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branding strategies & brand myopia

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  • 1.Brand Strategies & Brand Myopia By: Somya Agrawal

2. Brand A brand is a name, term, symbol or design or acombination of them which is intended to identify the goods andservices Of one seller or a group of sellers And to differentiate them from those ofcompetitors. 3. Branding Strategy It is defined as a long-term plan for thebrand including a determination of keyaudiences and an understanding of whatthose audiences need to know about thebrand and experience. 4. Types of Branding StrategiesIndividual NameBlanket Family NameUmbrella BrandSeparate Family NameCorporate Name CombinedCo-BrandingMultiple Branding 5. Individual Name Vicks Ariel Tide Head & Shoulder Pampers The major advantage is that if the product doesnot performs well, it will not hurt the companysimage. Also known as house of brands 6. Blanket Family Name The blanket family name of the company is usedin diverse product categories. Low development cost. Sales of new product is likely to be strong if themanufacturers name is good. Also known as branding house 7. Blanket Family Names 8. Umbrella Brand If the company offer different products withdifferent benefits but they all extend the samevalue to the customer, sometimes they are alloffered under an overall brand.NIKE 9. Separate Family Names This is normally used by the companies whichproduces products of different sectors. In this separate family names for all the productsare given. In this system a separate brand name for eachline (one for each category) is used. 10. Aaditya Birla Group 11. HUL Separate Brand FamilyLakmeKissan Brooke Bond 12. Corporate Name Combined In this strategy company combine its name withseparate product brand name. 13. Co-Branding It is also known as dual branding. It occurs when two or more brand appeartogether. It can be done in four ways: Ingredient co-branding Same company co-branding Joint venture or post merger co-branding Multiple sponsor co-branding 14. Ingredient co-branding When a brand advertises that it has usedingredients or components made by the anotherbrand it is known as intergradient co-branding. For example: Dell computers and Intel processors 15. Same company co-branding When the company link its one brand productswith the other brand. For example: Clinic all clear and Close up 16. Joint Venture Co-branding This include brands that carry two or more brandnames due to merger or acquisition. For Example: Maruti Suzuki Hero Honda Bajaj Allianze Insurance 17. Multiple Sponsor Co-branding When the product has more then one sponsor. For Example: Jet Airways and Citi Bank Card 18. Multiple Branding This strategy refers to the practices of acompany having many brands in a singleproduct category. For e.g.: Tata has multiple brand in watches as Titan, Fastrack, Sonata, Raga and Edge. 19. Brand Myopia 20. Brand Myopia Myopia Myopia, a visual defect in which distant objectsappear blurred cause nearsightedness also calledshort sight. In business terminology its Lack of discernmentof long-range perspective in thinking or planning. Brand myopia is dependence of managers onthe Brands as the key success factor. 21. Continued They seem it as solution for any kind of marketproblem. This makes the managers to repeat the clichprocess; ideas and repeating the same brandstrategies without bringing in the timeappropriate innovation. Brand is put forward as solution to all thetransformation in the business scene. 22. Continued Hence the purpose of marketing is not fulfilled asthere is no concern about the customers needsrather they are forced to buy the brand. 23. Questions??? 24. Thank You

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