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By: Andriana Andreou Lauren Silverman. Summary After the mines had blown up and Katniss had been...

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By: Andrian a Andreou Lauren Silverm an CHAPTER 17

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By:Andriana AndreouLauren Silverman CHAPTER 17SummaryAfter the mines had blown up and Katniss had been pushed to the ground she tried to get back up and everything was ringing. She was very dizzy and her ear hurt and than she realized it was bleeding so she covered it with her hood so she doesnt leave any blood trails. She starts to think bout what she is going to do if she cant hear anymore because she knows how much she needs her eyes and ears to hunt. Since she cant hear she chooses to hide in a bush and covers herself up. Right when she hides she sees the careers and Cato is pissed. She is happy but than she sees him snap the neck of the boy from district 3 because he was supposed to be watching the supplies. The rest of the day she stays there and sleeps. In the morning she sees Foxface looking through the rummage of the explosion. She thinks about asking her to join her alliance but automatically changes her mind. She thinks that there is something bout Foxface and in she befriends her it will ultimately get her killed. As she heads back to Rue she starts to relax and her hearing is starting to come back. When she gets back to where Rue should be she sings to the bird to hear is Rue will give the signal but she isn't there so she just chooses to sit and wait for her. After a while of waiting she chooses to go looking for her. As she is looking for her she realizes that the third pile of wood hadn't been light and thats when she started to worry. Than she heard a scream a scream a little girl would make like Rue. She starts to run and in the middle of a clearing she sees Rue in a net. She runs to her and grabs her hand, Rue says her name and before she knows it a spear enters Rues body.

Mines explode and Katniss is thrown back but has a hurt ear and she cant hear all she hears is ringing.

Katniss is unable to hear so she chooses to stay hidden from others because she wont know is they r coming after her.

Cato is beyond mad at what had happened. So he starts to yell at the boy from district 3 because he was supposed tyo be watching the supplies and snaps his neck.

Katniss wakes up and sees Foxface looking through the rummage and thinks about adding her to the alliance but doesnt. She doesnt because she thinks if she does she will end up dead.

When Katniss returns to where Rue should be she isn't there and she looks for her. When she finds her she is caught in a net. She runes to rue and grabs her hand and than Rue says her name and right at that moment a spear enters Rues body. Reading Questions1. Why does Katniss constantly paw at her ear? Why is it important?Katniss is pawing at her ear because it was hurt and she is worried that she won't hear the enemies coming and she will get killed. She needs her ears as well as her eyes to hunt.2. What does Cato do to the boy from distract 3 when he discovers the supplies have been destroyed?Cato breaks the neck of the boy from District 3.3. Katniss briefly contemplates forming an alliance with Foxface, but ultimately decides against it. Why does she make this decision?There is something about Foxface that makes Katniss feel that befriending her will ultimately get her killed.4. Katniss and Rue have devised a way of communicating with in another over long distances. What method of signaling each other do they use?Katniss and Rue have the singing of the birds as a communicating signal.5. What happens to Rue?Rue is trapped in a net and then killed by a spear thru her body.Test questions1. Who does Katniss see rummaging through the supplies?A. CatoB. Foxface C. Rue2. What happens to Rue at the end of the chapter?A. She get stabbed by someone and katniss doesnt see what happened.B. Rue is okay and they both get away fine.C. A spear goes through her once Katniss gets to her.