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Blue Print To Become An INSTANT Facebook Marketing Expert Today (Part 1)

Date post:05-Dec-2014
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Blue Print To Become An INSTANT Facebook Marketing Expert Today (Part 1) Check out my new blog!!! http://www.earnwithpallab.com https://www.facebook.com/EarnWithPallab In this video Pallab Ghosal (Founder of Team Velocity) shares "Key components for online marketing success" To Work With Him Directly Click The Link Below (Can be removed any time) http://www.pureleverage.com/launch/10?id=mgpg Cheers!!!
  • 1. Hi There
  • 2. Ground Rules Turn Off Cell Phones Turn off Skype/ FB Mind is like a Parachute it ONLY works when it is open Sit down relax and ENJOY !!!
  • 3. Income Disclosure The presentation here DOES NOT GUARANTEE any Income generated for you Your Income will depend on Your understanding on the subject, dedication and Hard work
  • 4. 22 My relatives do not pick up my phone Google hates me Facebook slapped Me again Social media does not like me Forget making money. I am taking a nap!!!
  • 5. Why should YOU listen to me Developed/ Marketed Several Business Opportunities Online Generated Five Figure Monthly Income on Auto Pilot with out picking up phone or bugging Friends and Families Trained / Mentored 1000s of People Online and Offline Hundreds of Trained Affiliates are making Thousands of $$$ in Monthly Commissions Presented Seminars/ Official webinars for companies to generate their businesses Sought after Speaker and Motivational trainer Generated Traffic on demand by using FREE Advertisements methods to build teams.
  • 6. Why the Home Based Industry? In Job One Earns a Limited Income as they trade the Time for Money Job is no Longer a safer and secured option FORTUNE 500 companies have laid off 4.4 Million workers No Office No Boss No Traffic Start Your own Home business has never been easier No Income Ceiling --Fastest way to become Financially Free
  • 7. Which of these Challenges do you face? Lack of Information Not Enough Time Not enough Money No Traffic No Conversion Lack of Skill No Focus Lack of Or No Technical Knowledge Fear & Uncertainty Self Full filling Prophecy Procrastination F A I L U R E
  • 8. Have you Ever been Promised Do Nothing Earn Huge Tons of Traffic 100% Conversions Five/ Six figures Monthly Income in 30 days Earn on Auto Pilot You Just join and we will all the Work for You Money will fall from the Sky blah blah BULL ^&*(
  • 9. Guess What I am going to share the Exact Secret which has Transformed my Online Career I am going to give it All away So, Are YOU Ready?
  • 10. Chasing people or attracting them?
  • 11. Being a hunter or being hunted???
  • 12. Lets Break it down Free & Paid Traffic Blog SEO Social Media (FB/ Twitter/ LinkedIn/Slide share) Video Marketing Article Writing $$$ Solo Ads Banner Ads Ad Swipes Pod Cast/ Press release
  • 13. Blue Print to Become an INSTANT Facebook Expert today (Part 1)
  • 14. Blue Print to Become an INSTANT Facebook Expert today (Part 1) Double or Triple YOUR income in any Home Based Business/ Online Business that you promote by using these techniques How you are loosing 1.5 BILLION people with out this What NOT to do in Facebook 2 main ways to build your business using Facebook
  • 15. Blue Print to Become an INSTANT Facebook Expert today (Part 1) Switching between different persona Get Fans > Make Money Different types of FB ads to sky rocket your business Bonus: Putting External links
  • 16. History and facts about Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, together with his college roommates at the Harvard University (Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes) created Facebook back in February 2004 Facebook is currently valued Billion $104 Facebook was called facemash (for legal problems changed to Facebook) Started in Harvard > High Schools Started trading in Nasdaq in 2012
  • 17. History and facts about Facebook 5 new profiles are created every second and 5,10,000 comments are posted every minute. 51% of fans are more likely to purchase from brands they like on Facebook, so you better make sure many people like your business on Facebook. Here in 2013, a Facebook fan (like) is worth an average of $175, varying from brand to brand .
  • 18. History and facts about Facebook 68% of marketers say Facebook ads are effective in fan and customer acquisition. Do you think they are making some money out of it? Of course they are. Meaning if YOU are not marketing on facebook properly YOU are leaving money on the table.
  • 19. What NOT to do in Facebook
  • 20. What NOT to do in Facebook Do not annoy your friends by spamming your links all over facebook One can get blocked in FB by sending many message Sending repeated friend request to someone is harassment URL is blocked Account can get blocked (Friend requests also) temporarily and then permanently
  • 21. What NOT to do in Facebook Do not post in groups constantly Dont buy fans (fiverr.com) Get them
  • 22. 2 main ways to build your business using Facebook 1. Facebook fan page 2. Facebook paid ads
  • 23. Why Fan Page A personal Facebook account is something completely different from a Facebook page Branding/ Instant authority Unlimited reach to interact with (limited to 5000 in Account) Interaction with people sharing same passion who decides to like your page https://www.facebook.com/earnwithpallab https://www.facebook.com/pages/create
  • 24. Why Fan Page Profile Picture: 160*160 Cover Image: 851*315
  • 25. Why Fan Page Text in Cover Image should not be more than 20% Changing between persona
  • 26. Why Fan Page About Section Profile Motivational Quotes Value addition/ Content Blog post/ Videos Webinars Personal/ Family Stuffs
  • 27. Different types of FB ads to sky rocket your business Increase your fan base Promote your events Selling a product or services with external page Lead generation
  • 28. Engagement Ads Page Post Ads Sponsored Stories Ads marketplace Ads
  • 29. Bonus: Putting External links
  • 30. Bonus: Putting External links Driving traffic from external sites/sources https://developers.facebook.com
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