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Capital list slide deck invite to advisors

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Capital List-
  • 1.Capital List A platform to showcase the bestLondon Start-ups to advisors andinvestorswww.capitallist.co

2. Capital List is A platform that will showcase and connect London based tech start-ups toadvisors and early stage investors. A Private beta that will showcase (over 3 months from May 2013) 100 start-ups exclusively spun out from Londons leading universities, incubators andaccelerators. A map of the London Tech Start-up eco-system including active angels,investors, advisors, supporting companies, supporting programmes andresources. A place where start-ups can seek and display the advice and endorsements oftheir team, tech and business model from important players within the scene.www.capitallist.co 3. The Team The Platform operator: CapitalEnterprise .An association of 60+Universities, Incubators,Accelerators and networkssupporting entrepreneurs inLondon. The Platform Provider- CrowdmixLabs A New Open Innovationplatform provider .Investors and Supporters.www.capitallist.co 4. We talked to people and found.. Start-ups seek funding way before they are investable. When at this early stage they askfor Money they will be told to politelyoff however if they ask for advice, that they thenact upon, they will massively increase their chances of getting investment. Jon Bradford Tech Stars London Credibility is the start-ups main currency. Credibility of the team, credibility of theiradvisors, partners and backers and the credibility of what they have achieved to date Sean Ward founder of Synthace I have no time or resources to scout deal flow from universities. I rely on others to directthem to us Senior Partner at London VC . If you are afraid to share data on your start-up, dont bother pitching me or 500 start-ups- Dave McClure London is not Silicon Valley What we do here needs to recognise that- Russ Shaw Founder of Tech London Advocates.www.capitallist.co 5. What does London Start-up scenewant..Start-upsWantintroductionsto investors orfailing thatqualityAdvisors - butmost are tooearly orunder-cooked to beready forinvestment.Seed InvestorsWould likefilteredintroductionsto Investablestart-ups.Angels alsowant betterdeal flow.Universities ,Accelerators &IncubatorsWant todemonstratevalue of theirsupport to Start-ups, Advisors andinvestors alsowant morequality start-upclientsAdvisorsWould like atime efficientway to find,strike uprelationshipsand add valueto start-ups .some alsowould likerecognition.THE SOURCE THE PLAYER THE ENABLER THE CLIENTwww.capitallist.co 6. How does it workfor start-upsCapital List is a user generated contentwebsite where Start-ups are invited* to: List their business core details (Team/ Tech/ Business Model/investment deck/ funding to date) Invite advisors to publicly vouch fortheir core details. Attract meeting requests frompotential investors, advisors andprogrammes.(Initially those invited will be clients of Capital Enterprisemembers and partners especially those who have raisedsome POC or Seed funding but need more to finish of theround)www.capitallist.co 7. How does it work for advisors.Advisors will be invited by CapitalEnterprise and individual Start-upsregistered on the platform to: Register on the platform Vouch for the Start-ups core details( Team/ Tech/ Business modelachievements to date) See Start-ups in need of advisorsand invite them to connect or vice-aversa. Refer them to investors.www.capitallist.co 8. Who are the advisors/ champions? Capital List is looking for credibleand relevant people andorganisations willing to formallyor informally advise a start-upand subsequently potentiallyvouch for the start-ups team,achievements to date, technologyand business model. These advisors can beexperienced entrepreneurs,investors and/or experts or seniorpersonnel from a relevantindustry or institution.Before we have even Launched thefollowing calibre of people havevolunteered to take part as advisors: Leading London Entrepreneurs- KristoKaarmann(founder of Transfer Wise),Daniel Hulme ( founder of Satalia, SeanWard (founder of Synthace) and NickRussell (founder of We Are Pop-up) Exited London Entrepreneurs-PaddyWillis, David Pritchard, Tony Fish, JureckSikorski Experts- Jeremy Chatfield, Rob Fitzpatrick& Stefano Tresca Investors- Sitar Teli & Ian Merricks.www.capitallist.co 9. How does it workfor investorsInvestors get a chance via Capital List tosee and attract the best Start-ups inLondon by: Being listed on Capitallist if a VC orFSA approved Angel Syndicate orbeing invited to register if anindividual business angel. Being able to set their own filter onwhich start-ups they would beinterested to receive invites to followor receive meeting requests from.www.capitallist.co 10. Who are the Angels? UK Business Angel Association is co-funding and supporting Capital List.They will be helping to enrol seriousbusiness angels. Start-ups with funding will be alsoencouraged to list their present/pastAngel InvestorsAt the pilot stage Capital Enterprise will makepersonal introductions of investable teamsto suitable investors. 11. ..and the Seed Investment SyndicatesFSA Regulated Crowd-funding Platforms:www.crowdcube.comwww.seedrs.comwww.fundingplanet.comSyndicates..1. London Business Angels:http://www.lbangels.co.uk2. Oxford Early Investments-http://www.oxei.co.uk3. Envestors- www.envestors.co.uk4. Finance South East- www.thefsegroup.com5. Angels Den- www.angelsden.com6. Varitus- www.varitus.co.uk7. Start-up Funding Club-www.startupfundingclub.com8. E100- London Business School -www.london.edu/facultyandresearch/subjectareas/strategyandentrepreneurship/enterprise100.html9. #1 seed- www.number1seed.co.uk10. Ascension Ventures-www.ascensionmedia.com/ascension-ventures.php 12. and the VCs?Accel Partners: Stage agnostic, see their portfolio here.Balderton- Stage Agnostic- See there portfolio hereEden Ventures- Early- mid stage see there portfolio hereIndex Ventures: Stage agnostic, see their portfolio here.Passion Capital: Early Stage, see their portfolio here.Delta Partners: Early to mid-stage, see their portfolio here.Imperial Innovations: Restricted entry requirements but the largestSeries investor in the UK in 2012-13 , see their portfolio hereAtomico: Stage agnostic, see their portfolio here.Profounders: Early and mid-stage, see their portfolio here. DFJ Esprit: Early to mid-stage, see their portfolio here. Charlotte St: Early to Mid Stage, see there portfolio here MMC - Series A Fund- Co-Investment fund with Mayor ofLondon Notion Capital SAAS and Cloud specialist- See portfolio here Seraphim Capital Early-mid stage see there portfolio here. Octopus Ventures: Early to mid-stage, see their portfolio here. M8 Capital : Mobile Specialists, see their portfolio here Episode1: Early Stage Software Companies Arts Alliance: Minimum investment 500K in Media relatedtech- see portfolio here EC1 Capital: Early stage, see their portfolio here Connect Ventures- Early stage and very cool. Ballpark Ventures Early stage Super Angel investors Pen Tech Ventures- Early Stage to mid- See portfolio [email protected] 13. How does it workfor CapitalEnterprise members & partners?London based Start-up support providers(such as Universities, Incubators,Accelerators etc) will:- Have there services and contactdetails advertised on the platform.- Be able to invite suitable start-ups,advisors and investors to take part intheir programmes.- Be able in pilot stage to nominate thestart-ups who go on the platform.www.capitallist.co 14. ..so is this just a clone of Angel List?YesCapital List has borrowed thebest bits of Angel List such as: Core function- to showcase start-ups toAngel investors. Clean User Interface Simplicity of its navigation E-mail updates and notificationsNoLondon is not California so atCapital List we will: Focus on connecting London start-upswith London investors becauseAngels for the most part only invest inmarkets they know/ in teams they canactively support. Provide a greater role for the advisorand champion because start-ups inLondon need help to prove theirbusiness model in order to be attractiveto quality London based investors . Provide a greater role for start-upproviders -because if investors wantmore developed start-ups, theseprogrammes have to play a greaterrole.www.capitallist.co 15. The future for Capital [email protected] Pilot/ Beta TestThe 100 day pilot stage will look to test andmeasure: Interest- No of active participatingadvisors, investors and start-ups Stickiness No of user generatedupdates and interactions/ % activeusers after 100 days. Effectiveness- No of meetingsgenerated between start-ups andadvisors/ investors. Concept- ( Does it matter to investorswhere start-ups are sourced from orwho advisors/ endorses them?) No ofstart-ups who raised/ Amount raised.Post PilotIf successful Capital List will post pilot: Confirm on-going participation of allparticipants Build out the platform (adding/removing feature sets and automatingregistration and filters) Open platform to all comers Open platform to partnerships andintegration with other London basedinitiatives Offer a white Label version to otherCity based start-up ecosystems.www.capitallist.co 16. What next Start-ups, investors, business angels, advisorsand resource providers are invited toparticipate- To register interest just [email protected] or register atwww.capitallist.co Private Beta launch is 23rd May @ Digital Shoreditchwww.capitallist.co

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