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B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)

Date post: 02-Jun-2018
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  • 8/11/2019 B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)


    SASTRA UniversityThanjavur

    Name of the Degree Programme : B.Tech. Bioinformatics Integrated M.Tech. Bioinformatics

    Duration : B.Tech. - 4 years

    Integrated M.Tech. - 5 years

    Programme Objective

    To create graduates with capabilities to interpret large scale biological data in the post genome


    To train a generation of students with strong programming skills to deelop tools and

    algorithms to analyse biological se!uences" structures" gene e#pression data and for pathway


    To impart skills in structural modelling" drug design and systems biology with a strong

    emphasis on programming and high end computingsuited for research and industry

  • 8/11/2019 B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)


    Curriculum Design

    Semester III

    S No Co!e No SubjectPerio! Per "ee# Cre!it

    $ T P $

    % BBI$M%&'()'(


    *ngineering Mathematics III & ( ' 4

    & BBI$BI&'+)'&

    MBI$BI&'+$ell and Molecular Biology & ( ' 4

    ' BBI$BI&'&)'+

    MBI$BI&'&Biochemistry & ( ' 4

    ( BBI$BI&'4)'+


    Basic Bioinformatics & ( ' 4

    ) BBI$BI&'5)'(


    %lgorithms , ata tructures & ' ' &

    * BBI$BI&'/)'+


    Basic Biocomputing & ( ' 4

    + BBI$BI&'0)'+


    Basic Biocomputing 1aboratory ' ' & +

    , BBI$BI&'2)'+


    Basic Bioinformatics 1aboratory ' ' & +

    Total (2 5 / +0

    Semester -

    SNo Co!e No SubjectPerio! Per "ee# Cre!it

    $ T P C% BBI$M%5'()'+

    MBI$M%5'(*ngineering Mathematics 3 & ( ' 4

    & BBI$BI5'+)'&

    MBI$BI5'+rotein *ngineering & ( ' 4

    ' BBI$BI5'&)'(

    MBI$BI5'&aa for Bioinformatics & ( ' 4

    ( BBI$BI 5'4)'(


    Molecular Modelling I & ( ' 4

    ) BBI$BI5'5)'+

    MBI$BI5'5Machine 1earning in Bioinformatics & ( ' 4

    * BBIBI 5'()'(6MBIBI5'(



    ata Mining , 7arehousing6

    $linical Informatics

    4 ' ' 4

    + BBI$BI5'/)'&

    MBI$BI5'/Molecular Modelling 1aboratory I ' ' & +

    , BBI$BI 5'0)'+

    MBI$BI5'+aa 1aboratory ' ' & +

    . BBI$BI5'2)'(


    eminar ' ' & (

    %/ BBI$T5'86


    9) kills + ' ' +

    Total +( 5 8 &(

  • 8/11/2019 B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)


    Course Outline

    emester number : &


    1earning outcome for11IC2A'/%R/%321IC2A'/%4 5N6IN55RIN6 2AT752ATICS 8 III

    Course Objectives: To help the learners in understanding various transform techniques used in

    Engineering disciplines and Analytic function theory in engineering computations.

    UNIT I %) Perio!s

    1%1%$* T)%;

  • 8/11/2019 B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)



    Dnit I The learner will hae knowledge to use the transform techni!ues in other fields of

    *ngineering such as ignal and Image processing and also to transform functions from

    one domain to another domain.

    Dnit II The learner will be able to apply arious concepts in %nalytic ;unction Theory in

    application areas such as heat conduction" elasticity" fluid dynamics and flow of

    electric current.

    Dnit III The learner will be capable of ealuating complicated integrals using residue calculus.Dnit I3 The learner will hae a strong idea of applying ;ourier transform techni!ues in

    soling boundary and initial alue problems in arious branches of *ngineering.

    emester number: &


  • 8/11/2019 B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)


    1earning outcome for 11IC1I'/&R/'321IC1I'/&4 C5$$ AND 2O$5CU$AR 1IO$O6AR57OUSIN6

    Course Objective: To help learners understand the fundamental processes, concepts and techniques of

    data mining in biology ith particular emphasis on data arehousing, classification, clustering and

    association rule mining; develop the ability to select methods and techniques appropriate for a given

    biological data mining problem.

    UNIT I %) =erio!s

    %T% 7%)*9

  • 8/11/2019 B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)


    reductionK data discretiGation and concept hierarchy generation: discretiGation and concept hierarchy

    generation for numerical data - concept hierarchy generation for categorical data.

    UNIT III %) =erio!s


  • 8/11/2019 B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)


    UNIT III %) =erio!s

    M*I$%1 T)%$)ITI9ealth Informatics?" +6e" atrice egoulet , Marius ;ieschi"

    pringer" +''4.


    Dnit I The learner will able to understand the purpose and functions of arious types of

    professional electronic patient records >doctor initiated" facility'specific" inter'facility?as well as the personal electronic health record >initiated by the patient?. They also will

    learn medical imaging and identify their characteristics.

    Dnit II The learner will able to understand %ccessibility" Puality" ustainability of 9ealth

    serices and medical care and ethics.

    Dnit III The learner will able to understand recording of clinical data and strategies of

    enhancing documents with graphics.

    Dnit I3 The learners will able to understand the principles inoled in clinical case studies and

    the descriptie" e#planatory analysis of a person" group or eent about the

    emester number: 5


    1earning outcome for 11IC1I)/*R/'3 21IC1I)/*4 2O$5CU$AR 2OD5$$IN6$A1ORATOR< I

    Course Objective: This lab intends to train students to perform molecular modelling using various

    online and standalone softares and calculate conformational energies of the molecules.

    % %nalysis and 3isualisation of Brookhaen B file formatted te#t file

    & Molecular ketching and

  • 8/11/2019 B.tech. and Intg. M.tech. Bioinfo - Sem 3 & 5 (1)


    *#. o. ( tudents will learn using arious isualiGation software programs to display the protein


    *#. o.+ The tudents will get hands-on-training to draw the arious small molecules and will also

    learn to optimiGe their oerall geometry.

    *#. o.& The tudents will build the molecule using the software program in the lab and will learn

    to calculate the potential energy of molecules for different conformations of a molecule

    *#. o.4 The students will be able to perform conformational systematic search by modelling

    using computer and will be able to draw potential energy surface and will identify the

    ma#imum and minimum energy points through isual inspection and the alues.*#. o.5 7ill get hands on training on the energy minimiGation of protein structures and will be

    able to interpret the results of the outcome.

    *#. o./ 7ill be able to calculate electrostatic potential on the surface of the protein structures and

    will be able to identify the charged regions on the surface of the molecule.

    *#. o. 0 7ill learn to construct arious molecules and will be able to calculate partial atomic

    charges on each atoms that make up the molecule.

    *#. o. 2 7ill be able to perform energy minimiGation of protein-nucleic acid comple#es using the

    molecular mechanics forcefields.

    *#. o. 8 7ill learn to calculate the ariations in the potential energy of the protein molecule using

    in silicomutations.

    *#. o. (' 7ill learn to perform conEugate gradient and steepest escents methods of energyminimiGation of gien molecule and will be able to choose best method for this procedure

    *#. o. (( 7ill able to identify short-contacts in the protein structures in the rotein ata Bank

    using online software programs.

    *#. o. (+ 7ill be able to calculate *nergy of molecules using arious ab initio!uantum mechanical


    emester number:5


    1earning outcome for11IC1I)/+R/&321IC1I)/&4 @A-A $A1ORATOR