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Broadcaster 2008-85-1 Summer

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in business, for good Fitting in at Concordia 44

the pipes are calling 8 Academy for Excellence 8

reason to cheer 22 100th Commencement 20

BroadcasterthesUmmer 2008 volUme 85 No. 1

m a g a z i n e o f C o n c o r d i a U n i v e r s i t y, N e b r a s k a

In business, for good

brian l. friedrich

From the presidentNicknamed the college in the cornfield it makes sense that Luke 8 is inscribed in the center of Concordia University, Nebraskas seal. We are in the heart of corn country. Each spring farmers sow seed that, come fall, produces an abundant crop. One of the most popular parables of Jesus begins: A farmer went out to sow his seed (Luke 8:5a). A farmer sowing seed is no surprise. Thats what a farmer does. A colleague who, with her husband farms acres of corn just outside of Seward, once remarked that she and her husband never debate whether or not they will plant a crop. They may debate what they will plant or how much they will plant or when they will plant, but they will always plant. Likewise there is no debate that our task is the preparation of students to serve and lead in church and world. Universities prepare students. However, how they prepare them varies greatly. Because Concordia is a Lutheran Christian university clearly committed to community, calling and Christ, like the farmer in Jesus Lucan parable, we plant seed, the Seed, the Word of God! We prepare students with an excellent, holistic, Christ-centered education. And the students grow and yield up a crop, a hundred times more than was sown (Luke 8:8b). It is an amazing equation: God gives students; He gives talented faculty; He gives teaching resources; He gives wisdom, knowledge and ability; He blesses the planting and provides the growth leading to harvest. He does it all, and we celebrate the results. Thus, I hope you read this issue of the Broadcaster cover-to-cover! As you do, you will learn about seeds being sown through our business program; through a new 36-rank Casavant Frres organ; and through bibelots, small decorative objects, created to provide those who carry them an opportunity to create an unassuming and quiet witness of Gods grace. Read about the seed in these pages. As you do, thank God for the harvest of faith and good works He is producing through those growing here.

Brian L. Friedrich president and ceo Concordia University, Nebraska

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Broadcaster Staffeditor & photographer

Dan oetting 87 lisa A. Nickolite

graphic designer

emily Barlean 09 Coryn Berkbigler Alicia Foley 09 Jan Koopman co 69, Gr 75 Kate Nixon 10 monique Peetz Kristy Plander 00 Wade Tracy 07 Theodore Wiesehan 04contributing photographers

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lindsay Bartling 10 rebekah Freed 10 lisa A. Nickolite Jackie Nuxoll 08 Whitney stichka 09 Wade Tracy 07 Kristy Plander 00

ContentsFe ATUres

director of marketing & communication


In business, for good

University Administrationrev. Dr. Brian l. Friedrich Dr. Jenny mueller-roebkeassociate provost provost president & ceo

Concordias business program is an 80s start-up that continues to produce bright, energetic and articulate results.


Adventures in faith and fire

Brock and Esther Shaw worked with the Kuna Indians of Panama to create 20,000 witnessing tools.

Dr. mark Blanke David Kumm Peter Kenow

vice president for finance & operations


The pipes, the pipes are calling

vice president for institutional advancement vice president for enrollment management, student services & athletics

The grandest musical instrument at Concordia is ready for its debut this fall.


scott seevers

Board of Regentsrev. Dr. David Block, mesa, Ariz. Dr. Paul Burger, Kearney, Neb. William Hartmann, seward, Neb. Dr. vance Hinrichs, lincoln, Neb. A. William Kernen, omaha, Neb. Timothy moll, esq., seward, Neb. Dr. Frederick ohlde, Hortonville, Wis. Dr. ronald Pfeiffer, memphis, Tenn. Darla rosendahl, omaha, Neb. Cynthia scheer, Woodland, minn. Dr. Andrew smith, Dallas, Texas rev. russell sommerfeld, seward, Neb. rev. Karl Ziegler, Bellevue, Neb.

Campus scene Commencement Faculty & staff Jazz from the Prairie Homecoming Athletics Construction report: Concordias Health, Human Performance and Athletics Center 28 Alumni10 13 15 16 19 22 26

University Contactsgeneral information

CATCHING UP WITH CoNCorDIA save a browser bookmark for www.cune.edu and visit Concordias site for the most recent university news. Past issues of the Broadcaster are available online. CommeNTs AND sTory IDe As WelCome send comments and story ideas for the Broadcaster to [email protected] For alumni wishing to submit a class note, see the submission guidelines on page 30. AlUmNI: sTAy CoNNeCTeD Concordia has a new alumni directory in the works, an e-news mailing list, Web updates regarding alumni and friends events around the country and even a Facebook presence to keep you connected with your alma mater and each other. Find out more at www.cune.edu/alumni.

www.cune.edu 800 535 5494

alumni & university relations

[email protected]

institutional advancement

[email protected] [email protected]

undergraduate admission & campus visits college of graduate studies

on the cover

[email protected]

Jordan Tucker 09 is a business administration major with an accounting minor. He is working towards a career in accounting.The Broadcaster is published by the marketing and communication office of Concordia University, Nebraska to more than 40,000 alumni, faculty, staff, pastors, businesses, parents and friends of the university in all 50 states and over 15 foreign countries. CoPyrIGHT 2008, CoNCorDIA UNIversITy

[email protected] www.cunebookstore.com [email protected] for liturgical art career services bookstore

[email protected]

In business, for goodKurt Jostes, business manager for Recovery Assistance Inc.

Concordias business program celebrates 25 yearsKurt Jostes 07 sees Christ transforming lives through his work every day. Hes not a pastor. Hes not a Lutheran teacher. Jostes holds a business degree from Concordia. Theres so much more in the world beyond education and beyond the ministry, Jostes said. Its the priesthood of all believers. Over the past five months Jostes has served as business manager for Recovery Assistance Inc., a division of the lcms Southern District committed to rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Based in New Orleans, La., Recovery Assistance rebuilds homes and organizes community development in Biloxi, Miss., and New Orleans. Theres a tremendous value of a Christian university with a business program, Jostes said. Everybody, whether youre a businessman or a pastor or a teacher, we all need to be a good example and a good influence. Col. Luke Reiner 86, one of the universitys first business grads, also sees the value of a Concordia education in the business world. Christians help in many facets throughout the world, Reiner said. Christian leaders are needed throughout society and not just in a Lutheran classroom. Reiner currently serves as director of joint

4 feature

operations for the Wyoming National Guard. His responsibilities include the oversight and synchronization of National Guard military support to civilian authorities in Wyoming. Jostes and Reiner are just two examples of the successful output of Concordias business department, which celebrates its 25th year in 2008. The department started small in the fall of 1982 at the encouragement of former mathematics professor Richard Luebbe. Richard Luebbe was the one who had the vision, Dr. Stan Obermueller, Concordia business department chair, said. The credit should go to him. He saw the need for a business program. In January of 1982 Luebbe asked Obermueller to consider joining the newly forming business faculty. Obermueller, employed in the corporate headquarters of North American Van Lines, was initially reluctant but arrived for the campus interview nonetheless. It was certainly nothing I planned, Obermueller said. I really felt that after that interview thats where the Lord was leading meeven though I was being led reluctantly. Obermueller signed on as the Concordia business departments first full-time faculty member in 1982. Kicking off a business program at a university known as a church worker powerhouse was no easy task, however. There were folks who really wanted Concordia to remain what they felt was true to the mission, Obermueller admitted. But over time I think weve gained a lot of acceptance. Probably a bigger issue was our very strong and well-deserved reputation as a teachertraining institution. Recruiting students has not been easy because of the perception that were a teachers college. Three years after its inception, Dr. Andrew Langewisch signed on with the business department. The department added Frank Greene in 2000 and Greg Horn in 2006. Through the last quarter-century Obermueller and his fellow business faculty members have

taken Concordias business department from humble beginnings and quietly built a solid program turning out Christian leaders for the business world. The biggest thing has been getting really successful grads out there, Obermueller said. And weve done that. In addition to its graduates, since April the business department can point to its full accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. The programs curriculum strength, experiential learning and students particularly impressed the visiting accreditation team. That was the neatest part for me, Obermueller said. Bright, energetic and articulate were words that they use

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