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BY AMERICAN TORCH TIP...D4 – OTC Daihen AII-B4L, FD-B4L F1 – Fanuc 710iC/12L F2 – Fanuc 100iC,...

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    KNL-360º Through-Arm


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    941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com

    KNL-360º Parts Ordering System45F1 422L4KL A

    Wire Size

    35 – .035”

    45 – .045”

    364 – 3/64”

    52 – .052”

    116 – 1/16”


    180 – 180°

    422 – 22°

    445 – 45°

    460 – 60°


    A – Air Blast

    W – Wirebreak

    Torch Model

    KL – KNL 360

    Power Pin

    L4 – Lincoln 4R

    E – Euro

    LN – Lincoln

    M – Miller

    P – Panasonic

    T – Tweco #4

    T5 – Tweco #5

    O – OTC/Daihen

    Robot Model

    A1 – ABB 1520iD A2 – ABB 1600iD A3 – ABB1660iD A4 – ABB2600iD D1 – OTC Daihen AX-V 4 D2 – OTC Daihen AX-V 4L D3 – OTC Daihen AII-B4, FD-B4 D4 – OTC Daihen AII-B4L, FD-B4L F1 – Fanuc 710iC/12L F2 – Fanuc 100iC, 100iC/12L F3 – Fanuc 120iC F4 – Fanuc 100iC/6L, 100iC/7L F5 – Fanuc 120iC/10L, 120iC/12L F6 – Fanuc 100iC/8L

    K1 – KUKA KR5 HW K2 – KUKA KR16HW K3 – KUKA KR16 L8 HW M1 – Motoman EA & MA1400N,

    SSA2000 M2 – Motoman EA & MA 1900N M3 – Motoman MA1440 M4 – Motoman MA2010 M5 – Motoman MA3100 M6 – Motoman MA3120 P1 – Panasonic TB1100/1400 P2 – Panasonic TB1800 P3 – Panasonic TM1400 P4 – Panasonic TM1800 P5 – Panasonic TM1600 P6 – Panasonic TM2000

    - - -


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    941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com

    KNL-360º Torch Components

    Conduit Connector(1 piece)

    Insulator Shield(1 piece)

    Robotic Head(1 piece)

    8-32x.5 Socket Head Cap Screws(4 pieces each)

    Robot Interfacing Flange(1 piece)

    *M4X.7X12 Screws(provided with flange)

    ** Conduit-Covered Cable(1 piece)

    Outer Case(1 piece)

    Outer Insulator(1 piece)

    8-32x1 Socket Head Cap Screws(6 pieces each)

    * Size and quantity dependent on robotic application.

    ** Cable shortened for demonstration purposes.


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    941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com

    Step 2: Align the flange to the robot via the dowel pin. Fasten using provided socket head cap screws. Finger-tighten all screws then tighten each at 25”in.-lbs. NOTE: Pin will be pressed into flange by the manufacturer.

    I. KNL-360º Installation Instructions


    Top Axis

    M4X.7X12 Socket Head Cap Screws

    Step 1: Orient the robot so the wrist and top axis are in line.


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    941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com

    KNL-360º Installation Instructions

    Step 3: Leading with the conduit connector, feed the cable through the robot.

    Step 4: Slide the outer case over the insulator shield and robotic head and fasten. Align via dowel pins. NOTE: This step will be completed by the manufacturer.

  • 941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com



    Step 5: Slide the Outer Insulator over the Outer Case and fasten into place.

    Step 5: This is how assembly should look upon completion of Step 5.

    KNL-360º Installation Instructions

  • 941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com



    Step 1: Insert the gooseneck into the torch head until fully seated. Secure gooseneck in place with 5mm hex key. Do not over-tighten or damage can occur. Torque specifications (60in.-lbs).

    Step 2: With the gooseneck attached and liner fed through, trim liner to 3/4” inch from end of the gooseneck. Remove any burrs that could make the liner catch in the diffuser or damage/block electrode wire.

    II. Attaching Gooseneck and Consumables


    Neck Bolt


    8 9

    941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com

    Attaching Gooseneck and Consumables

    This is how assembly should look upon completion of Step 5.

    Step 3: Thread the diffuser [C] onto the end of the gooseneck [D]. Make sure liner is fully seated and opening is clear. Tighten with 5/8” wrench.Step 4: Thread the contact tip [B] into the diffuser [C]. Be careful not to score the tip. Tighten to 30in.-lbs.Step 5: Slide the nozzle [A] over the diffuser [C] and contact tip [B], pushing

    in onto the gooseneck [D] with a twisting motion.

    A B C D


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    941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com

    Robot Activation Limits

    NOZZLES ID63-2138 HD Flush 3/8” (09.5mm)63-2662 HD 1/8” Stick-Out 5/8” (15.9mm)63-2150 HD 1/8” Tip Recess 1/2” (12.7mm)63-2162 HD 1/8” Tip Recess 5/8” (15.9mm)63-2175 HD 1/8”Tip Recess 3/4” (19.1mm)64-2562 Extra HD Cu 1/4” Tip Rec. 5/8” (15.9mm)64-2575 Extra HD Cu 1/4” Tip Rec. 3/4” (19.1mm)65-2550 HD Cu 1/8” Tip Recess 1/2” (12.7mm)65-2562 HD Cu 1/8” Tip Recess 5/8” (15.9mm)65-2575 HD Cu 1/8” Tip Recess 3/4” (19.1mm)64-2950 HD Bottleneck 1/8 Stick-out 1/2” (12.7mm)63-2950 HD Bottleneck 1/8 Recess 1/2” (12.7mm)65-2662 Extra HD 1/8 Stick-out 5/8” (15.9mm)65-2362 Extra HD Brass 1/8 Stick-out 5/8” (15.9mm)

    Threaded versions available for all nozzles.Add the letter “T” to the end of the part number.

    CONTACT TIPS ID63-1130 HD .030 (0.8mm) .03763-1135 HD .035 (0.9mm) .04363-1140 HD .040 (1.0mm) .04863-1145 -50 HD .050 (1.2mm) .05563-1152 HD .052 (1.3mm) .063 63-1178 HD 5/64 (2.0mm) .093 63-1193 HD 3/32 (2.4mm) .11063-1162 HD 1/16” (1.6mm) .07363-1230 HD Tapered .030 (0.8mm) .03763-1235 HD Tapered .035 (0.9mm) .04363-1245 HD Tapered .045 (1.2mm) .05563-1252 HD Tapered .052 (1.3mm) .06363-1335 HD CuCr * .035 (0.9mm) .04363-1345 HD CuCr .045 (1.2mm) .05063-1352 HD CuCr .052 (1.3mm) .05963-1362 HD CuCr 1/16” (1.6mm) .07363-1378 HD CuCr 5/64” (2.0mm) .09363-1394 HD CuCr 3/32” (2.4mm) .11065-1130 Extra HD .030 .03765-1135 Extra HD .035 .043

    65-1145 Extra HD .045 .05565-1162 Extra HD 1/16 .067 65-1178 Extra HD 5/64 .093 65-1193 Extra HD 3/32 .110 65-11120 Extra HD 7/64 .120 65-11125 Extra HD 1/8 .136 65-1235 Extra HD .035 tprd .043 65-1245 Extra HD .045 tprd .05565-1252 Extra HD .052 tprd .06365-1335 Extra HD CuCr .035 .04065-1345 Extra HD CuCr .045 .05065-1352 Extra HD CuCr .052 .06065-1362 Extra HD CuCr 1/16 .060NOTE: 65-xxxx series tips are only to be used with 65 series Lightning® diffusers.

    GAS DIFFUSERS 63-3103-2 Tapered HD Diffuser63-3116 HD Diffuser, Threaded65-3116 Tapered Extra HD Diffuser, Threaded65-3103-2 Extra HD Diffuser

    SHOCK WASHERS 63-6202 HD (Heavy Duty)

    GOOSENECKS 65-R128-22 Fixed 22º65-R128-45 Fixed 45º65-R128-180 Fixed 180º


    Wire Size Length Part# OD

    .035” (.9mm) 6’ 64-4306 0.175

    .035” (.9mm) 10’ 64-4310 0.175

    .045” (1.6mm) 6’ 64-4506 0.189

    .045” (1.6mm) 10’ 64-4510 0.1893/64” (1.6mm) 10’ 64-4510 0.189.52” (1.6mm) 10’ 64-4510 0.1891/16” (1.6mm) 10’ 64-4510 0.189

    Feeder should be pressed all the way forward to allow for proper cable installation. When installed, cable should rise approximately 1-1/2 inches.

    J5 activation limits are +/- 101 degrees.

    The KNL-360º cable truly “knows no limits” on the sixth axis (J6). The only limits are those of the robot itself. Cable wear will not increase with infinite rotation.

    The FANUC ARC Mate 100iC/12 has a limit of 630 degrees on the 6th axis, meaning you can rotate one way up to 630º with the KNL-360º but you would then have to revert from 630º, but you can do so at a time that best suits your program.

    *Copper Zirconium Chromium


    10 11

    941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com


    Torch Configuration Dimensions

    Part # 65-r128-22

    Part # 65-r128-45

    *Wire stick out .59in [15mm]

    *Wire stick out .59in [15mm]

    Part# 65-r128-180

    Technical DataTCP Dimensions

    *Wire stick out .59in [15mm]


    10 11

    941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com


    Warranty TermsThis warranty shall not apply to any product that has been modified or used in a manner inconsistent with ATTC’s installation instructions and operatng guidelines. Within the warranty periods listed above and at ATTC’s sole discretion, ATTC will repair or replace any warranted parts or components that fail due to such defects in material or workmanship. ATTC must be notified within thirty (30) days of such defect or failure, at which time ATTC will determine if a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) is justified and issue an RGA number, authorization of a RGA number shall not be unreasonably withheld. ATTC will supply a RGA form, which must be included with the returned products for inspection by ATTC. Shipping and packing costs shall be the responsibility of the party returning the goods. Once received, ATTC shall inspect and determine if a warranty claim is justified and at ATTC’s sole discretion authorize a repair or replacement. Once authorization has been granted ATTC shall provide instructions on the warranty claim procedures to be followed. Where authorized, repair or replacement constitutes the sole remedy for breach of warranty and expressly excludes claims for lost revenue, down time and other consequential damages. The warranty is limited to the conditions stated above and excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all conditions, warranties and representations express or implied by statue, law or otherwise in relation to the supply or delay in supplying the goods/services. There are no agreements, promises or understandings, either verbal or written that are not fully expressed in this warranty. This warranty may be amended or altered only if agreed to in writing and signed by ATTC.

    ATTC Limited Warranty 0418

    LIMITED WARRANTY − Subject to the terms and conditions below

    American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC) warrants its products to the original end user for the periods listed below:


    LIFETIME*PHD and PHDX Torch Bodies

    LIFETIME*Lightning® Handle and Trigger Switch

    ONE YEAR*Lightning® Semi-Automatic MIG Guns*Lightning® Robotic MIG Guns*Lightning® Fixed Automation MIG Guns

    180 DAYS *All Other Gun Models


    THREE YEARS*Complete Oxy-Fuel Kit Components*Regulators/Flowmeters/Flowregulators*Torches, Handles & Cutting Attachments

    ONE YEAR*TIG Torches


    ONE YEAR*Thermal Spray Guns

    *Limited Warranty on Manufacturing and Material Defects. Warranty Terms Do Not Apply to Consumable Products.

  • 941-753-7557 • 800-342-8477 • [email protected] • www.LightningMIG.com


    For selecting the Lightning® KNL-360º Through-The-Arm Robotic MIG. The KNL-360º is for welding professionals who want durability and precision in harsh automated-welding environments. This technical guide with instructions and illustrations is designed to make it easy to maintain your KNL-360º. For technical support, please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-371-8477 or email us at [email protected] between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. We are committed to providing the best-quality products and services. We are constantly working to improve our products. We would appreciate hearing your suggestions.


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