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Date post:26-Mar-2022
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4125 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Suite 230 Danville, California 94506
(925) 736-6440; fax (925) 736-0428 email: [email protected]
www.blackhawk-hoa.com http://facebook.com/BlackhawkHomeownersAssociation
Ron Banducci
Vincent Burgos Treasurer
Review Committee Alternate Member
Holiday Decorating Awards 2016 —
2016 was a very difficult year to judge holiday decorating in our com- munity. The judges tell us that while there were less homes decorated in 2016 than we have seen in years, many were so elaborate, that judging them was a daunting task even for judges as experienced as ours!
Every year, Blackhawk residents go the extra mile decorating their homes in the holiday spirit. And in 2016, our community has graced us once again with beautiful decorations. So if you didn’t make the judges’ list this year, please don’t be discouraged. The competition in 2016 was the most elaborate that Blackhawk has seen in years.
Continuing with our tradition, we awarded various homes for their out- standing decorations. The winners are recognized every year, in our January newsletter.
Awards given in the following cate- gories this year are: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place - For homes in the Country Club neighborhoods with the best overall decorations, bal- ance between lights and figures, uni- formity in design and overall holiday spirit. President’s Awards - As the name infers, these homes are selected by the President of the Board. Children’s Awards - For homes that emphasize the holiday season for chil- dren and bring out the child in us. Fantasia Awards - These awards are presented to the homes for best ex- pressing the fantasy of the holiday season. Ambassador Awards - These special awards go to the homes with the most fully developed theme.
Winter Wonderland Awards - For the homes using the best illumination to make you think of the snowy holiday season. Best Overall - For the home with the most outstanding decorations in the entire Blackhawk HOA Community. Enchanted Christmas Awards - Best use of decorations reminding us of a child’s enchantment during the holiday season. Elegant Christmas Awards - Homes with the most sophisticated elegance in their holiday decorating theme. Festival of Lights Awards - Homes with the most creative use of exterior lighting. Best Block Award - This award is given for the block with the most out- standing decorations. Light Extravaganza Awards- For the most elaborate use of lights. Best Animated Awards - For the most decorations and lighting giving life to the holiday spirit. Magic of Christmas Awards - For the best use of decorations and lights to remind us of the magic of this season. Most Spectacular Award – For the home utilizing all of the holiday themes. Old Fashioned Christmas Awards– For the best use of lights and decora- tions reminding us of Christmas past. Spirit of Christmas Awards – For the best expression of the spirit of the sea- son. Splendor of Christmas Awards – For the most creative use of decora- tions expressing the splendor of the season. Tropical Paradise Awards – For the best use of decorations that express an enchanting tropical paradise.
See the full-color centerfold for photo- graphs of some of the homes given these awards. Unfortunately, with lim- ited space, not all homes can be fea- tured in this insert or in the listings.
O Oakridge Area 132 Oakridge Drive 1st Place 11 Oakridge Lane Children's Award #1 85 Oakridge Court Festival of Lights #1 86 Oakridge Court Old Fashion Christmas #1 60 Oakridge Court Spirit of Christmas #1 125 Oakridge Drive Winter Wonderland #1
Silver Maple Area 3474 Silver Maple Drive 1st Place 4042 Sugar Maple Drive Ambassador Award # 1 4085 Sugar Maple Drive Best Animated #1 4013 Sugar Maple Drive Best Overall 4111 Sugar Maple Drive Children's Award # 1 421 Full Moon Way Elegant Award #1 4064 Sugar Maple Drive Enchanted Christmas #1 4005 Sugar Maple Drive Fantasia Award #1 412 Full Moon Way Light Extravaganza #1 416 Full Moon Way Old Fashion Christmas #1 4126 Sugar Maple Drive Presidents Award #1 324 Red Maple Drive Spirit of Christmas #1
Country Club Area Cottonwood Drive Best Street - 1st Place from Cottonwood Lane Blackhawk Club Court Best Street - 2nd Place Silver Pine Lane Best Cul-de-Sac 512 Blackhawk Club Drive 1st Place 110 Pepperwood Court 2nd Place 551 Blackhawk Club Drive 3rd Place 3260 Blackhawk Meadow Dr Ambassador Award #1 3304 Blackhawk Meadow Dr Ambassador Award #2 311 Pheasant Run Drive Ambassador Award #3 2751 Deer Meadow Drive Ambassador Award #4 4645 Kingswood Drive Children's Award #1 3816 Cottonwood Drive Children's Award #2 3412 Deer Ridge Drive Children's Award #3 4412 Deer Ridge Road Elegant Award #1 3308 Deer Hollow Drive Elegant Award #2 3368 Deer Hollow Drive Elegant Award #3 2769 Deer Meadow Drive Elegant Award #4 45 Red Alder Court Enchanted Christmas #1 3511 Country Club Place Enchanted Christmas #2 5400 Blackhawk Drive Enchanted Christmas #3 3641 Country Club Terrace Fantasia Award #1 3851 Cottonwood Drive Fantasia Award #2 3357 Deer Hollow Drive Fantasia Award #3 100 Pepperwood Court Fantasia Award #4 4004 Eagle Nest Lane Festival of Lights #1 122 Kingswood Circle Festival of Lights #2 5490 Blackhawk Drive Festival of Lights #3 3157 Fox Creek Drive Festival of Lights #4 3004 Deer Meadow Drive Light Extravaganza #1 15 East Ridge Court Light Extravaganza #2 3840 Cottonwood Drive Light Extravaganza #3 3441 Deer Ridge Drive Magic of Christmas #1 3520 Country Club Place Magic of Christmas #2 3341 Blackhawk Meadow Dr Magic of Christmas #3 700 Blue Spruce Drive Magic of Christmas #4 4635 Kingswood Drive Most Spectacular Award utilizing all holiday themes 3437 Deer Ridge Drive Most Spectacular Award utilizing all holiday themes
5205 Blackhawk Drive Old Fashion Christmas #1 5275 Blackhawk Drive Old Fashion Christmas #2 5106 Blackhawk Drive Old Fashion Christmas #3 61 Wild Oak Place Presidents Award #1 5466 Blackhawk Drive President's Award #2 4205 Quail Run Drive Presidents Award #3 863 Redwood Drive Santa's Helper Award 3655 Deer Trail Drive Spirit of Christmas #1 4211 Blackhawk Meadow Ct Spirit of Christmas #2 4271 Silver Meadow Court Spirit of Christmas #3 4126 Quail Run Drive Spirit of Christmas #4 736 Blue Spruce Drive Splendor of Christmas #1 4418 Deer Ridge Road Splendor of Christmas #2 4221 Blackhawk Meadow Ct Splendor of Christmas #3 5204 Blackhawk Drive Splendor of Christmas #4 3300 Deer Hollow Drive Tropical Paradise #1 352 Pheasant Run Drive Tropical Paradise #2 38 Pheasant Run Place Tropical Paradise #3 3219 Blackhawk Meadow Dr Winter Wonderland #1 4270 Silver Meadow Court Winter Wonderland #2 4251 Quail Run Way Winter Wonderland #3 2962 Deer Meadow Drive Winter Wonderland #4
Honorable Mentions: 113 Oakridge Dr 144 Oakridge Dr 168 Oakridge Dr 91 Oakridge Court 3463 Silver Maple Dr 4028 Sugar Maple Dr 4029 Sugar Maple Dr 4097 Sugar Maple Dr 4114 Sugar Maple Dr 101 Kingswood Cir 117 Kingswood Cir 140 Kingswood Cir 142 Kingswood Cir 331 Kingswood Lane 5483 Blackhawk Dr 3716 Deer Trail Court 3683 Deer Trail Dr 3642 Deer Trail Dr 3629 Country Club Terrace 3710 Deer Trail Dr 3855 Cottonwood Dr 4420 Deer Ridge Rd 4460 Deer Ridge Rd 3411 Deer Ridge Dr 3334 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3362 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3370 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3283 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3280 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3263 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 4220 Blackhawk Meadow Ct 4230 Blackhawk Meadow Ct 4210 Blackhawk Meadow Ct 3227 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 4199 Quail Run Dr 3235 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 5251 Blackhawk Dr 4003 Eagle Nest Lane
4016 Eagle Nest Lane 4044 Eagle Nest Lane 937 Redwood Dr 148 Birchbark Pl 645 Blue Spruce Dr 5066 Blackhawk Dr 5077 Blackhawk Dr 5098 Blackhawk Dr 5130 Blackhawk Dr 5134 Blackhawk Dr 20 Silver Fir Lane 8 Red Cedar Ct 91 Red Cypress Ct 571 Blackhawk Club Dr 579 Blackhawk Club Dr 583 Blackhawk Club Dr 17 Red Pine Ct 3049 Deer Meadow Dr 3089 Deer Meadow Dr 3105 Deer Meadow Dr 541 Buttonwood Dr 10 Birchwood Pl 18 Birchwood Pl 30 Rosewood Ct 2707 Deer Meadow Dr 2715 Deer Meadow Dr 2730 Deer Meadow Dr 2965 Deer Meadow Dr 2987 Deer Meadow Dr 905 Pepperwood Dr 220 Live Oak Dr 294 Live Oak Dr 360 Live Oak Dr 3057 Live Oak Ct
Honorable Mentions: 113 Oakridge Dr 144 Oakridge Dr 168 Oakridge Dr 91 Oakridge Court 3463 Silver Maple Dr 4028 Sugar Maple Dr 4029 Sugar Maple Dr 4097 Sugar Maple Dr 4114 Sugar Maple Dr 101 Kingswood Cir 117 Kingswood Cir 140 Kingswood Cir 142 Kingswood Cir 331 Kingswood Lane 5483 Blackhawk Dr 3716 Deer Trail Court 3683 Deer Trail Dr 3642 Deer Trail Dr 3629 Country Club Terrace 3710 Deer Trail Dr 3855 Cottonwood Dr 4420 Deer Ridge Rd 4460 Deer Ridge Rd 3411 Deer Ridge Dr 3334 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3362 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3370 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3283 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3280 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 3263 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 4220 Blackhawk Meadow Ct 4230 Blackhawk Meadow Ct 4210 Blackhawk Meadow Ct 3227 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 4199 Quail Run Dr 3235 Blackhawk Meadow Dr 5251 Blackhawk Dr 4003 Eagle Nest Lane
4016 Eagle Nest Lane 4044 Eagle Nest Lane 937 Redwood Dr 148 Birchbark Pl 645 Blue Spruce Dr 5066 Blackhawk Dr 5077 Blackhawk Dr 5098 Blackhawk Dr 5130 Blackhawk Dr 5134 Blackhawk Dr 20 Silver Fir Lane 8 Red Cedar Ct 91 Red Cypress Ct 571 Blackhawk Club Dr 579 Blackhawk Club Dr 583 Blackhawk Club Dr 17 Red Pine Ct 3049 Deer Meadow Dr 3089 Deer Meadow Dr 3105 Deer Meadow Dr 541 Buttonwood Dr 10 Birchwood Pl 18 Birchwood Pl 30 Rosewood Ct 2707 Deer Meadow Dr 2715 Deer Meadow Dr 2730 Deer Meadow Dr 2965 Deer Meadow Dr 2987 Deer Meadow Dr 905 Pepperwood Dr 220 Live Oak Dr 294 Live Oak Dr 360 Live Oak Dr 3057 Live Oak Ct
Blackhawk’s 15th Annual Hospice Tree Lighting Ceremony —
Thanks to all the participants who made this year’s Blackhawk Hospice Tree Ceremony such a success! We had over 250 people -- the larg- est number yet.
The Committee was chaired this year as it has for many years, by our Community Manager, Mark Goldberg. This year’s success was again due to the combined efforts of our homeowners, the dedicated Hospice Tree Committee, Black- hawk Homeowners Association, Blackhawk Country Club, the vendors who serve our com- munity, the Diablo Vista School Choir and the National Charity League. Once again, our spon- sors came through and all expenses for the tree have been paid from sponsorship funding rather than donations. All donations plus the excess sponsorship money goes directly to the Hospice of the East Bay.
The other Hospice Committee members pre- sent were homeowners Linda Maddalon, Connie Wolfson and Karen Bryden. Country Club staffer Thomas Dempster was part of our team again this year as was Joe Loescher from Cagwin and Dorward who provided well-needed support. As- sistant Community Manager Melissa Manzo rounded out the group and made the event a
great success.
We raised $9,000+ for Hospice of the East Bay this year from Sponsors alone and more
money is still coming in.
Mark Goldberg, emceed this year and our 2016 Tree was dedicated to longtime resident Ted Santon.
Susan Levitt from Hospice and Debbie Masiel gave heartfelt talks about working with hospice as an employee and as an individual (respectively), who availed themselves of hos- pice services. Ms. Masiel’s recount of her Fa- ther’s and Mother’s experience with Hospice was nothing short of awe inspiring.
We don’t want to forget the National Charity League who in mother-daughter teams assisted us with all of our needs during the tree lighting ceremony and they have done so for the last 14 years.
For 14 of the last 15 years, we have been treated to the beautiful voices of the Diablo Val- ley Middle School Chorus, led by Chorus Direc- tor, Carolyn Williams. Words can’t express our gratitude to Carolyn and her students who brought their beautiful music to our event.
Our lovely and majestic Hospice Tree
Ambrose, Samantha Anderson, Chloe Athani, Sohini Bodner, Jack Brodehl, Ethan Bukta, Kaitlyn Calvert, Macie Camacho, Sofia Capovilla, Amanda Cole, Alexa Corcoran, Jack Crandall, Autumn Eastwood, Devyn Endries, Jack Erickson, McCall Ezeir, Maddy Gallagher, Drew Gill, Mariah Girdner, Alex Gratteau, Will Guijo, Adeline Hadsell, Christianna Hartman, Zach Hayward, Julia Herley, Brennen Hungerford, Logan Kabbarah, Aya
Law, Jackson Leiter, Viv Lim, Alexis Lo Porto, Jordyn Macdonald, Paige Maciel,Lizzie Martinez, Kaitlin McPherson, Carly Millard, Riley Nishihira, Jackson Obregon, Maddie Paulose, Joshua Polo, Jaclyn Potestio, Alyssa Psefteas, Peter Quinto, Justin Reese, Brooke Robison,Joe Sheppard, Judah Silva, Alex Smith, Rachel Smolgovsky, Julia Spanier, Mason Thornton, Sophia Trainer Addy Tucker, Sammie Wade, Jackson
2016 Student Choral Singers
The Diablo Vista School choir and chorus director Carolyn Williams (lower right-hand corner)
Landscaping Awards This is in recognition of outstanding effort to enhance your property and our community through beautiful landscaping, with special attention to planting beds of exceptional design and color harmony. Overall cohesiveness is also very im- portant.
Photos where taken by Dave Rendon, a gifted photographer. Dave tells us that he really enjoys the gardens as he photographs them and the images certainly reflect that. Thanks, Dave.
Dawn and Thomas Schaeffer 3012 Deer Meadow Drive A classic, formal style garden, immaculately maintained over many years. If you get a chance, visit this garden during various holidays for knock-out, seasonal decorations.
Deborah and Samuel Killips 113 Pepperwood Court This is a newly-redesigned garden, keeping mature, classical ele- ments and replacing some areas of water-thirsty turf with drip irri- gation, a few boulders and water-wise plants. Nicely maintained.
MANAGER’S CORNER Happy New Year One and All! --
As this New Year begins, we wish you all a healthy and happy new year. 2016 was a great year for the community. As the econ- omy improved, we saw many long-awaited and needed improvements to so many homes and the HOA continued to replant common areas with low water use, climate appropriate plants. Blackhawk is once again basking in the beauty of its homes and com- mon areas.
We still had our challenges and despite them, your Board of Directors, staff and I worked harder than ever not to raise the dues for the last three years. 2017 brings the first (and small) increase in 3 years by raising the dues by $2 per month from $187 to $189 monthly ($567 Quarterly).
We are pleased to report that homes con- tinue to sell at a fast pace, delinquencies continue to decline and the financial outlook for the HOA is the healthiest it has ever been.
The 2016 holiday season was in many ways no different from the past years. Black- hawk did what it always does and that was to show great support for all the holiday events. And we should all feel proud of the contribu- tions made this year to the Association’s Food Drive, Clothing Drive and Hospice Tree Lighting. We should also be proud of all of those who outdid themselves in decorating their homes again this year.
The 2016 Food Drive elves worked hard all day and into the evening at all Blackhawk gates to make the event possible.
Record numbers turned out for the Hospice Tree lighting on December 2
nd . This was
our 15 th year working with Blackhawk
Country Club, the National Charity League and the Diablo Vista Middle School Chorus.
Many homes throughout the community decorated this year for the holidays and the decorations were even more elaborate than ever, making it harder for the awards com- mittee to select this year’s winners. Award placards were placed in front of the homes of this year’s winners with outstanding holi- day decorations. We hope you had time to pick up the list of the award winning homes and view the beautiful spectacle of Black- hawk in December. If not, check out our website and we will post as many pictures as we can in the Resource Center.
The Association Board and Staff continue to look for new ways to improve services to resi- dents. If you have any ideas, please e-mail us at [email protected]
Please accept my best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year for you and your families. The Blackhawk Chorus Celebrates 25 years of Song and Beautiful Music --
The Blackhawk Chorus’s holiday program was everything you expect from the Chorus. The music selections were wonderful, the voices were 140 strong and the program put everyone in the holiday spirit. This year’s pro- gram was titled “The Shining Night” and fea- tured highlighted holiday songs they have sung in the last 25 years.
The Blackhawk Chorus, based in Danville, performs great choral music in the Bay Area and around the world. With nearly 140 mem- bers, the chorus continues to grow in both quality and artistry with every new season under the direction of Diane Gilfether.
Congratulations to all members of the Blackhawk Chorus and thank you for bringing us all so much holiday joy over the years. Please Turn on your Pillar Light Fixtures -- If you have a light fixture on top of your mail- box pillar, please turn it on after dark. We have a lot more people walking the streets after dark, so keeping your outdoor lights on will keep our streets safer. Please pick up after your pooches – The reason is self-evident. And thank you all who are doing it. Farewell to Georgia Lambert at around- [email protected] of the San Ramon Valley Times – Georgia is a long time Coun- try Club Member and author of the monthly column “Around Danville”. For the last 24 years, Georgia has been writing about all the positive things that have been going on in the Valley and she has written so many columns that included Blackhawk HOA and Club events, too many to count.
Georgia has sold her home and is moving out of the area and has written her last col- umn. We will miss you and all the light you have shone on the valley for the last 24 years.
Georgia, Blackhawk is so grateful to you for always placing us in the proper light and for showing our neighbors that Blackhawk HOA is a beautiful place to live, to raise your chil- dren, to retire and to find many wonderful friends and activities. We owe you a debt of gratitude and wish you well in the future.
Board Meeting Highlights October 4, 2016
Police Services Report - Chief Van Hook pre- sented the Blackhawk Police Summary Report for the month of August, 2016.
Minutes - The Minutes of the September 6, 2016 meeting were approved.
Financial Report - The Community Manager presented the financial report for the month of August, 2016.
Blackhawk Water Savings Highlighted in Community Managers International News- letter – The Community Manager was asked to write an article for the Community Managers International newsletter, show-casing our water saving efforts over the years. This article will also appear in the October issue of the Black- hawk Bulletin.
Rules – Once the Board has finalized the ham radio antenna and car cover policies, these two new rules will be mailed to all Blackhawk resi- dents, along with the revised enforcement pol- icy, giving a minimum 30-day notice for com- ments, as required by law.
West Gate Entry Update – A new speed bump was installed in the main gate visitor lane to align with the residents’ lane. The same had already been installed at the East gate at some time in the past. White lane dividers are being installed down the line between the two entry lanes at both the East and West Gates to keep cars in either lane from crossing over to the other.
Delinquencies - The Board re-affirmed Presi- dent Banducci’s approval on September 9, 2016 to turn over six accounts for collection.
Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Meeting Minutes - The Board received the September 7, 2016 meeting minutes.
Emergency Information Center (EIC) Update – The Community Manager provided a pro- gress report for the EIC. A second communi- cations exercise is scheduled for October as well as a planning session for a third Exercise covering wildfires to be held at the County EOC November 8
th .
Ham Radio Antenna and Car Cover Policy – The Board Directed staff to fine-tune the drafts of both the Ham Radio Antenna and Car Cover policies for the next Board meeting.
Tree of Heaven – A third application of a dif- ferent chemical (glyphosate) was administered along the creek and the residents’ fence line to avoid damage to any landscaping. The last application will be in October to treat any re- maining sprouts before the dormant season. This project will begin again in March/April of 2017 with the same cycles, under the supervi- sion of the HOA consultant. We may have to extend the project out more than 3 years in
order to have complete eradication.
Combined November/December, 2016 Board Meeting – The Board decided to sched- ule this year’s combined November/December meeting for November 1, 2016.
2017 Budget Approval – The Community Manager presented and the Board approved the revised 2017 budget with a $2.00 per month increase (1%). The 2017 assessment will be $189 per month ($567 per quarter). 2017 Expenses are estimated at $4,740,479 including the reserve contribution. The ap- proved budget will be sent to every owner by mid-November, 2016.
S. Eagle Nest Red Curbs – “No Parking” signs will be installed along part of the curb on the downhill-side towards the turn-around and the curb will be painted red. A letter will be sent to all owners whose property backs up to the affected area of the street.
Process Server Process – Our attorney veri- fied the existing Process Server Policy for en- try at our gates: The process server must iden- tify him/herself with a driver’s license (or other identification), and with one of the following – a badge as a representative of the County Sher- iff or Marshall, evidence of current registration as a process server, or a private investigator license.
Close Account – The Board approved the closure of an operating money market account at Alliance bank and the transfer of these funds to the operating account at Heritage Bank. Ex- cess operating funds are automatically trans- ferred into short term CDs.
Lake De-siltation - Should the Club not be able to obtain a reasonable 3
rd bid for the lake
de-siltation at the waterfall, the HOA Board reluctantly recommends that the club approve the bid they have, not to exceed $35,000, with the understanding that the cost will be divided equally by the Club, GHAD and HOA and that the contract is with the Club and that the con- tractor will add Blackhawk HOA as additional insured on their policy.
Full Focus Software – Staff has had its first training in this new software, which will help enormously in the management of our commu- nity. Its various aspects include architectural violation letters and logs, listing of assets, call logs, communication logs, vendor lists, mem- ber violations and work orders.
PG&E Helicopter - PG&E will be raising the height of one of the high wire towers near the baseball field, but not on HOA property. They have requested that we allow them a staging and a helicopter landing area, to which we agreed with a “Temporary Construction Ease- ment/Landing Agreement” and a $4,000 fee.
(Continued on page 8)
1. Adjournment from Executive Session.
2. Re-convene from Executive Session: Chair to make a short report on the general nature of the business discussed in the Executive Session; i.e., legal, contracts or personnel matters.
3. a. Meeting Input Protocol b. Blackhawk Police Services Report c. Manager Report d. Blackhawk GHAD Report (if any)
4. Approval of Minutes: Regular Meeting of the last Board meeting
5. Review of the latest Financial Reports
6. President's Report
7. a. Consent Calendar b. Delinquent Accounts Report
8. Committee Reports a. Architectural Review b. Emergency Planning (if any)
9. Old Business
10. New Business
An Important Note about Publishing a Regular Board Meeting Agenda in our News- letter — A final and more detailed agenda can be obtained at the gate guard houses four days prior to the meeting. It is also available on our website sev- eral days before the meeting. Since the newsletter is published quarterly and Board meetings are monthly, it is impossible to coordinate the two events so that a more detailed agenda can be included in the newsletter. Generally, Board meetings are held every first Tuesday of the month, with the exception of Au- gust and December. August is the month of the annual membership meeting and there is a com- bined November/December meeting held in No- vember on a date set by the Board.
Staff will advise our residents of the forthcom- ing project scheduled for October 31 through November 9, 2016. (Note PG&E was not able to complete the work as scheduled and will be back for one or two days in the near future.)
November 1, 2016
Police Services Report - Chief Van Hook presented the Blackhawk Police Summary Report for the month of September, 2016.
Minutes - The Minutes of the October 4, 2016 regular meeting were approved.
Financial Report - The Community Manager presented the financial reports for the month of September along with the quarterly vari- ance report.
“Full Focus” Update – The Assistant Com- munity Manager has been working in this new software daily, sending out letters of violation and work orders. This software is proving to be a very good tool to keep track of violations, as well as providing reports on them. Owners who have received the letters have been re- sponding accordingly.
Lake De-siltation – Due to the recent rains, both the Club and GHAD have decided to postpone the work until spring 2017. The topic will be discussed again by the BHHOA, the Club and GHAD after the 2017 spring rains.
PG&E Negotiations – The Community Man- ager was able to negotiate an additional $3,000 with PG&E for their use of the base- ball field as a staging area for the helicopters and materials from October 31 through No- vember 9, 2016.
New Landscape Water Law – SB 814 was signed into law on August 29, 2016, allowing retail water suppliers to implement a tiered rate structure and fines for residential custom- ers using water in excess during prescribed periods. EBMUD now appears to have the authority to go back to the tiered rate struc- ture similar to the one during the drought. The association is encouraging owners who have allowed their landscaping to die, to bring it back to life.
Identity Theft Program – BHHOA has ap- proached Chief Van Hook about planning a program for our homeowners with an expert speaker about identity theft and/or crime pre- vention. Chief Van Hook suggested that this be scheduled after January 1, 2017, at which time staff will work with her to secure a date and space with the Club.
Delinquencies – There were no accounts to be turned over for collection this month.
(Board Meeting Highlights—Continued from page 7)
(Continued on page 9)
4125 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Suite 230 Danville, California 94526
(925) 736-6440; fax (925) 736-0428 email: [email protected]
2016 Holiday Decoration Award Winners
1st Place—Silver Maple 3474 Silver Maple Drive
1st Place—Country Club 512 Blackhawk Club Drive
For a description of these awards and how these homes were chosen, please see cover page story.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t take all of the pictures we wanted to because some homes had their lights out.
Spirit of Christmas— Country Club 3655 Deer Trail Drive (left)
Children’s Award—Oakridge 11 Oakridge Lane (left)
Children’s Award—Country Club 4645 Kingswood Drive (left)
Best Animated 1st Place—Silver Maple 4085 Sugar Maple Drive (above)
Splendor of Christmas—Country Club 736 Blue Spruce Drive
2016 Holiday Photo
Elegant Award—Country Club 4412 Deer Ridge Road (above) Old Fashion Christmas—Oakridge
86 Oakridge Court (above)
Santa’s Helper Award—Country Club 863 Redwood Drive (above)
Festival of Lights—Country Club 4004 Eagle Nest Lane (right)
Light Extravaganza—Country Club 3004 Deer Meadow Drive (above)
A special thanks to David Rendon who took the photographs of our holi- day decorations award winners. Taking these photographs after dark, with sometimes strong winds, was quite a challenge for Dave — Good job!
Fantasia Award—Country Club 3641 Country Club Terrace (above)
2016 Holiday Photo Gallery
Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Meeting Minutes - The Board received the October 3, 2016 meeting minutes.
Emergency Information Center Update - The next tabletop exercise will be a wild fire drill which is scheduled for November 8, 2016 at the Contra Costa County Office of Emergency Services in Martinez. The focus will be on emergency responder coordination, public in- formation, specifically alerts and notifications to the public, evacuation plans and community preparedness. The exercise will emphasize the roles of the San Ramon Valley Fire Depart- ment, Blackhawk Police Department, Office of the Emergency Services and the Community Warning System.
Tree of Heaven Update – While most of the sprouts treated in July, August and September have died back, some show little evidence of damage and new sprouts are emerging. The next treatment will be in the spring of 2017 with Imazapyr. Garlon will not be used if tempera- ture following treatment would exceed 80 de- grees due to previous damage to rose bushes. One owner chose to pull out the sprouts manu- ally; also an acceptable way to control sprouts. This eradication process has been extended by at least one additional year.
Ham Radio Tower Rule – The revised Ham Radio Tower Rule was approved, to be mailed to all owners with the car cover rule and new enforcement policy, per civil code § 4045.
Car Cover Rule – The revised Car Cover Rule was approved. Existing car covers will not be grandfathered.
Violation Enforcement for Staff – The staff violation enforcement schedule was approved.
2 nd
Annual Blackhawk Clothing Drive
On November 15th, we collected approximately 80 bags of men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing in addition to toys and books. We donated to 4 homeless shelters in Contra Costa County. One individual in Richmond was surprised I had driven all the way from Blackhawk to donate out there. I told him it was the residents in Blackhawk that had donated everything not me; I just col- lected it all and brought it to the shelters. He told me I had a good soul. That meant a lot to me and I wanted to share it with all of you. You are the ones that have the good souls. I saw several residents turn around and drive home to get clothing to donate after forgetting the clothing drive was taking place that day. I hope they weren’t late to work.
As always, the residents in Blackhawk help those in need. The generosity of this community continues to amaze me and I’m so glad I get to work here every day. Please join me at the next Coffee with the Chief which is on the third Tues- days of the month at Blackhawk Drive and Black- hawk Meadow Drive. The HOA sends out a re- minder or an update if it’s not being held that month. There is coffee and donuts and a chance for us to meet for the first time or catch up if we haven’t seen each other in a while. I welcome your input and ideas on how to better serve you. Your Police Chief, Tiffany Van Hook
(Continued from page 8)
Right: Police Chief Tiffany Van Hook and Board President Ron Banducci lend a helping hand during the clothing drive.
2016 Blackhawk Holiday Food Drive
The Blackhawk Elves took their 6:00 a.m. posts at the gates of Blackhawk communities for the 29th Annual Blackhawk Food Drive on Tues- day, December 6. Nearly 75 volunteers staffed the food drive sleighs throughout the day as generous donations continued to pour in, total- ing $19,416 and 7,589 pounds of food for the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. The week before, another 57 community volunteers distributed the 2,600 grocery bags to every door- step in each Blackhawk community. These bags were once again donated by Draeger’s Market. This was the grocer’s ninth year supporting the Blackhawk Food Drive. Resident Les Kranhold and his Hospitality Team made rounds for the twelve hour event delivering hot cider, tea, cof- fee and fresh cookies to the volunteers at the Main, East, Silver Maple and Hidden Oaks gates. We thank the Blackhawk Country Club for the generous donation of the goodies.
Thank you to the residents of all Blackhawk communities, the Homeowners Associa- tions, Blackhawk Police Services, Blackhawk Country Club -- all who offered their time and effort to ensure another successful food drive. The 2016 Food Drive received overwhelming response from the entire, generous Blackhawk community!
The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano feeds 180,000 people monthly, so your contribu- tions are greatly needed and deeply appreci- ated. Please visit www.foodbankccs.org to learn about their services and the people they help each month. Happy Holidays and THANK YOU Blackhawk! Jayne Tizzano Blackhawk Food Drive Chairwoman
2016 Blackhawk Food Drive Volunteers
Neighborhood Bag Delivery Coordinators: Sharon & Lee Jones Jeanie & Don Egan Tara Beane Amanda Kuiper Gate Staffing Coordinators: Pam Mullen Debbie Cavin Bev Shumate Donna Coit Dennis & Edna Paiva Jayne Tizzano
Hospitality: Les Kranhold Tom Lavacca Howard Willet Scott Sweet Gate Volunteers East Gate: Doral Allen Margaret Pallack Candy Clark Pamela Mullen Lisa Cone Terry Mullen Kim Davis Ann Smilanich Kathy Fox Angie Smith Sue Fosburgh Austin Smith Kathy Giroux Connor Smith Gina Hanna Denise Stephens Therese deHaan Barbara Willett Mary Pat McKenna Gate Volunteers Silver Maple: Joann Moisan Jane Tapper Pam Halby Diane Arobio Don Finstrom Debbie Finstrom Gayle Turpin MaryJo Rajala Nalini Frush Linda Rasmussen Bev Shumate Paul Rasmussen Gate Volunteers Oakridge: Edna Paiva Dennis Paiva Gate Volunteers Hidden Oaks: Mary Aspland Mary Lemon Paul Kuelz Elaine Davis Yvonne Colchico Sharon Trifeletti Anita Soule Mr. Soule Anne Kuelz Laurie Schaumberger Joene Gottlieb Sheila Nelson Ruth Swedlow Kevin Olmsted Jeannie Songey Joanie Boyd Margaret Redemer Jennifer Shurman Gate Volunteers Saddleback: Andy Jaros Kevin Jaros Weldon Theobald Joane Theobald Linda King Donna Coit Joan Ruskin Gate Volunteers Main Gate: John Robinson Judy Robinson Amanda Sinclair Ann Wiedenmann John Cavin Debbie Cavin Chris Lipsin Dawn Schaeffer Barbara Wilson Rich Wilson Sheri Sokoloff Mary Jane Novak Kristen Henry Nan Renzi Nancy Johnson The Bielke Family Pat Burgess Ken Hyatt Chris Hyatt
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All neighborhood bag deliveries to doorstep: Patti Hughes Barbara Evans Helen Tarantino Janet Smith Lillian Berkowitz Jan Nanneman Wendy Nicholas Kelly Hall Sandy Davis Mary Porteous Diana Egkan Miram Delay-Friant Terri Waterman Kathy Fox Barbara Carlson Tracey Lauer Eve Attic Linda Korbit Bea Sturmer Deborah Wong Toni Weinstein Jayne Hegenbart Liz Barker Sue MacGuidwin Tara Beane Tinsley Beane Kristi Brown Ella Brown Olivia Brown Christopher Brown Parker Beilke AnneMarie Carpenter Chloe Beilke Alida Carpenter Libby Carpenter Jack Juiper Annie Kuiper Glen Kuiper Amanda Kuiper Barbara Myles Sara Gregory Lora Rein Judy Baker Phyllis Falkenstein Sue Wells Christa Thompson Mary Quinn Bronzie Dabney Donna Wamsley Eric Wamsley Lisa Cook Marian Zalowski Judy Friedman Lee Jones Patti Spillner Patti Martens Sue Frankel Ann Miskovetz Linda Jaskolski Dan Jaskolski Dorothy Kranhold Charlie Myles Dennis Paiva Edna Paiva
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Dog Park First Anniversary Party —
On October 13th, 2016, we had our first an- nual Dog Park Anniversary Party which was attended by about 50 homeowners and their beloved, four-legged family members. We had presentations by the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, the Contra Costa County Vector Control on co- existing with indigenous critters and lessons on a new type of leash by the “Leash Lady”. Re- freshments were provided. The HOA raffled off leashes for some lucky, adorable pooches.
It was great fun for all -- We hope you enjoy the photographs and join us next year!
Blackhawk Bloomers Honor our Community with Another Planting of Daffodils at the Turn-Around — As promised, this enthusiastic group has again graced us with a gift of spring color by planting over 900 daffodil bulbs in our turn-around area. This year, nine Blackhawk Bloomers and a crew of four from Cagwin Dorward performed this rewarding task. The daffodils will “naturalize” and multiply over the years, rewarding us with a splash of color every spring. Each year, they just out do themselves (The Blackhawk Bloomers and the daffodils). Thank you Blackhawk Bloomers and Cagwin and Dorward for your help in bringing a little bit of the glorious spring to Blackhawk!
Below: Blackhawk Bloomers and Cagwin and Dorward volunteers.
Cagwin & Dorward and Blackhawk HOA have a long history of working together to reduce wa- ter use. Through irrigation system upgrades, turf removal, and efficient irrigation management, Blackhawk has reduced landscape water use by 61%, saving 40 million gallons annually since 2005, which in today’s dollars has saved the HOA approximately $107,136 each of the last 10 years.
Blackhawk HOA, Cagwin & Dorward and GroGuru are now partnering to save water and further reduce landscape water costs for the HOA! Cagwin & Dorward is monitoring the soil moisture on the baseball fields using Groguru’s state of the art technology. This soil moisture monitoring technology allows Cagwin & Dor- ward to water and fertilize based on exactly what the soil needs, keeping the landscape healthy and beautiful using the fewest possible resources. Soil Moisture Technology Overview:
Soil moisture technology has made great strides in the last few decades moving from ex- pensive and difficult to use, to a relatively inex- pensive, simple, and reliable means of monitor- ing soil moisture. Groguru uses “capacitive sen- sors” that measure how much moisture is in the soil using an electric charge. The sensors eas- ily installed and set up to transmit moisture data to the “cloud”. They are completely underground with no impact on activities such as sports or mowing. In addition, many sensors can meas- ure soil salinity, temperature and can provide complete monitoring of the plant/turf health. Cagwin & Dorward & GroGuru Solution for Blackhawk HOA:
The system has been installed on a trial basis with sensors located at three sites. GroGuru’s solution is a rugged soil moisture sensor with a battery powered unit to collect soil moisture, temperature, and salinity data. The data is ag-
gregated in the “cloud” and provided to Cagwin & Dorward via smartphone apps or computer log-in. This allows Cagwin & Dorward to easily monitor, in real time, the state of their landscape and measure impact of irrigation, mowing and fertilization. In addition, the past history of the site is available to help intelligently guide land- scape management.
By actually measuring local site conditions, the irrigation can be managed to help further reduce water use and save money. Avoiding under/ over watering also avoids flushing fertilizer into the groundwater aquafers or into streams with negative impact on the environment. In addi- tion, proper watering reduces or eliminates many plant disease and pest issues reducing the need for chemicals. All of this leads to a reduction of costs, better landscaping, and envi- ronmental stewardship – a big step forward. Cagwin & Dorward and GroGuru are excited to be working with Blackhawk to implement this vision.
Blame it on the Lawnmower —
Did you know that manicured lawns are a rela- tively new phenomenon? Before irrigation tech- nology and lawnmowers, lawns were not a fea- ture in early gardens. In the 14th century, the word “launde” meant “untilled land” or “wasteland”. And in the early days of English lawn cultivation, homes were surrounded by grasses clipped by grazing livestock. The first lawnmower was patented in the United States in 1868. By the end of World War II, with the use of approximately 140,000 engine-driven mow- ers, the lawn movement gained momentum. By the 1970s, millions of power mowers were in use and lawns became a national preoccupa- tion.
Natasha Feigenson
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Identity Theft Seminar – February 1, 2017 at
The Blackhawk Police Department, Blackhawk HOA and Blackhawk
Country Club will be hosting a seminar on Identity Theft and Internet
Crime on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00
p.m. at the Lakeside Country Club. The Blackhawk Police Depart-
ment, Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit and a Deputy District
Attorney will be there to provide information on the common pitfalls
and how not to be a victim.

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