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Bingo (Instruments)

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Bingo (Instruments)
  • Instruments Bingo


    1. Print out this document. For best results use a heavier paper or glue the print-out onto cardboard


    2. Cut out the Caller Cards and each Bingo Card.

    3. Optional: laminate each card for durability.

    TO PLAY:

    1. Shuffle the Bingo Cards and hand them out, one per student.

    2. Place the Caller Cards in a hat or similar container

    3. Select a Caller Card and announce what it is to all players.

    4. Each player checks their Bingo Card for the announced card and marks it off if found (to reuse Bingo

    Cards, use a button or similar to mark the item instead)

    5. The game is over when a player has all off the items on their Bingo Card marked off and yells

    Bingo! It is good practice to check their Bingo Card against the Caller Cards pulled from the hat.

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