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Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"

Date post:30-May-2018
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  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    18:54 RitaD14 http://goalfanzine.com/live/supertvpc24-abc-jtv-b.html?&i=abc%20tv


    18:54 Elyima thanks @superbutterfly and @rita

    18:55 Elyima can someone post that in a comment on this thread?

    18:55 sweetbalm chandra wilson is made of win

    18:55 harekrishna1419 thanks!

    18:55 sweetbalm just sayin'

    18:56 Elyima nevermind I did just post them

    18:57 Elyima thanks!

    18:57 superbutterfly7 this is possibly the only time, i'm excited for grey's but not. i'm upset to

    miss the olympics. lol

    18:58 camteen what events tonight?

    18:58 harekrishna1419 I kinda don't wanna miss the mens free skate final

    18:58 Elyima we will have a few more weeks to enjoy the olympics

    18:58 mak62184 i don't think anything good is happening tonight with the olympics

    18:58 Elyima try to enjoy grey's now :)

    18:58 savache27 I am so shocked that I haven't even watched any of the olympics this year! The

    winter olympics are my fav

    18:58 mak62184 next week is ladies figure skaing

    18:58 harekrishna1419 The mens free skate final is on and womens downhill

    18:58 savache27 well, I did catch a few mins of women's hockey this afternoon

    18:58 superbutterfly7 there's women's snowboarding halfpipe i think too

    18:59 saffinity (Jade) Evening..

  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    18:59 superbutterfly7 sorry to get us offtopic, but the show didn't start yet.

    18:59 mak62184 yeah, i'm not completely interested lol

    18:59 harekrishna1419 Lindsey Vonn just wiped out in the final. BUt a us woman did make hte

    podium. She took silver

    18:59 saffinity (Jade) Here tonight with my friend Emily..

    18:59 superbutterfly7 hi emily! and saff!

    18:59 bexamillion wait who won womens hockey?

    18:59 harekrishna1419 Hello Emily, Saff

    18:59 katoelizabeth I'm going to be with my sister for the next few days and she watches

    EVERY olympic event. This is my last day of avoiding it.

    18:59 savache27 hi emily, hi saff

    18:59 superbutterfly7 kato i watch every event too. curling is my new fav. lol

    18:59 kicks_316 Hi, everyone!

    19:00 superbutterfly7 It's on!

    19:00 Elyima ep starting

    19:00 saffinity (Jade) Hey everyone :)

    19:00 sweetbalm prettyyyy!

    19:00 jeepy91 oh joy, the chief is back, blah

    19:00 katoelizabeth Hers too. XD She'd never heard of it before.

    19:00 harekrishna1419 aw!

    19:00 saffinity (Jade) Ep is not starting on stream

    19:00 sweetbalm i freaking love bailey

    19:00 Darsfebruary I agree, gas man! Bailey looks great!

  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    19:00 mak62184 and he has the monologue boo

    19:00 jeepy91 tehe, i'm kinda liking those two already

    19:00 savache27 @bex umm...The US was ahead when I was watching

    19:01 Darsfebruary omg

    19:01 sweetbalm mmmm hair

    19:01 superbutterfly7 oh callie stage fright!

    19:01 Darsfebruary hurling callie

    19:01 sweetbalm cuuute

    19:01 savache27 that is so awesome!

    19:01 mak62184 aww callie

    19:01 dynamight21 ahaha

    19:01 harekrishna1419 aw callie

    19:01 mak62184 i love her

    19:01 harekrishna1419 She's so adroable

    19:01 sweetbalm only callie makes chickenpox and hurling HOT

    19:01 kicks_316 that was so cute!

    19:01 savache27 lol sweet

    19:01 jeepy91 should we be worried c/a have been relegated to hair brushing ala south of

    nowhere? lol

    19:01 savache27 and AZ was there for her being all supportive :)

    19:01 dynamight21 so the chief's voiceover is his intro to AA? good for him

    19:01 mak62184 and arizona helped her wash the puke out of her hair

    19:02 jeepy91 ohh, so we've time jumped like a month seems like

  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    19:02 saffinity (Jade) Aww, Ca,

    19:02 sweetbalm to me, supportive arizona will never get old

    19:02 mak62184 agreed

    19:02 Elyima I don't think the timeline is ever really defined much

    19:02 Elyima we'll never know how long as gone by

    19:02 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Hey Yall. =]

    19:02 Elyima ooh flashback

    19:02 superbutterfly7 "last lecture" like randy pausch

    19:02 djrach That is like the first scene this season that the cheif hasn't ****ed me off

    19:03 mak62184 so true

    19:03 superbutterfly7 except wayyy less cool

    19:03 kicks_316 Arizona didn't look too excited

    19:03 Doom_Kitteh I missed the begining again! gah

    19:03 saffinity (Jade) awaa

    19:03 LexieRobbins[Alexa] I LOVE this scene! HaHa

    19:03 superbutterfly7 epic

    19:03 sweetbalm pink is a good color for her

    19:03 savache27 @Lexie me too

    19:03 LexieRobbins[Alexa] HeeHee

    19:03 superbutterfly7 definitely a good color

    19:03 jeepy91 i love bailey lol

    19:03 dynamight21 she's speakin my language

  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    19:03 bexamillion arizona approves

    19:03 annabanna_15_89 i love bailey

    19:04 saffinity (Jade) yum :)

    19:04 savache27 approves of throwing chocolate, or beaming Chris in the head??

    19:04 LexieRobbins[Alexa] LOL She's super teeny in the background. =]

    19:04 superbutterfly7 omg bailey...i love your hair.

    19:04 superbutterfly7 haha

    19:04 Elyima awww i love the bailey glasses

    19:04 RitaD14 Lol. i think Lexie and her photographic memory are thinking "oooh lots of

    chocolate for me so"

    19:04 LexieRobbins[Alexa] @Elyima me too!

    19:04 saffinity (Jade) super love :)

    19:04 jeepy91 tehe, bailey with dreads is just hysterical

    19:04 Elyima wow LOOONG dreads

    19:04 savache27 lol

    19:04 Elyima braids...sorry

    19:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Bailey has a Bailey!!

    19:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] lol

    19:05 superbutterfly7 yesss! that's why she's like the nazi

    19:05 kicks_316 Bailey being mousy. Adorable.

    19:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] Pee dance?

    19:05 superbutterfly7 omg. callie

  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    19:05 Elyima @kicks yes it is

    19:05 savache27 I guess we see where she learned her moves

    19:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] lol

    19:05 Darsfebruary pee dance omg

    19:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] awwww haha

    19:05 jeepy91 lmao

    19:05 dynamight21 her pee dance....there's the pic!

    19:05 annabanna_15_89 lmao

    19:05 superbutterfly7 omg the pictuer!

    19:05 mak62184 we saw the picture!

    19:05 sweetbalm hahahahaha

    19:05 sweetbalm omg callie

    19:05 jeepy91 so thatttt's where the picture was

    19:05 savache27 ahhh

    19:05 kicks_316 There it is

    19:05 Elyima that's so cute

    19:05 sweetbalm i just want to hug her

    19:05 annabanna_15_89 poor callie

    19:05 LexieRobbins[Alexa] yay to the pic!

    19:05 kerigan_smh omg ahaha

    19:05 harekrishna1419 aw!

    19:05 mak62184 i love callie

  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    19:06 savache27 poor callie

    19:06 sweetbalm hahahahaha

    19:06 sweetbalm omg

    19:06 jeepy91 where is bad ass callie, though this is hysterical

    19:06 Elyima callie funny bun. love it!

    19:06 sweetbalm i am laughing out loud

    19:06 Darsfebruary what was on the comp screen? i missed it/

    19:06 Darsfebruary ooooh the pic

    19:06 Elyima the pic from shondas twitter

    19:06 Darsfebruary makes sense now

    19:06 superbutterfly7 this is sooo great. haha

    19:06 LexieRobbins[Alexa] it was the pic of them that was shondas g

    19:06 RitaD14 Yeah but it was different one

    19:06 harekrishna1419 aw! poor callie

    19:06 saffinity (Jade) yeas

    19:06 sweetbalm "28 year old grad. [flips index card.] student." that cracked me up

    19:06 Elyima heart in the elevator guy...AWWW GEORGE

    19:06 tlwlover yea it was a diff pic

    19:06 RitaD14 Callies mouth was open..an 'Ahhhh' pose

    19:07 saffinity (Jade) awwwwwwww

    19:07 tlwlover i want that piccc

    19:07 djrach oh man too funny

  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    19:07 Elyima no but this does...ewwwww

    19:07 superbutterfly7 @tlwlover. yes.

    19:07 Doom_Kitteh aaand I'm not glad I'm eating...

    19:07 savache27 okay, I so did not need to see that

    19:07 superbutterfly7 oh dude it's gonna be such a cool surgery!!

    19:07 LexieRobbins[Alexa] lol

    19:07 kicks_316 sweetbalm, me too!

    19:07 Elyima @super...HAHAHA

    19:07 savache27 why is the song Rehab going through my head?

    19:07 Elyima part time lover!

    19:07 Elyima yes

    19:08 sandyb78 they r smoking in the hospital ha ha

    19:08 sweetbalm LOVE the old school nursing uniforms

    19:08 saffinity (Jade) ew, cal/alex

    19:08 superbutterfly7 i love this episode. more than like. anything. so awesome. and full of win

    19:08 savache27 this is a great ep so far

    19:08 LexieRobbins[Alexa] woot!

    19:08 LexieRobbins[Alexa] ellis is sooo tough!

    19:09 superbutterfly7 ellis is kick ass. for sure

    19:09 saffinity (Jade) cal/az

  • 8/14/2019 Callie_Arizona 6x15 Live Chat "The Time Warp"


    19:09 LexieRobbins[Alexa] cal should look at AZ

    19:09 kerigan_smh *about to

    19:09 Elyima awww meredith is liking this

    19:09 LexieRobbins[Alexa] woot

    19:09 dynamight21 def gonna get more interesting...

    19:09 mak62184 i don't like meredith, but she with cristina

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