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Car carbon cleaning

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    Car Carbon Cleaning

  • Keep Your Engine Clean

    With the Carbon Cleaning solution, you can extend the life of your engine without the need to replace expensive

    parts. Thanks to years of development implementing the latest in technological advancements, we can improve fuel

    consumption up to 10% and restore your vehicle to its peak performance in only 20-30 minutes!

    1. Eliminates carbon build up from gasoline and diesel engines.

    2. Restores fuel consumption and engine performance.

    3. Prevents carbon build up from forming on catalytic converter, EGR

    Why does my engine get dirty?

    Everyday use of your vehicle leads to the gradual accumulation of carbon deposits

    throughout the engine and exhaust system.

    Give your engine the deep clean it deserves using our state of the art : Carbon Cleaning.


  • CCM-150T Technical Specification

    The equipment is mainly used for cleaning carbon deposits in automobile engine system.

    When there is a problem of the vehicle as following, please solve the problem before using the device:

    (1) Unstable idle , (2) Piston ring seal failure, burning oil , (3) Spark ignition system of aging

    (4) Nozzle clogging , (5) Air intake and exhaust system seal failure

  • CCS-1500

  • Hello, we have known that you are in business of automobile service.

    This is a device, oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning system which replace

    traditional Disassembly and Foam or Chemical liquid cleaning methods with

    Hydroxy Gas Cleaning..

    No need to remove engine, to clean carbon for engine inside. This machine

    can bring about a lot of profits to you with simple and clean works

    This business main cooperate with automobile shops, car maintenance and

    repair shops, garage, service station, tire change shop, petrol stations.

    We would like to introduce the following :

    - 1. Why does the engine need to clean carbon regularly?

    - 2. How does this machine clean carbon in the engine?

    - 3. Do the auto repair shops will accept this machine?

    - 4. How to promote this machine?

  • 1. Why does the engine need to clean carbon regularly?

    As we all know, due to poor driving habits, road congestion and the poor quality of petrol, the car is driven for

    more than 20,000 km, it will cause incomplete combustion of fuel in the engine and consequently lead to the

    cylinder of engine produce carbon deposition. After that, it will lead to the decline in automotive power,

    increased fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, shortened life of the vehicle and other consequences.

    2. How does this machine clean carbon in the engine?

    Oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning system adopts the principles of water electrolysis, input the three-phase (380V or

    220V) to the device, change into DC through the rectifier, decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen, output

    oxy-hydrogen gas through anti-backfire safety device, connect to the vacuum pipe of automobile engine through a

    hose, and suck into the automobile engine under the idling situation, the mixed gas in the engine combustion

    chamber generate high-temperature vapor, hydrogen ion, and oxygen ion.

    The high-temperature vapor moistens and softens the tough carbon deposition on the surface of the engine

    chamber. The hydrogen ions restore the surface soft carbon deposition and form the carbon-based substances

    which are easy to combust; and then combust sufficiently these carbon-based substances by using support-

    combustion of oxygen ions. In the procedure of engine running every time, the thickness of carbon deposition

    after combustion is nano-level, so that the carbon deposition is discharged as nano-particles or carbon dioxide gas

    after combustion, it wont block the three-way catalytic converter and the gas exhausting pipe.

    3. Do the auto repair shops will accept this machine?

    Undoubtedly, that's for sure. In China, this business had been crazy. Hundreds of auto car shops are in the use of

    our equipment. It is for replace traditional disassembly and foam or chemical liquid cleaning methods. Low cost,

    save time, save labor.

    Auto repair and maintenance shops do not need to devote any money in it, but they can easily earn a new

    business profit greatly, of course they will join it. Because this equipment is fully automatic, each carbon cleaning

    service only spends 20 minutes.

  • 3.2 Do the car owners will accept car engine cleaning service?

    Of course, car owner will accept it. They are willing to maintain their car regularly because their car is very expensive. The car

    engine is as the heart of the car, generally, after we drive 20,000 kilometers, we should change oils every 5000 kilometers, and

    routine maintenance for cars engine every 10,000 kilometers, that is to remove engine carbon deposit.

    Regular maintenance for engine can effectively extend engine life.

    Using our hydroxide micro molecular gas carbon removal machine not only remove carbon deposit from engine internal, but also can

    quickly restore three-way catalytic and original performance of oxygen sensor, quickly improve the performance of engine.

    The old car will change into a new car after cleaning.

    We can pay much money to buy a car, why not to spend a small amount of money to maintain car? Car maintenance can make the car

    life prolonged about five to ten years. Who wont be willing to do it?

    What is more, compared with the traditional carbon cleaning ways, this carbon cleaning method has the

    following advantages:

    A. The raw material of carbon cleaning is water, so it will not damage the vehicle; others carbon cleaning potion is chemical

    which has some corrosion to vehicle.

    B. When cleaning carbon, it will not peel off in large chunks, but it is drained out in nano-level particles which are invisible

    by naked eye. Therefore, it does not block the three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.

    C. The time of carbon cleaning is only 15-20 minutes, which is half time of the traditional methods; as a result, it has saved

    the waiting time for car owners.

    D. After cleaning carbon, the car accelerates faster, and owners can find the same feeling with the new car and experience

    the effect of carbon cleaning immediately.

    4. How to promote this machine?

    Our marketing model is as follows: we sell the oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning system to a national distributor. National distributor is

    responsible for the development of the provincial distributor in their country. Provincial distributor can develop district-level

    distributor or cooperate directly with the automotive service shop. Agents at all levels can be in cooperation with the automotive

    service shop directly, or develop the lower level agents. :

  • Three-way Catalytic Cleaning Machine

  • 6. The Principle of Three-way Catalytic Cleaning Machine

    Visible Three-way Catalytic Cleaning Machine is used in concert with special cleaning

    fluid, it renews the three-way catalyst through two steps, first normal temperature

    sweeping cleaning, and then high temperature steam cleaning. After the two steps, the

    efficiency of three-way can be restored to the original factory state, so as to reduce

    the vehicle exhaust.

    7. The Effects of Visible Three-way Catalytic Cleaning Machine 1. Specialized cleaning three-way catalyst, also the oxygen sensor;

    2. Special cleaning fluid which cleans the carbon deposit is environmental friendly

    and will react with precious metals to produce harmless gas which can be


    3. Effect is visible;

    4. Three-way catalyst conversion rate has been improved more than 50%;

    5. Restore power;

    6. Save fuel from 8% to 10%;

    7. Reduce vehicle exhaust emission and save back pressure;


    (Upgrade versionfor all vehicles.)

    All the engines below or above 3.0L.

  • Cooperative Co-Partnership Compensation (CCC)

    Car Carbon Cleaning (CCC)Care Business Platform


  • CCC.CARE ()

    1. , , ()

    2. , , , , , ,

    3. , , , , ,

    4. 1000 50 1000

    5. 1000 100%

    5. , , , , ,

    , ,


    7. 2-3

    8. ,

    1000 7% 100% . 1000 Co-Partnership

  • Car Carbon Cleaning (CCC)Care Business

    1. Engine block, piston top, valve, catalytic surfaces

    2. , , , ,





    7. .

    8. 2016

    9. CCC.CARE

    10. 5-15%, 70%

    CCC : http://www.carboncleaningusa.com/

  • 15 -30 . CCC.CARE HHO 20 . , , , . 10


    Hydroxy Gas


    20 30-40 30-40


    , ,


    , ,

    , ,

    10 15-30 15-30

  • HHO


    1. , , , ,

    2. ()

    3. , , CCC.CARE 30%

    4. ( ) 1000 .

    5. 5% 100%

    6. () CCC.CARE Platform

    7. (3) Co-Partnership

    8. , AS .


    10. 1000 CCC

    11. .

  • Hydroxy 100,000

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