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Carol Capers Resume

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  • Publications & Endorsements

    2011, A Systematic Approach To Shoulder Rehabilitation

    "This book differs from other shoulder reference books in the quality and number of

    illustrations thanks to the skills of Carol Capers, MSMI, CMI. Her illustrations make

    difficult concepts easy to understand and bring action to static images. These images

    alone make this book a must have reference", by Bryce W. Gaunt, PT, SCS, editor

    2010, Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery

    "OTOS differs from other books because it is mainly visual. Each procedure is illustrated

    in a step-by-step manner with the liberal use of focused, original artwork", by Sam W.

    Wiesel, MD, editor.

    2006, Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery: Fractures

    "I am particularly grateful to Carolyn M. Capers, the medical illustrator of this text, for her

    magnificent artwork depicting complex fractures and their fixation. The drawings show

    great detail and improved three-dimensional reality", by Donald A. Wiss, MD, editor.

    2004, Hand Surgery, Volume I-II

    "The artwork was beautifully rendered, and at an unbelievable pace, by Carol Capers",

    by Richard A. Berger, MD, editor.

    2001, Operative Treatment of Elbow Injuries

    "The book's artwork provided a uniformity of style", from the Foreward by Bernard F.

    Morrey, MD. "I am particularly indebted to Carol Capers whose untiring efforts and

    expertise in medical illustration made this book a reality", by Champ Baker Jr, MD,


    1995, The Hughston Clinic Sports Medicine Book

    "Thanks to Carol Capers, MSMI, CMI.., who so beautifully illustrated this book", by

    Champ Baker, Jr, MD, editor.

    1991, Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, 2nd edition "Special thanks to Carol Capers for her valuable contribution in researching and creating many of the medical illustrations in this edition", by Lethy Hunter-Griffin, MD, PhD, editor.

  • Bio#1 For nearly 30 years, Carol Capers, MSMI, CMI, has been helping her clients tell their story through the use of medical illustrations from highly detailed work for medical textbooks, medical journals, healthcare marketing campaigns and medical presentations to story boards for medical legal work that allow lawyers to present their case in a concise fashion. Carol has innumerable illustrations in her portfolio that are widely published. Her medical illustrations services are offered on a per project basis. The brief portfolio on her website is only representative of her wide variety of complexity and diversity. A consummate professional, Carol provides every client with individual attention offering a high level of detail and delivering a product to meet your needs. Please contact Carol if you require consultation and illustration work in the following areas: step-by-step surgical illustrations, textbook/journal art, medical-legal displays, or patient education brochures/newsletters. Bio#2 Carol Capers, MSMI, CMI, received her Masters degree in Medical Illustration from The Medical College of Georgia after completing a 6-month internship at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. She is the sole proprietor of Bone-Afide Images, through which she provides medical illustration to trial lawyers and medical textbook publishers. She has illustrated a wide range of medical subjects, including orthopedics, digestive disorders, wound care management, sleep apnea, cardiopulmonary conditions, varicose veins, and fetal development. Bone-Afide Images freelance business has produced medical illustrations for more than 250 chapters in 8 orthopaedic surgery textbooks. Carol also served 8 years as the Director of Research and Marketing Support for St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, GA and prior to that as the Director of Medical Illustration & Photography for 22 years at the Hughston Clinic also in Columbus, GA. In those positions, Carol supported the physicians, surgeons, and allied health professionals as they prepared manuscripts for publication, presentations, and educate health care providers and patients. Carol is a professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and has won numerous awards for her illustration and design work.

    Carol Capers, MSMI, CMI-Resume-1.pdfCarol Capers, MSMI, CMI-Resume-2.pdfPublication endorsements.pdf

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