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  • Binjour Plateau State School


    2018 Queensland State School Reporting

    Every student succeeding State Schools Strategy

    Department of Education

  • 2018 Annual Report 1 Binjour Plateau State School

    1. Contact information

    Postal address MS 498 Gayndah 4625

    Phone (07) 4161 3158


    Email [email protected]

    Webpages Additional information about Queensland state schools is located on:

     the My School website

     the Queensland Government data website

     the Queensland Government schools directory website.

    Contact person Principal (Acting) - Louise Vaggs

    http://www.myschool.edu.au/ http://data.qld.gov.au/ https://schoolsdirectory.eq.edu.au/

  • 2018 Annual Report 2 Binjour Plateau State School

    From the Principal

    School overview

    Binjour Plateau State School strives to help each child grow and develop as a strong, independent individual who maximises their potential strengths as a learner. In a small school setting, students are able to develop and sustain meaningful relationships with their peers, school staff, parents and the wider community. Our school motto, “Grow with Binjour” encapsulates our holistic view towards educating young people.

    We provide opportunities that promote individual growth, both academically and socially. We value: a good understanding of, and the ability to use, literacy and numeracy in a wide range of situations; the ability to apply problem-solving skills and conflict-resolution skills; the ability to utilise technology in a changing environment and the awareness and acceptance of individual differences. We believe that each child has individual needs and that all children have the right to be educated in a safe, caring and non-threatening environment.

    Our school's curriculum consists of eight Learning Areas identified in the National Curriculum. We have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy so that students are equipped to be problem-solvers and confident learners.

    Our school behaviour plan is aligned with the Code of School Behaviour by setting expectations of behaviour for all stakeholders. Our plan focuses on acknowledging and encouraging children in a constructive manner. We value having a safe, respectful and inclusive learning environment.

    Our small school is supported by an active and involved P&C who have organised fundraising activities to help support school initiatives and play an important part in continuing the proud history and legacy of the school. Binjour Plateau is a member of a local “small schools” cluster to ensure that our students are exposed to a range of activities including: sporting and cultural events, STEM activities, leadership and networking days and curriculum moderation days.

  • 2018 Annual Report 3 Binjour Plateau State School

    School progress towards its goals in 2018

    The 2018 Annual Implementation Plan highlighted the following:

    Improvement Priority 1: English Australian Curriculum (Expert Teaching Teams and Know Your Learners)

    Strategy: Develop staff clarity of the Australian Curriculum English

    Actions Report

    Allocate time to plan for English assessment of work at pre-task, midpoint and post point to analyse student work samples and determine next teaching points.


    Model and develop with staff clear know and do tables for English units of work that align to the GTMJ


    Strategy: Develop students who are assessment literate learners of English

    Actions Report

    Communicate, consult and model to staff the (what and how) expectations of learning walls


    Model and coach staff in providing feedback to students that aligns with English GTMJ unit of work


    Improvement Priority 2: Expert Teaching Teams (Teaching Quality)

    Strategy: Support staff capacity using collaborative inquiry and assessment tools to monitor student progress.

    Actions Report

    Monitor student data of English using collaborative monitoring circles


    Analyse and align Literacy continuum with student evidence to determine next steps of teaching and learning with a reading and writing focus


    Provide PD to staff to use ipad app to show students fix up strategies to build their understanding of how to improve their work in English aligned with their learning goals

    Not complete

    View and model administration, data collection and analysis of Early Start with a focus on reading


    Strategy: Support capability development using collaborative, evidence-informed inquiry through Annual Develop Performance Framework

    Actions Report

    Consult, negotiate and monitor staff development through coaching and feedback using the instructional coaching model with a focus on reading and writing


    Model and develop with staff clear know and do tables for English units of work that align to the GTMJ


  • 2018 Annual Report 4 Binjour Plateau State School

    Improvement Priority 3: Develop community and professional partnerships

    Strategy: Promoting the importance of attendance every day to reach assigned target

    Actions Report

    Continually promote the importance of attendance through using departmental literature


    Present attendance data fortnightly via the school newsletter


    Collaborate, consult and establish ideas to celebrate and foster positive attendance with families and students.


    Strategy: Develop transitions (early years and senior years) frameworks

    Actions Report

    Liaise and promote school with community day cares Ongoing

    Research, consult with ECEC to develop a regular playgroup and effective Early Years transition program to prepare pre-prep enrolments at BPSS.


    Organise and chair student council meetings twice termly


    Liaise and organise with local high schools about the timeline and content of transitions framework


    Strategy: Implement a parent and community engagement framework

    Actions Report

    Continue to promote, collaborate and consult with P&C on school-based decisions


    Communicate and celebrate achievements of school vision and student goals via fortnightly newsletters, personal letters home, SMS photos and social media.


    Create and deliver a termly survey to families and communities to gather information on the effectiveness of partnerships on student outcomes.


    Research and develop sustainable partnerships (health, family, support, rehabilitation services) within the local area to build support for students and families.


  • 2018 Annual Report 5 Binjour Plateau State School

    Future Outlook


    C and above – 100% students in English

    B and above – 50% students in English

    100% of students achieving at cluster level literacy continuum in aspects of reading, vocabulary, comprehension and writing

    100% of Year 5 and 66% Year 3 at NMS in reading/writing

    Relative Gain similar or better to the nation for Year 5

    50% of Year 5 and 33% of Year 3 in U2B in reading and numeracy

    Strategy: Systematic Curriculum Delivery

     Develop student-learning goals that are aligned to the literacy continuum with a focus within the reading demands in the curriculum.

     Collaboratively participate in the unit planning (before moderation) to align teaching and assessment with a focus on English

    Strategy: Effective Pedagogical Practices

     Ensure consistence of teacher judgement and accurate reporting against the English achievement standards through alignment of assessment and moderation processes and practices within and with the North Burnett cluster

     Teachers provide regular feedback to students, aligned to the five guided questions, with a focus on English

     Use P-10 Literacy Continuum to monitor students’ progress in reading and writing and identify the next steps in teaching and learning

     Schedule opportunities for staff to collaboratively analyse student data to plan next steps in teaching and learning.

    Strategy: Differentiated Teaching and Learning

     Diagnostic and achievement data is used to identify the learning needs of all students

     Case management that supports student literacy and numeracy achievement

  • 2018 Annual Report 6 Binjour Plateau State School

    Our school at a glance

    Binjour Plateau State School is a small school established in 1913 with many cross-generational ties. It has a long and proud history of providing an education to students in the local area, between Gayndah and Mundubbera. The leafy school grounds, including a fully covered multi-sports centre, playground, vegetable garden and sports field provide ample space for the students to play and learn in.

    During 2018 the student population was 12 children, supported by a teacher, teacher aides and visiting specialist teachers for Music, Languages (Chinese) and HPE.

    The school’s facilities are used by a visiting regional playgroup and host small school events

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