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  • BRITISH SPORTS CARS ALASKA British Sports Cars Alaska Limited is the club for owners of all British sports cars including Austin Healey, Caterham, Jaguar, Jensen Healey, Lotus, Marcos, MG, Mini, Morgan, Sunbeam, & Triumph June 1, 2016

    This issue: Eklutna Run > Autocross > Portage Lake > Coming Activities > Periodical News > Facebook > Member News > Buy/sell/trade > Calendar

    If you have renewed your membership already, thank you. If you havent paid dues for 2016, you probably wont receive the next newsletter Please check the attached roster. Thanks.

  • British Sports Cars Alaska, June 1, 2016 Page 2

    Eklutna Run Ken Morton On Saturday, May 14, we departed from Fred Meyer in Eagle River for Eklutna Lake. There were ten cars: four Triumphs, belonging to Dean (TR8,) Ken & Dolly (TR6,) Norm (Spitfire,) and Leonard (TR4;) the three Jaguars of Johnson & Terry (E-Type,) John (V12 E-Type,) and Dave (XK8;) plus Martins MG Midget, Travis & Jacquelines vintage Mini, and Ricks Marcos. Doug and his TR6 joined us for the pre-drive chat, but previous obligations kept him from completing the drive.

    Rick led us on some back streets and roads through Chugiak that most of us had never been on, and probably couldnt find again if our lives depended on it. It was sunny and warm, a great day for a roadster.

    Photos: Ken Morton, Rick Harding

    On the cover: Stopping for ice cream

    Rick sent the above photo with the following note: On our drive up to Eklutna Lake, I took all of us across the small one lane bridge that crosses over Peters Creek. I grabbed my cell phone and set it on the camera mode so I could attempt to take a picture of the group crossing over the bridge. I steered the Marcos with my knees, stuck the cell phone camera up through the sunroof, made sure it was pointed the correct direction, and then started tapping the camera to see if I might get lucky enough to actually hit the shutter button as I could not see it at all. I had no idea if I even hit that button or not. Attached is the only picture I captured from that attempt which shows Norm Leuthold in his Spitfire, and the rest of the gang behind him, crossing over the bridge. Nice effort Rick! The drive went off without a hitch; no one got lost, no one broke down. The bonnets went up on a couple of cars when we reached the lake after the long climb, but it was just a pre-emptive move to prevent any problems with heat building up before restarting.

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    Eklutna was a busy place, with everyone trying to take advantage of the nice weather. People were unloading kayaks and canoes, mountain bikes and strollers, backpacks and babies. The parking lots were full, and after monopolizing the loading zone for a few minutes of photography, we moved on to Rochelles Ice Cream Store for refreshments.

    Autocross Aaron Butterer The snow has melted and it is time for our cars to emerge from their annual hibernation. Spring has passed and we have determined that all our repairs have (hopefully) worked. Now that they are sorted we can drive. And what better way to drive them than with a little friendly competition. Thats right it is once again autocross season. For those of you who dont know, autocross is a timed run through a course set up in a local parking lot and delineated by pylons (traffic cones). Cars run one at a time and speeds rarely top 50 mph. Events are put on by the Porsche Club of Alaska, the Alaska Sports Car Club, and the Arctic chapter of the Sports Car Club of America. Cars of all types participate in these events from early 80s Honda Civics to brand new Porsches. Last season there was even an MGB out there. These courses favor nimbleness and agility over outright horsepower and straight line speed.

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    Some of the fastest times are usually put down by Mini Coopers (still counts as British right?). The first event of the season was May 1st at Bartlett High School. BSCA was represented by members Aaron Butterer and James OMalley.

    The next event will be held at Bartlett High School on June 4th and 5th. Saturdays event will be the Patti McNeff Memorial Fun Day from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm, which is a practice/fun day. You can come and try it out for one run (or more) at a leisurely pace and see if it is something you may be interested.

    If your car isnt running or you dont \want to subject your car to that, I will be giving rides in the Lotus to anyone who asks. Sunday will be a full autocross day, with timing & scoring and plenty of competition. So if you are curious about autocross, like watching cars stretch their legs, or just want to go for a ride in a Lotus, come down to Bartlett and check it out. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

    Portage Lake A last minute drive down Turnagain Arm for the Memorial Day weekend was organized via the Facebook page.

    Small group today but great ride to Portage! Thanks to all that came, Travis, Dean, Aaron and Dwight. - Elaine & Wolfgang

    mailto:[email protected]

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    And that BOOM of Thunder all across anchorage just let me know we made it back from the cruise just in time!! - Travis

    Photos: Elaine & Wolfgang Junge, Travis DeMoss

    British Sports Cars Alaska is the monthly newsletter of British Sports Cars Alaska Limited.

    British Sports Cars Alaska Limited is the club for owners and enthusiasts of all British sports cars. BSCA is an affiliated chapter of the North American MGA Register.

    The BSCA Ltd board is: Dean Cox, President [email protected]

    Johnson Quarles, President-elect [email protected]

    Rick Harding, Past President [email protected]

    John Martin, Treasurer/secretary [email protected]

    David Baldwin, At-large [email protected]

    Ken Morton, Newsletter Editor [email protected]

    Coming activities: June 11, Saturday, Loussac Library BSCA Concours dElegance 10 AM 4 PM Featuring Austin Healey and Jensen Healey

    June 25 & 26, Alaska Scottish Highland Games Alaska State Fairgrounds, Palmer. The Alaska Games will host the IHGF World Heavy Events Championships this year. BSCA is the only car club invited to show at this British Isles-flavored event.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]

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    4th of July Parade, Anchorage

    If you plan to participate in the Anchorage parade, please email Dean at [email protected] The parade officials require drivers names, license #'s (vehicle and driver's), and proof of insurance.

    August 7, Jay Ofsthun Memorial Show & Shine, Anchorage Parks Blocks

    Plan to get there early to get a space. It fills up fast, and we cant save room for late arrivals.

    BSCA Shop Day to be rescheduled The BSCA Shop Day at Dave and Tane Bathkes was postponed due to Daves fathers health. The Kool Kruz was also postponed, due to rain. We hope both events will be rescheduled.

    See calendar for additional events On some Saturday in September, well meet at the Carrs parking lot in Eagle River, drive to the Eagle River Nature Center, then to Deans house for an end of season BBQ. The date is TBD based on fall foliage and clear skies.

    Outside Events: National, Regional, & International

    MGs in the Dolomites 18th - 25th September 2016 Arabba & Sillian, Italy Paul C Resch 1-661-645-5266 [email protected]

    MG 2016 June 13th-17th 2016, Louisville, Kentucky. MG2016 is the fifth gathering hosted by the North American Council of MG Registers. https://namgbr.org/events/all-register-mg2016/

    VTR 2016 2016 Vintage Triumph Register Convention, October 3 through 7. Lake Texoma, north of Dallas/Ft Worth. http://vtr2016.org/

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://namgbr.org/events/all-register-mg2016/http://vtr2016.org/

  • British Sports Cars Alaska, June 1, 2016 Page 7

    Healey Reunion 2016 June 12 17, 2016. Cincinnati, Ohio http://www.2016healeyreunion.com/

    Periodical News MGA! If you missed Matthew Foxs story of George Buhites Lost & Found MGA, its reprinted in the May/June edition of the North American MGA Register magazine, MGA!. Also in this issue is a brief explanation of performing initial settings on twin SU carburetors. www.namgar.com

    Classic & Sports Car

    Classic & Sports Car magazines May 2916 cover story is entitled Return of the Silent Sports Car, and is a profile of the V12 Jaguar E-Type. The V12 is sometimes criticized as not being true to the spirit of the original E-Type, but C&SC makes a case for the V12 possibly being the best E-Type ever. www.classicandsportscar.com

    Sports Car Digest

    Sports Car Digest, The Sports, Racing and Vintage Car Journal is an on-line magazine covering the vintage car scene worldwide, with articles and photo galleries on vintage racing, concours, rallies, and auctions. Though they tend to favor German and Italian cars, the May 2 article on the 2016 Flying Scotsman Rally features lots of great old British cars such as this 1937 Riley Lynx Sprite. Find Sports Car Digest at: http://www.sportscardigest.com/

    BSCA on Facebook Weve had a Facebook presence since last year, thanks largely to BSCA member-in-exile Ben Compton. New member Travis DeMoss is helping out with notices of upco

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