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CAE Speaking. Aims of this workshop  to review task focuses and task types  to discuss...

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  • CAE Speaking

  • Aims of this workshop

    to review task focuses and task types to discuss teaching tips and look at classroom activities (some exam-based and some focusing on speaking skills)to discuss how teachers can make use of sample papers and past papers in the classroom

  • Overview15 minutesfour partstwo candidates and two examinersinterlocutor manages the interaction (and gives global assessment)assessor makes detailed assessments

  • Part 1 tipTry to link your points together and develop what you say.

  • Part 1 promptsPeopleWhat makes a good friend? ...... (Why?)How do you like to spend time with your friends?Who has the greatest influence on your life? ...... (Why?)Which teacher will you always remember? ...... (Why?)

  • Part 2 useful phrasesSpeculating on feelings, relationships, atmosphere, etc. Giving your own opinion/s

    Comparing photographs

    Id say ...I dont think it ..., because ...

    Personally ...I dont really like but if I had to choose

    Both photographs show ...Neither of them ...This one is but that one shows

  • Part 2 useful phrases

  • Part 2 tipUse the questions above the photos to remind you what you must talk about.

  • Part 3 topicIn this example of a Part 3 task, you have to imagine that a company wants to improve working conditions for its employees. You have to discuss the changes it is thinking of introducing and then choose two changes which would be the most popular.

  • Part 3 tipYou need to interact with your partner, make suggestions and express opinions, and respond to what your partner says.

  • Discussion questionsSome of your students are wondering what CAE will do for them in terms of their studies and careers. Whats your opinion?What are the advantages and disadvantages of attending an exam course (as opposed to a general English course)?How far do you agree that having a Cambridge ESOL qualification is vital to improving job prospects?In your view, does the content of the Cambridge ESOL (General English) exams meet the needs of learners from different countries? (Why/Why not?)

  • Part 4 tip

    Always say something, and give an opinion! It doesnt matter if its right or wrong you are being assessed on your language, not your ideas, and the examiners want to hear your full range of language.

  • Advice for Part 4Candidates are expected to:give their opinion/sextend their answer/s by providing details and giving reasonsadd to what their partner says if relevant (dont wait for the interlocutor to ask you a question)

  • General tipThe more past papers and practice Speaking tests candidates can complete, the better prepared they will be.

  • Supportwebsiteswww.CambridgeESOL.org/www.CambridgeESOL.org/teachteachers seminarshandbooksample/past papersexam report

  • Further informationUniversity of CambridgeESOL Examinations1 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EU, UKTel:+44 (0)1223 553355Fax:+44 (0)1223 460278Email: [email protected]

    Keep up to date with whats new via the Cambridge ESOL websitewww.CambridgeESOL.org


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