C108a21, Davis475-476 (Jeanne

Baptiste d'Albert de Luynes, 1670-

Page 282: Binding Index


Verviers School Prize


C136ee14 (1736)

Vester & Co., Jerusalem Binder? Collins 951

Vettori, Pietro Owner G1386 (arms), G8142 (arms)

Veuve Dalandon of


Binder C150g3 (signed)

Viciot Binder C156h3 (signed), C150l5 (signed)

Victoria, Queen (reign


Owner C108c29, C44h4 (Victoria and

Albert, by Riviere), C134e43,

C42q4 (embroidered silk), C110g6-

9, 563f20?, C42g4 (Victoria and


Vidal, Carsi y Binder C183b5, C154h6 (Ramsden

collection, signed)

Vieuville, La Owner 244i19 (arms of La Vieuville),

initials v v which resembles a

‘w’ on spine of c129b23.

Vieuville Owner C69d9 (or de Bethune?)

Vignerot (De),


called the comte de


Owner 230h26-32 (initials, coat of arms

overlaid by that of George III)

276b3-8 (same as previous)



Binder C188a167

Vilde, Fauconnet de Owner C69bb21

Villelume, Francois de

(d. 1709)

Owner 218b11 (arms gold tooled; Guigard

v2, p. 468)

Villeroy, Marquis de Owner C47d2 (Charles de Veufoille)

Villette, Charles de Owner C67b28

Vincens of Toulouse Binder C154c17 (signed)

Vincent, Augustine Owner C66g14, C67e3

Vincit Omnia Veritas C27f10 (tooled on, 18th century,


Vireau des Epoisses, L.


Owner G14023 (arms)

Virey, C.E. Owner C46d7

Virgin and Child Binder Binder Add MS 60577

Virtue & Co., 294 City

Rd., London

Binder C61b27, Collins 674

Visconti, Cardinal


Owner C186aa6 (arms gold tooled on

vellum covers; 17th century Italy)

Vivet Binder C154c18 (signed)

Page 283: Binding Index

Vogel Binder C108bb32, G10910 (signed),

C154c19 (attributed to), C154c21

(signed), C154f8 (signed), C154c20


Vostre, Simon Binder C108d44 (atelier Simon Vostre?,

16th century, France)

Page 284: Binding Index


Name Owner or



W. Davis687 item 321 (late 15th century;

initial 'W' in outer border of the panel


W Owner C128b23 w on spine really stands for

VV ie La Vieuville, French early 18c

W., B. C65aa1 (B. W. tooled on upper cover;

17th century)

W, CCI monogram 'CCIW'; see binder

Thomas Gosden, Davis223

W, EWD C106e15 (initials 'EWDW' blind

tooled on upper cover; lower cover

tooled 1566)

W., I. Oxford binding, 17th century, blind

roll (recent acquisition 3/97)

W., P. 51e4 (P. W. DC & C gold tooled on

both covers; 18th century, England

stands for Prince William Duke of W., E. P. see binder E. P. Womersley

W., N. Add MS 40,883 (initials 'NW'

stamped on cover; MS note says book

owned by Nehemiah Wallington, a

Puritan; book has his signature)

W., R. C109aaa7 (initials gold tooled on

16th-century English binding),

Davis200, item 150 (c. 1701 London,

initials 'RW' on spine)

W., W. see Small Carnation Binder

Wagner, Hans Binder C68b11 (1582; Lavingen)

Waldegrave, Earl Owner C30c13

Wales, National Library C110a32, C121c1

Wagner Binder C154c22 (signed)

Walker, [J.] & Son, of


Binder Collins 247, Collins 248, Collins 249

Walker, W. Binder C130c8 (Hammersmith)

Walker, W. T. Binder C129m19, C129m20

Wallet C143a9 (sheepskin wallet, French,

19th century?)

Wallington, Nehemiah Owner Add MS 40,883 (initials 'NW'

stamped on cover; MS note says book

owned by Nehemiah Wallington, a

Puritan; book has his signature)

Page 285: Binding Index

Wallis, R. Binder C20c32, C52b5, C55l2, C70e19,

C71cc19, C71e10, C117bb34,

C125dd6, C127a12, 7917a48 (signed)

Wallis (of Lloyd &


Binder C55l2 (signed 'Wallis')

Wallworth Binder C52cc2 (London)

Walmsley, H. Binder C152a8 (signed, late 18th century,


Walmsley, J., 29 Church

Street, Liverpool

Binder C188a83 (ticket)

Walpole, Horace Owner C40d62, C40c24, C65g20, C108ppp4

(by Robiquet), G5698

Walpole, Robert Owner 78i16

Walters Owner C66f8?

Walters, C. Binder C133c3, Collins 986

Walters, Henry Owner Davis555 (B: E. Mercier)

Walters, John, Port Hope,


Binder Collins 985

Walther Binder C155c6 (attributed to; same as

Walther, H.?)

Walther, H. Binder C17c6?, C19d4, C19g9, 91g9 and

91g10 (label), 92g1 and 92g2

(signed), 189d8 (ticket), 679k6

(signed), G9739-42 (signed), G10430

(signed), G12115 (signed), Davis172,

item 195 (1791, London, signed

'bound by H. Walther, 1791'), C155c7

(Ramsden collection, signed), C152a9


Wampflug/Reymann Binder C116e15

Ward Brothers, 40

Fountain St., Belfast, also

named as Marcus Ward

Binder Collins 304, Collins 305

Ward, Marcus Binder C152a10 (Ramsden collection,

signed), C152a11 (signed); Belfast

Wardale, I.R., Mr Owner C143c2 (awarded prize at Mr

Hodgson's Academy, Leeds; name

and date 1791 gold tooled on lower


Wardley of Guernsey Binder Collins 904

Wardley & Arnold of


Binder C150d10 (signed)

Ware Owner Davis56, item 30, c. 1540. Ware

family arms added later

Ware of Bristol Binder C188a211 (signed)

Page 286: Binding Index

Warren & Sons,


Binder Collins 250

Warren (Old Bond


Binder C150a11 (signed), C188a91

Waste, manuscript, used

as covering material for


IA.10756 IA.26621 IA.37973 IB.852 IB.904 IB.1187 IB.1322 IB.6043 IB.6720 IB.7509 IB.9826 IB.13903 IB.28833 IB.31075 IB.37287a IB.38211 IB.49229 IC.21440.

Waterford School Owner C104a23

Waterman, Fore Street,


Binder Collins 251

Waterston, Geo & Sons,

Edinburgh & London

Binder Collins 816

Walters, P. Binder C128k2

Watkins (presumably the

same as LM Watkins


Binder Collins 675, Collins 678, Collins 679,

Collins 680, Collins 681,Collins 682,

Collins 683,Collins 684, Collins 685,

Collins 687, Collins 688, Collins 689,

Collins 690, Collins 692, Collins 693,

Collins 694, Collins 696, 3042aaa1,

Watkins, Gravel Lane

(related to the above and


Binder Collins 686, Collins 691

Watkins, LM, 47 St.

John’s Sq., London

Binder Collins 676, Collins 677, Collins 695

Watkins Binder 1106b7 (label), C152a13 (Ramsden

Page 287: Binding Index

collection, signed); binder to British

and Foreign Bible Society; 19th

century, London

Watkins, T. B. of


Binder C152a12 (signed)

Watkins & Son of


Binder C150d17 (signed)

Watson, E[dward], 239

Marylebone Rd., London

Binder Collins 697, Collins 698

Watson, Samuel Owner C65b14, C65i8

Watt, James & Co., 22

Argyle St., Glasgow

Binder Collins 817

Webb, Sargent Owner C142bb3 (name gold tooled on upper


Weale, W. H. James Collins 1029

Weber, J. Binder C109m47 (20th century?)

Weemys & Co. Binder RB23a17061 (binder's stamp)

Weidle Binder C154c23 (signed)

Weir Binder C150d15, C150d16, C152b1, C152b2,

C152b3, C155c8, C156i8 (plain red

morocco; bound with Weir ink stamp

on pastedown)

Weir, Richard/David Binder C24a12, C24a28 (or Roger Payne?),

C38b10 (for Count MacCarthy-

Reagh), C152b3 (part of Ramsden

collection, attributed to Weir), C156i7

(for Count MacCarthy-Reagh),

C155c8 (attributed to Weir), G9007

(for Count McCarthy-Reagh)

Weischner, Lucas (1550-


Binder Davis693 item 347 (c. 1592; Jena.

Portrait of Charles V. imperial arms

on lower cover)

Weisse, Franz (Hamburg) Binder C129i20 (20th century, Germany)

Welch, J of London Binder C188a242

Welcher Binder C150a12 (signed)

Welcher and L.


Binder C1d8

Weldenstein, Cerno de Owner C65i15 (Joan Joseph)

Wells, H. G. Designer


Collins 856

Wells & Grant Binder Collins 699 (?)

Wendesley, R. Binder C109aaa7 (initials gold tooled on

16th-century English binding),

Davis200, item 150 (c. 1701 London,

initials 'RW' on spine)

Went, Francis of


Binder C150d13 (signed; 19th century)

Page 288: Binding Index

Wenzel, Christoph, Count

von Nostitz (1643-1712)

Owner C129k12 (library binding and

bookplate of Wenzel)

Werden IB3486 (Schunke/Schwenke II, p. 280

and p. 58 I-0), IB2955 and IC891

(both have internal evidence that they

are from the library of St Leger,

Page 289: Binding Index


Werner, Arno of

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Binder Cup410bb8

West Binder C129b11 (binder's label), C150d14

(signed, Ramsden collection, binder's

label), 11646s19 (binder's stamp in

blind on lower pastedown), C152a14

(signed), 19th century

West, 13 High St.,


Binder Collins 252 (?)

West, Benjamin,


Binder Collins 702, Collins 703, Collins

704, Collins 705, Collins 706,

Collins 707, Collins 708, Collins 709

West, James Owner C37c53, C48a25, C11b8 (rebacked

for James West)

West, Ann F[rances], 52

Hatton Garden, London

Binder Collins 701

West, John, 52 Hatton

Garden, London

Binder Collins 700

Westall, John, of Oxford,

16th century

Binder C193c1 (blind tooled 'IW' roll),


Westerman, M. Binder C154g23 (19th century, Dutch)

Western Mail [bindery],


Binder Collins 885

Westley, F[rancis],

Friar Street

Binder RB23a16863 (binder's ticket), 19th

century, England, Collins 711,

Collins 716, Collins 717, Collins


Westley, Josiah Binder Collins 714, Collins 719

Westley London Binder Collins 712, Collins 720

Westley & Clark, see

also Westleys & Co.

Binder C30a4, C30k2, RB23b2446 (binder's

ticket), Collins 713

Westleys & Co. (London) Binder C40c43, C44c5, C44d7-8, C109c4,

C109d8, C109d20, C117bb32,

C132g1, Davis264-265, item 215 (c.

1835, London, signed 'Westley

London'), 11650b56, C188a18

Westleys & Co. Binder Collins 710, Collins 721

Weston, S[amuel],

5 Orange Street, Red

Lion Square

Binder Collins 715

Wheeler Binder C36d6

Whitaker, John Binder C1a4?, C1c11?, C66c15 (1780)

White (London) Binder C62a18, C152a15 (Ramsden

collection, signed)

White, [J.], 24 Pall Mall,


Binder Collins 722, Collins 723, RM14d8


Page 290: Binding Index

Whitgift, John,

Archbishop of


Owner C24a17, 569i8, 477e6

White, H. & Sons, of


Binder Collins 886

White, R. &

Sons of


Binder Collins 887

White, Samuel, of


Binder C152a16 (signed), Collins 306,

Collins 307

White & Pike,


Binder Collins 254

Whiteley, W[illiam],

Westbourne Grove,


Binder Collins 724

Whithed, Constance Owner C142a5 ('Constance' tooled on upper

cover, 'Whithed' on lower cover)

Whiting, Richard, Abbot

of Glastonbury (16th


Owner Add MS 17451 (binding features his


Whitmore, H., 109

Market St., Manchester

Binder Collins 253 (?)

Wickwar Binder C156i6 (signed)

Wiener of Nancy Binder C154d1 (signed)

Wiener Werkstaette Binder C109l34 (20th century, Austria)

Wier Binder C152b1 (signed), C150d15 (signed),

C150d16 (signed), C152b2 (signed),

C156i8 (signed)

Wier, Richard, see also Owner C37e13, C24b28

Page 291: Binding Index


Wighton, [William

Alfred], Pimlico

Binder Collins 725

Wignall, Henry Clarence Binder C188b25

Wilbee, W. J., of


Binder ?Collins 257, ?Collins 258, ?Collins


Wilkin & Young-Man of


Binder C155c9 (signed)

William III Owner 7f10 (arms), 10a19 (arms and cypher),

15a27, (William's cypher, by Spaniel

Binder), 47g13 (arms), 53a18

(cypher), 75i6, 112e68 (cypher), 2c1,

143f23 (cypher), 218c20 (cypher),

220c16 (cypher), 223a31 (cypher),

224b34 (cypher),

232a35 (cypher), 232b37 (cypher),

232b38 (cypher), 238m40 (cypher),

288b2 (cypher), 288b25 (cypher),

296g29 (cypher), 302c1 (cypher),

C70c27, C47a24, 17h9 (by Richard


William III and Mary II,

see also William III

Owner C48l4, C108b27, 1tab55, 1tab77,

7tab78, 4a6, 6a11, 8f4, 31e7, 51a20,

64h5, 75b15 (plain and arms), 81h15,

93d14, 93d15, 170a13 (plain and

arms), 224b34

William III Binder Binder 154f9

William Frederick

George Louis Prince of

Orange (1792-1849)

Owner C188a13 (arms, binder's label of van


William IV (reign 1830-


Owner C51f1 (as William Duke of Clarence),


William Prince of Orange Owner C46c13

William, Price called

Duke of Cumberland

Owner 51e4, 51e24

William V Statthalter (?) Owner C48f18

Williams (Bristol) Binder C109c5

Williams, John, Bishop of


Owner C67i2

Williams, John, Lord of


father of Margeret Norreys, see Henry

and Margeret Norreys

Williams, Theodore Owner C46e27, C48e23, C25c11, C25d20,

C31e9, G3992, G7948, 622h7, G1598

(arms and initials), G1867 (arms),

G2109 (arms and initials), G3992

(initials and crest), G11951-11956

Williams, William of

Penniarth Uchaf

Owner C40c66

Page 292: Binding Index

Williamson of Eton Binder C67d16 (for Somerset), C128k3 (for

Somerset), C27g7, 532g9

Page 293: Binding Index

Williamson (Lincoln) Binder PP2468.0 (Renshaw's Pocket Diary

and Almanac for 1877 and 1878)

Williamston Owner C66f24

Willis, George Binder bookbinder Great Britain, Covent

Garden, receipt in 4408d17

Willis & Sotheran (?) Binder C40k14 (?), C117aa5 (?)

Willmott, Robert

Eldridge Aris

Owner C152b11 (arms)

Willoughby, Althea Binder Collins 726

Wills, A., 123-5 Church

St., Croydon

Binder Collins 260

Wilmot, C[harles]

11 St. James’s Street


Binder Collins 255

Wilson of Cambridge Binder Collins 256

Wilson, Nicols, see also


Binder Davis705 (for Joseph Bonaparte)

Wilson, J[ohn], 2 Francis

St., Golden Sq. (vol 1) &

32 Gt. Pulteney St. Golden

Sq. (vol 3)

Binder Collins 727

Wilson, John (Norwich) Binder bookbinder's advertisement slip,


Wilson, 10 Foley Place Binder RM21f10 (19th century, England)

Wilson, 32 Great

Pulteney St. Golden Sq.

Binder 122i1 (label), C152b4 (signed)

Wilson, Susan Spring Binder Cup510nah2 (orange perspex slipcase,

orange and purple printed cloth

binding, colophon 1976), C188b73

Wiltshire, W. R. Binder Cup408zz43

Windhag, Joachim, Baron


Owner 9305a7

Winstanley, A.


Binder C133h5

Winstanley, J.

(81 Fountain



Binder C33d23, C37b30, C57c45, C108c14

(label), C155c10 (label, signed),

Collins 261

Winter of Vienna Binder C154f9 (signed)

Winterbottom Book Cloth

Company Ltd.

Binder Collins 728, Collins 729

Wis Binder C43i3, C99l8-9, C100m1, C103k8,


Wiseman of Cambridge Binder C152b5 (signed), C152b6 (signed),

C152b7 (signed)

Page 294: Binding Index

W. Witheys of


Binder C152b8 (signed)

Wodhull, Michael Owner C69d19, C150d15 (arms), 68b13

(Michael Woodhull:446), G652

(arms), G3305 (arms), G7767 (arms)

Wolkenstein-Rodenegg Owner C46k5

Wolsey, Cardinal Owner C19e15 (arms of Cardinal Wolsey)

Wolton Binder C24e19, C47f12

Wolton, Edward Owner C68b9

Womersley, E.P. Binder Davis300, item 244, dated 1957;

signed 'EPW'

Wood for wood boards -

American see American

C108x7 (The pilgrim's progress,

London 1881; with sides of oak taken

Page 295: Binding Index

bindings - wooden boards from Elstow Church), C129a19

('made from the wood of Old-Galloak

tree at Donne Castle'), 19th century,


Wood - boards -

American, see American

bindings - wooden boards

Wood Binder C27c37, C38d31, C54bb23, C57e44,

C98c8, C100c11, C100l11, C100l14,

C100l20, C102h8, C108cc6, C110b16

Wood, H. Binder Collins 731

Wood, H.T. Binder C68h12, C99l13, C100c11, C102h8,

C102l6, C108cc6, C100a6, Collins

730, Collins 732

Woodburn, H. (112 St

Martin's Lane)

Binder G3508 (binder's ticket), G1514

(binder's ticket), G4976 (binder's

ticket), 19th century, England

Woodcut bindings C65g9 (Ferrara; woodcuts pasted over

pasteboard to form a case) see Broxb.

Woodward, James Binder C66k10 ('in Frederik Street in

Christopher Churchyard bound this

book' (stamp))

Woolfe Owner C66f17

Woolman of Stockton on


Binder Collins 262

Woolstencroft Binder C71e27, C152b9 (signed R

Woolstencroft of Warrington; 19th


Wootton of Cambridge Binder C155c11 (signed)

Worrall of Birmingham Binder C106d4, Collins 265, Collins 266,

Collins 267, Collins 268, Collins 269,

Collins 270

Worsfold Binder C55h6, C108aa6, C135c1, Collins 733

Workshop for Cripples Binder Collins 263, Collins 264

Wotton Binder Binder Davis348, 349, 373, 372, 339, 393,

404, 392, 391, 390, 337, 338

Wotton, Thomas (1521-


Owner C24e25, C46d5, C67d11, C69d17,

C170f2 (1552 binding), C170f4,

C170f1, C170f3 (+ arms; C170f1-4:

these loans have now been returned

and are not in the BL, Feb. 1995),

C23a1, C19g7, C47f12, C108d45,

Davis22 (item 39, c. before 1553,

probably London, arms of Thomas

Wotton in centre), Davis340, 371,

370, 336

Woven binding C65h1 (England, 17th century, or

possibly using 'Or nue' gold

embroidery technique)

Page 296: Binding Index

Wrangham, Archdeacon 620i41 (arms; pm by Hayday)

Wren Owner C60o14

Wren, John (Southwark) Binder 1578/6791 (included in subscription

list of Th. Crosby, The arithmetician's


Wright Owner C68c15

Wright, J. Binder C22a54, C29f18, C32m1, C34g15,

C39d6, C39d66, C39k2, C52b7,

C53b34, C97g2, C108ff2, C111aa28,

Huth103, Huth149, C152b10 (signed)

(England, 19th century)

[John] Wright of

Noel Street

Binder Collins 734 (2 vols)

Wubben & Co, Berlin Binder Collins 857

Wuerttemberg arms C104d7 (1-2; arms on upper and

lower cover, 16th century), C104d9

(arms on upper and lower cover, 16th

century), C189c20 (1-2), Davis 625

(item 339, c. 1617, arms on lower


Wuerttemberg bindings Davis 677 (item 338, with date 1562),

Davis 625 (item 339, with date 1652),

Davis 628 (item 340, c. 1570)

Wyly, J.C. of Reading Binder C152b11 (signed)

Wyld (James) Binder? Collins 735a and b

Wynants Binder C154d2 (signed)

Wyndham Owner C67g7

Wynkyn de Worde Binder Davis52 (c. 1508; employer of Caxton



Name Owner or



"Yapp" edges many examples (see rubbings book), e.g.

Eg MS 1218 (Germany, 16th century,

vellum), Eg MS1219 (16th century,

vellum) C127g29 (England, 19th

century, on cloth), only 19th century and

after bindings with three overlapping

edges can really be called "Yapp"

Yeatman, T.C. Binder C108d2

Yelf, [W.], of

Newport [IoW]

Binder Collins 271

Page 297: Binding Index

Yelverton, Henry C67g12, C21a51, C45b12, 502g5,

C11a27, 137f16, 4825c24 (rebound,

original covers, doublures), G2409

(rebound, initials preserved on

pastedown), G3323 (initials), 1651/1132

(Viscount Longueville)

Yerkes, C.T. Owner C130i9

Page 298: Binding Index

York, Card.

(Archbishops and


Owner C46b16

York, James, Duke of Owner C67i8

Young, John, of


Binder C150d19 (signed)

Ysabeau Binder C154d4 (signed), C154d3 (signed)

Yseux Sr de Simier Binder C107bb96 (1839)


Name Owner or



Zabern of Strasbourg Binder C156h6 (signed)

Zaehnsdorf Binder C25e14, C25e17, C25f2, C27h16,

C31d25, C31d26, C36d10, C38c10,

C30h14, C30h15, C38d28, C39d34,

C40k6, C52h1, C53c2, C57a6, C57d1

(1897), C58bb13, C61e8, C63l25, C68g2,

C68g7, C68h19 (1904), C68i17 (1932),

C68k2, C69h10, C68i15, C69h11,

C72a12, C95a9, C100l18, C103h10,

C108b1, C108c3, C108i1, C108t2

(1862), C108t3, C111c12, C112b25,

C122d7, C128h5, C130i9, C126a9,

C131d1, C132g13, C132g26, C132g32,

C132g34, C132g42, C132g46, C132g59,

C132g67, C132g71, C129k4, IB41701

(signed), Huth115, Tab438a1,

Tab1281a1, LR38a13, LR274b6, 1068d8,

1073i15, 7858cc20, 11409ee21,

Davis266 (item 218, c. 1842-45, London

Cathedral, ticket), Davis267 (item 219,

dated 1895, London, turn-in of upper

cover signed and dated 'bound by

Zaehnsdorf 1895', turn-in of lower cover

has Zaehnsdorf's binder's mark),

Davis268 (item 220, c. 1896, London,

signed and binder's mark), Davis234

(item 221, c. 1899, London, signed and

binder's mark), C156i9 (signed,

Zaehnsdorff 993), 733c3 (calf "pasta

espanol"), images reproduced in Collins

1020 (see also Middleton, Bernard),

Collins 736, Collins 737, Collins 738,

Collins 739, Collins 740, Collins 741, Zezzio Binder C154d5 (signed)

Zini, Silvio Binder C52aa20 (binder's label, Florence (mod))