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Capacity Development of Myanma Radio and Television (JICA ......JICA Technical Cooperation Project...

Date post:03-Oct-2020
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  • Capacity Development of MyanmaRadio and Television(JICA Technical Cooperation Project)

    - MRTV Next Project -

  • Contents

    1. Project Outline

    2. Project framework -Project Design Matrix and Activities

    3. PSB Roles

    4. Joint Coordinating Committee

    5. Working Group

    6. Submission of Reports

    7. Technical Cooperation Deliverables

    8. Japanese Expert Team and Dispatch Schedule

  • Project Outline

    Output 1.Organizational Reinforcement

    Output 2. Operation and Maintenance


    Output 3. Program

    Production Capacity

    Output 4. News

    Reporting Capacity

    Capacity Development for MRTVto deliver accurate, impartial and fair information to the people

    developing the broadcast infrastructure

    Establishment of system and institution

    raising the capabilities of each individual

    • Internal award system for outstanding programs (Incentive system and ensuring quality)

    • Review of existing program planning strategically• Introduction of program evaluation committee• Carry out periodic audience survey through Audience

    preference analysis system development• Programs taking into consideration various people

    (ethnic minorities, socially vulnerable)

    • Basic training for journalists• Investigative reporting through OJT

    • Create a system that promotes change of work

    • Secure stable financial resources

    • Secure enough budget for program production

    • Audience participation

    • OJT for maintenance and management

    • Future equipment plan

    Program production capacity

    News reporting capacity

  • (See the Project Design Matrix)

  • JICA Technical Cooperation Project

    Technical Cooperation Project is a type of technical assistance by JICA.• A project to resolve specific issues by transferring technology,

    knowledge and skills to the counter partners of recipient country during a certain project period.

    The recipient country will implement a project, for which JICA provides technical assistance.

    JICA will provide three input elements to the project: • Dispatch Japanese Experts to provide technical support • Invite personnel from the recipient country for training in Japan (or in the

    third country) • Provide equipment for the Project

  • Activities –Output 1-The organizational and operational issues to be addressed are

    clarified to transform MRTV into a public broadcaster and a resolution

    policy and organizational vision are formulated in MRTV.

    Activity 1 Grasping the current status of the media in Myanmar and collection and analysis of baseline data

    Activity 2 Preparation of report by summarizing the results of grasping the current status and analyzing the issue

    Activity 3 Collection of information concerning public service broadcasters in different countries

    Activity 4 Extraction of issues in transformation to public service broadcaster

    Activity 5 Development of tracking policy for issues in transformation to public service broadcaster

    Activity 6 Development of organizational vision for transformation to public service broadcaster

  • Output 1 – Extraction of issues in transformation to PSB-

    No. Point to be considered for the transformation Required action

    1. System, structure and manpower for human resource development

    • Strengthen expertise• Reallocate man power for production

    2. Performance appraisal and wage systems for employment of excellent human resources

    • Consider own employee evaluation and salary systems

    3. Program production and news reporting are based on hands-on approach and quick judgement at the site

    • Promote empowerment

    4. A structure for self-regulation of contents • Establish a program evaluation committee

    5. An internal structure to ensure compliance • Formulate a broadcasting ethics committee

    6. An environment for sustainable equipment investment based on stable financial resources.

    • Enact broadcasting bylaw/PSB law for ensuring funds of PSB

    • Consider budget size based on the roles of PSB

    7. All employees’ pride in being a journalist. • Raise awareness of staffs• Campaign for the citizens promoting to

    understand journalism and PSB

    Required actions on seven points will be discussed for transformation to PSB.

  • Output 1 – Roadmap for PSB-Major Article Expected Contents

    1. Establishment of organizational structure

    • integration and abolishment of sections• reallocation of employees• personnel and labor management system• strengthening of rural stations

    2. Human resource development • Establishment of grade-wise training system• Training curriculum development• Establishment of journalist ability improvement

    training• Development of newcomer training

    3. Promotion of understanding on public broadcasting service

    • Orientation for employees• Promotion for audience

    4. Financial reform • Reorganization of financial statements• Evaluation of assets and debts• Transfer to assets from the Union Government to

    PSB• Application of accounting standards

    5. Equipment reform • Analog switch-off planning• Installation of HD equipment• Digital radio broadcasting

  • Activities –Output 2-

    The capacity of MRTV staff in charge of operating and

    maintaining broadcasting equipment is enhanced.

    Activity 1 Analysis of issues relating to operation and maintenance of broadcasting equipment

    Activity 2 Implementation of OJT for employees in operation and maintenance of broadcasting equipment

  • Output 2 - OJT and Manual Development-

    Improving maintenance log book for its efficient useHow to use measurement equipment and tools Redundancy policy strengthening Budgeting for periodical and overhaul maintenances

    Abstraction from maintenance manuals provided by

    manufacturer based on frequency of useThe manuals will be prepared facility basis

    Harmonizing with the consultant team in charge of the Grant Aid Project.

  • Activities –Output 3-

    The capacity of MRTV staff in charge of program

    production is enhanced.

    Activity 1 Analysis of issues for production of high-quality programs

    Activity 2 Implementation of basic program production training and OJT

  • Output 3 – Activities and Deliverables -

    Activities 1. Analysis of issues for production of high-quality programs2. Implementation of basic program production training and OJT3. Creation of program production guidelines4. Production of national awareness programs5. Educational program @Yangon

    a. Program formatting standardization and production 6. Agricultural program @Tatkone

    a. Collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

    b. Comprehensive training from pre-production to post-production

    Technical Cooperation DeliverablesAnalysis report of issues in program production

  • Activities –Output 4-

    The awareness towards professionalism (accurate and fair

    news) is raised among MRTV staff in charge of news

    reporting.Activity 1 Analysis of current status and issues of news reporting

    of MRTV

    Activity 2 Implementation of training for employees in charge of news reporting

    Activity 3 Implementation of investigative reporting through OJT

  • Output 4 – Key Activities -

    1. Quick news reporting strengthening a. News report using smartphoneb. Live weather news/reports from outdoor

    locationsc. Market Price Informationd. Video editing specialized training

    2. Investigative Journalism Enhancement a. Feature news experiences b. OJT

  • Output 4 - Standards for Broadcaster -

    Expected Contents Essential Features

    Basic Guidelines of Broadcasting Ethics Respect to human rights, the vulnerable persons, religions and expressions, service to the right to know.

    Broadcasting standards Respect to human rights, respect to legislation, public order and morals, reality, clarity and fairness.

    News reporting guidelines Freedom of the press, stance of journalism, respect to human rights, transparency/openness.

    Considerations to children and young people

    Animation techniques, points to be considered on commercials for children, time for a program.

    Considerations to religions and ethnic minorities

    Respect to freedom of religious, to each ethnic group, of historical perception.

    Relationship between government/regulatory agencies and PSB

    Roles of government/regulatory agencies and obligations of public service broadcaster.

    Broadcasting StandardsStates the mission of the broadcasting station and the aims of broadcasting

    Broadcasting Ethics Code

    Provides the responsibilities to be fulfilled, practical

    examples or case studies of violations of broadcasting

    standards, etc.

    Journalists HandbookA collection of news

    reporting, editing and broadcasting skills

    Editorial Handbook for MRTV

    Prepared by MRTV Next project

    Development of code of conduct (Ethics Code)

  • Common Activities

    Activity 1 Implementation of PR activity

    • Promoting MRTV Project for both within the countries. (Myanmar, Japan)

    Activity 2 Sharing information with other donors

    • Sharing information• expectation synergistic


    Activity 3 Monitoring • To review the status of project

    Activity 4 JCC Meeting • Sharing information• Consensus formation

    Activity 5 Reporting to JICA • Report submission

  • Training Content Implementation ItemDay 1-2 Move ―

    Day 3 Orientation • Understanding the training objectives and content

    Day 4-5 Preparation and Creation of script• Obtaining permission for filming• Creation of filming schedule and script

    Day 6-12 News gathering and Editing• Studying for modification of the news gathering• Gaining a deeper understanding of basic editing method

    Day 13-14 Preview and evaluation • Reconfirmation of the aptness of the news gathering method.• Evaluating on the training.Day 15 Move ―

    News production training

    Time : November, 2016 (2 weeks)Members : 6 News staffsVenue : Tokyo (Nippon Television)

    Activities Training in Japan - Training Program

    Observation PSB Operations

    Time : November-December, 2017 (1 week)Members : 5-7 High OfficialsVenue : Tokyo

  • Audience Preference Analysis System• The development of “prototype system” has almost completed now.• The needs of MRTV for this system will be discussed by using prototype

    system. (new function, Myanmar language, design etc.)






    What you can “know” with this system?

    Popular ProgramHot News

    Viewers / Listeners Opinion

    Popular Broadcaster

    1. 158378 ရခိုငြ်ပညန်ယ်၊ ေမာငေ်တာ�မို �တွင် အြပညြ်ပညဆ်ိငုရ်ာ2. 104744 ရနက်ုန်Stock Exchange ေဈးကွက်အေြခအေန (၂၇-၆-၂၀၁၇)3. 93747 ဆ�မအ�ကိမေ်ြမာက် သေဘင်္ာသားေနအ့ခမး်အနားကျငး်ပ4. 84633 အာဂျငတ်ီးနား�ိငုင် ံ မနဒ်ိဇုာြပညန်ယတ်ငွ်ဘတ်စက်ားတစစ်းီတိမး်ေမာှက်ံ5. 56753 တ�ုတ်�ိငုင် ံ အေနာက်ေတာငပိ်ငုး်တွင် ေရ�ကီးမ�များြဖစေ်ပါ်ေနြခငး်အေ�ကာငး်









  • PSB Roles Examination

    Item Description

    General Roles

    Universality • The role of public service broadcasting is still debatable, however the 7 items tend to be included.

    • Editorial independence is defined in the revised Broadcasting law.

    Editorial independence

    Opinion forming

    Remarkable quality of programs

    Services for ethnic minorities

    Local broadcasts

    General program planning

    Roles in Particular for Myanmar

    Disaster Broadcasting The cooperation with DMH and EOC are required.

    Educational Broadcasting Feasibility study are required.

  • PSB Roles Examination

    R² = 0.5885







    0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

    R² = 0.7018







    0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

    R² = 0.4982







    0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

    R² = 0.6284







    0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

    Electrification rate × TV Penetration rate Literacy Rate × Radio Penetration rate

    Electrification rate × Mobile PhonePenetration rate

    Enrollment Rate in Secondary× TV Penetration rate

  • 0%






    Radio TV Mobile







    Radio TV Mobile






    100%Poverty Rate Urban Poverty Rate RuralEnrollment Rate in Secondary Rural Enrollment Rate in Secondary Urban

    PSB Roles Examination

    Penetration Rate in RuralPenetration Rate in Urban

  • Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) The functions of JCC are: (1) To discuss annual work plan of the Project(2) To review the overall progress and achievement of the Project(3) To review and exchange views on major issues of the Project

    Ministry of Information MRTV

    JICA Headquarters

    Japanese Expert Team

    JICA Myanmar Office

    ChairpersonU Myint Htway, Director General

    (Project Director)

    Chairperson has authority to invite other personnel as observer if necessary.Myanmar side and JICA can invite other personnel as attendee if necessary.The leader of the each WG will be included in the member of JCC.

    Structure of JCC

  • Working Group• WGs are established as the working organizations of the project, to enable MRTV

    to independently carry out the project activities.• There should be about 10 members in each WG and 2-3 for each sub-WG.

  • Working Groups and TasksWorking Groups Activities

    1. PSB WG • Development of organizational vision for transformation to public service broadcaster

    • Creation of medium-to-long-term roadmap for transformation to PSB

    2. Technical WG • Lecture and On Job Training (OJT) for Sub Working Groups.• Considering how to improve the current issues.• Check the existing Manual of OJT, Creation of manual Operation and Maintenance,

    Record of Operation and Maintenance

    3. ProgramProduction WG

    • Production of national awareness program for transformation to PSB• Production of agricultural irrigation programs• Development of educational programs in collaboration with the Ministry of

    Education• Analysis report of issues in program production

    4. Program Lineup WG • Development on Audience Preference Analysis System as a prototype

    5. News Reporting WG • Analysis report of the issues of news reporting

    6. Ethics WG • Quick news reporting strengthening • Investigative Journalism Enhancement • Broadcasting ethics code • journalist’s Handbook

  • Technical Cooperation Deliverables (1st and 2nd Year)

    Name of Deliverable Outline Submission timing


    Analysis report of the current status and issues of the media

    Summarizes the result of analyzing the current status and issues of the media in Myanmar March 2017


    Analysis report of the issues of news reporting

    Summarizes the result of analyzing the current status and issues of news reporting of MRTV March 2018

    Middle / long-term roadmap for transformation to public service broadcaster

    A middle/long-term roadmap for the transformation of MRTV to a public service broadcaster, describing the content and timing of necessary activities and the relationship of each activity.

    March 2018

    Analysis report of issues in program production

    Summarizes the analysis of current status and identified issues in program production. March 2018

  • Technical Cooperation Deliverables(3rd and 4th Year)

    Name of Deliverable Outline Submission timing


    Training plan for improvement of reporter’s skills

    Defines the skills to be acquired by the reporters and will be used for implementing internal training.

    March 2019


    Operation and maintenance manual of broadcasting equipment

    Describes the matters necessary for operation and maintenance of the broadcasting equipment.

    March 2020

    Program production guideline

    Summarizes the guidelines for producing accurate, impartial and fair programs.

    March 2020

    Analysis report of issues in produced programs

    gram production

    Programs produced with the involvement of this project March 2020

    Code of conduct for news reporters

    Code of conduct for personnel in charge of news reporting March 2020

    Reporter’s handbook A handbook for the reporters March 2020

  • Japanese Expert TeamNo. Responsibility Name In Charge of

    1 Team Leader / Broadcasting Operation Naoaki Nambu PSB WG/ Overall2 Deputy Team Leader / Program planning Yoshitaka Ikeda Program Lineup WG3 Institution Yoshiyuki Choso PSB WG4 Broadcasting Equipment Satoshi Hamanaka Technical WG5 Program Production Chiaki Matsumoto Program Production


    6 Journalism 1 Jusaburo Hayashi News Reporting/

    Ethics WGs

    7 Journalism 2 Nikki Matsunaga News Reporting WG8 Journalism 3 Kako Konno News Reporting WG9 Video Editing Shigeru Sasaki Program Production/

    News Reporting WGs

    10 Coordinator/Training Plan/Finance Keiko Uchiumi PSB WG11 Democratization Kahori Hirano PSB WG12 Broadcasting Operation Assistant/ Donor


    Hitomi Kotaka PSB WG

  • END

    Capacity Development of Myanma Radio and Television�(JICA Technical Cooperation Project)ContentsProject Outline(See the Project Design Matrix)JICA Technical Cooperation ProjectActivities –Output 1-スライド番号 7Output 1 – Roadmap for PSB-Activities –Output 2-Output 2 - OJT and Manual Development-Activities –Output 3-Output 3 – Activities and Deliverables -Activities –Output 4-Output 4 – Key Activities -スライド番号 15Common Activitiesスライド番号 17Audience Preference Analysis SystemPSB Roles ExaminationPSB Roles ExaminationPSB Roles ExaminationJoint Coordinating Committee (JCC) Working GroupWorking Groups and TasksTechnical Cooperation Deliverables �(1st and 2nd Year)Technical Cooperation Deliverables�(3rd and 4th Year)Japanese Expert TeamEND

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Capacity Development of Myanma Radio and Television (JICA Technical Cooperation Project) - MRTV Next Project -
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