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Boston education video meetup trends in education video

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  • 1.Boston Education Video Group Meetup Education Video - 2011Kaltura Presentation

2. Me :)Developer at night.Video Guy at heart.Community Guy all the time.http://zoharbabin.comhttp://blog.kaltura.orgKalturas Director ofCommunity & DeveloperRelations.zohar.babin@kaltura.comTwitter - @zohar 3. Interesting Applications OfVideo in EducationKahn Academy - Learning through short video lecturescombined with interactive tests and social interaction(achievements, sharing, etc.) http://www.khanacademy.org/MIT TechTV - Media Hub, Social, Sharing, Libraryhttp://techtv.mit.edu/University of Pennsylvania - Enable students to access fullrecorded lecturesHarvard Continued Ed, PLI Continuing Legal EducationSeminars Paid remote learningColumbia Business School - Public communications,Recruitment, Brandinghttp://www4.gsb.columbia.edu/mba/hear 4. Common Use CasesUsing Video for Teaching and Learning Increase studentengagement and support personalized learningLibraries & Campus Media - Enable discovery and use ofmedia, Encourage video creationDistance Education - Reduce costs of class delivery, Enableinteractive assignments and build communityMarketing - Engage, communicate and enable social interaction 5. Key Common ChallengesDigital media literacy is hard o Media creation is time consuming and complex how do you teach and encourage users (faculty, students..) to create video?Economic pressures and new models of education o Increase in remote learning and in need for recorded sessions o Higher availability of content and better accessibility requirements o New devices where content is consumedKeeping pace o Stay ahead, be innovative, be attractive to studentsBe Social o Increase engagement in internal social circles such as campus culture o Increase exposure in external social networks such YouTube, FacebookCross-Campus Content Sharing o Access content outside of your campus for research and citation o Maintain proper attribution while using and repurposing contenthttp://wp.nmc.org/horizon2011/sections/challenges/ 6. Today Common Deployments Include Central Digital Media Repositoryo Faculty, Students, Admins - All contribute media to a main repositoryo Easily managed and accessed contento Access Control and Entitlements based on integrated systems Unified Delivery Watch Everywhere on all deviceso On Websites, Learning Systems (Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, etc.), Blogs, ECMand Asset Management Systems (Alfresco, SharePoint, etc.)o Custom YouTubeo iTunesU, etc. Authoring, Interactive Content and Accessibilityo Transcription, CC, Annotations (temporal comments, chaptering, etc.)o Presentation and Video playback synchronization Broadcast and Record/Captureo Ability to broadcast video to wide audienceso Ability to record and capture from multiple deviceso Somewhat cumbersome and expensive to manage Track & Measureo Basic behavioral and quantitative statistics 7. Students expect to use media to learn 70+% - percentage of students whose institutional selection process was partially based on the technological adequacy of the campus 7% - Tablets and smartphones now comprise 7% of total Internet traffic 8. Lets challenge today 9. Bring together innovative technologies to enhance the learningenvironmentSecurely enable collaboration and communication with rich mediaExtend access to content, in campus, across campuses, betweenuniversities.. GloballyAnalyze and build tools for improving engagement and interactionEncourage collaborationCapture experiences, capture the class room interaction, Mix theclass room and remoteImprove content metadata and specifically temporal Chapters,commentary, descriptive, transcripts, clips 10. Thank you :)

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