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Birding Binocular Reviews

Date post:13-May-2014
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  • Designs - Quality, compacts, porro and roof prism designs for binoculars and scopes... Designations and Considerations - Designation values, eye relief, weight & cups, exit pupil, and twilight factor... Additional Consideration - Focusing, field of view, depth of field, weather proofing and nitrogen fill... Optic Components & Image Quality - Lenses, mirrors, coatings, aberrations, distortions, and alignments... Spotting Scopes - Construction, Objective lens, eyepieces, angled or straight, and focusing... Tripods - Heads, legs, monopods, shoulder stocks, and window mounts... Digiscoping - About, power, editing, considerations, cameras, techniques, and effects... Care & Tricks - Holding techniques, cleaning, carrying, and protecting your optics...

  • Starlight Technology - NV Types, Starlight Technology defined, basic design and IR Illuminators... Starlight Technology Night Vision Generations and Devices - Generation 1 to 4 - levels of NV technology, types of devices and their uses... Use & Care - How to use, controls, and care for NV devices, extending capabilities... Digital Night Vision and Thermal-Imaging - Digital NV and Thermal Imaging, how they work and compare to standard NV...

  • Binoculars - All the factors to consider when buying binoculars. Bins for kids - Special Considerations for children's binoculars. Challenged - Special considerations with binoculars for the physically challenged. Spotting Scopes - All the factors to consider when buying a spotting scope. Tripods - Selecting the best tripod for your scope.

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