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BRANDINGJonathan Posner


4 Case Studies

BUILDING BRAND CONFIDENCE FOR BOURNEBourne, an award-winning boutique tax consultancy, were looking to re-position their brand to reflect their new, broader offering.

The original positioning was designed to reflect the dynamic nature of the boutique consultancy but no longer reflected the full breadth of solutions offered, nor demonstrated a clear benefit proposition.Fresh ThinkingAsset TaxationSITUATIONBRIEFSTRATEGYTo develop a new positioning strategy that communicated the wider offering to the target audience of global Tax Managers, and which presented a clear benefit statement that could increase engagement.I initiated and led a qualitative insight programme, followed by strategic workshops with senior partners. The key insight was that the current positioning represented risk. The tax regime was volatile and what managers wanted was real confidence that Bourne had the knowledge and expertise to reduce their risk. INSIGHTA strategic position was therefore developed around the concept of confidence that could be expressed as a strapline, and presented in all digital and print media.

BUILDING BRAND CONFIDENCE FOR BOURNEA new positioning statement was implemented that recognised the uncertainties of a changing tax environment faced byTax Managers, and therefore their inherent risk. This, aligned with an image that oozed confidence, enabled Bourne to open wider dialogues with target clients. The real sofa from the image was even put in the foyer and used for team photographs.OUTCOME

RECRUITING RIDERS FOR CHARITYNorwood, the charity helping people with learning difficulties, were looking to increase the profile of their flagship bike ride and recruit more fundraisers to the event.The previous branding lacked immediacy and impact, and was not felt to be engaging the audience with the key benefits of the ride compared to alternatives like London to Brighton.Fresh ThinkingAsset TaxationSITUATIONBRIEFSTRATEGYTo develop a new corporate ID and brand device, engaging potential riders with the key benefits of the ride and therefore increasing recruitment and fundraising.I extensively researched the competitive set, as well as leisure / charity brands competing for share of attention in this space. I also conducted research interviews with volunteers and organisers of the ride. The insight gained was that the core benefits of the ride were the open, uncrowded roads, the free food at rest stops and the carnival atmosphere at the seaside finish.INSIGHTA new brand device was required that demonstrated the open road as well as the inherent fun of the ride, and supported a brand ID that enabled clear, engaging collateral to be developed.

RECRUITING RIDERS FOR CHARITYThe new brand and equity created a real stand-out for the ride, and these, together with the offline and digital mediacampaigns that I led, delivered year-on-year increases in rider numbers. OUTCOME

THE SCIENCE OF FRIENDLY BACTERIAProtexin Healthcare is dedicated to producing innovative, research-based live bacteria products of the highest quality for the veterinary, human, agriculture and equine healthcare markets.The Protexin brand had evolved as both a corporate and a product brand particularly in the equine category leading to potential confusion in the market and a possible barrier to range expansion. SITUATIONBRIEFSTRATEGYTo create a brand positioning and range hierarchy that would give clarity in the market and enable the addition of new products / ranges.Research showed that the Protexin brand had strong recognition and positive associations for the target buyers / recommenders (vets and human healthcare professionals), but low recognition for consumers. The brand promise is innovation and expertise this needed to be communicated at the corporate level to achieve a halo over the whole range.INSIGHTCreate a clear structural hierarchy, with Protexin Healthcare as the main corporate brand and the categories clearly signposted. Position the product ranges clearly under the relevant category brand.

The strapline Science and nature in balance gave Protexin a clear benefit positioning, allowing the brand to own the innovation and expertise spaces. The category sub-brands enabled products to be positioned clearly in each category and for new product ranges to slot in easily.OUTCOMETHE SCIENCE OF FRIENDLY BACTERIA

Companion animalHuman healthcareAgriculture / Equine

CREATING A BROAD CHURCH FOR CAR BUYERSAutosave built its business as the leading supplier of cars to the Church of England. They provided a bespoke service; sourcing specific makes and models to order rather than dealing from stock. They had then broadened their offering by creating affinity deals with Unions and Clubs, and were now looking to widen their offering further to the general public.The existing logo had strong recognition with the clergy, but had little or no recognition with the general public. It offered no tangible unique benefit, despite the high level bespoke car-sourcing service and competitive pricing being delivered.SITUATIONBRIEFSTRATEGYTo develop a new brand device, that clearly communicated the benefits to the general public, while still maintaining and strengthening the appeal to the core clergy audience.My research showed that the four coloured discs were a strong brand recognition device for the clergy, but there needed to be a clear differentiation from standard forecourt dealers in order to create broader consumer appeal.INSIGHTThe new brand needed to retain the four coloured discs, the varied font weights typeface, and therefore relevance to the clergy. At the same time it needed to demonstrate the USP to the general public a fine balance to achieve!

The new device maintained the key equity elements that were relevant to the clergy, and strengthened them with the inclusion of the cross. The strapline gave appeal to secular audiences, promising a new way to buy cars. OUTCOMECREATING A BROAD CHURCH FOR CAR BUYERS

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