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Bridge for Beginners

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Bridge for Beginners. Lesson 2 More about MiniBridge. Homework from Week 1. Who is Dummy? S. Who announces the HCP count first? West. Are there chances of extra tricks? 1 in ‘s and in  ‘s if 3/3 split. Should Declarer bid game? Yes. Who is First Lead? E. Who is Declarer? N. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Bridge for BeginnersLesson 2More about MiniBridge

  • Homework from Week 1How Many HCP in each hand?NW ES Q73 65 JT6 QJ976 J98 QJT8 9752 T8 T542 AK4 K83 A53 AK6 9732 AQ4 K42164146Hand 1Dealer WWho announces the HCP count first?WestWhich is the Declaring side?N/SWho is Declarer?NWho is Dummy?SWho is First Lead?EWhich suit would you lead?How many tricks is Declarer sure to make?9 Should Declarer bid game?YesAre there chances of extra tricks?1 in s and in s if 3/3 split

  • MiniBridgeWe played in No trumps last weekAll suits were of the same valueBut if the defence have a long suit they can easily defeat your contract before you can get startedSo declarer can opt to play in a suit contract insteadThe suit selected is called TRUMPSAnd any trump card is of more value than any card in another suit

  • Trump SuitsNS have 28HCPGame in NT failsSo declare game in

    Defence make only 1 trickThen s are trumped(called a ruff)NW ES J5 8765 AQ976 J3 T98 J432 JT84 Q5 Q6 QT9 K52 T9842 AK7432 AK 3 AK7621478

  • Scoring in Trump ContractsNT is the hardest contractSo you get more points for making itSuits are divided into major and minor and are majors and are minorsEach trick for a major is worth 30 pointsEach trick for a minor is worth 20 points

  • ScoringTricks78910111213 403030 30303030 4070100130160190220 30303030303030 306090120150180210 20202020202020 20406080100120140NTMajorMinor100 points is a game score

  • Bidding GameIn NT you need 25 HCPIn a major 25 HCPIn a minor 27 HCP

    But look at shape (and fit) in a suit contractWith a long suit and a short suitYou may get away with fewer HCP

  • Trump Suits8 card fit9 card fitSo declare game in

    Because?10 tricks for major and11 for minor

    NW ES J5 8765 AQ976 J3 T98 J432 JT84 Q5 Q6 QT9 K52 T9842 AK7432 AK 3 AK76

  • Priorities for Bidding GameBid NT if balancedBid game in major unbalancedBid game in minor as last resort9 tricks in NT may well be an easier optionProvided you have not got a very bad suit in the 2 hands

  • General PlayDeclarer has the AdvantageCan see both the hands

    So what can defenders do?CommunicateBy signalling with cards played

  • CommunicationPartner leadsYou hold

    Which card should you play?A high card is an encouraging signal

    A 8 7 4 K 8

  • CommunicationPartner leadsYou hold

    Which card should you play?A low card is a discouraging signal

    9 7 6 4 K 4

  • SignallingKnown as HELDHigh Encouraging; Low Discouraging

    Use the highest card you can afford as a signalNot something useful!

    Important on opening leadsAlso useful when a new suit is led

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