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Blogger Outreach: The Blogger Perspective

Date post:16-Apr-2017
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PowerPoint Presentation

Ebony Tamara [email protected] Outreach Strategies

MIND-SETLets Think Relationships


Example 1

Blogger Basics

The Black & White Press Release Culture

Visual Media Basics

Connecting the Social Media LanesLets talk about

One Step Further

RelationshipIntroduction to friends (readers)Guess who is coming next week?

ArrivalYou come to my home (my blog) with a vivid story & business cards.The Catch Up CallWeeks later we speak. Updates to the vivid story. I spread the word.

3 PostsBefore the Campaign HYPECampaign Kick OffAfter Campaign Catch UpsSuggestion ElementsWhy should I be excited?

Why should I look out for this?

Pictures of a launch event

Who is driving this campaign?

How can I connect now?Give me everything you have

Written materialsImages Videos

Connect all the Social Media LanesCampaign Success StatisticsSales

Who is using it?What are people saying?

Pictures of an event

Video clips of someone talking about it

The same effort used to get 1 blog post why not get 3?

Instead of sending traditional press releases why not segment your promotional campaign information into Blogger News Bites using both visual media and the notion of reality culture.

Example 2


Pr Co 1Pr Co 1Pr Co 2Pr Co 3Pr Co 4Pr Co 4

Movie MovieMovieMovieDVDDVDComing Soon HYPECompetitions For ReadersPromote The Activities On Premiere NightEventThe PremierePromote The DVD Coming Soon EventsBlogger Event Exclusive NewsEngage with my readers build trustA source for exclusive informationAttend red carpet event & experience for reviewA source for exclusive information on activitiesNetworking, private screening & TV advert

Military PrecisionThey really excelled at

Extending & developing the blogger relationship

Before the campaign HYPEEvents during the campaignSpecial activities during the campaign

One Step FurtherCommitmentLong Term Activities

NewslettersJust for BloggersNot to be confused with traditional newsletters


Example 3Fashion Police? NoOUTREACH POLICE!

Outreach Police!Is a Blogger Competition a creative campaign idea?

Ok, you have a creative campaign idea but is it really that practical?

Will the creative idea engage both the reader & the blogger?

Have you really, REALLY checked to see what the blogger has already said about your product or service?Shhh! The Anonymous CompanyCreating Interactive Blogger CampaignsManaging Interactive Blogger Campaigns


Managing Interactive Blogger CampaignsCreating Interactive Blogger CampaignsSelect the bloggers firstSee what they have done beforeMonitor them Then formulate your creative interactive campaignsCreate blogger hubs for those who are creative campaigning with youOne Step Further


vCampaign 4

Creative - ReactionA simple tweet will do

Special ActivitiesDuring the CampaignCreative Interactive campaigns involving readers and/or bloggers


Creative - Reaction

Join the ConversationAnother Blog Post + 1 Tweet + Quick Email = An Extra Blog Post1 Post + 1 Retweet + 1 @Mention = Another Blog Post

One Step FurtherCreative Interactive CampaignsOther than a review, how else can you get a selected amount of bloggers & their readers to engage with your product?ReactionsExtend your social media monitoring 1 step further

Dont just REtweet, REcruit!

Create conversation via bloggers

The Relationship Campaign Matrix

1234567IntroductionArrivalCourtesy ConnectionGoing OutDoing ActivitiesThe Catch Up CallCommitmentTell my loyal friends (readers) about a new friend who is coming to visitMy new friend arrives at my house with a captivating story & business cardsMy new friend connects with me the next day to say she had a great timeMy new friend invites me to an event.My new friend arranges special activities that my loyal friends and I can enjoyMy new friend updates me -referring to the captivating story. I spread the wordWe speak monthly to maintain our relationship. No longer a new friend.1234567Before the Campaign HYPECampaignKick OffFeedbackDuring the CampaignEventsDuring the CampaignSpecial ActivitiesDuring the CampaignAfter Campaign Catch UpsLong Term CampaignRelationshipComing Soon informationAll the Information needed on the product, service or personEmailBlog CommentsFacebookTweetsFor Example

A launch partyA blogger eventCreative Interactive campaigns involving readers and/or bloggersProgress with campaignMonthly BloggerEmails

Relationship & CommitmentYour Promotional Army

1234567Before the Campaign HYPECampaignKick OffFeedbackDuring the CampaignEventsDuring the CampaignSpecial ActivitiesDuring the CampaignAfter Campaign Catch UpsLong Term CampaignRelationshipsPress ReleasesThe Celeb Viral Video This Is ItThe AnonymousLucky VoiceJump SneakersJ5 Collection

Plot the Matrix

Ebony Tamara [email protected]@theblogclinic

Tweet It, Just Tweet It


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