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By Alessandro, Andrea and Samuele CLASS: 1^ E SCHOOL: «Norberto Bobbio»To SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015...

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  • By Alessandro, Andrea and SamueleCLASS: 1^ E SCHOOL: Norberto BobbioTo SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015Teachers: Susanna Jaffei, Anna Luzzi and Caterina Belcastro

  • C.L.I.L. is an acronym:C - ContentL - LanguageI - IntegratedL - LearningDavid MarshWhat does C.L.I.L. mean?

  • C.L.I.L. is.... Science in EnglishWe study some topics about Science in English.C.L.I.L. project in our class the 1E is about these topics: Galileo Galilei Water cycle Cell Plants

  • GALILEO GALILEIGalileo Galilei is an Astronomer and a Scientist.He isnt the inventor of spyglass but he discovers how to see the stars and the Universe.In 1633 he is accused by Church of heresyaIn the last years of his life he was very ill and then he becames completely blind.

  • The water cycleThe Suns heat provides energy to evaporate water from oceans, rivers and plants (called transpiration). The vapor goes up and gets cold, it condeses into clouds and changes into liquid as rain, hail and snow. When rain water falls back to the Earth a part soaks into the ground; then through the roots it passes to plants and then flows to the oceans crossing to the rivers and ground water level.

  • THE CELLAll living organisms on Earth are divided into cells. The cell is the basic structural unit of all organisms. The main purpose of a cell is to do some functions but every cell has a different work to do. Humans have hundreds of different cell types.

  • Plants: THE FLOWER Ovary PeduncleFilamentAnther with pollenStyleStigmaPetals Sepals Receptacle

  • PLANT LIFE CYCLEPollination - Fecondation - GerminationPistilPollenOvaryFruit SeedStamen


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