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Brooklyn Figure Skating ... Brooklyn Figure Skating Club Presents 2016 Brooklyn Autumn Skills Basic...

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  • Brooklyn Figure Skating Club Presents

    2016 Brooklyn Autumn Skills Basic Skills Competition

    Member of the 2016/2017 Ohio Basic Skills Series

    November 19th and 20th John Coyne Recreation Center

    Brooklyn, Ohio

    Application deadline: Postmarked by October 14th 2016

    Approved by the USFSA and the Basic Skills Competition Committee

    All forms can be found on:


  • Brooklyn Figure Skating Club 2016

    Brooklyn Autumn Skills Basic Skills Competition


    Saturday November 19th and Sunday November 20th PURPOSE: The Brooklyn Figure Skating Basic Skills Competition wants to generate interest and encourage participation in the sport of figure skating among basic skill and entry level competitors. Chairman: Cyndi Gabbard (216) 848-0426 [email protected] Rules: The  competition  will  be  conducted  in  accordance  with  the  rules  set  forth  in  the  current  edition  of  the   US  Figure  Skating  Rule  Book   ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to ALL skaters who are current eligible (ER 1.00) members of either the Basic Skills Program and/or are full members of U.S. Figure Skating. To be eligible, skaters must have submitted a membership application or be a member in good standing. Members of other organizations are eligible to compete but must be registered with the host Basic Skill Program/Club or any other Basic Skills Program/Club. Eligibility will be based on skill level as of closing date of entries. All SNOWPLOW SAM and BASIC SKILLS SKATERS THROUGH BASIC 8 must skate at highest level passed or one level higher and NO official U.S. Figure Skating tests may have been passed including MIF or individual dances. For the Free skate 1-6, Test Track and Well Balanced levels, eligibility will be based only upon highest free skate test level passed (moves in the field test level will not determine skater’s competitive level). Skaters may skate at highest level passed OR one level higher BUT not both levels in the same event during the same competition. ENTRIES: All entries must be postmarked by October 14, 2016 or Midnight October 14, 2016 if registering online. If there are less than two (2) entries in any event, The Brooklyn Figure Skating Club reserves the right not to conduct the event. There will be separate events for boys and girls in the Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary compulsory and free skating events and Adult events, depending on the number of entries received. We reserve the right to combine or further divide any event. Skaters registering in two or more events must pay the highest 1st event fee, and then 2nd and 3rd event fees apply. Please review entry for completeness and correctness. Entry Fee:

    GROUP 1ST EVENT Additional BASIC SKILLS $41.00 $20.00 BEGINNER THRU ADULT $56.00 $20.00 SOLO DANCE $41.00 $20.00

    MAIL Entries to: Brooklyn Figure Skating Club 7600 Memphis Ave Brooklyn, OH 44144

  • Secure  online  registration  and  credit  card  payments  online  at  www.entryeeze.com  .  Please  Note:  NO   REFUNDS  unless  the  event  is  canceled  for  lack  of  participation. There is a $25.00 fee for all paper applications and those submitted after the deadline and a $35.00 service charge assessed for processing a NSF check. Payment of the fee will be required before skater is allowed to participate in practice ice or events. No refunds will be issued after the closing date. Online registration convenience fee is not refundable for any reason.   Approved by USFSA and the Basic Skills Competition Committee: #BSC 20536 Notification of competition and practice ice times will NOT be available by phone, mail or email. Skater and Coaches schedules will be available via the web at www.entryeeze.com. COACHES: Coaches must be in compliance with Rules MR 5.12 and MR 5.13 in the current U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook or they will not be allowed at the venue. Coaches must be a current full member of U.S. Figure Skating. They must have completed the registration process through U.S. Figure Skating and paid the annual registration fee. If 18 years of age or older they must have successfully passed the background screen. Coaches must have completed the appropriate CER courses depending on the highest level of skaters being coached. They must have submitted proof of current general liability insurance. For Basics Skills coaches ONLY, the coach must be 18 years and older and instructing is a U.S. Figure Skating Skills Program. In addition, they must have successfully passed the annual background screen and be registered as a Basic Skills instructor member. FACILITIES: The ice surface which will be used for the Brooklyn Basic Skills Competition is 200x85. The Brooklyn Recreation Ice Arena has dressing rooms, concessions and parking. The Brooklyn Figure Skating Club will provide a boutique and vendor tables. The facility is located at 7600 Memphis Ave. Brooklyn, Ohio. AWARDS: Everyone will receive an award. All events will be final rounds. Medals will be awarded to first, second, third places. Ribbons will be awarded for fourth place and beyond. ALL awards will be given at appropriate times throughout the competition.

    PRACTICE  ICE:  Practice  ice  will  be  held  on  Saturday  November  19th  depending  on  the  number  of   competition  entries  received.  Skaters  will  be  able  to  purchase  practice  ice  sessions  after  the  schedule  is   posted.  Additional  practice  ice  will  be  available  for  sale  after  those  that  pre-­‐register  for  their  sessions  have   chosen  them.  Rink  size  is  200x85  with  slightly  rounded  corners.     SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Will be posted on the Official Club Bulletin Board, the Brooklyn Figure Skating Club website, www.brooklynfsc.com, and EntryEeze no later than 1 week prior to the competition. REGISTRATION: On the day of the competition, all skaters must check in at the registration table in the lobby. Registration will be open one hour prior to the start of the competition. Skaters should be at the rink, checked in, and ready to compete one hour before their scheduled event. MUSIC: The music for all free skating programs must be provided on a10 minute CD. The CD is to be turned in at registration at least 1 hour before competition time. Competitors must have a spare CD at rink side to be used in case of technical difficulties. Only one music track is to be recorded on CD. VIDEOTAPING AND PHOTOGRAPHY: You may videotape the competition as long as you are not directly blocking a passageway. Elevated seating is available. Flash cameras are NOT permitted. A professional photographer will be taking photographs. HOTEL: The following hotel is located in the area of the facility:

    Hampton Inn 10305 Cascade Crossing

    Brooklyn, OH 44144

    Approved by USFSA and the Basic Skills Competition Committee:

  •   EVENT:  Basic  Elements  Event:  SNOWPLOW  SAM  –  BASIC  6     Format  choice  of  the  host:  Each  skater  will  perform  each  element  when  directed  by  a  judge  or  referee  or   have  the  option  to  perform  one  element  at  a  time  in  the  order  listed  below  (no  excessive  connecting  steps).   Referee  driven  format  examples:  all  skaters  perform  first  element  before  moving  on  to  the  next  and  so  on,  or   each  skater  performs  all  of  the  required  elements  before  moving  on  to  the  next  skater.  

    • To  be  skated  on  1/3  to  1/2  ice.   • No  music.   • All  elements  must  be  skated  in  the  order  listed.  

      Level   Time     Skating  rules/standards     Snowplow   Sam    

      1:00  max.  

    • March  followed  by  a  two-­‐foot  glide  and  dip   • Forward  two-­‐foot  swizzles,  2-­‐3  in  a  row   • Forward  snowplow  stop   • Backward  wiggles,  2-­‐6  in  a  row      

      Basic  1  

      1:00  max.  

    • Forward  two-­‐foot  glide  and  dip   • Forward  two-­‐foot  swizzles,  6-­‐8  in  a  row   • Beginning  snowplow  stop  on  two-­‐feet  or  one-­‐foot   • Backward  wiggles,  6-­‐8  in  a  row      

      Basic  2  

      1:00  max.  

    • Forward  one-­‐foot  glide,  either  foot   • Scooter  pushes,  right  and  left  foot,  2-­‐3  each  foot   • Moving  snowplow  stop   • Two-­‐foot  turn  in  place,  forward  to  backward

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