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Bra donation project

Date post:12-Mar-2016
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See project for details.
  • Brief: To create a promotional campaign that informs and persuades females to donate their old, unwanted bras into Bra banks situated across the nation for a better cause. The insight: Useable bras are collected from the Bra banks which will be sent to Kenya and Zimbabwe where there is a shortage of bras for the female population. Many people are unaware of this scheme so it would benefit from advertising to generate more donations whilst raising awareness for a good cause.The purpose:To get women involved with the scheme.Media placement: Print, in-store shop display, window shop display, TV (and digital)

    The solution:To create a window display, in-store shop display, and freepost bag that informs females about the scheme in lingerie shops. The print and display media would showcase the message via typography stitched on real bras.

    Reasons:Findings from my research show that having a bank to put your bra donations wouldnt be an effective outlet for women to be proactive with the scheme. Instead, a freepost bag would generate more action, as it is easier because there is less effort needed, making more people more likely to donate their bras. Customers simple can take a bag home, put in their old unwant-ed bras and slip them in the mail box at a time convenient for them without having to waiin the queue at the post office.In order to reach the target audience effectively, the bra donation scheme would be communicated at lingerie shops. The campaign would be integrated with popular brand shopslike Victorias Secret and La Senza in order to maximize potential of generating awareness. This would be communicated in the form of a window display and in-store shop display that Informs customers about the scheme. The message will be aesthetically fitting with lingerieshops by utilizing typography stitched onto real bras informing the audience about the scheme. Free post bags will be readily available to pick up inside the shops.Additional media outlets that can generate more awareness is by having the bras that advertise the campaign showcased in Victorias Secret fashion show to attract a global audience coverage. This annual fashion show captures a mass audience, predominantly targetting at females so it would generate worlwide awareness of the scheme and could lead to a campaign that can progress to a global scale.

  • Prototypes

    The prototype bras are visual models to show how the campaign bras will look like. They will be forwarded to a production company to embroider the typography professionally. I have rendered the typography through transfer printing to show how the typography would appear on the bras as I do not have to technical skills to sew the typography professionally. The tactile and aesthetic quality of the emrboidered typography attracts attention bringing focus to the scheme by inviting customers to read the type on the bras.

  • Window display design

  • In store display design

    Free post bags will be placed and arranged on the in store display table for cutsomers to feel free to pick up without having to purchase an item for the store. The mannequins will be wearing the campaign bras to deliver the campaigns message. The table skirt has also been visually designed to fit with the visual aesthetics of the bras in order to create a strong message. The free post bag design is displayed as a poster behing the mannequins with the additional window display poster to make sure that customers recognise the scheme by the in store display.

  • Free post bag design

    Front Back

  • Victoria Secret Fashion Show Showcase

    The campaign would benefit from being advertised via television to attract a mass audience. It would be effective to be campaigned through Victorias Secret Fashion Show as it captures a global audience and fittingly exhibits the designs of lingerie with a fun and lively atmos-phere. Here is a visualisation of the camapaign bra places in the Victoria Secret Show to demonstrate how the bras will be displayed in context.

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