Boer Goats

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Boer Goats. By: Levi Messer. What are Boer Goats?. From South Africa Developed by the Dutch Settlers The premier meat goat of the world “Boer” = Dutch word for “farmer” Came to U.S. in 1993 For more info: http :// - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Boer Goats

Boer GoatsBy: Levi Messer

What are Boer Goats?From South AfricaDeveloped by the Dutch Settlers The premier meat goat of the worldBoer = Dutch word for farmerCame to U.S. in 1993

For more info:

High Quality Boers Used from

Commercial Boers

Boer Goats are Taking Over

Why are Boer Goats so Popular in the U.S.?

Rising Ethic groupsHealth awarenessEase in 4-H and other ExhibitionEconomical and EfficientSupplement existing animal operations

Ohio State University Imports of Goat Meat From 2002 to 2007

Goats in the Show RingFrom County FairsTo National Shows

Personal Success Story

ABGA National Show 2008

Red2 Redgate Yellow RoseNational Grand Champion Percentage DoeJABGA National Show 2009

Fern Hollow Farm Indian OutlawNational Grand Champion Fullblood Buck2010 Accomplishments


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