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Buckin' Sexy Music; Sexy as Hell Sarah Connor Dy: Ti'fnny ... · PDF file7/1/2014 Gmail -...

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  • 7/1/2014 Gmail - BUCKIN SEXY STEP SHEET.


    Buckin' Sexy

    Music; "Sexy as Hell" Sarah ConnorDy: Ti'fnny Browning

    Side Rock Cross, J4 Turn Cross, Side Rock, %. Turn, Side Rock

    1&2 Step right to right side, recover weight to left foot, stea rightacrosi. left3&4 Stop left to left side, cross r ght behind left turning /i :urnr ght step left across right5-6 Step right to right side, step left tc the left side turning V. turn left7-8 Step riRht to right s;de, recover weight to left foot

    Sailor Step, Sailor Step JiTurn, Left, Heel Switches, KTurn Left Slide

    1&2 Cross right behind left, step Iell to lefi iide, step right to t ght side3&4 Cross !eft behhd right, step right to right side, step left y, turn left5&6& Touch right heel forwarc, step right together, touch left heelforward, step left togethe'7-8 Take a biR step forward with the rip,ht fool turning K turn left,slide and step lefttogether rext to right

    Kick Step Side Touch, Kick Step Side Touch, X Turn Right, Step Back, Hold

    1&2 Kick right forward, step right together, touch left toe to left side3&4 Kirk left forward, step left together, touch right toe to right side5-6 Tcuci right toe next to left, step right >n place turning V* turnright (lifting left heel)7-8 Step left slightly back, hold/touch the ball el right slightly infront of !K*"I {right heel iblifted)

    Turning Heel Taps

    l& Lower right heel,, lift right, heel2& Lower right hed (shifting all weight to ight foot), pivot 14 turnleft (raising left heel)3& Lower left heel, 'ift left heel4& Lower kit heel {shifting all weight to left foot), step/touch ballof right forward (rightheel lifted}.S& Lnwer right hf*el, lift right heel6& Lower right heel (shifting all weight to 'ight foot), pivot % turnleft (raising left hee!)7&8 Lower eft heel, lift left heel, lower left heel (shifting allweight Lg Ml


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