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The Ghirardelli Brand Trademark is a promise to our customers to deliver a superior premium chocolate

experience, guaranteed by over 150 years of

heritage and quality. The Ghirardelli logo and

package architecture is our signature that conveys these

brand attributes to our consumer. Following these important guidelines

strengthens our brand identity. It is a tool to help all of us ensure that Ghirardelli

delivers a consistent and impactful message to chocolate consumers.


Logo Overview 1-2

Standard Logo Formats 3-5

Architecture & Kit of Parts 6-7

Improper Brand Usage 8

G h i r a r d e l l i B r a n d G u i d e l i n e s 2











Standard Packaging SignatureThe Ghirardelli logo is a registered legal trademark and the symbol must always be used in conjunction with the logo.

The Ghirardelli logo without tagline is used on the front panel of packaging only.

Space RelationshipAll elements of the packaging signature relate in a precise and fixed relationship. The elements and their relationship never change. The Ghirardelli eagle is never used alone. The Ghirardelli wordmark is never used alone or in any configuration other than that illustrated here.

Clear SpaceTo maintain the Ghirardelli packaging signature as a vital expression of our brand, it must be clearly separated from other elements, including type, illustration and photography. The measurement x is the minimum amount of clear space required for the Ghirardelli packaging signature.

Minimum & Maximum SizeTo ensure legibility, the minimum size for reproduction of the Ghirardelli packaging signature is 1.5" wide as shown. Large scale reproductions of the packaging signature for applications such as trade show exhibits, banners and signage require careful attention. Always maintain the integrity of the letter forms and logo elements.

When logo is this small, it is important to delete circle R () within the blue box and place to right side of logo. Circle R is 3pt. Sabon Bold. Standard color is PMS 872 Gold when over a dark color or it can also be PMS 732 Brown when over a light color.

Alternate Small LogoAn alternate signature has been created for instances where it must appear smaller that 1.5" wide. The eagle and seal have been enlarged in relationship to other elements, to ensure print legibility and quality. This signature is mainly used for flow wrap packaging. Written permission must be received from the Ghirardelli chocolate company before using the alternate signature.

Logo Overview ONLY for Logo usage on front of packaging







G h i r a r d e l l i B r a n d G u i d e l i n e s 3

Standard Logo FormatsOverview

Whenever possible, the Ghirardelli corporate signature should print as an offset/litho logo, using four spot (PMS) colors. This format ensures quality output and will uphold the integrity to detail and color.

In instances where an alternate logo must be used, we have developed a variety of acceptable options. These alternative signatures were developed to support the need for diverse printing capabilities, and should be followed exactly. Any modifications MUST be approved in writing by The Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.


The Offset/Litho logo is the preferred method of printing, and should be used whenever possible. The most common restriction for offset/litho is material driven. Always check with your printer for specific printing specs.

I. Four Spot (PMS) Color

Always obtain written permission from Ghirardelli for ANY color substitutions.

1. PMS 468 Buff

2. PMS 288 Blue

3. PMS 872 Gold

4. PMS 732 Brown



Four Spot Color

PMS 468 (Buff) Eagle Head

PMS 732 (Brown) Eagle Detail Banner Outline Logo Outline

Gradient Banner80% 20% PMS 732 (Brown) 80% PMS 732 (Brown)

PMS 288 (Blue) Arch Banner Type Background

PMS 872 (Gold) Eagle Body & Wings Arch Arch Type Banner Outline Outline Type Logo Inline

PMS 288 (Blue) Background

100% PMS 468 (Buff) Type: Ghirardelli Chocolate

G h i r a r d e l l i B r a n d G u i d e l i n e s 4

Standard Logo FormatsB. Offset/Litho

II. Four Color Process (CMYK)

Always check with Ghirardelli for ANY color substitutions.

1. Buff: 0c, 4m, 16k, 6k

2. Blue: 100c, 55m, 0y, 24k

Blue Screen: 75c, 35m, 0y, 15k

3. Gold: 0c, 8m, 36y, 24k

4. Brown: 0c, 47m, 85y, 42k

III. Three Spot (PMS) Color

Only to be used on non-metallic board and substrates.

1. PMS 288 Blue

2. PMS 872 Gold

3. PMS 732 Brown

IV. Two Spot (PMS) Color

Only to be used on non-metallic board and substrates.

1. PMS 288 Blue

2. PMS 732 Brown

V. One Spot (PMS) Color

PMS 288 Blue


PMS 732 Brown

Four Color Process (CMYK)

Three Spot (PMS) Color

Two Spot (PMS) Color

One Spot (PMS) Color

G h i r a r d e l l i B r a n d G u i d e l i n e s 5

Standard Logo FormatsC. Flexo

Flexo printing provides less detail and limited control in color registration than offset/litho printing. It is used most often to print on plastics, corrugate and other non-paper materials. Taking these restrictions into account, we have designed a set of flexo logos to be used only when offset/litho printing is unavailable. The weights and line widths have been increased and the eagle has been redrawn as vector art with minimal detail.

I. Four Spot Color

Always obtain written permission from Ghirardelli for color substitutions.

1. PMS 468 Buff

2. PMS 288 Blue

3. PMS 872 Gold

4. PMS 732 Brown

II. One Spot Color

PMS 288 Blue


PMS 732 Brown

Four Spot (PMS) Color

One Spot (PMS) Color

G h i r a r d e l l i B r a n d G u i d e l i n e s 6

Architecture & Kit of PartsC. CGold band

The gold band is a key element in the Ghirardelli Architecture, and is most powerful when used properly in relation to the corporate signature. This gold carpet reinforces the premium quality of the brand and creates a working space for product names and copy.

I. Placement The gold band should always be placed behind the corporate signature, between the right side of the G and the right side of the L, as shown in the visual at right.

II. Size Relation to Logo The gold band should always be used in correct proportion to the corporate signature.

III. Color Specification It is essential for consistency that the gold band is printed using PMS 872 gold. Whenever possible, graphics should be printed on a foil substrate, and the gold should be a semi-opaque ink. When a metallic/foil substrate is not being used, the gold band should print using metallic PMS 872 ink.

IV. Brown Rules

1. PMS 732 Brown

2. Width is .5pt, in proportion to the gold band at 2.165." The rules should increase in weight, when the gold bar is scaled larger, but should never go below .5pts. See reference, right.

3. Rules are inset from the gold bar, measuring the width of the letter I , (without the outline) in Ghirardelli.




XIII. Brown Rules: 3. Width of the letter I

Gold Band: 100% PMS 872

Brown Rules: .5pt 100% PMS 732

G h i r a r d e l l i B r a n d G u i d e l i n e s 7




Bell Gothic BT Bold (Net Wt. g only)ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefgj iklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890




Sabon Bold ItalicABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefgj iklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890

Sabon BoldABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefgj iklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890

Sabon ItalicABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefgj iklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890

Sabon RomanABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefgj iklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890

PMS 468Buff

PMS 288Blue

PMS 872Gold Metallic

PMS 732Brown

Logo Colors

Year Round Flavor Colors For SPECIAL MIX COLORS, please request a previously printed sample to match to match to from Ghirardellis Creative Services Dept.

NET WT 5.32 oz. (151g)

Architecture & Kit of PartsA.


Color palette

The Ghirardelli corporate color palette was carefully selected to convey the brands sophisticated, upscale appeal. The colors were designed to be printed using transparent inks on a metallic/foil substrate. The only exceptions are the PMS 468 Buff which is an opaque ink, and the PMS 872 gold which is a semi-opaque ink. Whenever possible, Pantone color or special mixed spot inks should be used to accurately reproduce these colors. When it is not possible to use Pantone colors or other spot colors, use four-color process equivalents to match the colors listed below as closely as possible. All color drawdowns must be approved in writing by The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.

I. Corporate Logo

*Always check with Ghirardelli for color substitutions.

1. PMS 468 Buff opaque

2. PMS 288 Blue

3. PMS 872 Gold Metallic

4. PMS 732 Brown

II. Year Round Flavor Palette


2. PMS 342

3. PMS 201

4. PMS 288

5. PMS 688



II. Intense Dark Flavor Palette

1. PMS 144

2. PMS 381

3. PMS 2715

4. PMS 124

5. PMS 359


The approved corporate typefaces for Ghirardelli are Copperplate for headlines, Sabon for romance copy and flavor descriptors, and Gill Sans for required nutritional statements. All text must print PMS 732 or PMS 872 only.

Use only these type faces for all printed material and electronic communications.

PMS 1385SPECIAL MIXMilk Chocolate with

Caramel Filling

PMS 3435Dark Chocolate with White Mint Filling

PMS 20160% Cacao

Dark Chocolate

PMS 288Milk Chocolate

Intense Dark Flavor Colors

PMS 144Citrus Sunset

PMS 381Espresso Escape

PMS 2715Twilight Delight

PMS 124Toffee Interlude

PMS 359Mint Bliss

PMS 688Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling


60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Caramel


Assorted Filled Chocolates

G h i r a r d e l l i B r a n d G u i d e l i n e s 8

SquaresMilk Chocolate

DO NOT substitute fonts.

Moments of Timeless P leasure

Milk Chocolate with Caramel Filling

Improper Brand UsageA. Improper use of the Logo

The Ghirardelli logo is a critical part of our brand identity. Therefore, every effort must be taken to ensure that the Ghirardelli logo is treated in a consistent and methodical way, as outlined on Pgs. 1-6. Common examples of improper logo usage are shown below but are not exclusive.

B. Improper use of the ArchitectureThe relationship between the logo and the gold center band is key to the brand identity as outlined on Pg. 6. Common examples of improper usage of gold band and logo are shown below but are not exclusive.

DO NOT reduce logo in the center of the gold band

DO NOT place logo offcenter from the gold band

DO NOT make logo double the width of the gold band

DO NOT place logobelow the flavor type

DO NOT use the logo without the text.

DO NOT adjust any logo proportions.

DO NOT print one color logo in various colors, only colors excepted are PMS 288 or PMS 732.

DO NOT flop, skew, rotate, disproportionately scale, or invert the logo.

DO NOT substitute with colorsother than the approvedcorporate colors.

DO NOT delete Registered mark (circle R) to the right of Ghirardelli text in logo.