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Burghwood reminiscences

Date post: 26-Jun-2015
Author: andrew-voyce-ma
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This presentation portrays a meeting of residents discussing 'the old days' - World War 2, Clint Eastwood TV series, the old days. Cartoon format of a meeting of a group around 'Down Memory Lane.'
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Down Memory Lane
  • 1. Down Memory Lane

2. Andrew Presents 3. An Andrew Production 4. In association with 5. And in association with 6. An event in ruralHurst Green in East Sussex,at Burghwood House 7. An event tomark sessions onThe Old Days :-A Reminiscence PartyforDown Memory Lane 8. Its Friday2nd March 2012 9. Artist Andrew [email protected] 10. ROAR Residents of All [email protected] 11. [email protected]