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Brazilian Brita Filters

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Brazilian Brita Filters. Courtney Edwards Grafton Elliot Amanda Engel Sara Garvick Molly Garza. Product Description. Brita filtration Pitchers and Filtration Bottles Use Carbon and Ion Can be used for cooking, coffee, tea, plants and pets https://www.brita.com/about-brita/. Pitchers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Brazilian Brita Filters

Brazilian Brita FiltersCourtney EdwardsGrafton ElliotAmanda EngelSara GarvickMolly Garza

Product DescriptionBrita filtration Pitchers and Filtration BottlesUse Carbon and IonCan be used for cooking, coffee, tea, plants and pets


FilterForGood program encourages consumers to reduce plasticby pledging to refill reusable bottles with filtered water.-Since 2007 the FilerForGood program has saved over 260 million plastic bottles and counting

PitchersOur Brita Pitchers will contain 6 to 8 cups of waterSelling Price $21.99Perfect for small families

Filtering Bottles20 oz bottle

Selling price: $9.99

One filter can replace 300 plastic bottles, saving over $45 per monthRelevant TrendsChemically contaminated drinking water

Not all have access to clean drinking water even in cities

Brazil is currently trying to instill international investor confidence into their markets to support market growth

The economy of Brazil is expected to improve due to the 2016 Olympic games

(The World Bank, 2011)(Trevisani, 2014)Reasoning & Benefits 87% of Brazils population is located in urban areas

Sao Paulo has a population of 19.96 million

Rio de Janeiro has a population of 11.84 million

Water purification products in Latin America are expected to see an annual growth rate of 14%

(Central Intelligence Agency, 2014)(ASD Report, 2013)Target MarketMen and Women age 25-40

This market is starting families and moving out

As a market that is more educated, they are more concerned about their health and the environment

Our target market proficient in the use of social media, Brazil is the #2 country for using Facebook and Twitter(Global Intelligence Agency, 2010)Estimated Size & Projected Growth40 million people make up the target market

Growing middle classlife expectancy

Industrialization is changing population growth patterns

(World Population Review, 2014)Large youth populationGrowing middle class allows people to live longerMore women working=less babiespopulation will continue to grow, but not as rapidly as in the past


(Brita, 2014)(Aquasana, 2014)Competitors

(International Shipping, 2014)(Postage Price Calculator)(Shipping Rates, 2014)


(Cost of Living in Rio de Janeiro, 2014)(Datamonitor, 2011) (Marketline, 2013)

Sales Forecast & Profit Projection40 million 25-40 year olds in Brazil

86.6% of the population resides in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Target Market is roughly 34.6 million people

(Brazil Auto Reports, 2011)Sales Forecast & Profit ProjectionRev= (Penetration rate)(Target market)($)

Water Bottles: (7%)(34.6million)($9.99)=$24,195,780

Pitchers:(7%)(34.6million)($21.99)=$53,259,780Sales Forecast & Profit ProjectionEstimated Cost of Production - $5

(Target market)(Penetration rate)(Cost of production) =Estimated cost of producing filters for 1 year

(34.6million)(7%)($5)= $12,110,000 cost to produce

Sales Forecast & Profit ProjectionProfit = Revenue - Cost of Production

Water Bottles:(24,195,780) - ($12,110,000) = $12,085,780

Pitchers:($53,259,780) - ($12,110,000) = $41,149,780

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