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Carnival in puerto rico Caitlyn

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CarnavalCatalina (Caitlyn Pallas)- Job 1Dino (Danny Chanthaboun)- Job 2Tercio(Tyrique Smith)- Job 3


Capital: San Juan

Puerto Rico's Population 3,978,702. Currency- United States Dollar (USD)Religions85% Catholic8% Protestants2.3% Non-religious3% other

2Fun Facts Literacy rate- 94.1%Es bueno que Puerto Rico tenga bueno ndice de alfabetismo.Unemployment rate- 16%Es malo que Puerto Rico tenga alto tasa de desempleo.Official languages- Spanish and EnglishEs importante que hables espaol o ingls en Puerto Rico. Flower- MagaEs necesario que riegues magas.

3El Investigador de la FestividadBegan in the first half of the 19th centuryOriginally religious, anticipation of Lent and meat was eaten for the last timeToday, the public festivals take place at various times of the year: masked vejigantes and a parade of bandsTraditionally, on the morning of festival a group of musicians perform traditional folk music (alboradas)Traditional student musical groups called estudiantinas ask for donations to pay for their studiesThe festival ends at sundownPeople invaded the streets, dressed in disguises and parading through the streets dancing and singingFrom the balconies, some people throw food, water and objects at those belowAlso tied pigs' bladders, or vejigas, inflated with air, to a pole and attacked passersbys while repeating the saying, "Vejigante a la boya, pan y cebolla!" or "Vejigante est pinta'o de verde, amarillo y colorao!" (Tradition of vejigantes)Later, confetti and paper replaced the eggs, rotten fruit and dirty water that were thrown at the people below.4INVESTIGADORES DEL ARTE Y LA COMIDAARTES: Disfrazes: Disfrazes de Caranaval en Puerto Rico consiste de disfrazes de vejigante. Alimentos: En Carnaval en Puerto Rico no hay alimentos especiales se comen, pero cocino pina colada donas

5Bibliography http://i.infoplease.com/images/mpuertorico.gifhttp://welcome.topuertorico.org/fastfacts.shtml 6

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