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Biographical Narrative Essay

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  • *Biographical Narrative EssayMs. Wellmeyer

  • *Step 1:Pre-Writing

    Select a Person

  • *Important!!!When you see text in YELLOW, either follow the directions or copy it

  • *First, Select a personThink of someone important to youSomeone you have known for a long timeWrite their name on the top of your paperYou may use their actual name (Mary) or a title (Mom) or nick name (Bugs)

  • *Think about the personThink about the following:What does the person look like?Why is this person important to you?What have you experienced together?

  • *Now writeWrite in detail at least one specific incident that characterizes your chosen personcharacterizes means: an incident that is an example of what this person is like, or what this person means to you

  • *Ms. Ws ExampleDadWe went camping and I made him blow up my air mattress because I refused to sleep on the groundHe got so light-headed because we were way up high in the mountainsAnd I ended up sleeping in the car because I was cold and it rained

  • *More to writeWrite down physical characteristics about the personEspecially ones that contribute to the person being unique or differentExamples: type of clothes, a particular hat, friendly eyes, big nose, etc

  • *Ms. Ws exampleMy dadBig bellyAlways wears golf shirtsAnd weird golf hats from the shark guyPrickly beardStrongFunny laughalmost like a snicker

  • *More writingList a few more things that makes the person important to youExample: ability to listen, ability to make you laugh, always there for youWhat has this person done to affect you

  • *Ms. Ws exampleAlways caringTries to help me outStayed up all night to wash paint off my carlet me go to sleepTook me out to a business lunch so I could see what he did for a livingHelped me with all of my science projects in elementary school

  • *Must-Haves The following are things you MUST write in your essay in order to get a passing grade

    (make sure to write them down)

  • *1. well-described incident (one or more) showing the personality or character of the persona. Describe the setting of the incidents

    Example: It was so cold that evening that I could see the air flow from my lips. I pressed my cold hand into the open pocket of my dads feather jacket.

  • *2. dialogue (if possible) to make the character alive and talking

    Example: Are you cold? he had asked.No I whispered from my half-frozen lips.

  • *3. Specific names of people, places, objects, and actions

    Example: His name was Ed, or Eddie, according to my grandmother.

  • *4. A clear indication of the significance of the person a. in other words, do not hide the reasons why this person is important to youtell it directly

    Example: I admire my father because he was always there and put my feelings before his own.

  • *5. Let the reader know how you feel about the person.and directly write it.

    Example: I love my dad; he is the greatest person in my world. He is intelligent, caring, and honest. He is the reason I am the person I am today.

  • *6. Use transitions to let the reader know you are changing subjects, continuing on with the story, concluding an idea, etc

    First, Second, Next, Furthermore, Moreover, However, One time, In fact, Like I said, Although, Another, Nowadays, Eventually, etc

  • *Student ExampleI admire my cousin David because he is very funny, and it seems like nothing can get him down. He doesnt care what others think about him, and when I asked him why, he said, Thats just the bottom line, cause I said so! Because of that attitude, someone could walk up and give him the worst insult ever and he would make a joke out of it. In fact even though he does not remember it, he made up his first joke when he was five.

  • *David, a.k.a Bro He has brown eyes and dark brown hair, and he dreams of becoming a comic. He even made up his own super hero and sidekick. He is always trying to come up with good, new material. Sometimes he amuses me and others with funny little routines he has made. My favorite one is about killing cockroaches.Besides that, his style of dressing is all his own. He buys his clothes at discount stores and his shirts are always striped with weird colors. He looks like a comic I guess, he could be one says my friend Anne.

  • *David and I bonded when he started going to the same school as me. He entered when I was in the fifth grade and he was in sixth. We started hanging out together. He always came up to my house after school and would teach me stuff about his favorite cartoons, and he would tell me jokes. I started referring to his as my big brother in the seventh grade, because he is like the big brother I never had. Now I just call him bro.

  • *Moreover, David is very important to me. Without him I would not have all the friends that I do.David spends his spare time playing his Game Boy Color and acting aloof. That gives the impression he doesnt care, though, if he tried, he is quite intelligent and he helps me out a lot. He teaches me how to work my Game Boy and how to play and win the games.

  • *In addition, he is teaching me how to work my cell phone. When I call him on the phone, he always answers it with Hey, hey, hey, oh. The way he says it seems to get a smile out of me. When he calls me sometimes he tries to make me think he is someone else, so he will not say the usual things. But I always know it is him because of his voice.Like me, David loves animals, and every few years he changes his favorite animal. First it was bears. Then it was eagles. And now he likes tigers.

  • *I hope this is enough to prove to you that David is the greatest cousin ever and that people understand what a great cousin I have. I think I am very lucky. I hope I never lose him. I know that he and I will be friends forever.

  • *Step 2:Begin Outlining and Planning for your Essay

  • *Tips to rememberYou are having a conversation with the person reading your essay.Use first personI think that, My dad and I, I feel that, Now you see what I mean when I say

  • *ParagraphsThis is a more informal way of writing, so your paragraphs DO NOT have to be exactly 4-5 sentences longEach paragraph should have ONE topic or ideaParagraphs can be long or short

  • *However, Avoid the following things when writing your biographical narrative:Do not use only long or short paragraphsuse a mixture of bothIf your paragraph reached 8 sentences, it is too long. Break it into 2 paragraphs

  • *Intro. ParagraphThis paragraph should introduce the person you are writing aboutSomething to show the reader that this person is interesting or importantExamples:When my dad was in high schoolI admire my cousin DavidMy brother is a great personRight across the street from me lives Sue...

  • *Body ParagraphsThese paragraphs get into the story and are about the person Have at least ONE big, important story AND many little ones and smaller factsThink about how you would explain this person to a friendand write that wayHave a conversation with the reader

  • *Final ParagraphRemind the reader what you really think and feel about the person you wrote aboutRestate the traits, qualities, personality, interesting facts, etc. about your person

  • *A final note Even though this writing should be informal, try to tell a story from beginning to end. Do not randomly say things. If you are describing an event, describe it in one paragraph then move on. Do not remember something you forgot to mention earlier and just write it inthe comment should fit in your essay.

  • *Create some type of outline where you decide where and when you are going to write

    Ms. Ws exampleExample OutlineParagraph 1: introduce my dadParagraph 2: talk about his weird clothes & carParagraph 3: camping tripParagraph 4: how I felt after the tripParagraph 5: the ice cream incidentParagraph 6: why he is special, conclude

  • *Step Three:Write your essay

  • *Writing StepsWriteReadRe-read2 others readRevise

  • *AssignmentYou will write a biographical narrative about an ordinary person that you admire.Must be typed12 point fontTimes New RomanDouble-spacedDark blue or black ink1 borders

  • *To receive full credit:Turn in these items in the following order:Final copy, typedNotes from this Power PointYour rough draft with 2 signatures with comments


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