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CALL FOR PAPERS - petrotech.in · Drilling and Completion Technologies Advances in Drilling...

Date post: 17-Mar-2019
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Under the aegis of 13 th International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition New Delhi-NCR, India 2019 India Expo Centre, Greater Noida (Delhi-NCR), India Theme: Shaping the New Energy World through Innovation and Collaboration 10th - 12th FEB’ 2019 CALL FOR PAPERS

Under the aegis of

13th International Oil & Gas Conference and ExhibitionNew Delhi-NCR, India


India Expo Centre, Greater Noida (Delhi-NCR), India

Theme: Shaping the New Energy World through Innovation and Collaboration

10th - 12th FEB’ 2019


13th International Oil & Gas Conference and ExhibitionNew Delhi-NCR, India

Dear All,

13th edition of International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, PETROTECH-2019 is being organized by Oil & Natural Gas

Corporation Limited, under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India from February 10-12,

2019 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida (Delhi-NCR), India.

PETROTECH is the �agship event of the Indian hydrocarbon industry that is being organized biennially since 1995. During past

12 editions, the PETROTECH series has given an opportunity for national and international experts of the oil & gas industry to

exchange views and share knowledge, expertise and experiences. This 13th edition promises to continue with the rich legacy

of this prestigious event by bringing to you a rich variety of diverse, pertinent and eminently interesting subjects of the oil &

gas industry besides showcasing the technological depth and knowledge range of this industry to the wider global audience.

In current scenario of changing global energy basket, PETROTECH-2019 o�ers an excellent opportunity to hydrocarbon

industry, their associates and academia to interact and debate the latest advances in hydrocarbon sector, which can be

leveraged for meeting global energy requirements.

PETROTECH-2016 was a great success with more than 1200 abstracts received, out of which 287 papers were accepted for

presentation in concurrent 24 Oral and 15 Digital sessions. In view of emerging global economic, business & environment

scenario and changes in landscape, PETROTECH-2019 is an added opportunity for you to contribute to the world of petroleum

with your innovative ideas.

On behalf of ONGC, the host organization and in my personal capacity as the Chairman, Technical Committee, PETROTECH –

2019, it gives me immense pleasure to invite you for an active and involved participation in PETROTECH – 2019 by

contributing technical papers (Oral & Digital Poster) on the subjects scheduled for the di�erent sections of technical

deliberations in the area of your interest and expertise. Abstract submission must be made on-line through www.petrotech.in.

I look forward for your participation in PETROTECH-2019 to make it a highly rewarding and memorable experience.

Yours sincerely

(Sanjay Kumar Moitra)

Chairman, Technical Committee PETROTECH-2019 &

Director (Onshore), Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited


13th International Oil & Gas Conference and ExhibitionNew Delhi-NCR, India

Exploration: Geology & GeophysicsExploration & Development GeologyExploration in Frontier Areas Petroleum Geochemistry / GeophysicsPetroleum Economics, Resource Appraisal & Risk Analysis.Emerging Technologies in Exploration & DevelopmentSmall & Marginal �eld DevelopmentDeepwater Exploration : Challenges in Indian Subcontinent 4D Seismic in Carbonate Reservoir–Challenges and Opportunities Near-Surface Characterization for Better ImagingResource EstimationExploration & Development Contract ManagementSub Basalt Seismic Imaging- Tools, Techniques and Interpretation

Drilling and Completion TechnologiesAdvances in Drilling TechnologyGeo-mechanics compliant well trajectory Extended Reach DrillingManaged Pressure/Under Balanced DrillingWell Placement/Geo-steeringImproved Drilling and Completion FluidsIntegrated Drilling SolutionsImprovement in Cementing Technology for long-term IntegrityWell Engineering Well InterventionCompletion for Sand/Gas/Water ControlWell Completions in Multi-Lateral WellsConventional and Intelligent Well CompletionsAdvances in Well control and Blowout preventionStuck pipe preventionDrilling automation and Machine LearningConventional & Horizontal Drilling

Upstream Production & DevelopmentDevelopment & New opportunities in Brown �eldsAdvancement in production technologiesHydraulic fracturing, multistage fracturing and Stimulation : Challenges & advancementsProduction e�ciency enhancementProcess EngineeringOil & Gas Measurement- New TechnologiesArti�cial Lift Technologies and Optimization Integrity Management of Facilities in Brown �eldsProduced Water ManagementFlow Assurance - Challenges & MitigationModular facilities for early monetizationScale and Corrosion ManagementSour crude and gas ProcessingSite Restoration & Decommissioning of Oil & Gas Facilities


13th International Oil & Gas Conference and ExhibitionNew Delhi-NCR, India

Reservoir ManagementReservoir – Characterization, Development & ManagementReservoir Management in Brown �elds and Technological InnovationIOR in Mature FieldsEnhanced Oil RecoveryData Analytics for Smart Management of ReservoirsIntegrated reservoir management and surveillanceSmart Monitoring of Water Injection and Gas Injection for Reservoir ManagementReservoir Simulation: Best practices and recent advances

Deep Water / Ultra Deepwater TechnologiesDeepwater explorationDrilling challenges in Deep Water & Ultra DeepwaterDeepwater and Ultra Deepwater Production System & FacilitiesOperation and Maintenance ChallengesAdvances in Field Development & InnovationsIntegrity Management in Deepwater Production SystemsDeepwater and Ultra Deepwater Flow AssuranceSub-sea Engineering & InterventionManaging Risk in Deepwater/ Ultra Deepwater Projects

HP-HT Field Development & TechnologiesHP-HT �eld Development & Case Studies Material selection in HP HT �eldsAdvancement in technologies for drilling and Completion of HP-HT wellsHealth Maintenance of HP-HT WellsAdvancement in Cementing and Mud SystemManaging corrosive & abrasive environment in HP HT �elds

Re�ning TechnologyFrontiers in Re�ning TechnologiesLow cost solutions for Euro- VI fuelsOperation Strategies & OptimizationAdvances in Re�ning CatalystsFCC improvement processesManaging Heavy, Sour and Acidic CrudesMembrane-based Separation TechnologiesProcess intensi�cation Energy E�ciency ImprovementAdvances in Hydro-processing Technologies

Petrochemical and PolymersRe�nery-Petrochemical integrationFeedstock options for PetrochemicalsAdvances in Petrochemical / Polymerization Processes and CatalystsAdvanced Separation TechnologiesAdvanced Polymeric Materials and MembranesValorization of Re�nery StreamsCrude to Petrochemicals


13th International Oil & Gas Conference and ExhibitionNew Delhi-NCR, India

Lubricants & Fuel TechnologyEmerging Technologies in Base Oils and LubricantsLubes, Fuel Additives & Branded FuelsFuel Quality & Emission Reduction TechnologiesAnalytical Techniques & Tribological Evaluation

Pipeline Transportation and Storage Oil, Gas and VAP transportationTransportation of Heavy / waxy crudesRisk & Reliability AnalysisTechnological Advancement in Sub-Sea/Onshore Pipeline Engineering Integrity Management of Pipelines Interface Management in Multiproduct PipelinesAdvance Technologies : Piggable and non-piggable PipelinesPipeline Surveillance & MonitoringO�shore Technology & Ocean EngineeringComposite Materials for PipelinesAdvances in Pipelines Data ManagementCorrosion Management : Advances & Case Studies

Project ManagementBest practices for Managing projects and case studiesChallenges and risks in Upstream/Downstream ProjectsUse of Arti�cial Intelligence in Project ManagementProject Planning & Execution: Improvement MethodsProject Economics and ManagementContract ManagementConstruction ManagementRisks & Challenges in Mega Projects

Digital Transformation: The next frontierin Hydrocarbon Industry

Digitalization and Digital RevolutionDisruptive technologies : Growth opportunities and Threats to Oil and Gas IndustryKnowledge ManagementIntegrated Asset Management/Lifecycle management of �eldsCyber SecuritySmart ContractsData Analytics, Big data & Blockchain TechnologyDigital Oil Field ImplementationAutomation and IOT in Hydrocarbon IndustryArti�cial Intelligence and Surveillance


13th International Oil & Gas Conference and ExhibitionNew Delhi-NCR, India

Nanotechnology Interventions in Oil and Gas Sector

Applications of Nanotechnology in Oil and Gas SectorNano-additivized fuels and LubricantsNano catalysts and additives for re�nery processesNanotechnology in IOR and EORNanotech interventions in surface coatingsHigh value nano materials (CNT, Graphene etc) for energy applications

Emerging Renewable/UnconventionalEnergy Options

Hydrogen Energy & Fuel CellsSurface & Underground Coal Gasi�cationCoal to Liquid (CTL) & Gas to Liquid (GTL)Biomass Production & Gasi�cationCo-processing of Biomass/Pet-coke/Pet Residue/Coal2nd and 3rd Generation Biofuels / Biore�nery Concept, Enzyme TechnologyBiotechnological Interventions, Genetic Modi�cationBio-based Chemicals and Raw MaterialsHybrid Energy Technologies: Nuclear, Wind, Wave & Geo-thermal EnergySolar based Energy Options/SolutionsCoal bed Methane, Gas Hydrate, Shale Gas and Oil, Tight Gas, Oil Sands Advances in Fracturing Techniques to exploit Unconventional HydrocarbonsAlgal based BiofuelsMethanol / Ethanol Economy

E-MobilityNeed, Issues, Challenges & OpportunitiesEnergy storage devicesHybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)Policy interventions and infrastructure

Natural Gas Development & GrowthLNG Transportation & Re-gasi�cationCNG & LPG Storage & Distribution- AdvancementsGas-based Economy & Business StrategiesGas pricing and strategiesNitrogen Removal from Natural GasCity Gas Distribution (CGD)FLNG & FSRUUnderground Gas Storage

Carbon Capture, Utilization and StorageCarbon Capture Utilisation and Storage : Case Studies & Business ModelsCO2 to ChemicalsElectrochemical Conversion of CO2Carbon capture TechnologiesCarbon Emission Reduction


13th International Oil & Gas Conference and ExhibitionNew Delhi-NCR, India

13th International Oil & Gas Conference and ExhibitionNew Delhi-NCR, India

Operational ExcellenceManaging Integrity Challenges in OperationsHuman Resource aspects in Operational ExcellenceReliability in Operations though Advanced TechnologiesManaging Process SafetyManaging operational challenges in low oil price regime

Make in India & Start-up India Research & Innovation to achieve future targetsIndia as a potential hub for Oil Field Equipment and Service companiesStrategies & Impediments for Commercialization of R&D TechnologiesFostering and incubating Start-ups in the Energy SectorScope for harnessing of Indian IT prowess for Oil and Gas sectorEntrepreneurship ManagementInnovative Strategies for R&D in Upstream, Midstream and DownstreamCase Studies

Oil & Gas Markets and StrategiesCollaboration and New business modelsFuture ChallengesNew technologies and its Challenges Discoveries – Early monetizationLogistics and Supply chain ManagementGas Exchange Structure of R&D-Collaborative Approach / Open InnovationTechnology Forecasting in Energy Sector

Health, Safety & EnvironmentHSE Management SystemEcology & Environmental ConcernsEnvironment MonitoringHandling of Oil Spills, Disposal of Spent Catalyst & Oily SludgeEmission Reduction TechnologiesAccident prevention, Crisis Management & Emergency PlanningWaste to Energy and Waste Plastic Management TechnologiesBiodegradable PlasticsFlare ManagementSustainable DevelopmentEnergy Conservation

HR ManagementWomen Development and DiversitySkill DevelopmentHR Strategies in Oil IndustryTalent Management Succession PlanningCareer PlanningPerformance Benchmarking