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Date post:15-Jul-2015
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Bingo Software(Features)For Sale: Php 5,000 (negotiable)Ruben: [email protected]

Main ViewFor Sale: Php 5,000 (negotiable)Ruben: [email protected]

Compatible Screen Resolution: 1280 x 768For Sale: Php 5,000 (negotiable)Ruben: [email protected] Type of Game Selection: Specific Game or Customized

For Sale: Php 5,000 (negotiable)Ruben: [email protected] Prize Selection: You can encode the prize of the game

For Sale: Php 5,000 (negotiable)Ruben: [email protected] Monitoring of Draws:Indicates what balls/numbers were drawn.Indicates the last five (5) balls/numbers drawns

For Sale: Php 5,000 (negotiable)Ruben: [email protected]

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