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Date post: 21-May-2015
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10 Tips for advancing your career
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Job Search and Career Growth Career Advancement - SandhyaPentareddy, Executive Director, VIT University VITAA presents
Page 1: Career advancement

Job Search and Career Growth

Career Advancement- SandhyaPentareddy,

Executive Director, VIT University

VITAA presents

Page 2: Career advancement

10 tips towards Advancement1. Excel at what you do2. Keep the big picture in mind3. Innovate4. Go the extra mile5. Be an awesome team player6. Socialize, Network and Connect7. Provide visibility8. Make strategic moves9. Balance work and life10. Be happy

Page 3: Career advancement

1. Excel at what you do• Attitude towards work• Understand the impact of your work• Self-motivation• Continuous learning• Integrity• Leadership

Page 4: Career advancement

2. Big picture• Keep in mind the overall purpose and

situation in the context of your tasks, job and work

• Contribute to the vision• Have a vision for your own self

Page 5: Career advancement

3. Innovate

• New product / service ideas• Or add Value to existing• Efficiency

Page 6: Career advancement

4. Go the extra mile

5. Be an awesome team player

6. Socialize, Network and Connect

Page 7: Career advancement

7. Visibility• Transparency• Seek clarity and provide clarity• Challenges and resolutions• Help your superiors and colleagues recognize

your work

Page 8: Career advancement

8. Strategic Moves• Evaluate your current standing• Plan to move as appropriate

• Within (Lateral, Vertical)• Across the sector• Outside the sector

Page 9: Career advancement

Thank You

9. Balance Work and Life

10. Be Happy and make others happy