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Børge Hetland Director Sales Digital Ship Hamburg, 19 th March 2015 e-navigation from concept to...

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Brge HetlandDirector SalesDigital Ship Hamburg, 19th March 2015 e-navigation from concept to realityThe increased paper work is taking more and more of the bridge officers time resulting in less time for navigatingWith e-navigation solutions the navigator can spend more time being a navigator than an administrator!

The Navigator1970: 2000 gtw 15 crew members, 3 navigators1990: 2000 gtw 5 crew members, 2 navigators and a lot more paper work2010: 2000 gtw One man bridge???2Navigation issues todayECDIS Mandate30000 vessels must have ECDIS & ENC within 2018, 4-5000 tankers within the next yeare-navigationConcept defined by IMO, but what is e-navigation in real life?

ECDIS mandate


...and Training

ECDIS mandate & e-navigation

IALA; The harmonized collection, integration, exchange, presentation and analysis of marine information onboard and ashore by electronic means to enhance berth to berth navigation and related services for safety and security at sea and protection of the marine environment

Seamless updatingData distributor ECDIS / Bridge System

I must say, that this bridge looks very nice, it looks like someone finally have understood what Human Centred Design is all about, the biggest contribution to this is the size of the monitor. If you og onboard a vessel today, the captain has to raise up from this chair and take et step or two closer to the screen to be able to see what is going on the screen or to change settings etc. With this bridge it seems like the components are made to fit the user and not the other way around.

Anyway, why are JRC/Alphatron and NAVTOR a perfect fit? Well, you have controll of the bridge system and you have communications, NAVTOR have the e-navigation data and most sophisticated distriution technologi in the world today, and we have just started. !6PAYSCertified by Det Norske Veritas

Breaking news!

Global ENC CoverageOnline Updating (http / email)Includes ADP and e-NP updatesWorks on all ECDIS systems

Subscriptions to Admiralty Digital Publications & e-Nautical Publications must be licensed and updated automaticallyAdmiralty Digital Products; ADP & e-NP

ADP are very popular products and are onboard tousands of ships today, Admiralty earlier this year launched e-NP, where they have digitized app 177 publications, like mariners handbook, and pilot books, they will also do the nautical almanac. With NAVTOR all this digital publications are implemented and included on NavStick or Navbox software, meaning you dont need an seperate updating service, which in many cases are DVD/CDs.8NAVTOR NavTracker



Seamless Updating

9AIS data in NavTracker


Tomorrow: NavStation


Thank you, and all the best for the e-navigation voyage!

NAVTORBrge Hetland

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