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Buffy and freddy

Date post: 04-Jul-2015
Author: deeney
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2. Buffy and Fred 3. This is Buffy 4. This is Fred 5. They are good friends Hello 6. And they love to explore 7. And sniff! 8. and sniff... 9. .. andsniff.. . 10. . and sniff!! Click here to hear me sniff 11. We also love to bark! Please click the heart 12. 13. Especially at anyone near OUR fence. 14. Our favourite food is 15. anything !!! 16. We hope you enjoyed our presentation See you next time! 17. Starring: Buffy Morton and Fred Morton Written, directed and produced by: Deenita Morton Music by: The Baha Men, Edel records 2000 Incidental sounds by: Buffy Morton