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Canon NP 6050 Service Manual

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manual técnico fotocopiadora canon NP6050
  • Pgina 1FeaturesSpecificationsNames of PartsExternal ViewCross Section

    OperationsControl PanelBasic OperationsAuto StartPre-Heat Mode and Auto Power-Off ModeCreating a Binding MarginErasing FramesMaking Two-Sided CopiesMaking Overlay CopiesEnabling Auto Paper SelectionEnabling Auto Ratio SelectionInterrupting Copying OperationPage Composition ModeCover ModeUsing ID ModeUser Mode

    Warnings and Actions to TakeJam IndicationAdd Paper IndicatorSupplying TonerRoutine Work by the User

    Image FormationOutlineLatent Image Formation BlockPre-Exposure (step 1)Primary Charging (step 2)Image Exposure (step 3)Developement (step 4)Pre-Transfer Charging (step 5)transfer (step 6)Separation (step 7)Fixing (step 8)Drum Cleaning

    Auxiliary ProcessRoller ElectrodeSeparation ClawBlank Exposure LampOzone FilterStatic Elimination

    Basic OperationsFunctional ConstructionOutline of the Electric CircuitryInputs to the DC Controller PCBOutputs from the DC Controller Inputs to and Outputs from the OptionsMain Control CircuitBasic Sequence of Operations

    Exposure SystemVarying the Reproduction RatioLens Drive SystemScanner Drive System

    Image FormationControlling the Surface Potential of the DrumControlling the Scanning Lamp IntensityControllingthe Blank Exposure Lamp (LEDs)Controlling the Primary/Transfer Corona CurrentControlling the Separation/Pre-TRansfer Corona CurrentDeveloping Assembly and Cleaning AssemblyDrum Heater CircuitCleaning the Primary Charging WireCleaning the Pre-Transfer, TRansfer and Separation Charging Wires AutomaticallyDetecting the Size Originals

    Pick-Up/Feeding SystemOutlinePick-Up from the CassetteCassette Lifter OperationsDetecting the Size of Copy Paper in the CassettePaper DeckLifter OperationsDetecting Paper for the DeckHigh-Speed Pick-UpControlling the Registration ClutchMaking Two-Sided/Overlay Copies (1st side)Making Overlay Copies (2nd side)Reversal DeliverySwitching Paper Sizes for Two-Sided/Overlay/Reversal Delivery CopiesRe-Pick Up from the Holding TRaySkippingFixing/Delivery AssemblyFixing Heater SSR Error Detection CircuitDetecting JamsError Detection Circuit

    Control PanelOutlineOperation

    FansPower SupplyOutline of Power SupplyPower Supply CircuitPower Supply for Date/Time Display

    ExternalsExternal CoversControl PanelDoor Switch AssemblyFan UnitLens Drive AssemblyMain Motor AssemblyFixing/Waste Tone Drive AssemblyDrive Assmbly (drum/developing assembly)Vertical Path Drive AssemblyPick-Up Drive AssemblyDuplexing Unit Drive 1 AssemblyLifter drive AssemblyAttaching the Drive Belt

    Pick-Up/Feeding SystemMultifeeder AssemblyPaper Deck AssemblyCassette and Right Deck Pick-Up AssemblyLeft Deck Pick-Up AssemblyPick-Up Vertical Path Roller AssemblyRegistration Feeding AssemblyFeeding AssemblyHolding Tray AssemblyHolding Tray Feeding Assembly

    Exposure SystemScanning LampStandard White Plate AssemblyPre-Exposure Lamp UnitBlank Exposure Lamp Assembly

    Charging AssemblyPhotosensitive DrumPotential Sensor AssemblyPrimary Charging AssemblyPre-Transfer Charging AssemblyTransfer/Sepration Charging AssemblyCharging WireHopper Assembly

    Drum Cleaning SystemDrum CleanerSeparation Claw/Separation Claw Drive AssemblyWaste Toner Feeding Assembly

    Fixing SystemFixing AssemblyElectrical SystemDC ControllerDC Power Supply AssemblyHigh-Voltage Transformer AssemblyPower Supply Input Assembly

    Selecting the SisteUnpacking and InstallationUnpackingInstalling the ScannerInstalling the Fixing AssemblyInstalling the AP Kit and the Charging AssemblyInstalling the Copy TrayChecking the Developing AssemblyInstalling the Pick-Up AssemblySupplying TonerSetting Images/Functions and User Mode

    Relocating the MachineInstalling the Control Card VPeriodically Replaced PartsConsumables and DurablesCopier

    Scheduled Servicing ChartAppendixGeneral Timing Chart Signals and AbbreviationsGeneral Circuit DiagramDC Controller PCBControl Panel CPU PCBControl Panel Key PCBFL Inverter PCBDC Power Supply PCBHigh-Voltage Transformer PCBHolding Tray Control PCBPOtential Measurement PCBOptions Counter PCBAC Driver PCBLamp Regulator PCBDrum Heater Control PCB

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