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By : Mark Anthony P. Cezar.  Overview of Ethics  Ethics for IT Workers and IT Users ...

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By : Mark Anthony P. Cezar Slide 2 Overview of Ethics Ethics for IT Workers and IT Users Computer and Internet Crime Privacy Freedom of Expression Intellectual Property Software Development The impact of technology on productivity and quality of life Social Networking Ethics of IT Organizations Slide 3 Book Reference: Ethics in Information Technology GEORGE W. REYNOLDS Third Edition Slide 4 Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set an example. -Edward Henessy Slide 5 Each Society forms a set of rules that establishes the boundaries of generally accepted. These rules made as MORAL CODE by which society lives. The term MORALITY refers to social conventions about right and wrong that are so widely shared that they become basis for an established consensus. Slide 6 What is Ethics? A set of Beliefs about right and Wrong behavior within a society. Slide 7 ETHICAL BEHAVIOR Conforms to generally accepted norms IS LYING AND CHEATING UNETHICAL? Opinions about what constitutes ethical behavior often vary dramatically. Slide 8 SOFTWARE PIRACY ? A practice of making copies of software Enable others to access software to which they are not entitled. Slide 9 SOFTWARE PIRACY ? In 2007. 38 % of all software in circulation world wide was pirated. Cost of nearly $48 billion Slide 10 SOFTWARE PIRACY ? The highest piracy rate 93% was in Armenia, Bangladesh,Azerbaijan and Moldova. The lowest piracy rates were in United States (20%) New Zealand (22%) Slide 11 VIRTUES VERSUS VICES VIRTUES Are incline people to do what is acceptable VICES Are habits and uacceptable behavior Slide 12 VIRTUESVICES FairnessVanity GenerosityGreedy LoyaltyEnvy Anger Virtues and Vices define people personal value system-complex scheme of moral values by which they live. Slide 13 THE IMPORTANCE OF INTEGRITY A person who acts with INTEGRITY acts in accordance with a personal code of principles. One of the cornerstone of ethical behavior-extending people same respect and consideration that you expect to receive from others. Slide 14 THE DIFFERENCE OF MORALS,ETHICS AND LAWS MORAL Are ones personal beliefs about right and wring, while the term ethics describes standard or codes of behavior expected of an individual by a group to which an individual belongs. Slide 15 Example Ethics of the Law Profession Attorneys defend and accused client to the best of their ability, even if they know that the client is guilty of the most heinous and morally objectionable crime. LAW Is a system of rules that tells us what we can and cannot do. Slide 16 LAW are enforce by a set of institution. LEGAL ACTS are acts that conform to the law. MORAL ACTS conform with what an individual believes the right thing to do. Law can proclaim an act as legal, although many people consider it as immoral example abortion. Slide 17 ETHICS IN THE BUSINESS WORLD Ethics has risen to the top of the business because the risks associated with inappropriate behavior have increased. Slide 18 WHY FOSTERING GOOD BUSINESS ETHICS IS IMPORTANT. Organization have five reason promoting work environment in which employees are encouraged to act ethically when making business decision. 1.Gaining the good will of the community Slide 19 2. Creating an organization that operates consistently. 3. Fostering good business practices 4. Protecting the organization and its employees from legal action. 5. Avoiding unfavorable publicity. Slide 20 MICROSOFT STATEMENT OF VALUES As a company and as individual we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self criticism, continual self improvement and mutual respect. We are committed to our customers and partners and have passion in technology. Slide 21 Approach to dealing with moral issues Principle Virtue Ethics ApproachThe Ethical choice best reflects in moral virtues in yourself and in community Utilitarian ApproachThe ethical choice produces the greatest excess of benefits over harm Fairness ApproachThe ethical choice treats everyone the same and shows no favoritism and discrimination Common Good ApproachThe ethical choice advance the common good Four common approaches to ethical decision making Slide 22 Example that raise public concern about the ethical use of information technology. 1. Many employees might have their email and internet access monitored while at work, as employee struggle to balance their need to manage important company asset and work time with employee desire for privacy and self direction. Slide 23 2. Millions of people have downloaded music and movies at no charge and in apparent violations of copyright laws at tremendous expense to the owner of those copyrights. Slide 24 3. Organization contact million of people world through unsolicited email(spam) as an extremely low cost marketing approach. Slide 25 4. Hackers break into databases of financial and retail institutions to steal customer information, then use it to commit identity theft-opening new accounts and charging purchases to unsuspecting victim. Slide 26 5.Students around the world have been caught downloading material from the web and plagiarizing content for their term papers. Slide 27 6. Web site plant cookies or spyware on visitors hard drive to attack their online purchases and activities. Slide 28 SELF DISCUSSION ANAYLSYS - Seatwork 1.You are a recent graduate of a well respected business school, but you are having problems getting a job.You worked with a professional resume service to develop a well written resume and placed in on several websites:you also sent it directly to contacts a dozen companies.So far you have not even had an invitation for an interview. You know that one of your shortcomings is that you have no real job experience to speak of.You are considering beefing up your resume by exaggerating the extent of the class project you worked on for a few weeks under the supervision of your brother in law. You could reword your resume to make it sound as if your actually employed and that your responsibilities were greater than they actually were. What should you do? Slide 29 SELF DISCUSSION ANAYLSYS - Seatwork 2. A coworker calls you at 9:00 am at work ad asks for a favor. He is having in car trouble and will be an hour late for work. He explains that he has already been late for work twice this month and that a third time will cost him four hours of pay. He asks you to stop to his cubicle turn his computer on and place some papers on the desk so that it appears that he is in. You have worked on some small projects with this co worker and have gone lunch together. He seems nice enough and does his share of the work, but you are not sure what to tell him. What would you do? Slide 30 Ethics for IT Workers and IT USERS Professionalism : It is not the job you do,It is how you do the job. Slide 31 IT Technicians fired after reporting child Porn. Slide 32 ARE IT WORKERS PROFESSIONAL? A PROFESSION is a calling that requires specialized knowledge and often and intensive academic preparation. Slide 33 FROM A LEGAL PERSPECTIVE IT workers are not recognized as professional because they are not licensed by the state. As Many courts have rules that IT workers are not liable for malpractice because they do not meet the legal deffinition ARE IT WORKERS PROFESSIONAL?. Slide 34 For Example: Doctor Prescribe of correct drugs and medication Professional exercise and carry rights in a lifelong training program Slide 35 ALTHOUGH... Not legally classified as professional, IT workers are considered part of the professional service industry. An IT workers provides services to clients. IT Workers provide hardware and software services and works to act in the clients best interest. Slide 36 PROFFESIONAL RELATIONSHIP THAT MUST BE MANAGED IT workers typically become involved in many different relationships including those employers, clients, supplier and other professional. Slide 37 BUSINESS SOFTWARE ALLIANCE Is a trade group that represents the worlds largest software and hardware manufacturers. Mission is to stop unauthorized copying of software. Check BSA WEBsite Slide 38 TRADE SECRET Information generally unknown to the public and that the company has taken strong measures to keep it confidential. Slide 39 WHISTLE BLOWING Is an effort by an employee to attract attention to a negligent, illegal,, unethical,abusive or dangerous act by a company that threatens the public interest. Slide 40 FRAUD Is the crime of obtaining good,services or property through deception or trickery. To prove fraud in a court of law four elements must be demonstrate. 1.Wrongdoer demonstrate false representation of material fact. 2.Wrongdoer intended to deceive the innocent party. 3.Innocent party justifiably relied on misrepresentation 4.Innocent party was injured. Slide 41 MISREPRESENTATION Misstatement or incomplete statement of material fact. If the misrepresentation causes the other party to enter in a contract that party may have the legal right to cancel the contract or seek reimbursement for damages. Slide 42 BREACH OF CONTRACT Occurs when one party fails to meet the terms of a contact. MATERIAL BREACH OF CONTRACT Occurs when a party fails to perform certain express or implied obligation. Slide 43 FREQUENT CAUSES OF PROBLEMS IN IT PROJECTS Customer change the scope of the project or the system requirements Poor communication between customer and vendor leads to performance that does not meet expectation Vendor delivers a system that meets the customer requirement, but a competitor comes out with a system that offers more advanced and useful features Customer fails to reveals information about legacy systems or databases that make the new system extremely difficult to implement Slide 44 IT WORKERS AND SUPPLIER IT workers deal with many different hardware and software and service providers. Most IT understand that building a good working rela

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