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Carpet - Bunnings Warehouse · Carpet Selection Process 1. Carpet Style Type •4 carpet styles...

Date post: 26-May-2018
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  • Carpet


  • The OfferProduct

    In excess of 35 ranges covering all styles &


    Over 500 colours with more available

    through Special Orders

    Quotation Service 20 In Home Consultants (Carpet Experts) to

    service every customer and their carpet


    Plan take off service.


    Installation for $139*, whole home or one


  • Carpet Selection Process

    1. Carpet Style Type

    4 carpet styles available

    Style selected based on use of carpet and

    look required

    2. Carpet Fibre Types

    5 Carpet fibre types available

    Fibre types to be selected based on carpet

    use and inline with carpet style

  • What is Carpet Style?

    Cut Pile Plush

    Cut Pile TwistTextured Loop

    & Cut Pile

    Loop Pile

    Each carpet has a style and characteristics which provide the overall look and feel.

    Determining what look and feel your after will help you decide which carpet suits your requirements.

    Below are images showing how each style is made providing the overall look and feel.

    Formal style

    Creates a luxurious look

    Soft Comfortable feel

    High density

    Long lasting

    Informal style

    High abrasion resistance

    Low pilling and shedding

    Excellent stain resistance

    High density

    Designed for families

    Long lasting / hard wearing

    Soft & comfortable feel

    Resists stains & hides soiling

    Pet friendly

    Comfortable look

    High abrasion resistance

    Low pilling and shedding

    Excellent stain resistance

  • Wool

    Fibre Types

    Wool carpets have the most luxurious feel.

    Wools natural and unique fibre structure

    makes it durable and hardwearing.

    Wool carpets can feel cooler in summer

    and warmer in winter.

    It is also flame retardant and acts as an

    insulator, helping to reduce ambient noise.

  • Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) offers complete

    consistency in colour as well as improved

    colourfastness against light.

    Pigment and polymer are mixed before

    extrusion, giving a wide range of colour


    It offers long-term resilience, durability and

    superior stain resistance.

    Solution Dyed Nylon

    Fibre Types

  • Nylon is usually regarded as a highly

    versatile fibre type, it can be constructed

    into virtually any style.

    Carpets made with nylon/synthetic fibres

    provide long-term resilience and durability.

    Colour choice is greatly increased as

    nylon accepts dye more readily than other

    fibres providing a wider scope to choose a

    carpet that will suit your style and needs.


    Fibre Types

  • Blend carpets are made up of varying

    percentages of wool and synthetic fibres,

    offering the resilience and durability of

    synthetic fibres with the natural feel of wool.

    Used in most carpet styles, the added

    composition of synthetic fibres assist in

    holding the twist definition, therefore

    providing improved wearing ability and reduced shedding from short fibres.

    Wool / Synthetic Blends

    Fibre Types

  • Manufactured using synthetic fibres,

    polypropylene fibres have many similar

    properties and benefits as nylon fibres.

    Polypropylene yarn has excellent

    colourfastness properties with the incidence

    of sunlight and ozone fading greatly reduced.

    Also contains anti-static properties.

    Carpets manufactured using polypropylene

    yarn provide value for the budget conscious



    Fibre Types

  • Colour RangeOver 500 colours with more available through Special Orders

  • Bunnings now provide a free in home carpet measure and quote service to make choosing

    your new carpet easy.

    To book an in home measure and quote simply dial 1300 897 033 and one of our friendly in home consultants will come to your home.

    Measure & Quote Service

  • Whole of House

    Installation for

    Purchase carpet and underlay from Bunnings and pay just $139 for the installation whether it is one room or your whole home.

    (*excludes stairs, take up & disposal of existing carpet,

    furniture removal and commercial installations)


  • The Process


    Send electronic floor plan to Bunnings Trade Rep.

    Take Off

    Quote for take off will be provided by in home consultants.


    Bunnings will quote and provide carpet samples to view for colour selection.

    Check Measure

    Once quote is accepted Bunnings arrange a time and date for a site check measure

    Final Quote

    After site measure the quote will be re-confirmed.

    If amendments are required the job will be re-quoted and confirmed again


    If quote is accepted, the stock will be ordered

    Delivery & Installation

    Bunnings will contact Builder to arrange a date and time for delivery of stock and installation of Carpet

  • Can we help?

    Bunnings welcome the opportunity to quote your next job.

    Please contact your local Bunnings representative or call 133 062.