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Blackhawk School District

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Blackhawk School District. Goals: Quality & Value. OBJECTIVE. Opportunities for success for ALL students. I . Financial. Current debt will be paid in 2010 Tax rate is 48.63 mils Ranks 9 th lowest out of 14 School Districts. Financial continued. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Blackhawk School District

Blackhawk School DistrictGoals:Quality & Value1Opportunities for success for ALL studentsOBJECTIVE2Current debt will be paid in 2010

Tax rate is 48.63 milsRanks 9th lowest out of 14 School DistrictsI. Financial3C. Revenue increase average is 2% per year since 2000Our expenses increased an average of 3.99% since 2004Our budgets have been balanced with $2.5 million from the fund balanceRevenue has not kept pace with our expenses

Financial continued4D. Gaming Money

Pa. authorized (14) fourteen casino licenses. Revenues from the casinos would be used to reduce property taxes. To date (6)six casinos have opened.The purpose of gaming money was to offset property tax increases for qualified Homestead/Farmsteads. Financial Continued5iii. There are 4926 Homesteads in Blackhawk School District. At our current rate of 48.63, and considering the average $170 reduction from gaming money,only (30) thirty of those 4926 homes in the Blackhawk School District will pay an increase for 2008-2009.Financial continued6E. Median Assessment in Blackhawk School District is 26,450i. That homeowner paid $1,219.00 in 2007-2008 school taxes. The increase of 1.73 mils for 2008-2009 increased the taxes for that median homeowner $45.00 to $1,264, less the $170.00 reduction from gaming, resulted in a net gain of $125.00. ii. 4,896 of the 4,926 Homestead/Farmsteads will NOT see an increase and most will realize a net reduction in 2008-2009Financial Continued7This process began in 2004 to assess facility needs. We have reviewed, studied and costed out every possible option given the current condition of our schools, the number of campuses, class size, curriculum, facilities, cost of operation for (5) five locations, arts and co-curricular needs and NCLB and PSSA mandates.II. Our Due Diligence8Enrollment for 2008-2009 is 2,688, plus 75 in Cyber Charter SchoolsEnrollment will decline slightly over the next (4) years. State estimates that in 2012, enrollment will be at 2,615, a reduction of 74 studentsIII. Findings9B. Age of Buildings

Blackhawk High SchoolBuilt in 1972PattersonBuilt in 1969Highland M.S.Built in 1959Northwestern Built in 1957B.I.S.Built in 1921 (remodeled in 1959 & 1992)Findings continued10C. Debt from Blackhawk Intermediate School will be retired in 2010D. Older buildings are more costly to operateHighland and Northwestern have not been updatedE. Taxes in Blackhawk are relatively low and affordable, compared to neighboring districtsF. Current gaming revenue is $170/year. Not all casinos are opened yet. As the remaining (8) eight casinos open, gaming revenue will increase as will property tax relief.Findings continued11Our greatest issues/concerns are Highland Middle School and Blackhawk High School repairs, aligning the curriculum and lack of space for arts programs and co-curricular activities. The best way we can serve our district is with a long term plan that will meet the needs of the students and taxpayers.Our goal is to be cost effective and increase the quality of education, thus providing the best overall educational experience.

Conclusions12Tonight this Board will have to decide on the question before us. We have (2) two choices:Do we continue to put money into our (5) five facilities? Do we construct new?What will we have in the future considering both options?Conclusions continued13Tonight we have 2 choices:We are still left with 5 aging schoolsGrades 6-12 are taken care of for many years to come10 million bond issue2 million has already been spent1.4 million for fire suppression and alarms600,000 fees

8 million remains for the estimated 28 million needed to upgrade and repair Highland Middle School and Blackhawk High School

That remaining 8 million will only cover 29% of the necessary repairs.

Results are:

No alignment of curriculum8th grade still at High SchoolNo enhancements to the Arts/Co-Curricular ProgramsNO REIMBURSEMENT FROM THE STATE

40 million dollar bond issueWe get new construction at the high school, built on our current enrollment and not adding the 10%New gymnasium for our studentsNew, and more secure entrance to the H.S.All necessary upgrades to the High SchoolAlignment of the curriculumMore opportunities for our Middle School StudentsEnergy SavingsEnhanced Arts ProgramsThe ability to take the projected costs and utilize Value Engineering to minimize overall costs of this projectGET STATE REIMBURSEMENT FOR THIS PROJECT

14A new Middle School (6th-7th-8th) and 9th grade academy and needed repairs to Blackhawk High School that meets all academic needs and enhancements for Arts and Co-Curricular activities for grades 6-12This proposal offers to balance quality, health and safety, energy efficiency, a better learning environment, expanded and enhanced curriculum, facilities for Arts and Co-Curricular activities versus costs.Proposed Resolution15With consolidation comes cost savings.We MUST provide our teachers and administration with the best possible environment and tools to perform their job.We MUST provide every student with the best opportunity to succeed. It is our job!Proposed Resolution Continued16Maintains and even increases the value of our homesIt enhances the quality of life in our communityProvides a great sense of pride in the accomplishment of OUR studentsProvides opportunities for financial aid through scholarships for Arts, Academics and Co-Curricular Activities

The Value of a Quality School District17Strong and evolving academic programsCo-Curricular ActivitiesFacilitiesWhat will attract new families and keep our current students?18% IncreaseTax YearMillage Increase3.7%20081.73 mils6%20092.95 mils5.1%20102.62 mils2.8%20111.52 mils2012-20371.7 mils over 25 yearsWhat will this cost the taxpayers IF VOTED ON? Based on estimates from Bond Council for $40 million (using $220,000 as a Collectible mil), the estimated revenue needed for the project would be:

These figures assume no cost savings from energy updates, consolidation and staff re-alignment.192007-20082008-20092009-20102010-20122011-2012Median Home 46.9 mils48.63 mils51.58 mils54.2 mils55.72 milsYearly taxes$1,219.00$1,264.00$1,340.00$1,408.00$1,448.00Gaming Reduction$170.00$170.00$170.00$170.00Net Taxes with increase$1,094.00$1,170.00$1,238.00$1,278.00Decrease/Increase$125.00 decrease$49.00 decrease$19.00 increase$59.00 increaseBottom Line Dollars and SenseThese figures assume no increase in gaming money or cost reductions.20The median Blackhawk Taxpayer will realize a 4 year positive total of $96.00 after any tax increases by offsetting the increases with the reductions from gaming revenue.Cumulative Results21In 2011, the median homeowner will actually pay $1,278.00 in school taxes.Annual Increase of only $59.00 from todays taxesIt equals only $4.92/month

Projected Rates will keep our districts tax rates in the bottom third of the county, while our facilities and achievements remain at the top.

Cumulative Results Continued22Blackhawk taxpayers will realize even more returns from gaming revenue as more casinos open.Blackhawk School District will experience cost savings from consolidation and energy upgrades.Other factors in the future could generate additional increases to General Revenues, such as the sale of the Highland property.Further Assumptions23One of two things will occur

1. A NAY vote AND THIS Board will go back to the drawing board and reassess allocation of the balance of the 10 million dollar bond issue.

2. A YES vote begins the process of bidding out the project, with the final vote to occur in December, ONLY AFTER this Board has the final figures.Tonights Vote:Resolution to construct new24

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