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Books in Preparation Source: The American Art Review, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Jan., 1880), pp. 126-127 Published by: Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/20559597 . Accessed: 20/05/2014 00:33 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Use, available at . http://www.jstor.org/page/info/about/policies/terms.jsp . JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. For more information about JSTOR, please contact [email protected]. . http://www.jstor.org This content downloaded from on Tue, 20 May 2014 00:33:50 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions
Page 1: Books in Preparation

Books in PreparationSource: The American Art Review, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Jan., 1880), pp. 126-127Published by:Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/20559597 .

Accessed: 20/05/2014 00:33

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Page 2: Books in Preparation


The wood-cuts are for the most part in good condition, tlhough of course there is evidence of unequal service.

The printing was done in Germany, the titles having been translated into Eng lish by Mr. Koehler, with the addition of occasional dates; but it has been found necessary to publish with each part a slip of errata covering most of the editorial and typographical oversights. The natural defects of such a collection are a certain unavoidable inequality of execution, style, and condition in the cuts, and, what is of far more practical importance, a want of uniformity in the scale of the geometrical elevations and plans in the architectural department. Indeed, many of the plans which are printed in parallel are quite without scale, and the comparison of size is often misleading. This omission it might not have been convenient or prac ticable to correct, but certainly the title to each print should have included a recognition of the authority from

which it is quoted. We notice numerous prints out of Viollet-le-Duc, Street, Fergusson, and others, whose names are not acknowledged even in the general title. We ob serve also a lack of system in the titles to the prints of sculp ture, some indicating the museum where the object may be found, some giving the place where it was discovered, and some reciting the school to which it belongs, or giving the dates and the names of the sculptors, while others are quite silent on these points. A small octavo volume is promised presently, giving a catalogue raisonne of all the prints, with illustrative notes; probably some of the de fects which we have noticed will be corrected in this volume. The ideal condition of such a collection evi dently is, either to furnish these notes under the prints to which they refer, or to print them on interleaves where, without effort, they might be referred to in their proper connection and at the moment of passing interest; mnore over, a full index should have been printed with each part. One finds it difficult to turn to any particular example for reference without much wasteful research. The promised octavo can never be shelved with these long atlases, and is very apt to become separated from them in the library.

Another popular collection of prints from various sources has been published by Messrs. Estes and Lauriat, under the title, The World's Worshzip in Stone. This collection is confined, as its title indicates, to religious buildings, and in its scope it ranges from Egypt to Greece and Rome, thence to Medimval Italy, Germany, England, France, and Spain, to the Renaissance of Italy, Germany, and Russia, the Mohammedan architecture of the Eastern

Mediterranean and of India, and to the Buddhist tombs, temples, and pagodas of the far East, closing with a few prints from Central America. These are accompanied by a descriptive text by Mr. M. M. Ripley, which at tempts to fit to this miscellaneous collection of wood cuts a consecutive narrative of the development of relig ious architecture, with copious quotations from Freeman and Fergusson, and from two or three other less scien tific authorities, but without proper reference to chapter and page. It is quite a successful piece of popular book

making, and the prints are used as illustrations with suffi cient adroitness. They are for the most part in good

order, though printed too dark. A classification into chapters, with an index, would have rendered the whole affair more perspicuous and useful, and a statement of the

various authorities to which the publishers are indebted for their cuts -although perhaps from their point of view

such an acknowledgment is unnecessary, on account of their purchase of the electrotypes -would have been ac cepted as a gracious act of recognition. We are surb, even for an American public, -which according to the customs of book-making in this country appears to be ex acting of originality, -that such an act would not have in validated the claim of this rational picture-book to perform its function as a decoration for the drawing-room table.

Mr. Ripley's narrative is in the main sufficiently correct; but the statement, not uncommon in sketches of architec tural history, that Gothic architecture at a certain period "sucddenly came to be regarded as rude and barbarous and unworthy of civilized nations, and all the world set itself to copy classic forms," is misleading on a fundamental point. Except in England in the nineteenth century, there has never been any sudden change of styles. A revolution of this sort is contrary to the spirit of art, and is not proven by any facts of history. Periods of transition more or less protracted, and singularly characteristic of national genius, have always intervened.




A. JEANCON, M. D., is preparing, and Messrs.

Wia E A. E. Wilde & Co. of Cincinnati are to publish, an Atlas of Human Anatomy, containing i8o

large plates, size elephant folio, with over i,ooo

illustrations selected from the designs of the best anato mists. The work promises to be of value to artists, as,

according to the prospectus, considerable space is to be devoted " to the indication of the actions of single and

groups of muscles in their individual and collective mechan ical movements of the different parts of the skeleton."

The work is to be issued in forty-five monthly parts, each to contain four plates and explanatory text; price seventy five cents each part.


MESSRS. MACMILLAN & Co. announce as ready for publication The Year's Art, edited by Mr. Marcus B. Huish. It is to be a record of exhibitions, sales, etc., and is also to contain a list of the art publications of the year, and much valuable information concerning art education, public collections, etc.

A new monthly art journal, published by Mr. William

Reeves, 185 Fleet Street, London, is to appear Jan. Isth, I 880.

Twenty-five views of ancient buildings, illustrative of the parish of Halifax, by John Leyland, are to be published by subscription by Messrs. R. Leyland and Son, Corn Market, Halifax.

MR. W. P. SPALDING, of Cambridge, will publish shortly a volume of sketches by Mr. W. B. Redfarn, in

which the ancient wood and iron work of Cambridge will

be depicted, with letter-press revised by Mr. John Willis

Clark and the Rev. J. Stewart. (Athenacum.) MESSRS. SAMPSON Low & Co. propose to issue a

series of IZlustrated Text-Books of Art Education. Ac cording to the Academny the series is to be edited by Mr.

Edward J. Poynter, R. A., while the different branches of

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Page 3: Books in Preparation


art will be treated in separate volumes by competent authorities.

M. CH. MARIONNEAU will publish at Bordeaux next spring a work on which he has long been engaged, entitled Victor Louis, Architecte du The'atre de Bordeazux: sa Vie, ses Travauxetsa Correspondance (73i-i8oo). (Academy.)

The General Direction of Museums and Excavations in Italy have for some time past been occupied in prepar ing a history of Italian Museums under the editorship of

Commendatore Fiorelli. (Academzy.) Considering the destructive tendencies of our time, it is

to be hoped that the example of the French government, which has commenced the publication of an inventory of the art treasures of France, may be followed elsewhere.

A small beginning was made in Prussia some years ago, which resulted in the publication, in the year I870, of an inventory of the monuments of art in the government dis .trict of Cassel, compiled by Messrs. W. Lotz and v. Dehn

Rotfelser. A similar inventory is now making for the province of Brandenburg, under the direction of Dr. R. Bergau, and a splendidly illustrated work on the monu ments of art and the history of the district of Hamm, edited by Dr. Nordhoff, is shortly to appear under the auspices of the Westphalian Provincial Society for Litera ture and Art.

According to a report in the last number of the Archd ologische Zeitung, the German Archaeological Institute has now in hand the following publications: a work on Pompeian mural decorations, by Dr. Mau, illustrated by chromo-lithographs; an atlas of Attika, of which the part relating to Athens (I2 plates) was completed in I878,

while four other maps, the Peiraieus, Pyrgos, Kephisia, and Tatoi (Dekeleia) are in progress; a second volume of Etruscan urns; a collection of Roman sarcophagi; a work on terra-cottas, under the direction of Dr. Kekule, of which the first volume, on the terra-cottas of Pompeii, has probably been published by this time; a continuation of Gerhard's work on Etruscan mirrors; a catalogue of the collections of antiques in Upper Italy; and a catalogue of antique sculptures in Rome, exclusive of those in the larger collections. The Institute has also begun the pub lication, in chromo-lithography, of Scenes from Sacred

History, from posthumous designs by Alexander Iwanoff.



Comnliled from the Publislers' Weekly.

BENJAMIN, S. G. W. Art in America: a critical and historical sketch. New York: Harper. j88o (1879). 214 pp. Illustr. Square 8vo, cloth. $4.

CUTLER, T. W. Grammar of Japanese ornament and design. Lon don: B. T. Batsford. New York: W. Lindemann, 32 Ave. A. I879. Parts i, 2. Limp 4t0. Each $4. (To be completed in 4

parts, of 12 plates each.) DORA Bible Gallery; containiing 0oo Ill. and a page of expl. letter-press

facing each. Ill. by Guistave Dore. New York: Fine Art Pub. Co. 1879. 4t0, cloth, $6; mor. $io.

Illustrations of the History of Art. A series of illustrations arranged chronologically, and forming an atlas to be used in connection with any work on the history of art. Authorized Amer. ed., published under the supervision of S. R. Koehler. Boston: L. Prang & Co. 1879. Obl. folio, paper. Series I. Art among the nations of antiq uity. 39 plates. $1.50. Series II. Archit. and sculpt. of the early Christian, Romanesque, and Gotlhic periods. Archit. and ornam. of the Mohammedan nations. 57 plates. $2.25. (To be completed in 5 parts.)

JONQUET, A. Original sketches for art furniture in Jacobean, Queen Anne, Adams, and other styles. London: B. T. Batsford. New York: W. Lindemann, 32 Ave. A. 1879. 6o plates. 4t0, cloth. $lo.

MACLEAN, J. P. The mound-builders: account of a remarkable peo ple that once inhabited the valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi ; with an investigation into the arch2ology of Butler Co., 0. Cincinnati: Rob. Clarke & Co. 1879. 233 pp. Map and ill. 12mo, cloth. $1.50.

RIPLEY, M. M. The world's worship in stone: temple, cathedral, and mosque. Boston: Estes & Laturiat. iSSo (1879). 176 pp. 111. Folio. $6.

SHORT, J. T. The North Americans of antiquity; their origin, migra tions, and type of civilization considered. New York: Harper. i88o (1879). 5 + 544 PP. 11. Svo, clothl. $3.


ADELINE, J. Les quais de Rouen autrefois et aujourd'hui; cinquante eaux-fortes, avec texte et l6gendes. Rouen: Aug6. Parts 5-20. 78 pp.; 44 plates and vignettes. Folio. (Only 125 copies printed.)

ALKAN A?N:. Les graveurs de portraits en France. Catalogue rai sonn6 de la collection de portraits de l'6cole francaise appartenant i

Ambroise Firmin-Didot. Essai de classification sp6ciale avec des notes bibliographiquies et historiques. Paris. 39 pp. ; portr. 8vo.

BAYLISS, WYKE. The higher life in art. With a chapter on hobgob lins by the great masters. London: D. Bogue. 210 Pp. Post 8vo. 6s.

-English Pottery and Porcelain: being a concise account of the develop ment of the potter's art in England. London: Bazaar Office. Post 8vo. 3s. 6d.

BROCARD, H. Les beaux-arts et l'enseignement du dessin a Langres. Langres: Dangien. 23 pp. 8vo.

Cahiers-esquisses de dessin au crayon noir. Ire serie. ler cahier. Esquisses pr6paratoires. Paris: Boulanger. I6 pp. 4to.

CALLIER, G. Malval, ses monuments, ses seigneurs. Tours. iii + 48 pp. 3 plates. 8vo.

CASTELLAZZI, GI. Schizzi architettonici dal vero. Album di 0OO tavole in fac-simile. Torino. i879. 4to. 30 marks.

CHAMPFLEURY. Histoire de la caricature antique. 3e ed., tres aug ment6e. Paris: Dentu. 351 pp. Ill. ISMo. 5 fr.

CLAMENT, C. Esquisses d'aujourd'hui. Sarah Bernhardt, ses debuts, sa vie. Paris: Derveaux. 72 pp. Portr. by Ingomard. lSmo. 75 cent.

DOMSCHKE, C. Handbuch der plastischen Anatomie des Menschen. Fur Kunstakademien, KUnstlerinnen und Dilettanten. Dresden Blasewitz: Lowenstein. 1879. 3 pp. 8 chromlith. Folio. 15 marks.

DUFOUR, G. Voyage autour du monde artistique. L'art contemporain; Champs-de-Mars; Palais de l'industrie; Trocadero. Paris: Dentu. go pp. 8vo.

DUPRIEZ, R. Note sur un cimetiere gallo-romain decouvert au Sablon, pres de Metz, en i877. Nancy. 8 pp. Ill. 8vo.

GOELER v. RAVENSBURG, F. Die Venus von Milo. Eine kuinst geschichtliche Monographie. Heidelberg: C. Winter. 1879. viii + 200 pp. ; 4 heliot. plates. 8vo. 8 marks.

GOLDIE, A. R. Idealism in art. London: Pickering. Post Svo. 2S. 6d.

GRUEBER, BH. Die Kunst des Mittelalters in Bohmen nach den bestehenden Denkmalen geschildert. IV. Thl. Die Spatgothik, 1310-ca. I6oo. Wien: Gerold's Solhn. 1S79. Part 5; pp. 119 150. 111. 2 marks. (Publ. at the expense of the Austrian govern

ment.) GRUNER, L. Die decorative Kunst. Beitrage zur Ornamentik fiir

Architektur und Kunstgewerbe aus den Schatzen der kgl. Samm lung fur Handzeichnungen und Kupferstiche. Dresden: Gilbers. 2879. Part 2. IO heliot. plates. Folio.

GUADET, F. Etude sur la construction et la disposition du Colis6e (amphitheatre Flavien); par F. G., professeur a l'ecole nationale des beaux-arts. Paris: A. Levy. 15 pp. 12 plates. Fol.

GU1LLAUME, E. Bronzes trouves a Reims en 1878. Paris. so pp. 8vo. (Reprint from the Memoires de la Societe nationale des Anti quaires de France.)

HIRTH, G. Das deutsche Zimmer der Renaissance. Anregungen zu hauslicher Kunstpflege. Leipzig: Hirth. i879. Part 1. 32 pp. Ill. Folio. 2.40 marks. (To be completed in five parts.)

Japon, le, artistique et litteraire. Paris: Lemerre. 71 PP.; I plate. Small 12mo.

JOURNOUD, E. lloge de M. Louis Rigoet, architecte, lu a la soci6te academique d'architecture de Lyon, le 6 mai 1879. Lyon. 14 PP. and portr. 8vo.

LAURItRE, J. de. L'abside de Saint-Jean-de-Latran. Tours. 15 pp.; I plate. Svo.

MARTINI. Les grands edifices de Pise: Dome baptistere, campo-santo, tour penchee. 21 pp. et 40 pl. tirees sur les cuivres originaux dui

Theatrum Basilic2e Pisane, de Martini. Texte extrait de Martini et notes par G. Lejeal. Paris: Levy. Fol.

MASSARANI, T. L'arte a Parigi. Ronma. I879. 514 PP. 8VO. 7.20 marks.

MICHEL, E. Monuments religieux, civils et militairs du Gatinais (dep. du Loire et de Seine-et-Marne) depuis le X I. jnisqu'au XVII. siecle. Paris: Chamiipion. Parts 8 and 9, completing part 2 of the work.

Pp. 225-368 and 14 plates. 4to. Museum, the, of Versailles. Catalogue of the paintings, statues, and

artistic decorations of the palace, with explanatory notes and the names of the artists employed. Paris: the author, 7 rue Guenegaud. I90 pp.; maps and plans. 3.50 fr.

PARKER, J. H. A concise glossary of terms used in Grecian, Romann , italian, and Gothic architecture. 5thl ed. revised. London: Parker.

336 pp. 12m0. 75. 6d.

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