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BlackBerry mobile communication device was created by Research in Motion (RIM) of Waterloo, Ontario. History was made when RIM was founded in 1984 by a pair of engineering students. 1998, RIM produced a wireless handheld called the RIM 950 which handled e-mail, contacts, and calendaring with a built-in QWERTY keyboard. In 1999, the Blackberry wireless e-mail device, the BlackBerry 5790, was revealed along with the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) for Microsoft Exchange

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The Law of Expansion The Law of Contraction The Law of Publicity The Law of Advertising The Law of World The Law of Credentials The Law of Quality The Law of the Category The Law of the Name The Law of Extensions The Law of Fellowship

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The Law of the Generic The Law of the Company The Law of Sub brands The Law of Siblings The Law of Shape The Law of Color The Law of Borders The Law of Consistency The Law of Change The Law of Mortality The Law of Singularity

The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising.

We have hardly seen any ads of Blackberry. Till now it had been sold only due to the publicity or word of mouth. The main feature for the sales of these phones was its Blackberry Messenger and push mail services. Recently an ad by Vodafone in collaboration with blackberry was launched.

A brand should strive to own a word in the mind of the consumer.

Blackberry became successful by being the first one to come out with Blackberry Messenger to narrow its focus on instant messaging services without internet(BBM), thereby owing the word BBM in the mind of the blackberry users. Blackberry has become synonymous with blackberry Messenger (BBM).

A brands logo type should be designed to fit the eyes.

For maximum visual impact, a logo type should have the same shape as a windshield. The blackberry logo type is almost the perfect shape.

There are no barriers to global branding. The brand should know no borders.

Since value lies in the mind of the consumer the perception of where the brand came from can add or subtract value. Blackberry is a global brand with its presence in 140 countries worldwide.

Alert and well-informed

The BlackBerry brand is street smart alert to changeable to distinguish what s important from what s not.


The BlackBerry brand is focused on the task at hand. It knows it can deliver everything you need it to.


The BlackBerry brand knows it s a tool an ally, a helpmate and a resource you can depend on without taking it too seriously. And that s why it s so likeable.

The BlackBerry brand promise directly addresses the customer s desire for success in life and at work. The BlackBerry brand promises every customer: Reliable, best-in-class mobile connectivity so you can live large and achieve more.

The words that define the BlackBerry brand personality are not words we should use to describe our company, our products or our brand. Rather, we should use them as a filter or a standard against which to measure our communications and our behavior. To enhance recognition for the BlackBerry brand, these attributes of our brand personality must become a part not only of every communication we produce, but of everything we are and do.

Repurchase rates: 60% of Blackberry owners purchase Blackberry on their next purchase. The survey also revealed that while 77 percent of BlackBerry users used their handsets for both work and personal reasons; 7 percent BlackBerry owners use their devices exclusively for official purposes; and 16 percent BlackBerry users used their devices for exclusively personal purposes. Switching costs: As Blackberry curve 8520 is the largest selling model for Blackberry in India the switching cost associated with this model is higher as this device is moderately priced compared to the other models of Blackberry.

Involved a Jingle: We are the Blackberry Boys Symbol exposure: Publicity: The issue on transparency of data created good publicity for the brand also the ad with Vodafone was able to reach other segments & not only on focusing on Executives. Event Sponsorship :Black Eyed Peas Tour

1)Blackberry s Performance The perceived quality of Blackberry performance is that it is an executive phone hence it would be much faster device with durability and user friendly interface. 2)Blackberry s Features Blackberry Messenger, Push Mail, Qwerty keypad, Wi-Fi, Signal Indicator, etc 3) Reliability & Serviceability The Blackberry Messenger is reliable in terms of the delivery of the content sent or received by the phone. The Blackberry messenger service, Mails is efficient , competent and convenient.

A brand association is anything linked in memory to a brand Thus Blackberry could be linked to :1. 2. 3.

An Executive working class Men A Consumer segment such as Youths A feeling of having Work & fun together.

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Product attributes - Status Symbol Intangibles - Quality Product Customer benefits Blackberry is a stylish device (a product characteristic),providing friendly user interface (a customer benefit) Relative Price consider as an expensive device. Celebrity/ Person Normal individuals used by the brands Product class earlier positioned for working executive males, now positioning changed to executive + youths Competitors - I-phone, Nokia, etc

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