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Boer Goat Farms India

Date post:22-Jun-2015
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We started out with just a handful of does that were purchased locally from established breeders We spent the last two years growing our herd from our original does. As we grew our herd, we culled anything that did not produce the quality we were looking for and lacked parasite resistance.Further more Details you can visit this http://www.growersindia.com
  • 1. Boer Goat Farms IndiaDelivered to Everyone ThroughFor Extra Advice, Take a look atout OurWonderful Website.www.growersindia.com

2. Boer Goat Farms Indiawww.growersindia.com 3. Boer Goat Farms Indiawww.growersindia.com 4. Boer Goat Farms IndiaVisit UsFurther More DetailsGrowersindia.comwww.growersindia.com

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