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Brief Introduction of PHP - Uppsala UniversityPHP-Characteristics Database Connected (eg.PHP&MySQL)...

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  • Brief Introductionof PHP

    ---Xue Wu

  • PHP (Personal Home Page)

    Web development 1. can be embedded into HTML 2. generally runs on a web server3. Act as a filter: (from PHP 4, performance improved by

    complied input as bytecode) 4. widely used and free charge

  • PHP-Characteristics Database Connected (eg. PHP&MySQL) Compatible Object Oriented Programming

  • PHP--- example Grammatical:---Can be both embedded into HTML and

    separated from HTML code:

    (XML passers ) . . .

  • PHP---Usage Competitor: Microsoft’s Active Server PageSun Microsystems’ Java Server PageMode_perl

    Rapid Application Development (RAD)Cake PHP, PRADO, Symfony, Codelgniter

  • PHP--- example Annotation: /*C style, Multiple lines*/// C style one line#Unix Style

  • PHP--- Interaction with THML: echoCan output multiple strings:

    ---result: hello world

    PrintCan only output single string:

    ---Parse error: parse error ind:adminmyphphometest.php3 on line 54

  • PHP---Security To prevent from damaging on your website1. Error Report2. SQL Injections3. Cross Site Scripting4. Session Security

  • PHP---Security

    5. Directory traversal6. Cross-site request forgery7. Remote file inclusion

  • Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PHP last

    retrieved on 2009-2-28 http://www.phpchina.com/?action_thematici

    nfoview_itemid_34132.html “PHP tutorial”,last retrieved on 2009-2-28

    http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorial/php-security/page9 “PHP Security”, last retrievedon 2009-3-1

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Brief Introduction of PHP ---Xue Wu
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