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  1. 1. BRADENCURRIE/ 30.5.1986 17MTLINTONAVE,WANAKA9305,NZ +64(0)275552977 / [email protected] Some might call Braden an overachiever as normally one goal is not quite enough. But Braden likes the diversity within the sport of triathlon and also likes the cross training between on and off road disciplines. So while he will put his major focus into off-road triathlon, he will also test his ability at on-road by competing in long distance triathlons. The sport of half ironman is growing rapidly at present and the Challenge Family of events has announced that in 2015 it will offer 10 Challenge events within the USA. Braden will compete in two of the Challenge events, with the goal of winning. This will grant him the opportunity to compete in the most prestigious long distance triathlon event in the world Challenge Bahrain. This event will finish the year for Braden and if his ability, combined with his relentless mental fortitude are anything to go by, then it is likely that Braden will tick off yet another inconceivable result. Armed with his cheeky grin, his humble nature and his fun loving attitude; Bradens success will no doubt be self-determined but it will be a thrilling journey to watch none the less! Described by NZ triathlon magazine as New Zealands best all round athlete, Braden Currie believes there is still more to achieve than the vast entity of titles that he currently holds. In December 2014 he won the Australasian Multisport champs, and then 4 weeks later he won the NZ long distance triathlon champs. In February he won his 3rd longest day Coast to Coast and backed that up with a 5th place at his first ever Ironman. In April he took on the NZ Xterra championships and won that title in a win that he describes as his most satisfying win in the last two years. One week after that he smashed the field at the Asia Pacific Xterra championships in Australia. He has been described as super human, or a freak but to those closest to him, he is simply described as relaxed, humble and down to earth. Over the last two years Braden has won 47% of all his individual events and had an incredible 97% podium success rate. He has not only achieved individual notoriety but has also won 90% of the team events he has competed in with Team NZ Adventure. In 2014 he generated over $1 million in media value and continues to push hard to break down any limits that still exist within multisport, adventure racing and on and off-road triathlon. Braden will not stop until he has conquered it all! After 4 years of consistent professional racing and a vast entity of success competing against the worlds best, he now has the experience and courage to take him to the next level. This journey will involve a strategic and disciplined approach that will see him pursue the crown of Xterra World champion. Only one New Zealand male athlete Hamish Carter has ever achieved this title, but Braden has proved it is within his reach. In 2014 he was 2nd to the World Champion Ruben Ruzafa in the European Xterra circuit. He now knows what 2nd feels like and knows that 1st feels so much better which has only fuelled his motivation to win.
  2. 2. LAST2YEARSATAGLANCE 30RACES PODIUM81% 52% WININDIVIDUAL 89% WINTEAMRACE ON THE Team NZ Adventure: Braden Currie, Jess Simson, Glen Currie and Dougal Allan *
  3. 3. 1ST Asia Pacific Xterra Australia Apr 1ST NZ Xterra NZ Apr 1ST Speights Cost to Coast World Multisport Champs NZ Feb 4TH Oceania X Tri Champs Australia Feb 5TH Challenge Wanaka NZ Feb 2ND Port of Tauranga Half Ironman NZ Jan 1ST NZ Long Distance Triathlon NZ Jan 1ST Wuhan Adventure Challenge China Nov 1ST Augusta Adventure Festival Australia Nov 1ST Red Bull Defiance NZ Oct 1ST Suqian Luoma Lake Eco Quad China Sep 1ST Wulong Mountain Quest China Aug 2ND European Xterra Europe Aug 3RD ITU World Cross Tri Champs Europe Aug 2ND Czech Xterra Europe Aug 1ST Sweden Xterra Europe Jul 2ND France Xterra Europe Jul 2ND Switzerland Xterra Europe Jun 2ND Pengzhou Adventure Challenge China May 1ST Wengzhou outdoor Challenge China Apr 3RD Asia Pacific Xterra Australia Apr 1ST Motutapu Xterra NZ Mar 1ST Speights Cost to Coast NZ Feb 2ND Port of Tauranga Half Ironman NZ Jan 2014/2015RACERESULTS 20142015 3XCHAMP
  5. 5. 2015SCHEDULE APR NZ Xterra NZ 11 Apr Asia Pacific Xterra Australia 18 Apr MAY Wings for Life Chile 3rd May USA Southwest Xterra champs USA 17 May JUN USA Northwest Xterra champs USA 1415 Jun Challenge Williamsburg USA 14 Jun JUL Vineman 70.3 USA 12 Jul USA Northeast Xterra Champs USA 1920 Jul SEP USA Xterra Championships USA 19 Sep OCT Superfrog 70.3 USA 27 Sep World Xterra Championships USA 31 Oct NOV WA Adventure Fest Australia 8 Nov Challenge Shepparton Australia 15 Nov Red Bull Defiance NZ 2728 Nov DEC Challenge Bahrain Asia 12 Dec
  6. 6. SOCIALMEDIA Facebook facebook.com/multisportbradencurrie 1274 followers Twitter twitter.com/bradencurrie 278 Followers NZCOASTTOCOASTPUBLICATIONSFEBRUARY2014 Prime time 6pm Channel 3 news, 9th February Prime time Channel One news: 9th February Prime time Channel One news 7th February Total combined media value of $256,400 over the 1 week period of Coast to Coast lead up and post race news. TRIRADAR.COMUSATRIATHLONMAGAZINE www.triradar.com/tag/braden-currie/ NATIONALSPORTZHUBARTICLES sportzhub.com/news/braden-currie-dominates- xterra-sweden/ trihb.kiwi/real-track-footage-brings-stage-one-of- red-bull-defiance-to-life/ sportzhub.com/news/braden-currie-multisport- media-statement/ sportzhub.com/news/braden-currie-second-xterra- europe-debut/ REDBULLBULLETIN Article: The fittest man in NZ Circulation: 2 million monthly print copies. Total media value: $312,000 OTAGODAILYTIMENEWSPAPERARTICLES www.odt.co.nz/sport/multisport/308673/multisport- currie-beaten-world-champion www.odt.co.nz/sport/triathlon/313230/triathlon- currie-rapt-placing www.odt.co.nz/sport/multisport/307442/multisport- training-altitude-has-currie-high home.nzcity.co.nz/news/newslinks. aspx?sid=1&search=%2BWanaka&page=9 multisport48.rssing.com/browser. php?indx=27164106&item=66 article.wn.com/view/2014/06/29/Braden_Currie_ second_in_Xterra_event/ multisport48.rssing.com/browser. php?indx=27164106&item=68 multisport48.rssing.com/browser. php?indx=27164106&item=69 OTHERNEWSPAPERSWITHBRADENCURRIEARTICLES issuu.com/thewanakasun/docs/wanaka_sun_621/16 guardianonline.co.nz/tag/braden-currie/ tearaway.co.nz/braden-currie-wanaka-to-the-world/ zimbio.com/Braden+Currie triathlonvalleedeslacs.com/wordpress/en/athletes/ braden-currie/ multisport48.rssing.com/browser. php?indx=27164106&item=63 NEWZEALANDTRIATHLONAND MULTISPORTMAGAZINE,OCT2014 Front Page cover: Braden Currie NZs best all round athlete? Media Value: $54,000 Circulation: 89,000 MEDIACOVERAGE2014 TOTALMEASURABLEMEDIAVALUE2014:$961,194.00
  7. 7. REDBULLDEFIANCE Full Media Report with Braden Currie images/ videos in all published media releases OVERVIEW Hugely successful for a first time event with 138 items placed in the media. Editorial features in the top rating mainstream TV (TV3, Crowd Goes Wild, SKYSport), print (NZ Herald, Sunday News), radio (RadioSport, RadioLive) and web (Stuff) media outlets, as well as creating awareness across the country profiling teams in 29 regional newspaper items. International news, with our News Cut appearing on CNTV in China! Coverage included blog entries from influential athletes such as Dougal Allan, Scott Cole, Mike Dawson and Thomas Reynolds. Sky Sport 15x 24minute Red Bull Defiance clip screening at prime times across November and December 2014. Total contacts: 3,444,171 (plus web) VS BP 3,000,000. Total media value: $331,194. TV Items: 18 Media reach: 306,500 (plus Chinese TV item and 13 more SKYSport shows) Media value: $83,583 Highlights: TV3 News, the Crowd Goes Wild, 15x SKYSport 24min highlight shows, CNTV News China (web link only) Please note: There are still 13 episodes on SKY TV to be counted. PRINT Items: 35 (5 national, 30 regional) Media reach: 3,131,771 Media value: $227,604 Highlights: Weekend Herald - Action Page, Sunday News, New Zealand Triathlon and Multisport Magazine. Note: We are expecting a feature in the NZ Adventure Magazine next month. ONLINE Items: 82 Media reach: Not measureable. Media value: Not measureable. Highlights: 3news.co.nz/sport/defiance-race-attracts-world- class-field-2014102618/ endurancesport.co.nz/story.cfm?id=107839 bikenz.org.nz/Story?Action=View&Story_id=498 stuff.co.nz/southland-times/sport/10664774/ Wanaka-pair-take-out-Defiance-adventure-race sportzhub.com/news/red-bull-defiance-new-breed- adventure-race-born/ 360queenstown-wanaka.com/info/inaugural-red- bull-defiance-success/ stoppress.co.nz/blog/2014/05/red-bull-and-ryan- heron-shoot-sherwood-sky nzmtbr.co.nz/news.php?id=315 ridersmatch.com/videos/kayak/red-bull-defiance- 2014-new-zealand-event-clip-day-1 Note: web reach and values cannot be measured. RADIO Items: 4 Media reach: 5,900 Media value: $20,007 Highlights: Radio Sport, RadioLIVE, Radio Wanaka. TOTAL Items: 138 Media reach: 3,444,171 (plus web & 13x SKY TV episodes) VS BP 3,000,000. Media value: $331,194 MEDIACOVERAGE2014
  8. 8. CONTENTPOOLSTILLIMAGES EVENT redbullcontentpool.com/content/international/search?s=defiance&submit=true&ffs%5BmediaType%5D=Photo BRADEN CURRIE redbullcontentpool.com/content/international/search?s=braden+currie&ffs%5BmediaType%5D=Photo CONTENTPOOLMOVINGIMAGES redbullcontentpool.com/content/international/search?s=defiance&submit=true&ffs%5BmediaType%5D=Video IMAGEANDVIDEOGALLERIES
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