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Bond Uni - why companies fail at social media

Date post:27-Jan-2015
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2. Content and Relationship 3. Interruption Thinking 4. Copy and paste logic 5. Segmented marketing 6. Companies spoke and people listened 7. Brand-Aid 8. Ahh the old branding awareness trick 9. People lacked reach and frequency 10. Its always been done this way 11. Then someonechanged it 12. The bandwagon 13. Micro-blogging 14. Have bandwagon,will travel 15. Turning the blind eye 16. Safety in numbers 17. The penny drops 18. The pow wow 19. The BBQ 20. Youre trying too hard 21. GOLD! 22. Time and place 23. The truth comes out 24. Killing the messenger 25. The lonely drive home 26. The End Sadly for them, its not. 27. A crappy relationship 28. Real life versus commercial life 29. Friends for a reason, season or a lifetime 30. Meaningful relationships 31. Synergising backward overflow 32. Listen, think, speak 33. Keep in touch

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