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Bitten Vo1: Indecision

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  • 8/14/2019 Bitten Vo1: Indecision


    -Chapter one-

    -Swansea High-

    It was the Scarlett families first day at Swansea LeisureSchool. It was exceptionally hard for them for several reasons.

    Maybe because it was all five of them together, so no need to make

    friends, they would all be together at lunch, so they wouldnt worry

    about being alone and awkward. Maybe it was because they had

    just came over from Ireland, so there accent didnt help them blend

    in. Maybe it was because they were all so amazingly beautiful, pale

    and graceful, which seemed to alienate them from everyone else.

    Maybe it was because (especially in Candices case) they wore

    slightly eccentricclothes, which made them stand out in such a small

    town. Maybe it was because people had already started making

    judgements about Stephanie and Olivers relationship. Maybe

    because after seeing Candice and Jasper together people thought

    that they were together like Stephanie and Oliver. Maybe it was

    because all five of them were thirsting after all the other pupils and

    teachers blood alike. Maybe it was because they were vampires.

    Maybe it was because they had with amazing speed, strength andhearing. Maybe it was because Candice could hear the thoughts of

    everyone in the entire school, or because Jasper could feel and

    control electricity around him, maybe because Evelyn could tell

    when someone is lying, or because Stephanie could control the

    weather or because Oliver could fly. Or maybe all those things

    contributed together, which always made it harder for them.


  • 8/14/2019 Bitten Vo1: Indecision


    Five of them got out of the shiny black Porsche convertible , all

    eyes were transfixed on all of them immediately. Candice, the

    youngest, stepped out of the car first. When she stepped out,

    everyone froze and looked at her; she stood there and looked at all

    the people looking at her.

    She smiled to herself and brushed her short black hair out of the

    path of her eyes, revealing the electric blue eye make-up elaborately

    showing how bright turquoise her eyes were. Candice scoured the

    crowd again, smiling even brooder and waited for the others to

    come out of the car. When the other four exited the car, many eyesbegan to wander and a nervous chatter started up. As people

    carried on doing what they were doing before the five of them

    exited the car.

    Candice stood at the front, as if leading them to the main office,

    Jasper the tall brunet, had his hand in Candices and walking just

    behind her, as if hes trying to her protect her from peoplesenquiring eyes, the only problem was he couldnt protect her from

    their thoughts or emotions.

    Candice smiled as she took a deep breath in, allowing the

    peoples emotions around her to scorch her throat with their tastes.

    There was a lot of Vanilla everywhere, it was as if the air was thick

    with the scent, she was surprised as well that not even the humans

    could taste it. But where ever they went a trail of Vanilla stalked

    them, and after a while to begin to get sick of the sweetly sick taste.

    Thats why Candice was going to try and blend in more, to try and

    dampen down the sweet taste of jealousy. Because thats all Vanilla

    is jealously so obviously Stephanies favourite taste, as long as its

    about her that is. But she makes everything about her anyway . . .

  • 8/14/2019 Bitten Vo1: Indecision


    Evelyn was walking just next to Candice and she was talking to

    her about their new home and about what they were doing to her

    room later and Stephanie was inserting her comments here and

    there while fiddling with her long, blond, curly hair - while Oliver

    cheerfully walked next to her with his hands around Stephanies

    waist and all of them laughing at regular intervals, when Candice

    told them snippets about what the others around them were

    thinking, some of it was the funniest things that Oliver had clearly

    ever heard because at one point he couldnt stop laughing, if he

    could tears would of been leaking out of his eyes, only he couldnt,but that was completely irrelevant. When they got near to the main

    office, they saw, people talking to their other friends yelling to each

    other on the other sides of the corridor while trying to manoeuvre

    around the tiny corridor to get to their lessons. However, when

    Candice, Jasper, Evelyn, Stephanie and Oliver, tried walking to the

    main office a path appeared as if the five of them had their own

    privet bubble around them that normal people couldnt step into.

    Many of the eyes that walked past of them looked wary, as if any

    one of them were about to pounce and attack them.

    When they were at the office Candice stood at the desk, whiles

    the woman at the desk sat there and blatantly ignoring her and

    continued to shuffle pointless bits of paper.

    Excuse me, we need our timetables please. Candice said verypolitely.

    The woman looked up insolently and said sounding incredibly

    fed up, Names?

    Candice, Evelyn, Jasper, Stephanie, and Oliver Scarlet. She

    smiled cordially, trying desperately to make a good first

    impression, however she was under the notion that a troublemakerin this school was exactly what it needed, it was as if everything

  • 8/14/2019 Bitten Vo1: Indecision


    was grey even the light that managed to work its way through the

    dirty windows had a slight grey tint, she knew exactly what the

    school needed, a splash of colour, and she also knew that now she

    was here they was going to get it.

    The woman at the desk stood up very slowly and went to an old

    filing (grey) cabinet in the corner of the room. Candice smiled

    slightly at the corners of her mouth and giggled under her breath

    and Jasper thought, intrigued about what had made her jovial on

    such a boring, repetitive day such as today -

    What? What is she thinking that is so funny?Candice spoke so quietly and her lips moved so quickly, that not

    even the queue of people beside her could hear her say, Shes

    chanting, hes too young in her head. Over and over again. Evelyn

    and Oliver looked questionably at Candice, but otherwise ignored

    her unusual sentence, knowing that it was in response to someones

    enquiring thoughts, when Jasper replied silently - Thats a bit

    backwards isnt it? I am old enough to be her grandfather - her great

    grandfather even, Candice chuckled slightly, wrapping her arms

    around his waist, good point Jasper, but you can tell her that.

    Stephanie wasnt paying any attention to the quick exchange that

    was going on between Candy and Jasper; she was too busy mauling

    over the fact boys were walking into posts because they were

    staring at her. At the best of times her mind wasnt a very nice placeto be in, full of pictures of her own reflection and the reaction of

    boys when they saw her, even though she really did love Oliver, she

    still lapped it up, when boys flirted with her. It was awfully safe to

    say that Olivers mind was a simpler place to be in. Full of jokes,

    pranks and never ending forgiveness.

    Oliver was smarter than most people gave him credit for. It wassimpler because there wasnt much that Oliver wouldnt think that

  • 8/14/2019 Bitten Vo1: Indecision


    he wouldnt say. He wasnt the most tactile person, however when

    he thought really violently, Candy often helped him out to get his

    point across.

    Evelyns mind was funny however completely exceptional. Yet it

    was always marred with a blue-ish tint and when she once asked

    Evelyn about it she said the blue is all the lies she hears, like

    Candices mind reading, never really leaves her mind in peace,

    neither does her ability to tell when someone is lying, but apart

    from that it was full of daydreams and doors that opened to

    another imaginary world.Jaspers mind was different to say the least; full of a thousand

    different ideas, thoughts, lies, and concerns (mainly about Candice,

    because he was that slight bit overprotective) all at the same time. It

    amused Candice for hours just to sit in silence with Jasper while he

    read a book, or relaxed, just so she could listen to everything that

    crosses his mind.

    Candice was abruptly jerked out of her revere by Evelyn taking

    the wad slightly yellow paper from the secretary and elbowing

    Candice in the ribs swiftly during the exchange and by Oliver

    thinking very loudly, wakey, wakey Candice, dont go all zombie on

    me! reminding her that apparently when she was browsing

    through peoples minds her face went blank and zombie-like.

    Thank you, Evelyn pointedly said loudly and walked away,through the old, stained (grey) door and onto the dying grassy

    patch then she separated the bits of paper and handed some sheets

    to everyone and they stood outside in the wind, allowing it to

    brutally bash their bodies, yet not one of them moving an inch in

    silence each thinking their own thoughts until Evelyn said,

    Oh, great I have double biology.Jasper grinned and said, Yeah I do too, didnt we get a G.C.S.E in

  • 8/14/2019 Bitten Vo1: Indecision


    that before Eve?

    I dont know, she replied blas, waving her hand as if it was no

    big deal, it just happened in the passing, she said, in a tone that

    shockingly reminded Candice of Stephanie when she was being an

    air h

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